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I am a freshman, 27 years old, and have had an easy time getting back into school. ACC is great for opportunities to engage with othere students, teachers, and resources.
The professors really care about the students and their success. The facilities are new and the classes offered are varied and interesting.
I currently take dual credit classes at Austin Community College and it has been great. Since I am apart of the distance learning, I take my classes online and the professors are very caring and like to see you succeed. Honestly, I think ACC is fine just the way it is.
ACC is awesome! I'd encourage any new high school grad that's unsure of their college major or career to get their first taste of higher education here. Vast majority of my professors had PhD.'s and cared so much about their students' success. Some of my classes required field work or volunteer hours which was always fun, interesting, and an easy way to get extra points. There are some lazy and disinterested professors here and there but the vast majority of mine were enthusiastic about their subject, willing to help as much as they could, and most of all considerate of students' needs and circumstances. Drawbacks here are typical of any CC--not much in the way of student life/athletics and it can be difficult to make long term friends, but it's possible if you try. I don't think ACC is the place if you want a "typical" college experience, but for me it's been just as good!
Austin Community College is an amazing school! The price is very reasonable, especially in comparison to most universities. The classrooms are small and very welcoming. The small classrooms allow one on one time with your professor. There are learning labs that allow students to go in for extra help, if needed. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
All of my teachers have been great. Classes are very affordable. However, it can be an issue to have financial aid cover classes required for transfer, but not part of your ACC degree plan.
Very affordable and helpful inn obtaining your goals. All of the classes are easy to find and all of the staff are very helpful. Being that they have multiple campuses makes it easy for many students to have access to higher education.
I love how they take their time with each individual student. They get to know everyone and i love it teachers are awesome and understanding help when needed and the facilities provide a bus for the students with classes at different campuses.
Overall, ACC is a very good community college; however, I have experienced a couple of issues. I passed the exam and received credit for Composition I in high school through the AP course. Upon transferring to ACC, I was told that my transcript did not show that I had credit for Composition I even though it clearly did. I didn't quite understand that because they accepted my credit for Composition II. The second issue is regarding two of my advisors The first one seemed more concerned with rushing through the process and was very patronizing. The second advisor was not very responsive and did not seem very knowledgeable. Now for the positives, the teachers are top quality. I'm currently enrolled in my fourth semester at ACC, and I can definitively say that every single teacher I've had thus far has been incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. I also like that there are so many accessible locations which makes it convenient to attend after work.
I've taken a few classes at Austin Community College and it's been a decent experience every time. All of the teachers I've had are good and the campus is nice.
It really has been a fulfilling experience so far. For years I had a low opinion of community college because my friends never took the time to enjoy the experience of being there. In the short two months I've attended the classes the professors have already changed my life, and the peacefulness I feel there is great. The only thing I would change, is easier access to where the bus routes are because if you don't know your roads very well they can be hard to find!
Austin Community College really aided me in figuring out what it was I wanted my future career to be. The teachers and staff were always friendly and able to help in anyway they could. Their staff in the tutoring center was the best part of my overall experience. I got to know many of them and they helped me with any problem in any of the classes I had. They really wanted to see me excel in my dream to become a nurse. I see them every week and they are always checking up to see how well I am doing academically. They even were so excited for me when I got into nursing school recently. This school even though it is a community college with many campuses had the tight knit unity of an actual university and that is what I enjoyed most about attending.
ACC is a fantastic college! With so many people who are there and ready to help you succeed! I was so reluctant to go back to school after ten years, but, ACC made me feel so confident and smart!
I love Austin Community College because it has tremendously improved my academia through its staff. The professors truly care about you if you put in the effort, and the student life scene is absolutely fantastic. I usually don't get involved in Student Life, but ACC has really pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me into a better person. I love it here.
I like the variety of campuses and the ability to enroll in which ever is comfortable but I wish if there were more life added, some attention to the students would be helpful.
I love going to a small College. I work and go to school, its hard, but my Professors understand that I have more to worry about than an essay. That I have bills, people to care for, and my job.
Austin Community College is great place for quality classes for a fraction of what Universities charge. The teachers are passionate and helpful and ACC facilitates people into the professions they aspire to attain.
Austin Community College District is a very great start for high school graduates heading towards college. Because community college does not require you immediately decide on a major, you have plenty of time to develop an interest in what passions you may have or may acquire while saving an abundant amount of tuition. What I liked most about Austin Community College was not only being able to gain some college experience educationally, but also being able to meet new people through smaller class sizes and encouraged study groups. All campuses are full of diversity along with plenty of opportunities to become part of the school community. They hold truth towards their motto, which is to help you get from your very first point to your very last successfully and preparedly. Austin Community College is the place to go!
This is my first year in college and i like it so far. I am taking 4 classes this semester and i can honestly say that it is very difficult to focus on each subject as well as work outside of school and having time to myself. It is a struggle. ACC offers tutoring services in their Learning Lab and are open for most of the day throughout the week. I would recommend you to take advantage of these services since you are already paying for them with your tuition.
The things I have experience at ACC is all good things really. The teachers are cool and they make sure if you need help with anything they have the sources for them.
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