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I loved the experience I had at Austin College's preview day. I really enjoyed their beautiful campus. I also loved the fact that they have many clubs and sororities. I also love the XC team, I got to meet almost all of the team members and they were all very welcoming and amazing people. The XC coach trying to recruit me is amazing also. I also love their only graduate program. And that is the teacher program. They get you right into the hands on learning experience with children and I am all for that!
The college is in surviving mode. They cut corners everywhere. The more they do that, the earlier they would have to close.
Austin College is likely violating rules from within the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This is not about the professors or classes at Austin College. It is strictly about the student life office and the VP of the school, Tim Millerick.

I am a Type 1 diabetic who follows a strict diet that the school cannot provide for me. I have had two doctors letters stating my need to be off of the schools meal plan as "medically necessary" for the sake of my health and well-being. The school and its "meal plan appeals committee" denied both of these letters. In a letter from the vice president he states "The college believes that it can reasonably accommodate the requirements of [my] diet, as we understand them and have full control over [my] well-being."

No one on the committee is a type-one diabetic, nor is anyone a medical practice doctor.

He says the school has full control over my well-being. As a diabetic, I need to be in control of every aspect of this disease.
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Class sizes from 8 to 28 grants more access to professors and personal connection with classmates. Assignments are fair and challenging. Peer tutoring is offered through many forms and highly encouraged.
I have heard Austin College described as "family", an "atmosphere", a place where Professors "know you and really care about you." and, a "an oasis of personalized and customized education in a cookie cutter world".

All the descriptors are true but the value of Austin College is the education. The Liberal Arts education prepares you for the next step, whether a graduate degree, entering a professional program, or starting your own business.
I loved my time at Austin College! I made life-time friends and still keep in touch with some of my professors. The professors are top notch and teach all of the classes - and they want you to call them by their first names. Some even have events for students at their homes, and many provide personal sponsorship for the various organizations/clubs on campus. I really enjoyed the close-knit community and camaraderie between students, professors, and staff. There are many opportunities to get involved and hold leadership positions, within the college community and beyond. I looked forward to Jan Term every year, and the opportunities to study abroad are excellent, which many of my friends took advantage of. My experiences at Austin College also prepared me for a variety of careers that require analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I would definitely choose Austin College again - my time there truly was one of the best times in my life.
I'm currently a sophomore at Austin College and I have to say the academics and how they prepare you for success is absolutely astonishing. I really liked their small campus and how everything is only a 5-10 min walk away. The professors are very welcoming and there are many opportunities to do stuff like research and CSOC. The Student Life is also very involved with many fraternities, clubs, and organizations you can get involved in. However, I have to say that the residence halls are about average, with the ones in Dean Hall being almost poor to average at best. In Dean, there was not much room as compared to the other residence halls and I'm glad I'm not staying there anymore. Also, the food was average as you can only eat for so long until you get sick of it. Overall, Austin College is excellent with only a few problems that it can work to fix or improve upon.
I can’t wait to be apart this this amazing school. I walked on the campus for the first time last year and I feel in love with it. Anyone who is lucky enough to attend this college is one VERY lucky student. I will be playing baseball for the Austin College and I can’t tell u how excited I am to call myself a Roo.
I am currently a student-athlete at Austin College and I have enjoyed my time at this school a lot. I met many new people and the professors are always there to help out. This school really puts emphasis on academics and their importance.
I have found that, overall, Austin College has been a great fit for me. The teachers and administration have been very willing to work with me through my issues. The teachers are interested in both the subjects they teach and teaching their students.
it was a very unique campus which is one of a kind in both diversity and the academics not forgetting the soccer team is very good.
The Majority of your Professors will kind and strict, which is a very good thing to have. The environment is relaxing, but if you are used to a city like atmosphere this may be hard to adjust to. The food is average, so I recommend having a car to go off campus. Lastly, some dorms or roommates can be unsatisfactory, so I recommend moving to the flats as soon as possible. All in all, it is a good choice for school academically.
A life-changing experience- Austin College had such a welcoming and close tight-knit community that drew me to attending there. Despite its size, it is filled with many amazing and unique opportunities like their JanTerm/MayTerm where you have the chance to study abroad! The professors in all areas are excellent, and the study body is very diverse and open. I got the chance to broaden my knowledge through the interdisciplinary courses and meet people from all over the world. I highly recommend a campus tour as it is how I came to love and go to AC!
I loved all my time at AC. I made great friendships and connections at the college and across the community. The faculty are incredibly approachable and I don't think I would have had that experience at a bigger school. Career services helped connect me to a fantastic nonprofit organization that I worked at for nearly 3 years which launched me into my career.
Austin College has been a home away from home for me personally! If you are looking for an excellent Liberal Arts education, Austin College is the right place for you! While I was a student at AC, I had the opportunity to get involved with diversified organizations, took on multiple leadership roles, and executed independent research/studies on the topic of my interest. I have grown to become a strong and capable student with great critical skills that will prepare me for either graduate schools or the professional world.
Austin College is the opportunity of a lifetime. They are an extremely generous school and the professors are lovely people who help you think for yourself and find your own path in life. The academic experience is intense and satisfying. I learned so much in my time there studying computer science and Latin and made some amazing friends. I run into Austin College Roos everywhere I go in the industry. It's like one big family!

Campus is absolutely beautiful. It's tucked away in a small town and it's very peaceful. I've never been around so many nice people in my life all at once.
High in academics, very good mentors, lots of help in many area's if needed. Some dorms are noisy but comfortable. Athletics are above average with good competition. Small school with low teacher to student ratio. Well kept outside area's with good security, diverse student activities for all students. Café food good with lots of choices. Good selection of choices in academics with good scheduling. Local area has good shopping and activities and a huge lake nearby with a campus resort.
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The study abroad opportunities are absolutely life changing. The small classes foster academic growth and amazing relationships with the faculty that last far beyond the four years at AC.
Best 4 years of my life. The education is the unsurpassed and great for getting into graduate schools. You will be challenged in each and every class, you will be rewarded for original thinking, and you will spend 4 years with a world class student body.
The city of Sherman is strange but offers little distraction to studying. When it’s time to blow off stream Dallas is a short drive away.
Graduated class of 1989
I had planned on going to an Ivy League college until I visited the AC campus and changed my mind. That was the best decision I ever made! I loved it while I was there, and after going through medical school, residency and beyond, I genuinely feel that I got a better education from Austin College than I could have gotten at any Ivy League school!
I feel that AC has even continued to improve over the years. 5 of my family members have now attended AC, including my 2 sons, and we all feel the same way.
Best decision of my life!