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I like going to Austin Peay because the whole campus is very local and all in one area. They have very nice cats that walk around campus and are very friendly. The one thing that I would change is the amount of parking near classes. Or adding a bus that takes students from the parking lots to the buildings around campus.
I love this school. I blend easily with my peers and I get all the help I need when I need it. The staff and professors are amazing and easy to get along with !
For the most part, I did enjoy Austin Peay. It is a very beautiful campus and is always clean. It is a smaller school in a smaller town so if your career choice would require a lot of outside networking it may or may not be difficult for you to do so. They do host a few career fairs during the semester so that is still good. The food is okay but still better than most schools in the state. The dorms are pretty kept up. It is a bit pricey for a student with not much in scholarships, so it would be a good idea to apply for as many of them as you can if you aren’t getting much outside help. There’s usually no more than maybe 30 students to a class (unless a bigger lecture such as biology) which is great, it’s easier for your professors to get to know and recognize you when you need help which is a very big deal, to me at least. There are also many clubs and organizations to be involved in on the campus, not as many as other schools, but still quite a few and very diverse.
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I loved how the campus was very focused on safety. The campus was a bit larger than I was use to, however fairly easy to navigate. The food options on campus are amazing and very nice for both commuter and those students who live on campus. Very welcoming and helpful toward transfer students and military families. I wish they would offer a bit more financial aid for those incoming and military families and students.
I personally love how Austin Peay reaches out to their students and students they want at their school.
I attended APSU 3 times. It is a wonderfully, diverse campus. I am glad I got to experience it. There is also free tutoring on campus.
It is an okay campus. Nothing exciting but not terrible! They need better professors. The campus is small so it makes transitioning easier.
I like the small community and loving town. It’s a great place to be and live in, and the small town aspect makes me feel comfortable and happy.
My experience with APSU has been great, however, I feel like we need more free speech zones. As young college students entering the real world, we need to be heard and our opinions express, respectfully.
Maybe a better parkinglot. Its very hard to get to class on time even if I leave early. It'd be nice to have more parking towards the classes.
It offers a variety of classes, but it can be difficult to get the classes that you need along with staying on track with your major.
I appreciated the diversity and inclusion of all students no matter what grade they are in. I do wish there were more group studies and tutoring for students who may be struggling in a certain class. The scenery of Austin Peay is terrific. It is well kept daily and seems to never fall from outstanding. Most of the professors are able and willing to fit around each students situation. This allows every students to be comfortable with their schooling. I highly recommend Austin Peay to anyone looking for a school to make them comfortable and happy.
I love it APSU! I transferred from a small private Christian college and although campus isnt the most impressive we have more tha we need as students!! There is endless academic help my only real criticism would be how terrible it is to be advised.... I havent encountered a good academic advisor yet but they are all teachers. Despite the fact that their academic advising could be better the faculty and staff are friendly and helpful in times of need (especially in the psychology department)
Well the University and teachers are great but the campus does flood a lot. Which can make it difficult to want to go to class.
I liked Austin Peay because of the simplicity and size of the campus. Although it is not ridiculously small, this campus is also not overwhelmingly big. If you are looking for a friendly and "feel at home" college I would highly recommend APSU!
I currently am a high school and have taken multiple classes at Austin Peay State University through the middle college. My professors are challenging, yet very helpful. I am very pleased with my experience on this campus. Everyone is very welcoming and there are plenty of opportunities to become involved on campus.
This beautiful campus is the perfect size for those who want a small college experience with the liveliness of a larger university. The faculty are amazing and actually care about students. It makes everything worthwhile.
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my experience here was very good , the professors are very hands-on and more than willing to help you succeed.
I would like for there to be more job options for upcoming and already enrolled freshman who live on campus and require a job to make some money support themselves.
visiting Austin Peay State University was an overall great experience. Going into the school i loved the dorms, the size of it, and that it wasn't too far from home. Another reason i like the school so much is because i know a couple of people attending the school. There is not much that needs to be changed, the school is overall a good school the only thing that needed to be changed is not being around a city.
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