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I love the fact that Austin Peay State University gives you an opportunity to experience multiple events on campus. These events makes it easier to get to know one another. What should change at Austin Peay State University is the Expansion. We should have buildings set u-p for different events. We should have a building strictly for studying and a building for games and events for after class.
Austin Peay state University is an amazing college to go to, the professors here are wonderful and the games are so much fun. i would recommend Austin Peay to any person i know, it is truly a great college
I love the smaller class sizes and the smaller campus in general. I like that I can walk to all of my classes. However, I feel like there should be more parking because it is very hard for commuter students to find a parking spot unless they get there early in the day.
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It was a very diverse campus I met so many different people. Besides the people that attended , they had so many different organizations that ranged it became a factor of which one should I choose. It had really nice amenities like the Foy center which was a fitness center , it included a rock wall and an indoor track and out outdoor pool which include friendly staff. They always had smiling faces which made me want to be around campus. There were also many programs through the Foy such as fitness classes and rock climbing days. My favorite thing was the ministry which provided a hardy lunch every Wednesday for only 3 dollars.
I love how well maintenance the campus is. They take pride in the the way the campus looks. Pretty scenery and animals running around.
Austin Peay provides so many opportunities to all of the students that attend. There are amazing people that work there that are willing to help anyone at anytime. The professors are all amazing. Austin Peay makes me feel at home. The Gov's are my family.
My name is Jerome Cook, I'm a junior at Humboldt High School, And what I like about Austin Peay is that it has good programs and majors, and I heard that if you're struggling with your work, you can always ask your professor for help. And what I would change is to stay in school, get a job, focus on my career and take any steps of where my career head me to.
Austin Peay State University has given me the best experience in college. The campus is beautiful and provides so many opportunities for every student. My first semester at Austin Peay, I was so involved on campus that I was there every day of every week. I got involved at the Foy Fitness Center in an aerial silks class. I really appreciated that the two instructors were involved with each student and pushed each of us to the best of our abilities. I also got accepted into Sigma Kappa, the new sorority on campus. Being in Sigma Kappa was the one of the best things that had ever happened to me. It formed me into a social butterfly and allowed me to really help out in the community. The women of Sigma Kappa came together to host events with other sororities to bring people together for charity. Being at APSU has transformed my life in the most amazing ways. I will always cherish the memories I have and the memories I will continue to make while attending at Austin Peay. Go Govs!
Austin Peay is a good school to attend. It is smaller compared to other universities that i have seen or been to and it makes you feel comfortable being there
It is a decent school. Not to big or fancy, but it gets the job done for a reasonable price. The class structure is OK but not great and there could be more enthusiasm in the classes. But at least the information is provided to learn and pass the courses.
The library is good though, which makes up for a lot.
It's perfect if you're looking for somethimg not too big or too little. The classes are a little challenging, but the teachers are great. The campus as a whole is like a little city and is very comfortable.
Austin Peay overall is a great university. They are very helpful. They have many people that can help you with your college career and your life after college.
I loved going to school at Austin Peay! But, I left to go elsewhere, because I decided that I wanted to do something different with my life. When I was attending, though, my professors were wonderful and very helpful. One of the heads of the Department of Education, Dr. Bruster, is a wonderful woman, and if you're going into education, she's the woman to talk to! The campus, though quite small, has a larger feel to it. The dorms in Sevier Hall were alright, but I had terrible suitemates, so I'm pretty sure that if you work out some sort of agreement at the beginning of the year, you'll be fine. The cafeteria food is great, with a wide variety of food to choose from, but if you don't want to eat in the caf, you can always go to one of the "restaurants" next to it. As far as safety goes, I always felt safe on campus. Everywhere I went, there were those little police poles as far as the eye could see, and I always saw at least 5 police officers walking around campus on my way to class.
I have been at APSU for two years now and although I did not get into my initial program I intended, It was an easy transition between majors and they have accommodated me very well in getting me on the right track.
I enjoy APSU. I'm a non-traditional student (26 years old) and have found a lot of great resources there. My biggest complaint is the lack of dedication from online professors.
My experience at APSU was very good. Besides the drama, all I have to say is stay focused, stay to yourself, and you cant go wrong.
The environment is really nice, and so are the professor an staff working on the campus. Everyone is there to help you and make sure you are on track to graduate, and become successful after graduating.
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Austin Peay is a great college to get your associates or bachelors degree at. Most of the professors are willing you help you out, and free tutoring is always offered. There are always things going around on campus, so if you have to stay in a dorm you won't be bored! Next to the university there are little places to get eat and have fun. All in all it's a great place for a 4 year degree.
Most of it was pretty great! I am a physics major with mathematics minor, and the physics department has great opportunities for research projects!
I will be a freshman in the fall and when I went to tour it I fell in love with it. I am going into radiology and they all seemed like very friendly people. The campus is not the biggest and that is what I like most about it. They told me that the classroom size is a student teacher ratio of twenty to one. The food choices are also very good. The dorms are pretty nice. There seems to be a lot of things going on during campus.
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