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I loved going to school at Austin Peay! But, I left to go elsewhere, because I decided that I wanted to do something different with my life. When I was attending, though, my professors were wonderful and very helpful. One of the heads of the Department of Education, Dr. Bruster, is a wonderful woman, and if you're going into education, she's the woman to talk to! The campus, though quite small, has a larger feel to it. The dorms in Sevier Hall were alright, but I had terrible suitemates, so I'm pretty sure that if you work out some sort of agreement at the beginning of the year, you'll be fine. The cafeteria food is great, with a wide variety of food to choose from, but if you don't want to eat in the caf, you can always go to one of the "restaurants" next to it. As far as safety goes, I always felt safe on campus. Everywhere I went, there were those little police poles as far as the eye could see, and I always saw at least 5 police officers walking around campus on my way to class.
I have been at APSU for two years now and although I did not get into my initial program I intended, It was an easy transition between majors and they have accommodated me very well in getting me on the right track.
I enjoy APSU. I'm a non-traditional student (26 years old) and have found a lot of great resources there. My biggest complaint is the lack of dedication from online professors.
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My experience at APSU was very good. Besides the drama, all I have to say is stay focused, stay to yourself, and you cant go wrong.
The environment is really nice, and so are the professor an staff working on the campus. Everyone is there to help you and make sure you are on track to graduate, and become successful after graduating.
Austin Peay is a great college to get your associates or bachelors degree at. Most of the professors are willing you help you out, and free tutoring is always offered. There are always things going around on campus, so if you have to stay in a dorm you won't be bored! Next to the university there are little places to get eat and have fun. All in all it's a great place for a 4 year degree.
Most of it was pretty great! I am a physics major with mathematics minor, and the physics department has great opportunities for research projects!
I will be a freshman in the fall and when I went to tour it I fell in love with it. I am going into radiology and they all seemed like very friendly people. The campus is not the biggest and that is what I like most about it. They told me that the classroom size is a student teacher ratio of twenty to one. The food choices are also very good. The dorms are pretty nice. There seems to be a lot of things going on during campus.
APSU is a great university. The university provides a lot of resources on campus, wether if its a study room, a tutor, or even private lessons to help you succeed throughout ur college year.No matter what degree your pursuing wether its nursing, business, or a chemistry degree, APSU has all the resource to help you succeed.
decent and affordable school, but lacks an academic feel. Feels like an extension of high school and many of the students are not adequate enough to complete their degree programs.
I have visited their campus on many occasions and there are many amazing safety features and the staff and professors are very involved in the education.
I have had nothing but wonderful experiences here. Professors and peers are so kind and helpful. I feel free to ask questions or ask for help understanding confusing concepts. All my classmates help each other out, and there is an amazing sense of community.
I enjoy Austin Peay State University and have nothing negative to say. Every time I have an issue or needed help, the staff has done an outstanding job at replying to my questions and concerns.
Austin Peay is an amazing school. There are different opportunities to further our education and get involved on campus. One thing that could be improved is the way information is transferred across campus. I have missed plenty of events because I did not know about it until after it was over. The food choices are mediocre. I wish there were more healthier food options instead of just Subway.
I am only on my second semester at this school and I love it. The professors do push you out of your comfort zone but it makes the students become more comfortable with learning and participating. The campus itself is beautiful. I don’t live on campus so I don’t know what the experience on that is. Although, when I did my campus tour, we saw the dorm rooms and they are very well-kept. Since I am a commuter, it would be nice to have more parking space for commuters so nobody has to fight over parking spots.
I have very few complaints about APSU, I started thinking I was going to hate it because it was not my firsr choice, or even my second choice, it was the very last option for me, but everyday I am reminded that I am so glad I ended up attending this school. The teachers are really helpful for the most part (theres a few bad bunches everywhere), plenty of campus activies, amazing and friendly people everywhere you go, and there are so many options for any path you choose to take and someone is always there to help.
Austin Peay offers a wide variety of academic as well as social activities that are meant to help their students get a well-balanced college experience. However, it is difficult to get the administrations support when it comes to class schedules, financial assistance, and getting important information out to their students.
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I like the academic system and the size of the campus the most and I also like the professors because they are very willing to help and I would like to see the food on campus improve
I love Austin Peay! It felt just like home, it was very welcoming and everyone was really nice. It was easy to get around the campus, it felt very safe as well. Can't waitron start my college experience there fall 2018!
Austin Peay State University is a great place to meet people and build relationships. The level of your education depends on the department or college in which your major is under. Austin Peay's Nursing program is highly competitive and one of the top in the nation. The food choices are not as good, because of their constant change in recipes. The student life has gone down since i have been here, when i first got here the was plenty to do but now there is little to nothing to do.
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