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My experience at Austin College thus far has been great. Yes, I have had ups and downs but that is apart of being a student in college. One of the greatest things about Austin College is the relationship you can build with your professors. Since Austin College is a small campus with a small student body, it is very easy to talk to teachers and get help whenever you need it. I have developed a good relationship with all of my teachers and many faculty members who are not teachers. The downfalls of Austin College in my opinion are minor for the most part. The biggest downfall of Austin College is the tuition. The blessing is that the financial aid office is very willing to help everyone out as much as possible. From and academic and social standpoint, overall I would say that the amount that you are paying for tuition is worth it in the end.
Overall, the school provides an excellent, world focused, and well rounded education for their students. It has a killer pre med program, and all the faculty is wonderful. I would love to see a greater investment in the arts. the art building itself is great, but the music building is in desperate need of an overhaul. The music faculty are extremely intelligent, and deserve a facility that matches the rest of the school.
This is a great school for college students that take being a college student seriously. It's got sports. It's got parties. Neither of those two things are the main focus at all, but they exist. It's small, cozy, and green. There are squirrels and little study nooks everywhere. People are, for the most part, kind, understanding, and here to learn as much as they can. The classes are small and personal and I have yet to meet a professor here that I didn't like. Living on campus is not at all luxurious for freshmen and sophomores, but it's tight knit and feels like home. The only complaint I have is the food. It's like a half-step up from public school lunch and unless you have money for eating out, you're eating it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Overall, it has its quirks but it's home.
The school overall is great and seeing that it is in the top 40 most life changing colleges has been proven in my time here.
The classes here are tough, but rewarding. The students are held to such a high standard by the professors but are also very well supported by them. Grades are given fairly depending on attendance to class and, of course, class performance. Professors are very available and facilities like the library, computer labs and study rooms are readily accessible.
A degree from AC goes a long way. This school is highly renowned and when employers see a degree from Austin College, they know that we have received a top-notch education and work toward a very high standard.
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  • 7 months ago
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Frequent student body meetings are had over things like sexual assault and discrimination. These things are not an issue here because they are made so aware by our staff. There have been a few cases of accused assault, but this has not been a recurring problem at our school.
There are several options for on campus living; however, you are restricted by what year you are. Also, on campus housing is very expensive, regardless of the quality. Repairs that I had to pay for last year were ridiculously priced and seemingly unfair.
Greek life is a lot of fun and very involved. As a member of the Gamma Gamma Gamma fraternity, we participate in various on campus events as well as activities around the community. These events can include service events, or philanthropy events. And of course, parties are always a fun part of greek life at AC.
As being a member of the Men's soccer team, the athletes at this school are recognized and supported, but they are not made a great priority. This school is and has always been recognized for its academic success. There has not been that much athletic success so its popularity has not gotten the chance to really grow.
Austin College really pushes you to expand your view on the world. The teachers encourage you to think critically, and your classmates inspire you to see things from a different point of view. I cannot imagine being at a different school and my experience here has changed my life in so many positive ways.
Greek life is a big part of our school and has a much better role than just the "party-throwers". All Greeks strive to make an impact in the surrounding community and find ways to improve life on campus. They take part in a lot of community service. There is also a very good relationship between greeks and non-greeks where everyone gets along and can work together.
Athletics and sports are an important part of our school. However, the best part about it is that there exists a balance. Sports such as football and basketball are greatly supported but so are other "smaller" sports and clubs. The facilities for all sports are kept up-to-date and the facilities available to non-athletes are also great so that everyone can participate in the physical activities of their choice. School spirit is always displayed at every sport, competition, and club. The students will stand by their fellow classmates no matter what the sport is.
In regards to beliefs and opinions the college is very diverse and i cannot express that enough. In other aspects, race, ethnicity, religion ... there is always room for improvement.
The rules on drugs and alcohol are quite strict. I believe students know better.
The quality of the alumni network is great, there's a student career service dedicated to helping students find internships, their career path and their goals in life.
  • College Sophomore
  • 8 months ago
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The professors are very passionate about the courses they teach which is very encouraging because it makes you curious about their interest which gets you more involved. The small class sizes allows you to be heard and engaged in the topics discussed.
Campus security are very available and there are genuine effective efforts to bring an end to any type of assaults. The school emphasizes often through meetings and gatherings the need to help each other feel safe.
Living on Campus is cool, you are around friends and have a family of friends and people who are there when you need them. The dorms are quite small for roommates, hence why there are better yet a bit more expensive options.
  • College Sophomore
  • 8 months ago
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I do not know a lot about Greek life because i am not a part of it, but I do have a few friends involved and our friendship is not at all affected by what we choose to do on campus. The main thing that stands out in those involved in Greek life is the pride they have.
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