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Overall a wonderful community based learning enviroment. Almost all my professors have been passionate, helpful and well educated in their subject matters. The front office is very friendly and knows many of the students (myself included) by name! They also have many resources for students such as a learning lab with computers, tutors, study rooms and a library! The only thing I'd like to see changed is an update on how they store files in their computer system because sometimes little mistakes are made and you have to take time to get your advisor to fix them. Otherwise a good school and quite affordable thanks to FAFSA and the many scholarships. Make sure you ask specifically about these things though because the advisors don't always bring it up.
I really like the ACC. You get the same quality education for less, professors are so nice and you can choose one from any campus that is closest to you. There are many professors, campuses, and hours you can choose. I love the learning labs since they are free and no appointment needed. You can go to any library and request for a study group room to prepare for your presentations and exams with your friends. Friendly environment!
My experience with Austin Community College has been very positive. The staff and faculty are always willing to help and you can tell they really want to see their students reach success.
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I love going here. The professors I've had have been excellent. Courses are challenging, and fun. The student body is diverse, and there are always activities, lecture, and events sponsored by the school. There are many campuses that make commuting to class easier. I wouldn't change a thing!
I attend Austin Community College at Highland Campus, and it gives me sort of a prisoner vibe due to the buildings architecture. However they are absorbing the mall attached to it so that would improve the quality of life a lot. Anyways, the professors I’ve had are great however they don’t expect any less from you and anticipates the students to work HARD. I’m not going to lie, the classes are pretty rigorous, I guess they do this so to prepare you for what an actual university will feel like specifically U.T. It’s possible to make friends here, if you have the time to. This is a good college, it really does put you into that mindset of working hard to get what one most desires, an education + an A.
My experience in Austin Community College is great. Since I started myy first semester in college after years of not attending I have recieved the adecuate help I need at all times. Professors are friendly and I have formed relashionships.
I love ACC because the classes are small enough that you can get personal help from professors whenever you may need it. The low cost of classes is a huge benefit as well, compared to many other local colleges ACC is the most reasonably priced, but despite the low price it still employs amazing teachers that teach at U.T. as well!
Austin Community College District has been such an amazing experience since I started in the fall of 2016. I am now attending my fourth semester here. The faculty has helped me with every step since I started. I am now transferring to Texas A&M in the fall, and I couldn't have done it without the amazing people of the ACC District. My professors have been so helpful and open to leading me into the future I want. They are always open to being flexible with students' schedules, knowing most of us have jobs and/ or families. Overall, the hospitality from ACC is amazing and I wouldn't be one step step closer to my dreams without it.
In large part to an abundance of campus(s) throughout the Central Texas region, classes are for the most part not crammed with 40+ students which allows students access to engage more directly with the professor throughout the class. Not only is it easier to engage with instructors in smaller class settings, ACC offers a variety of classes from early morning to late at night to accommodate any student with a desire to further their education. In addition, since ACC is very flexible, this allows for parents, or students who work day jobs or night jobs choose their classes all based around their own schedule! It is GREAT at ACC.
I liked that it was very inexpensive to go there. I didn't like that I had to stay with my parents for one more year but it's something I couldn't help.
All staff is friendly and encouraging. I wish there was better direction for students as far as advisers and degree plans
Austin Community college is a really great school both for people who hope to receive an associates degree and people looking to transfer to a 4-year university. I did not feel ready to start at university right away, which is the reason I decided to give ACC a try. It was one of the best academic and financial decisions I have made so far. I now feel more hopeful and prepared to strive toward success.
My experience at Austin Community College is pretty awesome. I didn't expect from a community college but all of the staff are really hard working. They definitely make me feel like i'm part of a community and not just a student taking classes. For some reason there's a stigma about community colleges as being less valid that a 4-year university, but I'm glad I went this route because I'm saving money while getting the same education as everyone else (some professors from UT austin teach at ACC which is also pretty exciting!).
What I liked about Austin Community College is the nice staff and wonderful professors who pushed towards your academic work. They've really taught me the importance of education and remind me why I should continue to pursue my career.
They are really helpful. They will make sure you pass all you class and help you decide what you want to do with your life.
Easy to navigate through dispite the multiple districts. Friendly staff makes it easy to get the help I need when I need it.
I am a student from a single mother, so college was quite an ambition for my family. Austin Community College is a perfect starting point for people to build their foundation; however, there exists two key problems which prevent it from being completely fulfilling- the internal bureaucracy which takes ages to update student paperwork/test scores and the professors, who seem to derive their teaching ability from experience in field and not experience in teaching.
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I love the atmosphere and how the teachers really care about the students! I have had a few issues with the administration office but I've encountered the same problems in other schools so it's nothing that can't be handled.
Os one of the best college in the state, also, you can transfer to any public university in the state,.
Overall my experience has been good at Austin Community College. The professors for the most part are all really good along with the advisers. However, the campus feels unsafe and like there's a lack of security considering the amount of crime updates they would send us. After my first semester I decided to only take online courses.
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