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I love Austin Community College because it has tremendously improved my academia through its staff. The professors truly care about you if you put in the effort, and the student life scene is absolutely fantastic. I usually don't get involved in Student Life, but ACC has really pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me into a better person. I love it here.
I like the variety of campuses and the ability to enroll in which ever is comfortable but I wish if there were more life added, some attention to the students would be helpful.
I love going to a small College. I work and go to school, its hard, but my Professors understand that I have more to worry about than an essay. That I have bills, people to care for, and my job.
Review Austin Community College District
Austin Community College is great place for quality classes for a fraction of what Universities charge. The teachers are passionate and helpful and ACC facilitates people into the professions they aspire to attain.
Austin Community College District is a very great start for high school graduates heading towards college. Because community college does not require you immediately decide on a major, you have plenty of time to develop an interest in what passions you may have or may acquire while saving an abundant amount of tuition. What I liked most about Austin Community College was not only being able to gain some college experience educationally, but also being able to meet new people through smaller class sizes and encouraged study groups. All campuses are full of diversity along with plenty of opportunities to become part of the school community. They hold truth towards their motto, which is to help you get from your very first point to your very last successfully and preparedly. Austin Community College is the place to go!
This is my first year in college and i like it so far. I am taking 4 classes this semester and i can honestly say that it is very difficult to focus on each subject as well as work outside of school and having time to myself. It is a struggle. ACC offers tutoring services in their Learning Lab and are open for most of the day throughout the week. I would recommend you to take advantage of these services since you are already paying for them with your tuition.
The things I have experience at ACC is all good things really. The teachers are cool and they make sure if you need help with anything they have the sources for them.
great college to get a more affordable education. Most professors that I have had were also UT professors so you get a good quality education that prepares you for a four year university
Very cheap and a great return on investment. I wish I could continue and get my 4 year degree here. The professors are excellent, many of them teach at other 4 year colleges so the teaching quality is comparable. Some of these professors are experts in there fields as well. I highly recommend doing your first two years of college here.
Austin Community College has several campus locations city wide. The tuition is reasonable and most credits transfer seamlessly.
I like how the community college is helpful, very helpful. What I would like got change is for professors to help on emails other than a person to person interaction.
ACC is very affordable and I feel like you get the quality of the big colleges but at a very reasonable price. I think overall this is a great community college to start out at and then transfer over to the college of your choice. ACC has several two campuses to choose from. The bad think is that they seemed to sometime not have enough people working at each campus.
I liked how affordable it was to take basic classes before transferring to a university. They offered various methods when it came to classes . The teachers at Austin community college care about their students and try to accommodate to their needs .
I love the atmosphere in Austin, as well as, the Government/ Business Internship opportunities. Austin Community College is definitely a great option for students searching for affordable education in a big city.
I really enjoyed attending Austin community college. I felt as if I was getting an education from the top universities in Texas. I had many professors that actually were dual professors in The University of Texas Austin and Austin community collage. There are many campuses all over the Austin area that made it very convenient too attend weather I moved north or south in the area. I Had been attending Austin community collage for 6 years and have changed my major a total of 4 times. I am a very indecisive person and being able to take classes in each major helped me come to my decision and ACC allowed me to do so. The only complaint I have is that the "out of district" tuition was pricey considering that some of the Acc campuses were located right across a house or an apartment that were out of district. I think that the state should broaden their availability for in district tuition.
This ins one of the best community colleges I have attended. The staff is great and there are soo many campuses to choose from. They also have one of the highest credit transfer rates in the state.
My experience with ACC was great, the professors are great and they care very much about their students, the campus is nearby my apartment so getting there is no hassle, everybody there is so friendly and its such a welcoming environment.
Review Austin Community College District
When I transferred to ACC from my country I was so nervous because it meant I needed to start all over again with my college degree. ACC made it so easier, I'm planning on transferring to UT next fall and ACC is helping me to accomplish that dream of mine. The teachers are excellent they always want to make sure you do your best and they are there to help you if you're stuck. The counselors will guide you to the right path for your career and give you the best options for you to accomplish your degree. The student life is great; everybody is so diverse and friendly so it's so easy to make friends too. ACC has become part of my life and i'll be forever grateful with them for opening their doors to me.
My experience as a dual credit student taking ACC classes as a junior and senior in high school were amazing. My professors took a genuine interest in my education and were always there when i needed them. I'm so grateful for ACC and how they have helped me.
Austin community college has allowed me to seek a 'dream career path' I thought previously impossible. Before going back to school I had been a homemaker, with four beautiful children, and watched other children in my home to help supplement our income. I became close friends with one of the mom's while watching her two children. At the time she was going to ACC to get her 'Associates of Registered Nursing' degree. I admired her strength, and determination, and thought how amazing it would be... When my youngest started first grade I thought it was time for me to contribute, monetarily, to my family and community in a greater way, but at 35 I was only a high school graduate and did not have much work experience. I confided to my friend my hidden longing to become an RN, and so it began...
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