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I like Austin Community College because both of my parents were able to balance seven children and still manage to graduate on time and when they wanted to through ACC.
I'm a Non-Traditional student, that came back to school after being out for over ten years. Every person who works at ACC that I have met along the way to getting registered was very helpful and walked me through every process. The classes and teachers are top notch and all my professors so far have had doctorate degrees. The Highland campus is my favorite because of the Accelerator Lab and Free Tutors!
I am currently in this college, I really enjoy the atmosphere. The teachers and the staffs are very nice and they are here to help you succeed throughout your college career.
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The teachers are great. The buildings are nice. The other staff are very helpful. I can't think of anything that needs to be improved upon.
The school is very open and supportive to students. There are tons of resources to help students be as successful as possible. Whether the plan is to transfer or go straight to work, the district is there to help. I really love the study zones and spaces they provide as well.
A super growing campus! Several different locations across the Austin area. Very diverse facility and students!
My experience with Austin community has been great so far.
The only problems I had was with the advisors, they are so booked and I felt rushed once I got into the office with one.
I love the small classes, the Learning Lab is basically free tutoring and resources and the professors really care about you
My experience at ACC has been tremendous. The buildings and resources available to students are abundant and thoughtful. You are given every chance to succeed with honest teachers, a large computer lab, several tutoring opportunities, and helpful staff. If you use your time wisely, you'll always have time to get your work done. It's not just great for academic experiences, but social as well. Student Life has events every week to meet and connect with people, and there's a multitude of clubs.
I love all the resources that they have and are the school is very good about letting you know about them once you've enrolled. However, it would be a great idea to make it a requirement for new incoming students to have an orientation of all the resources and SAP policies. I was coming back to college after 10 years and found this out after my first rough semester back.
ACC was a lifesaver for me after I had to withdraw from my first university and have been very supportive. All the classes I've taken are great and the professors were nice and understanding. The education at ACC is very affordable and they provide tons of various services that can help you in school and life. With ACC's help, I am on track to transfer to Texas A&M to study crop and soil sciences!
I attended the Round Rock campus at ACC, and I really enjoyed the dynamic student life programs that the campus had going on all the time. The facilities are nice, particularly the new 8000 building with its "social staircase" and other neat little hangout spots for breaks between classes. Professors teach mostly engaging courses, and the rigor is what you would expect from community college. The campus is in an area that looks like the middle of nowhere, but there are many restaurants on University Blvd, and the Round Rock Premium Outlets are just a few miles down that same road. The closest you'll get to a restaurant on-campus is the snack store, so it's a bit lacking in that respect. I feel pretty safe on campus, and campus police are always there and ready to help. I really love the ACCelerator in building 8000, which is a huge computer lab with study rooms and other amenities. There's also the learning lab, where tutors are available to help you with classes you're struggling in.
Austin Community College is a great school or freshman college students trying to earn a degree and still save money. The school provides the same education as 4 year universities meaning while you sit in a class you are going to be learning the same material as university students. It is a very diverse college with opportunities to meet new people with same interests,
So far I have loved Acc! Such a great school and I am saving SOOO much money! Super great classes that fit great to my schedule and i love the flexibility and variety of classes they offer. Definitely recommend.
The classes and professor are fantastic. There are multiple campuses that are fairly easy to get to. Student life is always present on campus, and the staff/volunteers are always willing to help. Sometimes the administration can be difficult, but overall it is a very good community college.
It is an awesome community college!! I have been to many different campuses, and the environment there are really suitable for studying and relaxing, which have spacious and clean place to study and useful tools such as a large amount of computers and library in every campuses! As a international student, I think the people there are nice to me, especially for the advisor. They are friendly and really trying to solve my problems and questions with my college career. I really love Austin Community College!!
ACC is a great school whether you are looking to pursue an associates or just get transfer credits. I've had very good professors and classes I enjoyed taking. They also offer online classes which really helps. Would defineilty recommend if you are considering.
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I liked that the adviser are always available to see and care about getting you to finishing your degree. Many chances to get yourself involved in student life. The only down fall is that some classes maybe at another location then other classes. ACC is a good community college to attend.
Well, I experienced very skilled professors that really were in love with the academic course that they were instructing. I believe that being in love with what you do is what helps you to succeed and to be able to assist others to succeed in their endeavors.
Modern campuses and a large breadth of coursework. Many campuses generally twenty minutes apart. Good online self service system available. Streamlined financial aid system. Variety of people from different backgrounds. Tuition prices very reasonable. Good veterans support, was able to speak frankly with VA office personnel at the Riverside campus. ACC security provides alerts and updates. Mascot is a bat.
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