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Avalon School of Cosmetology - Layton Reviews

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The staff is incredibly friendly, as are the other students. The work environment is very professional and clean. The staff is also super helpful with whatever you need! I would highly recommend visiting Avalon school of cosmetology so that the student can decide themselves! It really is an amazing place, and I can't wait to start!
It is such a nice atmosphere and is so personal. There are only 10 students in each class, so it's very hands on.
Avalon has day and night classes so you can work around your daily busy life schedule!
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Avalon also helps you get your dream job started right when you are close to graduating! They really do help you from the beginning to the end of your education!!
I have made allot of friends including the teachers and staff! It's something I will cherish forever!! I feel confident in my career choice because Avalon has helped me build up my confidence!
The staff was extremely friendly when I was getting ready to tour done and the girls that were already enrolled in school that I met on my tour where friendly right off the bat! So it made me feel comfortable about going there!
The academics that they teach are up to date with today's popular styles and you also learn about all of the older trends also!
I have gone through Avalon back in October 2015 and I dropped out in January because of some personal problems I was having, and even though I wasn't currently attending Avalon I still had not only my friends from Avalon checking up on me daily but even the staff!!! No other schools staff would take the time to check up on me if that happened I can guarantee that!! Avalon also is giving me the chance to come back and Finnish without any financial obligations up front! I am in love with Avalon!!
It's got amazing teachers who help students well
I love this place so much
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