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I love Aurora University. It is a very small school so professors know you as a person not just another name. All of my professors are more then willing to help me when I need help. They all are really helpful with advice in what you should study or what classes would benefit you.
I feel like some professors could be better. I enjoyed my community college more, honestly. Everyone is nice and helpful. Students are great.
I really love all of my teachers and I really feel they push you to strive to be your best! I also enjoy the atmosphere Aurora University has, the school is very small and I like that you basically know everyone who shares your major. I definitely prefer the small classroom sizes they have.
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I am a freshman at AU. I currently play on the womens soccer team. I love AU it’s a small but not too small University! Everyone is absolutely welcoming & always open to new ideas!
Aurora University is a small campus to where you can easily get to your classes and the teachers there help you 24/7.
Classes are very big with small classrooms. It is an okay school. I really don't like small schools that are crowded.
Aurora University is a very laid back college for those who are seeking to continue after high school without much intention. The food is decent and the staff here are pretty nice.
I like the small campus and the student to professor ratio. The college has a phenomenal nursing program with the highest NCLEX pass rate in the area.
The staff and faculty are very nice and helpful. They are very approachable. The professors are very knowledgeable.
Aurora University has taught me so many things already! Academically I have learned a lot but also I have learned to be a part of such a positive community. Aurora university is the most positive turning point in my life. I have enjoyed every second of being at this amazing four-year university
I'm an incoming freshman and I recently went to the orientation which was very impressive and extremely organized; however, I had a major issue while registering for classes... I took AP Chemistry during high school with plans on getting credit for college general chemistry so I could take Organic as a freshman. Aurora is refusing to give me credit for general chemistry (which is unheard of -- the whole point of AP classes are to get college credit for the respective entry level class). This 3-star rating is solely based on my experience at orientation.
This is a horrible university. The professors are terrible and the education is third rate. Avoid at all costs.
Aurora University is a good university. The professors are knowledgeable about their subjects and teach in a way that is easy to learn. The professors challenge the students to achieve achademic greatness. As a student athlete the college and professors have treated me well with how busy I am with practice and lifts. The areas that Aurora University could be better is the food in the cafeteria and the dry campus. This can be fixed to allow Aurora University to expand.
What I like about Aurora University is that there is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is not only the administration, but the community surrounding the University as well. It is small and quaint, so sometimes there are people walking their dogs or kids playing in their yards, it feels like home. Something that I would like to see change is the parking situation. It is nearly impossible to find parking if you get there any later than 10 am, and it can be very stressful
I thought this was a great fit for me before classes started but when they did, I realized many of the people are odd and stuck up. If you are a commuter, don't bother going here because you won't make friends. Most of the professors suck and don't know what they're talking about. The advisors all tell you different things which is very irritating. Multiple times I have seen students walking around with NO SHOES on. I wish I would've chose anywhere but here for my college education.
Over all I love my experience at AU. You have professors who care about you and know you by name not student 3459938. If I could change one thing about Aurora University it would be the parking. Looking for parking is a shark tank , but it has taught me how to time mange myself so I do not have to worry about battling for parking.
I rated Aurora University a 3 out of 5 overall. As far as athletics, some of the coaches from the athletic department are more concerned with the drama between the students than actually doing their job. The actual athletes on the other hand have obvious talent on every sports team here! I can tell that the school does try to make the campus food tasty and do different things but I give the food a 1/5, I'm someone that loves to cook and eat and the food here isn't the best to me. On the other hand the professors are amazing and seem to really care for the success of their students. As far as diversity, the school is pretty diverse but there has been some racism issues. The dorms are really nice and keep a clean look and really feel like a home away from home! Safety on campus definitely is not a problem here. Campus safety does there job very well!
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Love the small campus and how the professors seem to really care about their students and what they teach. Greek life is really lacking, it's almost as bad as the food. Community bathrooms in the dorms and limited suites/singles available. Parking during the day is difficult if you leave M-F between 8 and 3. The university is in the middle of neighborhoods, so parties can be difficult.
After you GE courses, the classes involving your major have a small ratio of students to Professors. The campus is very nice and although the school has over 4,000 students, it doesn't take very long to know many of your fellow students.
The only downside is the food service program. It is run by Sodexo, a very large food services company. The foods choices are too processed. There needs to be a lot more fresh fruit and vegetable, along with main courses without all the sauces and gravies.
Really nice and friendly staff. I really liked the spacious dorms and dinning area. They also have a variety of majors and programs to choose from.
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