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Automotive Training Center - Warminster Reviews

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I will not be starting ATC until June, but I have been very impressed so far with the application process and they are working with me to make it an easy process.
they did ever they said they wood do
it can be easy
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they hllep you get a job when your in school
do not know not out of school yet
good size class good quality of courses
i like the way they are set up
its a good school go to
They help you with finding a job a couple months before graduation
I just started a couple of months ago. So far it's not that bad. Just a lot of work and you need to be there on time to want to learn
Some of the instructors are there to answer any questions you might have and help you out when you need it. Others aren't socialable and don't have patience when you need help and you don't understand how to do the work.
It's informative but not much jobs to choose from near you're location
So far each of my programs had more classroom work and tests than hands on
It's okay if you want to learn how to work on cars. There isn't any other better option when choosing an automotive training school like this one.
The way the teachers are shows they really care about there students they stay after for hours to help a student work on there car or if a student needs help with something they did not understand
Transition from College Into Tech School. The administration has made it very simple to transfer from my college into their program. They answered all of my questions and walked me through the application process.
Hands on! I love how my school is not only sitting in a classroom hearing about what we are supposed to be learning. The first half of the day is learning the theory behind what we are going to be doing with the second half of the day. We get to use our hands and actually do it. This is unique, because many people learn the same way that I do. I cannot learn as well when someone is talking at me. I need to see how it is done and actually do it myself to learn how to successfully do something.
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As soon as you walk in, the employees at the school make you feel very welcomed. They are respectful, courteous and very friendly.
Computer Lab – There is a nice computer lab that is available for us to use if we need to research anything.
Poor Student Aid – Very poor aid in finding a job for out of state and no dorms so finding housing is hard and expensive
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