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Austin Peay State University is a great school, it is somewhat a diverse school but I would like to see that improve more. The staff and students are extremely nice and helpful. Austin Peay is a small but, yet beautiful school.
My experience at Austin Peay was great! Great school, great teachers, great environment, and even better people! My first semester at AP was the best, i wish I still went there.
Decent School. A little on the pricey side, but has a good return on investment. This is definitely not a big party school. The athletic division is okay. Our basketball and baseball programs and events are fine. They do offer a great opportunity for adults to get an education.
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Austin Peay has been an amazing experience for me so far. The campus life is so inviting and due to it being a smaller campus in a smaller town, class sizes are smaller, which means professors actually care about their students. The nursing program is amazing and have given me the tools to succeed in my future career.
Austin Peay is awesome. I'm a retired solider and it's a great environment for solider. There are plenty helpful services on campus.
Overall, Austin Peay is a really great school that has a lot to offer for their students. They offer lots of clubs and activities for students to go to. The dorms are wonderful and the teachers are down-to-earth and eager to provide their support. The only thing is that it's a dry campus with not a lot to do nearby.
My experience at Austin Peay state University had it ups and downs. When I first started this school I was a transfer, and some of my credits didn't transfer. It was stressful starting over especially after I found out they didn't offer my major/degree. What I like about Austin Peay is after my first year there they showed me that they was there to help me through my years as an undergrad. Austin Peay kept me motivated to finish with a degree, and gave me hope to become a better person. I never thought I would ever came this far in school. It's a shocker for it to be my last semester. One thing I would change about Austin Peay is having more classes at night, so it will be more convenient for people with later jobs instead of taking online classes.
I liked the fact that it is a smaller campus so it gives you a great chance to make new friends. Classes aren't too hard to walk to, however, some teachers are so horrible, they have known nicknamesome about how horrible they are, and they always prove to be true, yet, these teachers do not get fired.
The academic staff are wonderful and encourages open discussion on just about any topic. They are more than willing to work with students who have unique situations. One thing I would like to see changed is permanent staff in the Veterans Affairs Dept. There is no continuity because a majority of staff are part of the Work Force Study and it's hard to get a straight answer about using Veterans Benefits.
It has been a very exciting and notable experience. I am eager to continue my education at this establishment. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the professors and my peers are charming and helpful.
I love my school but when they lowered the tuition for students within a 250 mile radius, they lowered my scholarship; which I feel they shouldn't have been able to do. I warned that scholarship prior to the new 250r tuition. I signed a paper for a 4-year scholarship! So this year has been extra difficult trying to pay for school.
I like how open the university is , you can be yourself without anyone judging you , and the professors work with you if you fall behind in class, they give you opportunities to get back on track , and the school has many resources to help you be successful in college
In the short time I have been at Austin Peay State University, can truly say I have been blown away by the amount if clubs revolving around volunteering, the amount of diversity, and the amount of care the professor show for each of their students.
As a partial, dual enrollment student for high school, I do have to say that this school was a lot better than I was expecting. It's a lot safer to be on at night and when it starts getting colder. All the staff and professors are inviting. The library is also amazing.
What I like about Austin Peay State University is that it feels like home to me. It's a small, diverse campus and community. I like how some of the classes are not to big because it gives you more of an interaction with your professors. I like how there is always something to do on campus. Overall, Austin Peay State University is a great campus.
Good teachers, good food, but unsafe location. Within my second semester a female student was assaulted by the library and a shooting took place on campus.
I love APSU. To be honest I didn't even see the campus before orientation. my friend wanted me to apply and I got in. In the time that I have been at APSU I have join the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and I have made so many friends. Just being able to go to a school that has an organization like them makes me love being here. I wouldn't change anything about them.
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I went to Austin Peay State University for a school tour and everyone there was very welcoming and nice. The campus was beautiful. My tour guide actually got to know me and asked me what I was planning on majoring in. It was just a good experience all around.
I love Austin Peay! It's a great transition from a small town to a small college. I just wish there were more food options on campus.
I love Austin Peay State University campus and professors. Austin Peay State University has a very diverse campus. The football team is okay they just need more practice.The school academics are great. I have learned so much since I have been here. I am a freshman at Austin Peay still learning my way around campus. The students on campus are very friendly and the professors are very understanding.
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