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Ave is a great traditionally Catholic college that provides a challenging liberal arts education. The professors are very intelligent and are willing to help the students learn. The students and staff are very friendly.
I absolutely loved my experience at Ave Maria University. I met some awesome people and learned a lot about myself. This school also really helped me to grow stronger in my faith.
Ave Maria University is a very limited place to be. If you don't have a car, you are trapped here, as the nearest city is a 45 minute drive away. In the town, there is absolutely nothing besides a Publix and a gas station. It is also very hard to fit in socially. There are "aves" (strictly Catholic, judgmental people) and athletes who only attend here because they got athletic scholarships. The programs aren't very good. Unless you are a theology or education major, you may struggle finding help and resources for your major.
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There really isn't a huge party scene that happens.
The bar is open late and people are always trying to start small parties or stuff like that to have fun on the weekends when bored. They dont usually get out of control.
Academics are very important. Professors are always helpful and the curriculum is up to date and challenging. Registration for them can be difficult. It is best to do it as soon as it opens. Workload is average.
While minorites are accepted, there are not that many.
Some people do drugs but they don't bother others
Most students find jobs right after graduation and pass board exams.
Class sizes are small. This offers for more intimate learning experiences.
Our campus is very concerned on safety. We are given numbers and directions every year to help in case of emergency. Only disregard is that campus should be lit better at night.
Campus housing is good. Girl's dorms could be a little bigger. More rec space and laundry space is needed.
We do not have Greek life. We refer to them as households. They are tons of fun and are a huge part of the school.
There is school spirit at this school. Athletics are a little above average.
Due to its small size, Ave feels like a family. From adorations, to football games, to households, this school has created so many memories. I would choose it again.
I think the campus is very safe, and I have no problem walking around at night. There is a campus security person on duty at all times, and the students generally don't get into trouble. Crime on campus isn't much of a problem. Other than drugs or the occasional theft there are not many issues.
The career services on campus are pretty good. They care about helping the students get jobs and continuing in their careers. There are a fair amount of internships and job prospects available. Not a lot of employers come to recruit on campus though.
Review Ave Maria University
Living on campus there is excellent. There is a great sense of community there, and it has an overall great atmosphere. The dorms themselves are fine with only minor problems here and there. The biggest downside is that living on campus is a little expensive and the school makes it really hard to live off campus.
Many of the students on campus are very active and will get together to play different sports. The school sports teams aren't a huge part of campus life though. The school wants them to be and have been pushing to make the teams and facilities higher quality, but it hasn't seemed to work very well yet. They want to have top level sorts programs, but I don't know if that will ever happen.
I Love this school because it really focuses on making the student a well-rounded and overall better person. The faculty and teachers care about the students' success in the classroom and outside of it. They want the students to become better people and grow in their faith as well as learn. Also, the students here are amazing. They are extremely friendly and caring, and they really push you to be the best person you can be. Easter there is a great example of this because many of the students still there over brake come together to celebrate this feast together as a community. Many go the the vigil mass and then head over to the Resurrection Part after words to celebrate and spend time with each other. Seeing all of the joy there was a really moving experience.
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