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Most professors are great, and are teaching for the right reasons. The few that are there for just a paycheck, usually don't last long. Tuition is the best in the area, and they offer interest free payment plans, in addition to financial aid.
I loved how much the people cared about the students' education. Every professor I had would go out of their way to help me succeed in their class and make sure that I was learning the material. Not just make sure that I was passing the test.
I love the students, and most of the time the professors as well.
Although inconvenient, the renovations ACC is doing for campuses and student life in our community is wonderful. I am excited for future students to experience the finished product!
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Incredibly affordable. ACC serves the community by providing high quality classes at affordable prices.
Consider the new nursing, brand new and a fraction of the price in other institutions.
I loved attending ACC my freshmen year! It was the perfect transition for me into the University of Texas at Austin because of the smaller class sizes and one on one student teacher interaction. My professors were so kind and helpful in assisting me on my journey to get into UT Austin.
Go in person to register/submit papers because the information on the college website is inconsistent with what they tell you in person at student services sometimes, which can be confusing and frustrating. Overall great, affordable community college with small class sizes and helpful, caring staff.
Austin Community college offers a large selection of courses, and career paths! Professors are interested in helping students and it shows. Classes are reasonably priced!
The small class sizes & awesome professors make college classes easy. The learning lab is full of students & teachers that provide free tutoring to help you do your best!
Excellent teachers and staff! Everyone is very friendly and just wants you to do your best. The advisors always helped me figure out my class schedule and finances while making a plan for transferring. I loved every teacher I had and met tons of wonderful friends. They have great facilities with lots of supplies ready for use including study rooms, computers, printers, etc.
Austin Community College is a great school with great teachers. The classes are easy to work with and a lot of options are available for different majors. I am proud to have been apart of ACC.
I like that ACC is so affordable. It has provided me with a lot of options I would have had otherwise. The campus buildings are in decent condition and I have had some really amazing professors, particularly in classes like anatomy & physiology and microbiology. They also have a number of program options for those interested in nursing, from traditional degrees to mobility degrees that allow those with EMT certifications or other similar level certifications to bridge to a nursing degree.
Counselors can tell you conflicting information so you may be better off doing your own research for your degree.
I have enjoyed my time at Austin Community College. Most of the Professors at Austin Community College care deeply about the success of the students who attend their classes. The student population is diverse and while attending Austin Community College, I have met a number of friends and been a part of many different study groups. The only thing I can suggest for Austin Community College is to even out the quality of each building/campus. Each campus is vastly different from the other in quality. Some are very large and updated while others are small, old and less appealing.
Most of instructors are patient and hard working. However, some of them need more practice for teaching skills.
My first semester here wasn't good. But my second semester made up for that. I loved going here. The music department is amazing all of my teachers were laid back and chill. Just as long as you attended and did work you'd pass. The cafe was pretty good too although it was small still a great place to chill. The teachers actually take the time to teach you. But the quality of the eduacation really depends on which teacher you take.
Austin community college is a wonderful opportunity. I have been attending school on again/off again for the better part of a decade and they have made it accessible and affordable. ACC has grown quite a lot over the last decade, and with that, sadly comes growing pains. They have expanded their roster of classes, and offered unique ones such as jewelry, ceramics, etc But, the classes are becoming less dense and more spread out throughout the campus locations. Traditionally, a university is in one spot. But the way ACC covers the 20-mile radius it services is by having multiple locations. Sadly, this means that not all classes will be in the same location. For example, next semester, my chemistry class will be in south Austin, and my chemistry lab will be in Round Rock, 10 miles north of Austin, just because of a scheduling conflict. If I could change anything, I would offer more class times for classes and reduce the amount of niche classes, such as bowling or billiards.
Austin Community College is a very diverse school, i like attending due to accessibility and the atmosphere of all the campuses.
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Austin Community College District offers a high quality of lecture and instruction. I have been studying here for about 2 years now and they have made it quite simple to tranfer what with their Honors program and all. ACC also offers trade programs like welding, construction, and technition to name a few, which is awesome because some students like to experience more than just their core classes.
I love my school. I've consistently had great professors that go above and beyond to ensure success in their students. I have taken both online and campus classes and have great experiences with both. I have also attended multiple campuses for one reason or another, and I've found them all to be clean and well organized. There are places for food on or nearby all campuses, and many are very affordable. The school is open late, which is essential around mid-term or finals. While there is always parking, you will need to get to school before 8:30 AM if you want prime parking, and the parking passes are very affordable ($15 per school year). Admissions was very helpful when I first started registering for classes and helpful in transitioning from a part-time student to full-time. Student services has been essential in helping with all of my financial needs. Over all, ACC is a great school that I would highly recommend!
Most of the teachers are great and student life is awesome. I think more consistency between campuses would be a good change.
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