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Although it is a bunch of different campuses it gives you the opportunity to meet new people in the area as well as teachers and the campus as well. I love that their are multiple teachers for each subject, yet everyone is eager to help you and strive towards the final goal.
I have never had a bad experience with the Austin Community College District. Everyone is always so helpful even the other students who I have come into contact with. The Professors I have had have all been really engaging and really help me understand the content instead of handing me a book and telling me to learn.
everyone is so nice and very helpful. Austin community college is making me prepared for me to transfer to a university. i'm learning to adapt to the college life.
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Austin Community College is all about the success of its students. The teachers and staff are always available during their office hours to help out with any problems. At the Cypress Creek campus, there are stores and restaurants surrounding the campus that are accessible to everyone. The food that is sold at ACC is questionable, all of the foods offered are GMO, pre-packaged snacks, or the lunchroom food that is made. There are limited options for a vegetarian in the Cypress area. So far, the professors I've had have been amazing and really passionate about what they teach. The Student Life at ACC is very involved with students; almost every day I'm at ACC, someone from SL travels around the first building talking to students about any SL opportunities, whether the students are interested or not. Student Life participants all help to make sure the campus is clean and free of hazards. The Cypress campus is very open and every part is easily accessible.
The classes are small, and most instructors also teach at UT. I feel that I get a quality education at the fraction of the cost.
I really enjoyed the teachers the campus and most of all the staff. Very friendly and helpful. The Round Rock campus was very beautiful. Highland campus was super packed.
Great schools! Teachers were wonderful and they has numerous resources available to all students! They student tutors and resource rooms were great. The learning labs and computer labs were also very helpful.
It's a nice community college district! The professors were pretty good as were the campuses. The staff at all the campuses were nice. Classes are a good size and not too big.
My experience at Austin Community College at Round Rock campus, has been nothing but a helping hand! The environment alone is great and the people are just as friendly as the staff. My professors has helped me in my classes and are eager to help anyone who asks for it. This college has benefited me not only in the short term, but also in the log run, because of all the support, help, and advice I have received here. I would recommend Austin Community College to anyone!
I am a dual-credit student at ACC and I love it! The professors are amazing over all. Although the coursework might be difficult sometimes, the Learning Lab, a free tutoring source at every ACC campus, provides plenty of help in almost every single subject. The student life on campus always has giveaways and plenty of other events that give to the community. Overall, I love ACC; it is an excellent college.
Overall an easygoing and beneficial experience. Great for anyone who is unaware about what they want to study or who wants to save a few buck before transferring to a 4-year-univeristy.
Good classes. Some teachers are amazing and others are just OK. For dual credit courses, it is better to do online courses.
ACC is very good at allowing students to get connected. From the professors to the class sizes, it is very personal and offers a bunch of help from tutoring to free scantrons for tests.
My experience at ACC has been great! The instructors really care about your success and are willing to help you achieve your academic goals. They make sure you understand the material and take the time to explain and answer any questions you may have.
Austin Community College is a great community college to get a head-start with your college career. The professors at Austin Community College provide a sometimes difficult, yet beneficial learning environment. These are serious college-level courses, but you will thank yourself that you went to Austin Community College before attending a four-year university!
I really love that the campus and class are small and personable. I love how it is community based, and all the different learning options they offer.
Love, love, love Austin Community College. I'm completing my Associates in Business Administration this Fall 2017. I couldn't be happier when I decided to join this Campus back in 2014. Student life activities has motivated me to open myself with college students and help out in the community with school projects. The professionalism of this College and professors is beyond amazing exactly what I needed to become encouraged into accomplishing my goals. I am highly satisfied and proud to be a Riverbats!
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For the most part I love ACC! The biggest class I've been in had 36 students, my professors have been very kind and helpful, and I think my education basics are solid through ACC.
Coming from a low-income neighborhood; I never thought going to college was an option for me. I started attending Austin Community College by obtaining my G.E.D. Once I obtained my G.E.D. I took a couple classes here and there, just to see what the big fuzz about college was all about. I then realized that I not only love learning, but that college was not a far-fetched dream just because of my low socioeconomic background. Through my experience at Austin Community College I have been able to gain the academic skills need as well as successfully transferring to a four year University.
The thing that I will never forget about Austin Community College is that the professors want their students to succeed. They were always willing to stay after class if a student didn't understand something. I honestly didn't think that college would be like that. Not to mention the staff that worked in the Accelerator always had a friendly smile on their faces. You felt comfortable and safe while you were there. The only thing that I would change about Austin Community College is add some "Disabled Veteran" parking for veterans like myself.
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