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Automotive Training Center - Exton Reviews

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Don’t change a thing. Been here for 2 months and love coming every day. Met lots of nice people like other students and helpful teachers. We work in the shop every day.
Excellent school! Knowledgeable teachers and caring staff. Lots of hands-on work every day. enjoy my time and learning a lot.
Nothing should be changed. Very supportive for students emotionally, academically, and financially. All of the staff and teachers are friendly and helpful.
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The school is convenient you go straight though in one day, either in the morning or in the afternoon.
The courses are all great, so are the professors. They are very kind and want you to learn from them, no easier way to learn.
It was a very good experience, everything was straightforward and all of the advisers urged me to meet often and get everything done on time. Nothing was hidden and everything was completed ahead of time
The students at the school are all the same, they all love cars. They love the automotive field and they are easy to get along with when everyone shares the same main passion in life.
Everything now is expensive, even school. For the most part you definitely get your moneys worth with this school, multiple programs with multiple costs.
The school will help push you into the automotive field very quickly, even during school there are many job opportunities given to the students around the area at all times.
There are a few different academics that students can choose to follow. All of them are equally rewarding and can help push students in the right path.
In the program you tackle one aspect of training at a time and put a lot of focus on it at once for a couple weeks, making it easier to learn and practice. There are also a lot of job opportunities given to the students by the school.
A lot of tools with plenty of work space with great instructors to help push you to learn and succeed. Administrators that want you to strive inside of the school and will do whatever it takes to help you.
Good computer lab. Alot of stuff blocked tho
The care. Not all about the money
Worked good with my work schedule
Best times of my life class of 2014
Fun times. You gain from your class mates a lot more in my opinion. The teachers set the foundation and you grow on it with your class mates. All in all i had a great time and the best memories class of 2014 forever the best.
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There's not a lot that make the school different except you get to do projects (research 4 page min.) and its cheaper
There's a computer lab that you might be able to go to once a class, in the shop there's not a lot of tools so your stuck going out on your break and buying tools or you have to use other tools and try making them work, the classroom is pretty good they teach a lot but sometimes they teach to fast and you can't take in all the notes
There is no flexibility, not allowed to take any vacations or anything "when you signed up for the school you made a promise you wouldn't take a vacation or anything"
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