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It is the best college out there. there is so much diversity and sports for everyone there. Its not that big of a party scene, it is also a dry campus.
There is so much help and guidance to be offered at Austin Peay that it is very easy to get accustomed to college life easily. Your academic aids offer help for the right classes for you, and help with classes you may be struggling in. There are events almost every day on campus that create a fun and exciting environment, and they often give out free food, clothes, and other merchandise to students. Austin Peay is the perfect place to have a small community environment, while still getting the right college experience for you.
I love Austin Peay! The community atmosphere is great! There is plenty of clubs and activities on campus. The one thing I would change is to offer diverse food options. As more and more people choose to live a healthier lifestyle, such as vegan or vegetarian, Austin Peay needs to be aware and offer food options to all.
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Offers classes both on campus, and online. Classes can also be taken on the local military base, for active duty and civilian government workers, alike. The classes on base are 8-week sessions, which is very nice!
Amazing school, small but roomy campus with an amazing university center and places to study. Great facilities with amazing history even better professors.
My experience was great. The counselor replied to all my questions and i cabt wait to continue my schooling here.
Austin Peay State University is a very diverse and comfortable campus. So far most of my professors have been understanding and caring about seeing the students succeed. I would however change the amount of student parking there is for commuters as well as increase the amount of relax areas for students.
During my freshman year of high school,I ran track.I was on the varsity girls long distance team for Northwest High school. While being in track ,one of our meets were held at Austin Peay State University.It was the Wilma Rudolph relay meet.There were at least twenty different schools.The track team was very respectful and helpful when it came to running the race.
I love Austin Peay State University. The school is very small and close knit. There’s a lot of diversity at the school and the professors are excellent. I am enjoying my time at Austin Peay
I like Austin Peay State for its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. There is a wide variety of majors to pick and activities to do.
Good school. I enjoy being at this school. Class sizes are very small. I have 3 more prerequisites to complete with not money.
As a freshman last semester going to Austin Peay was a huge change in my life. Having to adapt to a different environment and meeting new people. I would say that academic wise the school is great professors are very friendly and teach to the best of their ability. Campus life is very interesting and exciting.
Psychology major at APSU. I love the faculty/staff in my department! It's also easy to get involved on campus, plus it still feels a bit like a private school for a public school pricetag.
Good environment and nice staff making for learning experience. The campus offers quite a few nice amenities such as a chickfil-a right next to main hall. The library is pretty decent and even has a store to buy needs and necessities right there on site so you dont have to travel across town to Walmart or other stores.
My first year at Austin Peay State University was a great experience! I enjoyed engaging with new people and getting involved on campus.
I like it. It’s a pretty good place over all. Teacher are nice and the financial aid does not loose your documents.
I'm a sophmore at Austin Peay and so hard I've had a amazing time. It's a small yet big campus and there's always something going on and to get involved in.
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Austin Peay does a phenomenal job in making sure incoming students are included in the campus, making them feel like they belong. They also care a lot about the student's well being. They make sure that the students never go unfed with free food and we will always have clothes.
I like that the university is commute friendly. I do not, however, appreciate that there are so little options for classes once above core level classes. It’s extremely difficult to get the classes that are required for the major and graduate on time.
I have learned so much at this school! I have been out of school for a few years when I joined the Army and I was truly afraid of what it would take for me to get back into the rhythm of everything. I have loved my classes so much that it doesn't even feel like work. My professors are qualified and they make learning fun.
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