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I like that everyone is focused on their school work however I do not like that it doesnt feel like it’s a university. The campus is boring.
I am just starting my MBA at Aurora University but they are a very affordable school with many options for working professionals such as myself.
Something that I like is that most classes are small only about 25-30 people or sometimes even less. Things that could change could be having more than one counselor per major for advising.
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I liked how open all the professors are to any questions you may have. The classes are small so it is very easy to communicate with your professor.
The school is promising for those in a budget. As a student looking at attending college, Aurora seems to benefit many students.
I would like to change the parking. There is limited parking for students. I enjoyed the professors and their knowledge of the material.
I transferred here sophomore year and have really found my place here. Faculty was very helpful and really reached out to me.
As a dedicated student athlete, I absolutely love Aurora University! I have had a great experience with professors who are always willing to take extra time out of their day and work with you whenever you need it. Campus is beautiful and people are very friendly!
I love the small class size and campus. Every thing is close and people are friendly. Teacher are willing to help as long as you reach out to them. The resource center has people who will look over your paper and tutoring.
I have really enjoyed my time at Aurora University. There is not much I would change besides there being more parking. I have had a great experience.
AU wasn’t my 1st option school.. or even my 10th. Actually, I was so anti-AU that I was considering every other school, even super religious ones (which is interesting b/c I'm not very religious). AU didn't fit my perception of what college is supposed to be like; a big school in warm weather & far away from home. Well, PLOT TWIST! I chose AU b/c it's affordable. After my 1st week of classes, I let really myself experience the school -- w/o any judgements. The moment I started identifying all the positives at AU was the moment I started to love this university. The campus is gorgeous & well maintained, the staff goes above & beyond to help students, the community is so welcoming, & student-life is thriving. Everyone here is truly amazing! After having completed 1 semester here & getting involved in all that my schedule prevails, I have no regrets on choosing this university as the one to complete my degree at. I love the atmosphere, the education offered, & all the opportunities! :)
The academic experience is amazing, I highly enjoy all of my classes. Although the party scene is not that great, but every now and again there are some fun parties. There is also lot that the school does for its students, by providing free tutoring and also bringing in a lot of entertainment. The school is small so you will most likely see the same people in your classes, which is nice to have study groups with those people.
The first thing you notice about Aurora University is how stunning the campus looks. Everything looks gorgeous and your classmates are even better. They're 100% focused and determined to succeed and they are the type of people every college student should surround themselves with. Professors are always willing to help and stay late if needed and the classrooms are relatively small compared to bigger campuses. The only aspect I wish was better was the food, but I feel this is an issue at any college campus.
I love the school and the education provided. The professors are great and very personally with everyone that shows even the slightest amount of interest, so I highly recommend AU.
So far I have been very impressed by Aurora's ability to improve and change for their students. Each time I visit campus something has been improved or new plans have been revealed to renovate or remodel the buildings on campus.
Williams Bay (George Williams) campus is beautiful. GWC experience class allows entering Freshman to not only bond with small group of students, but also engage in what the area has available outside of campus limits. Beautiful resort town, nestled in a quiet village.
I truly love this college, not just have the typical reasons. The scenerie surrounding George Williams College of Aurora University are breathtaking. The professors have been great as well. The Social Work program is truly top notch. This place has it all, take a good look and discover the next step in your education.
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Aurora is a very exceptional institution for learning. Their very helpful and make sure every student reaches there goals educational and in life.
I truly believe that there mission statement "discover what matters and built your life around " applies through out the whole campus in each student and professor.
I have found it to be very rewarding. The classes are good and the professors are all professionals. Great resources for all students.
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