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Aveda Institute - Columbus Reviews

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Being in cosmetology is a great way to be unique and express yourself through others and make people feel good about themselves and keep their hair skin and nails healthy.
Aveda is a great school everyone from the teachers to the office workers do everything in their power to make sure you succeed. They have their hands in helping a lot of organizations and children around the world. Aveda is all about positivity and saving the world from distraction and animals. I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend and learn all there is to learn at Aveda. My favorite experiences I have had at Aveda would have to be hair cuts and color. Color is one of my favorites because it was so challenging and I love a challenge. Learning all the colors and formulas was a great experience I have never done before. It was very challenging but the teachers drilled it in our heads and didn't move on until we understood it. Cutting was fairly challenging just learning the posture parts of it and how it has an effect on the cut. Like I said I could not have chosen a better learning experience anywhere else.
Its Cosmetology School Not A University Or Community College.
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Seeing That This School Is Worldwide Its Easy To Build A Career Anywhere Else After You Get The License.
You're Learning All Different Things From Every Aspect Of Hair Care, Facials And Skin, Down To Nails. You Don't Have A 6 Day Schedule Anymore, They Offer 3 Days. The Registration Process Is As Easy As Pie. They Help With Everything, Right Down To The Fafsa.
Its Quite Easy Cause You're Doing What You Love, Which Is Hair. You're Not Just Sitting All Day,

You're Up And Moving. Everyone Is Hands On And Friendly.
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