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I absolutely love Ave Maria University. The campus is strikingly beautiful. It is located in the middle of a beautiful movie-like town, where all the residents know each other. The community is so warm, friendly, and welcoming. Located in sunny Florida, the city of Naples is just forty minutes away, making fun weekend excursions possible. The professors at AMU are excellent. They are passionate about the subjects they teach which makes it easy to look forward to class. My fellow classmates are like family to me. The dorm buildings are very large and roomy enough to bring a sofa and a TV! The cafeteria food is delicious as well and reminds one of home-cooking. During this pandemic, the restrictions put in place made it possible to have fun safely. I am so happy I decided to attend Ave Maria University!
Ave Maria University has done a superb job in making it possible for students to attend classes in person during this time. They have a very thorough health and safety plan put in place for the protection of the faculty and students, as well as safety procedures followed in the cafeteria and classroom setting. All students wear masks in public buildings and during class. If it is necessary to go online, we will use Microsoft Teams. All students were trained in using Teams at the beginning of the semester. It is very smooth and easy to understand.
Ave Maria University offers a wonderful education based on Catholic beliefs and provides amazing friendships that will last a lifetime.
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During last semester, Ave Maria went online due to the pandemic. It was very difficult for me to learn online and caused many problems for me to learn and get my work done.
Because of COVID-19, Classes became online at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Despite the shakiness and unpredictability of the time, Ave handled it well. Professors were understanding of the strain that the shift brought and did their best to make online learning a positive experience. Students’ and families’ voices were heard throughout the experience, and Ave did its best to responsibly cater to the unique needs of everyone
Ave Maria is a small school with excellent character. The sense of community is unmatched.
Professors genuinely care about there students; at Ave, you are never just a number to them. They do their best to help you succeed.
Online classes were a breeze. Ave Maria made the transition to online really smooth. This helped as it wasn’t too confusing. With C
My experience at Ave Maria University was the best! I loved everything about the campus and people. It’s the best school .
I attended Ave Maria when it was still fairly new and only offered a select number of majors. The studies were tough, the professors were mostly helpful, but sometimes the lessons were rough to get through. You definitely had to work hard for your grades when I was there.
I did not take online classes at the university that I recall, but they have become great with online resources and tasks.
Nothing to change. All teachers are willing to help students after students show their willingness to ask for help.
Being familiar with online learning I was able to transition from the classroom to online. Since, we were allowed to stay interactive , it was like being in the classroom yet in the comforts of home.
I love Ave because it is an excellent environment for spiritual and intellectual growth. The people really make Ave great, because it feels like a small town (because it is), and it brings a beautiful community to match the beautiful campus. If anything could change, there could maybe be more public activities to participate in, or perhaps better financial aid opportunities.
Ave Maria University is a great place to grow if you are looking for a safe and small campus. It is super small but the people are caring and will always take care of you no matter what.
From the teachers to the sunset views Ave Maria is a perfect dream. However, it comes with a pretty hefty cost. Sadly, the University offers little scholarships especially to student athletes. So while it is a beautiful place filled with uplifting people, it may be out of reach due to cost.
I really like the faith community at Ave Maria University. It helps me grow spiritually. I also love the small campus. The education is really nice too. The professors are amicable and they teach very well.
It is a great school that has a lot to tother academically, spiritually, and athletically. The student life board puts on many great events throughout the semester so the students can have fun on campus and there are also athletic events as there are many sports at the school. You have a fairly even mix of students and student-athletes which makes for a very diverse school.
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Very poor university, student life is terrible and the people running it don’t know what they’re doing
I absolutely love Ave Maria University. Students enjoy small class sizes, close relationships with professors, guidance counselors, and peers, and an excellent education. The community is authentically and joyfully Catholic, while respectful of all persons of all faith backgrounds.
Ave Maria University has been a great fit for me! Very Catholic school but with a great science program. The classes are small and you actually get to know your professor. The professors care about their students passing and will help you with any questions you have!
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