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Ave Maria School of Law Reviews

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This is not really an issue at our school, as the campus is small, people meet their academic needs off campus.
I am extremely happy at this school
There is no formal on campus dining, our campus is extremely small
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Have never had safety and security problems while at the school.
The school is made up of a variety of people, some dedicated to the Catholic faith, others not, I think anyone who comes here would find a place. People are friendly.
you will need your own transport
The workload of a law student is demanding, but I believe the school offers an all round education that prepares us for life outside of law school and makes us ready for the practice of law.
Studying law is extremely difficult, but the faculty at my school are highly knowledgeable and professional, it is a good environment to be in.
There are many apartment complexes available in the area for a reasonable price, and the area surroundings are extremely safe.
Perks to living on campus is that you are really close to campus. The cost is reasonable if looking to places close by but off campus. There are no stores, but there are plenty within five minutes. It is very family friendly with a nice park just off campus, two minute walk away. The campus is small, there is nearly no shopping of any kind on campus, except for the book store. But it makes for a good law school experience.
There is no dining on campus. They have a snack bar and book store where one can buy snacks.
Ave offers scholarships to individuals who do well as undergrads and who performed adequately on the LSAT. They also offer scholarships for those who have participated in pro life organizations, or have worked in some religious capacity.
The Admin Do Not Care About the Their Students. The school charges you for 15 credit hours although you take 10. Ave does not let you take classes at other schools. They are really greedy. They do not offer many classes and the have too many required classes which the add new required classes every semester.
Better to Live Off Campus. Just okay... many students have been harassed and the Admin look away. Too expensive.
This Choice Was Perfect for Me – A wonderful sense of family and community. The professors are some of the top legal minds in the country with outstanding credentials. cost is reasonable, knowlegable and friendly staff. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome.
Easy Access – Plenty of park, easy access, car is only necessary for making trips off campus
The major in Ave is Law. LSAT scores and Personal Statements are important.
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Off-campus housing is great. There are plenty of apartments, condos, townhouses, and homes within walking distance. Prices are higher the closer you get to campus, but nothing unreasonable. Naples is extremely safe.
The only options for "dining" on campus are snacks at the bookstore and a small counter in the Commons with more snacks. It needs a lot of improvement. Luckily, there are plenty of places close to campus to eat at.
Can Be Tight – I lived on campus so it was never really a problem but from what I heard from my friends, at certain times it was hard to find a spot but it just means you had to park a little further than usual.
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