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This is my first year at APSU and the online course that I took is great! We have zoom meetings 2x a week and my teacher is available almost always!
This is my first year at APSU, I am a transfer student, and everyone made it so easy to become a student here!
Teachers are very helpful and informative. Easy schedule to follow. requires determination and perseverance
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Very nice school. teachers are amazing and very helpful. they always make sure student receive the help needed
Austin Peay is overall a nice 4-year college you definitely get your amounts of money worth as the staff was very exceptional about your studies and the campus was very beautiful.
The Pandemic kinda ruined the online experience as everything became chaos. But before it happened I very much liked it.
Most of the online learning through AP is rather standard. Weekly quizzes and a few discussion boards, a lot of reading, and very little class engagement. Professors online generally just assign chapters and their corresponding quizzes, and you complete them. Other than that, you generally do not hear or 'see' your professor unless they post a class announcement - which is usually just a reminder for an upcoming quiz/assignment.
Austin Peay is an average school: you get what you paid for. The best thing about the university is that it is one of the cheapest options in the state of Tennessee. Other than that, the local area is alright, the campus is okay, the professors are decent, but many of their course offerings are only taught once a year or even once every few years. I am currently a senior at this school, and I plan on going to a completely different university for my graduate program. My final verdict would be if you can afford a better and more expensive school then do it, if you are financially poor, then stop here at APSU and transfer somewhere else.
When the COVID-19 virus hit our country, all of my classroom classes became online classes. Each of my instructors researched and implemented successful course work so we could all finish out the semester. Now they have spent their summer redesigning their classes so they can be done efficiently online. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to our education.
Austin Peay State University has been very helpful and facilitating my decision to return to school after 32 years to study my favorite subject - the earth. All of my counselors and professors have done everything they could do to help me and others with course work and degree planning.
I transferred to Austin Peay this previous semester and it has been lovely. Due to the pandemic, I was not able to experience the campus as much as I wanted. My professors and classmates made this transition very easy by helping me find all of my classes. The campus environment is very safe and friendly and I cannot wait to experience more of Austin Peay and what he has to offer.
Online learning was a bit challenging in the beginning but most of my professors took it easy on us because they understood the pressure of being forced online. Professor still answered emails and asked us if we needed any help so this was great.
The college held events on certain dates which would count as stress relievers during the fall and spring semester if you were to live in the dorm areas events were held there as well. There were multiple opportunities to make new friends and in some classes the atmosphere was stress free.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we transferred to online classes after our spring break. The online courses of the classes were easy as long as you kept up to date with upcoming tests, assignments, and quizzes.
My experience at Austin Peay so far has been pretty good. The professors have been very understanding and helpful. Some are lenient on deadlines and others go above and beyond to help you pass the class. The only thing I think should change is the communication from the university to the students. As a student I feel that I am constantly missing something that I should know because APSU does not tell its students what is going on.
Due to COVID-19, everyone had to finish class online. Some of my professors were very helpful and would have zoom meetings with the class so students could understand the material. Other teachers added a lot more work that was not necessary.
I have taken all of my English courses online as well as a History course I have almost completed. I feel like the courses went very well, and I loved taking the online. As a Science major I spend most of my time in lecture or lab, so I need the ability to take some pre-req's online, I'm thankful I had good professors for all the courses I've taken.
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I love the town and atomsphere surrounding APSU. I have had a few problems with the science teachers and physics department, but other than that I have no complaints surrounding my time at Austin Peay.
This is a great school other than financial aid not getting back to students as quickly as they should.
Online classes are amazing! I prefer doing online, especially with having anxiety. All professors are easy to reach out to and get back to students quickly.
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