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I visited several universities before making my decision and the staff at AU really made my experience there stand out in a good way, so that's where I went. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The professors really put in the time and effort to show us that they really cared about us as students and also cared about us being successful after we graduated. There are plenty of student organizations to join--both academic as well as social, sports team if you want to play, art, music, whatever you want to do. I always felt like a person and not a number. I ditched class one day because I was tired and my professor actually contacted me to make sure everything was OK. I did an internship during my senior year, and then they hired me right when I graduated. And, the campus is absolutely beautiful! Most buildings are new and kept up very well.
Aurora University is a nice small school, recommend for students looking to stay close to home or save money on tuition. The downside to this school is because it is so small, if a class doesn’t work in your schedule ( more regarding major influence classes) it is unlikely you will get the option to take it arbitrary another time or day. Some education classes are only offered durning only fall semesters or only spring semesters and if you can’t fit it into your schedule you are out of luck. The academic advisors are not very helpful and tend to act like they don’t want to be bothered or don’t know what’s going on.
Currently attending this school. The teacher are always ready to teach you and answer questions you might have, always striving to do better and focusing on delivering the material in a condition the student will understand.
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The professors are supportive and bright. Most spent plenty of time fostering my academic and professional growth. The English department circa 2016, my graduation year, was superb.

Socially, I didn’t feel as if AU was the best undergraduate college experience. I was a commuter student who went to class and then straight to work so this may have been self-imposed to a degree.

Pros: The campus is beautiful.
The library is a great resource as are your professors.
Most people are friendly.
Financial aid is plentiful.

Cons: Academics are not competitive.
There is not much of a “college experience” here.
The food is subpar.
AU is on the smaller side, so there are not many classes to choose from. At times you are forced to enroll in courses you have little to no interest in.

My experience was what I expected it would be having chosen the school based on scholarship. It was not a bad place to attend college, but it was also not a noteworthy four years for me.
My experience was actually good because I transferred here. I actually felt safe until we had a shooting that was close by and they didn’t send out anything til about 30 minutes after we heard all the emergency vehicles. The campus is really clean and the professors really want you to success and get to know their students. They all want us to succeed and go above and beyond.
Aurora University is located in a residential area that makes you feel as welcome as the university. The opportunities to become involved in the school and with fellow peers begin even before classes start.
Very great professor, and academic resources are great. It feels safe and the food is tolerable, the administration people are very polite love to talk with you.
I like that I can go to teachers when in need of help and it is easy to work with other students. I love the location of the school and the vibe it gives off.
It's a good school but from my personal experience having a part-time job and being a commuter it was not a good first year.
I am a first year graduate student at AU, transferring over from Benedictine University. So far it has been a very smooth process, with a lot of assistance from advisers and financial aid. Everyone at AU is very friendly and willing to help. Great experience so far.
I am enrolled as an online student. Online students are encouraged to take advantage of everything offered at the school. The professors are wonderful and very engaged. Through online discussion, I feel like I really know all of my classmates
Aurora University is a great school for academics. If you are looking for a party school this is not the school for you. AU is focused on creating individuals who are going to have successful careers and be career focused individuals. AU has a small campus which is great espically during the winter.
I personally enjoy the atmosphere that revolves around a small school and education. Aurora University is an affordable choice of a 4-year university. Being the 2nd largest city in Illinois, there are full of things to do around the school and it is full of commuters who would happily help you figure out what to do when you're away from campus. The education itself is better than I expected and there are a wide array of majors and minors to choose from as well.
It is a pretty small school. It is good if you are trying to get good grades and are just focused on graduating. It's not a party school at all it gets boring, but the professors care about you it's a small school you get to know everyone around.
The Aurora University campus is large enough to allow for several opportunities with staff to compliment it, but also small enough to not overwhelm someone nervous. The classroom sizes range from 10-25 so the professors are able to get a good amount of one-to-one instruction as well as large class discussions.
I really love this school so much its really the best option for students. I love how this school has the option of living on-campus or either off-campus. I also love the fact that this school has different options of majors for students available.
Small campus but nice professors and staff. Dorms are okay and Aurora has a lot of things to do for fun or just restaurants. Most things are at a reasonable driving distance. You make friends very quickly too.
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Overall I think Aurora is a great school, the online program works great for me because I can complete assignments around my work schedule. My only issue is the financial aid department, Aurora is a private university so the tuition is expensive and loans don’t cover everything. The people who work in those department hasn’t been of any service and they are very rude and dismissive.
This school is a small and private school. This university is great if you like your professor to know you by name and care about you as a student. overall get experience and best decision to go there
For it to be my first year of college, I am liking it very much. It's not too big, classes have a fair amount of people. There are many areas to do you homework or get some coffee and lunch. The only thing that I could complain about the school is parking spaces so far. But, Aurora University is trying to make more. They try to fit students needs a lot and I love that.
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