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Not applicable. I did not take online classes but could not leave this blank as the submission kept being rejected by the app
Austin College is a special place. It has great professors who care about the students and actually teach the classes - there are no TAs. The town is small and the entertainment options are limited, but all the more reason to get creative, enjoy friendships and social activities with other students on and off campus. Dorms are old and food is OK, but that is part of college life. Most importantly it is a close knit, caring community, where you learn critical thinking and communication skills and can make life long friends.
Austin College is the reason I am where I am today. There is no other institution that prepares a student for the realities of life: that there is no homogenous background, opinion, or thought-process across all people. In work, life, and civic duty, my liberal arts education and experience as a student-athlete at Austin College has prepared me for life.
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Great! The basic skills and take-a-ways from Austin College's liberal arts education still come through.
AC is where I found my family and my passion. Yes, it's very small. But I made so many deep relationships from sharing the same experiences with a small network of people which I felt was very rewarding.
Professors used all of the online materials available to them at the time. None of my classes were taught online.
Although I did not take any online courses while attend Austin College, I will say that the professors utilized the online tools available to them as necessary. Being a physics major most of my learning was hands on and online learning wasn't necessarily an option nor the best option. However online technology was utilized for homework and quizzes, and even referenced to for lectures or explanations.
Attending Austin College was life changing for me. I made life long friendships with my peers and professors, and was able to experience things I know I never would have had the opportunities to do had I attended college anywhere else. From JanTerms, to discovering exoplanets and researching best practices for observation astronomy, to hosting star parties and sharing with my peers the marvels of our night sky. I also had the opportunity to travel with funding from gracious donors for three weeks to Tanzania for a GO Fellowship where I also had once in a life time experiences and met some of the most amazing people on this planet. But perhaps, most importantly Austin College provided me with a skill set and confidence that have taken places in life I did not know were even options when I started off my freshman year at AC. I owe everything to this school and the people it harbors and choosing to attend Austin College has by far the best decision I have ever made.
Austin College was truly a fantastic place to receive an education. The faculty and staff really get to know who you are, and treat you like a member of the community.
I did not every take online courses at Austin College. Before COVID, Austin College was entirely in-person classes.
I took my classes in person, and the teachers were great! The desks were spread out and the class sizes were so small that there were no issues with social distancing.
I like how welcoming the school is! The staff is so enthusiastic about this school and so welcoming. Being a Roo is like having a whole new family!
We had online classes for most of spring 2020 due to COVID-19. My astronomy class worked fantastic, but I had to drop my music elective because he chose to send us emails with lecture notes rather than actual hold his lecture on zoom. My art class was decent but a lot had to be adjusted. I was sad about my ceramics course because that can't exactly be done remotely, but I was impressed by how hard he worked to adapt the course to the circumstances.
I've enjoyed my time there. I was disappointed with the swim team, I was hoping it'd be more "team-like" but it ended up being extremely cliquey and I experienced some pretty intense bullying. One downside is that it's a small school, so it's almost like high school all over again with the small social circles and cliques but another upside is that it's a small school, so the professors are more accessible and the academics are absolutely worth it. The food is disappointing, and they trick your parents into thinking it's high quality by saving the good stuff for visitation days lol. We always get excited for visitation days because that means good food that's worth the high price we pay. But overall I'm happy with Austin College and highly recommend it.
It’s a good school for academics. Sherman is small so not much happens there unless you drive an hour away to Dallas. The cafe sucks pretty much. There’s not that many black kids but a lot of other cultures. Organizations hosts events all the time so that makes up for it being in a small town. I recommend joining Greek so you can have some fun while you’re there.
I liked our online classroom. Teachers hosted class in the normal or an adjusted time slot and then uploaded videos on Moodle so we can rewatch them. Tests were opened booked and the questions were fair. Teachers were quite understanding of circumstances and did what they could.
My overall experience was good. I really like the way in which students are seen as important members inside the campus.
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My overall experience was good. I really like the way in which students are seen as important members inside the campus.
A good liberal arts education that allowed for learning about topics that I previously did not think that news interested in. Highly recommend.
AC so far has been a good experience for me. AC is known for the academics, professors, and helping students achieve in the classroom in order to achieve in the real world. Athletics are very popular and there are usually a lot of students and professors who come to support. Student life is amazing as well and there are many opportunities to get involved whether it's with Greek Life, volunteering or joining clubs. The only negative thing about AC would be the dorms/resident life. The dorms are in need of some renovation and the process of next year living is very slow and questionable. Other than that, AC is a great college for all.
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