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Austin Peay State University Reviews

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the Austin Peay campus is astounding along with the atmosphere. the college professors are amazing and will not let you down!
What I liked the most about the institution was that it truly made me feel at home. Not only was I a few hours away from my family, but I was also receiving an amazing education without breaking my bank account.
Great school, the most affordable university in the state, and professors take their profession and getting students where they need to be academically.
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The classes at APSU aren’t too big so you get to have a more personal connection with the professors. The professors also are readily available for extra time if you need it one on one with them.
I like how small the campus is! Nothing is too far and yet there are so many students and clubs and organizations that give it a big campus feel!
Austin peay has been a great school. I enjoy that it is a place for traditional and non traditional students alike. The nursing program has been beneficial in furthering my career. I am thankful for the opportunity to accelerate my schooling by 7 months with taking summers.
I like just about everything at Austin Peay because the professors are understanding and want us as students to succeed. The food is great there and the student life are amazing to be around.
I came in my Junior year as a transfer student. I absolutely loved my experience and wished I would have originally chosen this school for my entire 4 years. I learned a lot about myself, joined a sorority and even found a job in my career field due to my internship that my major required.
Overall my experience at Austin Peay State University was great. I enjoy the campus life, and all the other activities around the school yard. The class experience was okay, lack motivation from a few teacher. My graduate counseling wasn't that great in leading me in the right curriculum.
I am going into my sophomore year of college and I am proud of my decision to attend Austin Peay State University. I have had a wonderful experience with my advisor, who gives wonderful advice. The dorm I stayed in was good, the cafeteria had amazing food, and I felt very safe on campus. I would recommend Austin Peay to anyone who asked about it.
I think Austin Peay is a good school if you are looking for a smaller campus with less crowded classrooms. If you find a program you love, professors will have lots of opportunities for you to grow your passion and research. While Austin Peay has a lot to offer in academics, there is not a lot going on around campus. If you are looking for a school with a huge social scene, Austin Peay may not be the best fit.
Austin Peay is a great school full of diversity and fun. The campus is a beautiful place; not to big and not too small. The proffesors are great, and very helpful. I woyld recommend anyone to com to Austin Peay.
Austin Peay is descent university thats small and fairly affordable. My main concern is how hard it is for me to get assistance. I am an older male and it sometimes seems as if there are more resources for the younger students. I have the hardest to getting advisory assistance. I sometimes feel like a number, which I didnt expect with such a small university.
I love the fact that Austin Peay State University gives you an opportunity to experience multiple events on campus. These events makes it easier to get to know one another. What should change at Austin Peay State University is the Expansion. We should have buildings set u-p for different events. We should have a building strictly for studying and a building for games and events for after class.
Austin Peay state University is an amazing college to go to, the professors here are wonderful and the games are so much fun. i would recommend Austin Peay to any person i know, it is truly a great college
I love the smaller class sizes and the smaller campus in general. I like that I can walk to all of my classes. However, I feel like there should be more parking because it is very hard for commuter students to find a parking spot unless they get there early in the day.
It was a very diverse campus I met so many different people. Besides the people that attended , they had so many different organizations that ranged it became a factor of which one should I choose. It had really nice amenities like the Foy center which was a fitness center , it included a rock wall and an indoor track and out outdoor pool which include friendly staff. They always had smiling faces which made me want to be around campus. There were also many programs through the Foy such as fitness classes and rock climbing days. My favorite thing was the ministry which provided a hardy lunch every Wednesday for only 3 dollars.
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I love how well maintenance the campus is. They take pride in the the way the campus looks. Pretty scenery and animals running around.
Austin Peay provides so many opportunities to all of the students that attend. There are amazing people that work there that are willing to help anyone at anytime. The professors are all amazing. Austin Peay makes me feel at home. The Gov's are my family.
My name is Jerome Cook, I'm a junior at Humboldt High School, And what I like about Austin Peay is that it has good programs and majors, and I heard that if you're struggling with your work, you can always ask your professor for help. And what I would change is to stay in school, get a job, focus on my career and take any steps of where my career head me to.
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