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Overall, Aurora University is a very good school and really tries to get the students involved with each other.
I took all my classes online this year due to COVID and it was an easy transition. The professors were really prepared with the remote learning process.
I loved the small campus and the friendly staff. All of my professors were very helpful and encouraging. The classes were fun and informative.
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AU did a wonderful job of transitioning to online courses due to Covid-19. We had no issues with Zoom and were able to carry on as usual. All of the professors and staff were helpful and accommodating during this time.
So far it is a good experience. I’m doing nursing classes all online. So far they try to help you the best they can.
I love Aurora University! They gave me the opportunity to follow one of my long term goal. Currently working on remote learning.
D/t COVID-19, spring classes were given online and professors were able to adapt well to the change, but for many students it was hard to keep up with coursework the same way as in-person classes
Good professors, helpful staff, campus has good resources, finding a parking spot can be difficult and stressful
The staff are wonderful at communicating. Vast course selection and easy registration. The Adult Completion program is a great fast tracked option for working adults!
Easy registration for classes. Clear and concise requirements. Easy to use programs. Advisors are quick to responding. Professors are extremely knowledgeable.
Due to the pandemic, i had to take online classes for the remainder of my second semester. It was new to everyone knowing most of us always did in class lectures oppose to online. There were some things that were difficult for teachers to do online and had to give all faculty 2 weeks to figure things out with classes. We made it work by having our "face to face" classes on Zoom for the remainder of the semester. Yes, it was challenging but i tried the best i could and ended up with a 3.9 GPA!
Aurora University has an excellent Education program which is what made me want to be enrolled into the school. I am a peoples person so i love to help any and everyone in any way i possibly can, which is why i want to be a early childhood education teacher and also help student with special needs.
All my classes are online and I am fully confident in doing well here for a cheaper, great experience.
I am taking my classes online and think it is a great way to stay home and go to school for reasonable prices.
Aurora University is a small school which I love because you are able to get close to the professors and build strong relationships with them. The professors are always there to help when needed.
I finished my Junior year up online and it was hard but at the same time interesting. It was hard because it was a big change that I have never done but interesting to see how the university handled the situation and made the best of it to keep us safe and informed.
I loved the smaller class sizes and how knowledgeable the professors are in the subjects they teach. Many of them have plenty of years of experience in their designated fields.
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The use of an online platform for class discussion/assignments was very easy to navigate. It was also a great way to keep track of your grades.
The school helped me break out of my shell. Even when I would visit as a high schooler students at the time would say hi and talk to me about college life and give me advice. Now I'm a senior with a lot more confidence in the classroom with the help of the amazing professors wanting to help me and outside the classroom where I can help the other students break out that shell like I did!
It was an adjustment but it wasn't very long before I got the hang of it. Also, it gave me more time for studying and time management.
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