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I feel this college has a lot of resources and opportunities to gain not only a good education, but information on financial help, volunteer opportunities, and ways to get involved in the students major, and honors programs.
I learned many Entrepreneur skills as wells as time management, problem solving, and critical thinking.
It's a wonderful community college, it offers many good instructors and a wide variety of classes. I had a good time attending, and the classes were well thought out. Probably one of the best community colleges out there!
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Austin community college has a nice and friendly environment. the student to teacher ratio is balanced so that all students can get attention, the food there is not too bad either but I'd rather eat out somewhere else
Its a awesome start to college, I am a military veteran and after years of just working the easiness of going back to school was stressful but they helped me with the transition to normal college life.
ACC has a great staff! But if you are taking classes at the North Ridge campus you will find it hard to find places to sit without going to the library. Also you get a strong sense that the highland campus is the most glorified campus. I strongly believe that if there were to somehow expand 4,000 and add large sitting area equipped with chairs,tables,plug-in centers(for charging),etc. it would be better or if they do something to add more sitting areas around campus it would be more welcoming. Overall I love ACC! Go Riverbats!
What I like about Austin Community College is the diversity. Everyone here is friendly to you no matter the circumstance. Staff is always ready to help and the school provides a great educational system. My years here at ACC have been great and definitely would recommend to everyone who isn't financially ready to go to a four year university.
I took dual credit ACC classes in the summer of 2018, and despite it being a community college, I knew this school was good. I don't know much about other campuses, but ACC's Highland campus was very clean, and the classes exceeded my expectations.
Austin Community College always been a good choice for who wants to transfer to big Universities , and approach their goals step by step. I recommend you if you are a high school student, or if you are getting back to school after several years, go to Austin Community College and start your pathway. I am totally satisfied with professors, Area, and opportunities that they provide you to get successful. It does not matter how old you are, or how behind you are from your goals. All the staffs are nice and helpful. Learning lab is Always a good place for students to solve their Math, Science, and Other subjects.
Right now there is more than 6 locations all over the Austin area. North, South, and Central.
Everyone at ACC is extremely kind and helpful. The people at ACC really push you and encourage you to reach your goals and give you all the tools you need to succeed. I have loved going to ACC and I can't wait to see what I can accomplish because of all their amazing help.
I have had the best experience at ACC. My professors have all been so knowledgeable and thorough in their teaching, and the class sizes are not overwhelmingly large, so each student feels known in class. And the best thing: it's affordable!
It’s a small but awesome campus where you easily have the opportunity to be part of them and start your career.
Very cost efficient and for residing in the city of Austin it is one factor that has not increased in cost and expenses. There are several campuses accommodated throughout Austin which increases ones ability and facilitates their willingness to be able to enroll and attend classes. The campuses each are unique where some provide more specific category of classes and studies. All facilities are maintained organized and clean. Students are given multiple resources and knowledge over their opportunities and studies in order for them to succeed in their journey in attaining their degree. Most importantly the staff and professors are very certified and experienced in their field. The academics in Austin Community College are beyond expected from your typical community college.
Austin Community College has been helpful to me and a great opportunity to take in high school as well. I've taken dual credit classes and been able to use the resources to my full advantage.
Austin Community College is a really good college. All the staff members made sure the students knew what was going on at college and what resources are available. The student life was amazing. Some days they would have activities, other days they would have food. I felt like i was welcomed and wanted to be taken care of by my college. The library was very helpful when i needed someplace quit to do work and when i needed to use the computers/printers. What was especially convenient is that I could check out an Ipad if i needed to use an electronic for my academic uses. This campus is very clean and very welcoming. One thing that i would change about this campus is the fact that I never really went into a section of that college because I never knew what it was for.
The advisors don't prioritize your needs, and try to help you when you need it most. They need people who actually like their job and want to help us students become our highest self.
Austin community college is a great place to start out your college career. There are many resources if students need any help, almost all profesors are willing to help out students with coursework, and can’t forget about the low coating tuition Austin community college offers. I would recommend Austin Community College to anybody looking to knock out core classes at a cheap and affordable price.
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Austin Community College offers variety of online courses which is great for students who move out of Austin but want to stay in the program. However, most professors in history department required students who take online course must take exams at one of Austin Community College's campuses, and they do not allow a proctor distance testing center.
Austin Community College has been a wonderful experience so far. The staff at all the campuses that I have been to have been incredible. All of the staff members that I have interacted with have been extremally helpful and will do anything possible to help you succeed in your academics and your future.
Very good learning community. Professors challenge students but also offer help and encouragement. There is a lot of aid offered for all students. There really is no excuse for why one shouldn't attend college, the education offered at Austin Community College is made accessible to a wide range population. It is great to see a wide variety of nationalities and age groups on campus.
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