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I would not recommend this school to anyone. Unless of course you like the idea of a school that really doesn't have much going for it. Most of the professors are good...but, some classes are taught by only one professor. And Ave is horrible about taking transfer credits for upper division courses. So you could easily have a required class in your major that is only offered by one awful professor. And there is absolutely no way around that professor, because you will not be allowed to take that course anywhere but Ave. Furthermore, the majors Ave offers tend not to be very useful, which to their credit they are pretty open about. With the exception of nursing, healthcare management, and business, the only real options are pre-med and pre-law. (Biochem, history, etc.) Everything else there just prepares you to stand in the unemployment line.
The community is great and the people are awesome. It is easy to make friends and the environment is good and safe. The academics are wonderful and good quality and the professors are very knowledgeable. However, the food in the cafeteria is not good and the campus is somewhat isolated.
Attending Ave Maria was the worst decision of my life. I would describe myself as ambitious, and hardworking, and the truth is that nobody at Ave is doing anything with their lives. The professors are haughty and unreachable, and classes are boring. The students are generally friendly but lack any passion and excitement for life. The athletics are a joke and most of the athletes are only there for the scholarship. The campus is beautiful and the dorms are nice, but the actual town is VERY isolated. Do bring a car because Naples is 45 minutes away and there is nothing to do on weekends. The cafeteria is awful, no healthy options.
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Ave Maria University is great academically, and has a rigorous program. As far as student life, there are no parties.
A tremendous and throughly Catholic university with much to offer students in every aspect of their intellectual and human formation. This university both challenges students with solid academics and provides opportunities for professors to teach at a truly Catholic institution.
I really love it. It is a beautiful campus and the professors are very kind and helpful. It is a good cost for the brilliant academic programs. You might think that it's just a boring Catholic university, but it teaches people to live correctly and is a city on the hill, above the evils of the secular world.
Ave Maria University is a wonderful Catholic school. The education is superb and the school had brilliant professors. The food is terrible though. If you are a vegetarian, good luck trying to eat. The food is mostly poorly cooked meat. However, the location of the school is very nice. I love living in southern Florida.
If you are a practicing Christian, specifically Catholic, Ave Maria University is a fantastic choice for you. Extremely unrecognized as one of the top Catholic schools compared to Franciscan University of Steubenville or Benedictine College, Ave Maria has a vibrant and warm welcoming community filled with tons of opportunities to get involved with the community. Many include recreational sports like intramural sand volleyball and soccer, equestrian club and many Christian households. If you are looking for a university to uphold and foster your Christian practices, Ave Maria University is the place for you.
It is an overwhelmly strict school in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. No one can ever stay past 2-3 semesters because they begin to go insane from the lack of activity on campus and the distance from anything cool. They try to improve the athletics every year but they don’t have the facilities nor the appeal to retain any success. If you’re looking to have fun while in college or be close to anything remotely interesting this is not the school for you.
I like how friendly everyone is at campus. Also I am religious and really appreciated that there are mass times for students and also five priests at the church during the week for confessions.
Ave Maria University is a great school. Whether you are catholic or not you will be able to find a place there. In some aspects the school is too focused on catholicism and I would like to see them put more effort into student life and athletics.
I liked the academics and the professors; the classes are challenging and the professors are always willing to help. The food really needs to change; it's terrible.
There is a strong Catholic identity and a close knit community at Ave Maria University. The only downside is there is not much to do around in the town.
Ave is a great traditionally Catholic college that provides a challenging liberal arts education. The professors are very intelligent and are willing to help the students learn. The students and staff are very friendly.
I absolutely loved my experience at Ave Maria University. I met some awesome people and learned a lot about myself. This school also really helped me to grow stronger in my faith.
Ave Maria University is a very limited place to be. If you don't have a car, you are trapped here, as the nearest city is a 45 minute drive away. In the town, there is absolutely nothing besides a Publix and a gas station. It is also very hard to fit in socially. There are "aves" (strictly Catholic, judgmental people) and athletes who only attend here because they got athletic scholarships. The programs aren't very good. Unless you are a theology or education major, you may struggle finding help and resources for your major.
The bar is open late and people are always trying to start small parties or stuff like that to have fun on the weekends when bored. They dont usually get out of control.
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There really isn't a huge party scene that happens.
Academics are very important. Professors are always helpful and the curriculum is up to date and challenging. Registration for them can be difficult. It is best to do it as soon as it opens. Workload is average.
While minorites are accepted, there are not that many.
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