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Aveda Institute - Albuquerque Reviews

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Just being recognized when applying for jobs by graduating from Aveda is a great look on your resume. They are professional and very educational they teach you the right way how to do things.
I've had such a great experience one of the best. I'm so happy with my choice, I'm learning so much.
I had to drive in from los lunas every week it wasnt to bad, but missed out on family time on the weekends.
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I love Aveda and what it stands for I wish I knew the financial strain it was going to put me through before I started I came here because I thought it was the best in education and as well as almost promising a Carrere after school I wish I would've known to review all my signed papers and agreements I feel like Aveda definitely has a higher standard which is what I wanted I think I would go with Aveda again just because they do offer more opportunities than other schools but its also a disadvantage because they only teach you Aveda and no other products.
you either love or hate your instructor some get a power trip and decide to try and treat students like children, the good news you don't stay with the same teacher the whole time also teachers gossip all about students some teachers are good and some you could live without
the degree from Aveda is great but they need to change some things about it such as financial aid and job searches, the recruiters I never found any I had to go and search for the school myself
teachers most of the time were very understanding about everything and you learned a lot from them, peer to peer wasn't always good since there was so many girls it wasn't always easy all the time to work with.
Sometimes girls are catty and need to be secluded away from everyone due to their poor attitude, there is a handful of men that go there of course they are homosexual our students are very diverse the uniform is all in black very dark but there is always ways to dress up or dress down black. there is no food served at the school so everyone must bring lunch or go out and eat all around the student body is very accepting and diverse from girls who just got out of high school to single moms to women in their fourtys its a good group to thrive and learn from not just from school but also life skills.
The officer doesn't seem to know what he is doing and waits till thre last minute to tell students they have an outstanding balance and cant graduate until its paid when all of the sub and unsub loans are maxed out. The equipment there needs to be more agronomical otherwise before the students graduate they will have back issues from the pedicure seats, also the hydraulic chairs aren't very affective as well as the matts we have to stand on for 11 hours a day. The financial aid services is done by a guy who I feel was poorly trained in his job and the school is robbing us of our time and money its 20,000 tuition and we have insufficient chairs tools such as sheers brushes and not everything is included in our kit, such as the state board supplies that's an extra 200 at least they don't tell you that till your two months in phase one its crazy and I think they need a new financial aid officer or train him better, I had my hopes and dreams up now I cant get my certificate unless I pay the balance I cant get a job or start my career because they messed up on my financial aid and cant even refer me to hiring salons. Pretty disappointed
they tell you congratulations and send you out the door no reference help what so ever
There is no internet resource on campus nor administration trying to help find a career when ready to graduate, the instructors are there for hair questions no library athletic center they are very strict about time and treat you like if you are already a trained professional which they book you back to back with guests sometime you must work through your lunch, its not an easy school and ive worked my hardest here its been a challenge.
there are extra fee that could be added in addition to financial aid its like pay twice when finical aid is granted The school i went to before kept my hours from me which i had to start over at Aveda.
its a small institute but it has accurate facilities needed for a cosmetology school.
The school is one of the best in the state of new mexico i gives a wide variety to expand in the field of cosmetology.With the degree i will receive i can go any where i choose as well as national and international. The environment of the school is a relaxed and allows students study better work harder and be better trained for success.
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