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I love the campus and my teachers. They have a broad variety of majors that you can choose from. Everyone is really nice. A lot of clubs and activities to do. Parking can get a little crazy but if you do not have an early class like me at 8 o’clock you can get a nice spot. Overall it is a good school to go too. Austin Peay is known for its nursing and engineering programs which I heard are excellent. Food is good and there is a Starbucks in the library which is really nice when you have to study all day and need caffeine.
very beautiful campus, and very nice staff. i would recommend the college. it is very diverse. the campus food is very good, with many options.
I knew from the first moment I walked on campus this was my place. This is where I was destined to be and complete my education. It's a beautiful campus, all the staff is friendly and helpful, and the academics are very competitive. I felt safe. I felt all my fears were to put to rest by everyone I came in contact with. During my freshman year, every single professor or administrative staff, I ever asked for help, went above and beyond to help me find a solution.
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Quite the diverse areas of degrees and very helpful staff to keep students in the loop and helping them achieve their degrees.
I really like the heads of the major departments. Not only do they help you strive to graduate in their program, they are also very helpful and honest with you. They are also willing to help you find another program that you may fit better in if you are a transfer student looking to graduate sooner than expected. I would like to see the cost go down a little and to offer more grants or scholarships to the students. It would also be helpful to not struggle when trying to obtain a parking pass. It should be given to the students once they are able to enroll in the school.
This is my second year at APSU, and I love It! It's big enough for the "college experience" yet small enough to where you can walk anywhere you need to be in less than 10 minutes. The professors are amazing, especially through the Education Department. I would definitely recommend anyone to apsu who is wanting a good college experience without the hassle of a huge tuition amount.
My experience at this university was phenomenal. The university gives you a great experience of having a connection with the community. The reason is that there are a lot of activities that they sponsor on campus. Also, education wise, there are plenty of professors around campus who does not mind helping you with your studies. For example, if you are having a problem in your English class, you do not have to only seek help from the professor that teaches your class. You can also seek help from other professors who teaches English also to help you study.
I like that Austin Peay has people from all over. I wish the campus was bigger. I feel that the teachers are nice and some go above and beyond for their students.
Austin peay is my future home come fall of 2017. I start my classes August 25 and I cant wait to step my foot on campus. I've toured the school several times and I can tell its the place for me.
The classes at Austin Peay are great; however, the staff, not the professor, are very difficult to talk to.
Austin Peay is a great school for someone who wants to experience the college life but isn't prepared to go to a large college (which can be overwhelming). It's considered a "small" school but it isn't so small that it's boring. There are plenty of activities and parties, but not too much to where you can't focus on academics.
Over all APSU is a great school. It is not perfect but it is a great place to learn and grow. The school was not my first choice however i am glad that i ended up here.
I have only taken dual enrollment classes at Austin Peay, but they were high quality. The campus is pretty, for the location, and the teachers know what they are doing. I definitely recommend Austin Peay if you wish to go into education, as it is well known for it's education curriculum. The food on campus is okay, but around campus there are many great restaurants. The dorms look slightly old though.
Austin Peay is a very diverse school. I really like that the class sizes are small. People are able to get more 1 on 1 attention. It gets boring sometimes and the local area is extremely boring. It's 45 minutes away from Nashville, so most people drive there to have fun. There's not much crime either. It's a pretty decent school.
I love Austin Peay, it is absolutely a great school. The people on campus are friendly and are always willing to help, including the professors. There are so much resources that help you be successful and classes are not insanely large, so the professors actually get to know you.
Austin Peay is a community and a family. The faculty and staff support the students and will go to their ends to help a student succeed. Campus life is ever involving and accepting.
The campus is really beautiful and there's always something going on. The advisors and teachers make time for you whenever you need help or advice and they are just overall very friendly. There are also many eating places on campus that offer a variety of food.
Review Austin Peay State University
Austin Peay State University is a great school, it is somewhat a diverse school but I would like to see that improve more. The staff and students are extremely nice and helpful. Austin Peay is a small but, yet beautiful school.
My experience at Austin Peay was great! Great school, great teachers, great environment, and even better people! My first semester at AP was the best, i wish I still went there.
Decent School. A little on the pricey side, but has a good return on investment. This is definitely not a big party school. The athletic division is okay. Our basketball and baseball programs and events are fine. They do offer a great opportunity for adults to get an education.
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