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Austin college has been an eye opener for me and I have seen how tings can change as fast as the flip of a light switch. I have had people fall out of my life since I've started going to school all because of the social groups they choose to be around but in the end the academic side of the school is pretty good.
The one on one interaction the professors love having. The professors really care and are there to help. The advisers are always around to help no matter what.
Everybody at Austin College genuinely seems to care about you. The access to a mentor throughout your college career was something that was unique to me. Having somebody who is there to guide you towards success is an incredible tool. While the college isn't perfect, I believe that it will only get better in the years to come under the current leadership.
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Overall Austin College has one of the most beautiful environments. The dorms are quite small but overall the environment is beautiful and the class sizes are small allowing students to have more hands on work.
What I love about Austin college is the family like environment that;s created here. We stick together through rough times and good times.
Austin College offers a great liberal arts experience. If you want to go to a small school where you know your peers and professors, this is a great place for you. Austin College also offers many opportunities for study abroad.
I loved everything about this wonderful school! The campus is beautiful and a great place to study.
There's nothing to do in Sherman. However, the professors here really put effort into their lectures, and the classes are always fun to take. I don't regret coming here.
I have loved the school since my first tour. The student faculty and staff are so welcoming and are always sure to great you with a warm smile. The professors a re amazing and they definitely know what they are talking about. They have office hours where you can go in with any questions and they will be happy to help. They only thing I would like to see change are the dorms, maybe a little renovations. They are a bit old but they aren't anything you can handle or jazz up.
Austin College takes academics very seriously and the classes can be very challenging. However, I was able to play football while attending and completed the pre-med prerequisites while majoring in psychology. Even though I was pre-med the whole way through, I decided to go to law school and the rigor of the Austin College classes has prepared me greatly for all the challenges that I have faced.
My experience at AC was great because of the people I met there. The friends I made, my on-campus job and some of my professors were truly worthwhile! However, the rigor, competition and outright favoritism of some professors make this school a challenge is your looking to compete in Pre-med. Overall, I've seen worse and better schools and ended up transferring for various reasons, but don't regret my time at AC.
When I made the decision to come to Austin College I was so excited and ready to learn. Soon after arriving and attending classes my opinion changed. The professor to student ratio is really nice, but if you are not a teachers pet or a "favorite" you will not get much out the the professors. While I did meet my best friends through the school, the student life is all over the place. The size of the school makes everyone very clichey. The Greek Life opportunities are present, but it's really who you know to get in. If you turn one down they also tell everyone they know how bad of a person you are even if it isn't true. The housing situation is honestly horrible. The dorms are old and gross, and it is very hard to get out of the dorms until you are a junior. They won't let you live off campus until you're a senior so they can trap you into having a meal plan. The food in the cafeteria is gross, there are not very many healthy options and they often reuse food.
As an Austin College student, my experience has been nothing short of exciting and educating. The campus is clean and nice. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful. Courses are rigorous and student life is beyond exceptional.
Austin College overall is a very good school academically. They challenge students and encourage them to work hard inside the classroom and out. The facilities at Austin College could be improved. Some of the facilities are not up to date with the current needs of the students.
This is a solid school. I got to change what I was studying quite a bit my freshman year and I'm still able to graduate on time. I know my professors well on a personal level. There are parties and greek life if that's what you're looking for, but there's enough other things planned that you don't need to party to make friends and have fun on the weekends.
I love everything about this school. If you prefer a small high academic school with small classes and professors that actually know your name and care about you and your future, this is the school for you. Plus, I am on the basketball team and I have a great coach and team. We do a lot of group activities and service projects together to help the community. Being a D3 student athlete allows me to be fully invested in both academics and athletics, as well as have the time to make personal connections with both coaches and professors.
I visit Austin College while on a field trip with my students. The college seems like a real awesome place for a study the is interested in studying aboard. Tuition is pretty expensive, so what would be great is not being force to stay on the campus.
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My experience at Austin College thus far has been great. Yes, I have had ups and downs but that is apart of being a student in college. One of the greatest things about Austin College is the relationship you can build with your professors. Since Austin College is a small campus with a small student body, it is very easy to talk to teachers and get help whenever you need it. I have developed a good relationship with all of my teachers and many faculty members who are not teachers. The downfalls of Austin College in my opinion are minor for the most part. The biggest downfall of Austin College is the tuition. The blessing is that the financial aid office is very willing to help everyone out as much as possible. From and academic and social standpoint, overall I would say that the amount that you are paying for tuition is worth it in the end.
Overall, the school provides an excellent, world focused, and well rounded education for their students. It has a killer pre med program, and all the faculty is wonderful. I would love to see a greater investment in the arts. the art building itself is great, but the music building is in desperate need of an overhaul. The music faculty are extremely intelligent, and deserve a facility that matches the rest of the school.
This is a great school for college students that take being a college student seriously. It's got sports. It's got parties. Neither of those two things are the main focus at all, but they exist. It's small, cozy, and green. There are squirrels and little study nooks everywhere. People are, for the most part, kind, understanding, and here to learn as much as they can. The classes are small and personal and I have yet to meet a professor here that I didn't like. Living on campus is not at all luxurious for freshmen and sophomores, but it's tight knit and feels like home. The only complaint I have is the food. It's like a half-step up from public school lunch and unless you have money for eating out, you're eating it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Overall, it has its quirks but it's home.