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599 reviews
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I liked the buildings and they have some really good resources in the library for the students. Also tutors and additional help is free.
Even though its my first year here at Aurora University, I do not regret coming to this school. This is my second home, and I never felt so comfortable. The staff and students are very nice and they welcome everybody into everything. They are very on on one with the students and make sure that students get the best experience when attending Aurora University.
Aurora University does have great programs and decent activities to do, especially trips to plays and other activities for free. It is not really a party school, so this school is more for those who are serious about studying.
Admission Counselors are super friendly and help a lot by telling you about the school and all questions you have!
A week before school started all of the freshmen came for the welcome weekend and it was a lot of fun getting to know my fellow classmates. We were all put in groups and a junior/senior AU student and in my group we were all education majors. I took a year off from school so I was worried that I would not do well but all of my teachers are great and understanding. Although I do not like my schedule that much because 3 days during the week I have my first class from 8-9 then my second class from 1:15-2:20, then another class from 2:35-3:40. But I am just trying to make the most out of my free time and get my homework done in that time. So far I have joined 4 clubs on campus and 3 of them are volunteer work. The 4th club is called Educators Rising and it is perfect for all education majors such as myself. It has been pretty great so far and can not wait to do more on campus.
A little expensive, but a lovely place to stay,
Since this is an extension school, we don't really have sports on the level of the university. I am also living off campus and am in a graduate program, so I don't get very involved with those activities as someone living on campus as an undergraduate might be.
I love my school. It is actually an extension of a larger university so the class sizes are small. The teachers are very engaging and make the classes interesting. I love that there is a lot of discussion in the classes - it really is active learning rather than just listening to lectures. The school is on a beautiful property that just makes you feel good to be there. I would definitely choose this school again or recommend it to others.
The "greek life" on campus isn't really greek life. Its mainly a volunteer club but its have some sorority stuff too.
The Alumni hall and athletic facilities are really nice, and the gym just got redone o thats super nice.
I love AU and never really wanna go back home, all my friends are here and its a blast. Also Athletic Training is the best and being a major in it is equally rewarding.
There doing more work right now on getting new facilities but we need more fields and gyms for sure.
So far school is fun. School does come harder for me than most just because I have to work a bit harder at classes then most. I'm having fun so far. College gives me an opportunity to engage in adult behaviors such as getting a job, time management, getting along with people, and learning how to use my money.
It's a small school with small classes.
It shows that your degree is very important
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
I don't see any problems with the safety
They seem to be comfortable
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
I enjoy them being around
I enjoy everything about the sports
Drugs are common, especially at all the parties.
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