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What I really enjoyed about Austin Community College was how quick they were to respond to my questions when applying. The staff was really friendly and made me feel welcome. They were eager to have me at their school and I love how the campus feels like its own little town.
The teachers give you everything you need to be successful. The students are friendly and are always willing to help each other.
I loved that everyone can get an education with ACC. I love the campuses, the involvement, and all of the resources available. I would recommend this school.
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Coming from South Texas/McAllen, Texas, i was very delighted to start my college education in Austin. Not knowing what i was about to get into, ACC made sure i was welcomed and ready to go. The first thing that stood out was the staff. In student services my adviser was more than helpful. Another thing i noticed was the environment around campus. It's very up-going and never a dull moment unless its finals week. Just to sum this up, i would honestly recommend a first time college student to give Austin Community College a look into.
It is so diverse and very affordable to attend. The professors that I have the pleasure of meeting are wonderful. They are very approachable and take the time to teach you the topics. I had a great experience during the Licensed Vocational Program and I’m very excited to return and complete the Associates Degree in Nursing program.
I like the affordable cost of classes. Austin Community College has a lot of programs at different level depending on how far you want to get with your education. It provides short courses certificate programs, continuing education programs, Associate degree programs and prepares students who want to transfer to a four years degree college.
Austin Community College is a great place to start! It's very affordable, and the classes have knowledgeable professors who value learning above homework.
I really enjoy going to an affordable college that still allows me to strive for my goals. The schools are close to me and allow for transfers credits so I can go to a for year university after I'm done with my culinary degree. The class environment is more personal and allows for a more direct learning experience.
If I would not have talked to an advisor there being a student that had just recently moved from California I would have never known what classes to take in order for me to transfer to a university. Thanks to the advisor and his patience I was able to UT Austin which was my first choice.
The professors, staff, & fellow colleagues make it a comfortable & sophisticated learning environment ! Highly recommend attending ACC to save money while earning the knowledge universities offer!
I have enjoyed my time at ACC. I love the class sizes, it allows for flow of communication and immediate help when you have a question.
I love Austin Community College because it is very good to concentrate and study. I also like the way all my instructors are teaching as well as the tutors in the learning labs. It is very easy to succeed at Austin Community College because everything is available. There is always someone to assist me with any problem I have. I always end each semester with a good grade. If there is something to criticize about Austin Community College, I think it is on some campuses. The problem with other campus like Eastview is the fact that the learning lab does not have enough tutors.
Austin Community College is a great stepping stone. Make sure to choose your teachers wisely though. I live out of district by a little over a mile for me so I pay around 3,000 dollars a semester in taxes.
My experience has been great at ACC. The advisors have guided me to take the appropriate steps to reach my goals and have directed me to financial opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. The professors are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to my education. Austin Community College facilities are always clean, modern and functional. I love the learning lab and the vast resources it and the library provide. I would like to see more connections between major state colleges and ACC. A stronger link between ACC and a four year university would help keep goals in focus and allow students to stay on track to meet the requirements of the university they plan to attend.
Love this school so much!! Great opportunity. It's very nice to be able to have a community college with so much development. I have met so many professors and fellow students that will have a lasting impact on not only my education and my career, but my life!
All the professors are there to help you pass your classes and really understand the material that you're learning. They even go the extra mile to teach you other things that are not in the textbook, and give you a sense of what the "real world" is really like. It's a create school to start off your college career!
I have to say what stood out was the student services. My campus carried a library, enormous computer lab, along with tutoring services. The staff was very helpful if you needed any sort of help. Another thing that stands out about ACC is its professors. Even though they understood that we were there for the education, and carried a serious attitude because of it, it didn't stop them from being social. I feel like any teacher who's serious yet social with his/her students has the chance to gain their students' respect.
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Great staff with engaging courses. Honestly some challenging professors that are prepping students for university!
I like how there open and very helpful and kind and patient with there students and staff. I like how even tho they push us hard to achieve our goals even when there unrealistic they still help us get to where we want to be to make them proud so that when we look back 20+ years we can say going to school there really got me to where i am today
This is honestly one of the best ways to save money. Contrary to popular belief that community college is dreadful well ACC is far beyond that. The professors are simply amazing they are always there to help, have good communication and have the students best interest. The highland campus is the best and the most aesthetically pleasing but for the most part all campuses are nice. I definitely think that this is a great option if you want to transfer or simply want to save some money. I love the fact that there is also an opportunity for students to study abroad definitely something to look into. I honestly can't say enough good things about this college.
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