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Aultman College of Nursing & Health Sciences Reviews

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I enjoy the college but being in the last ASN program being offered, it makes it difficult when you know this is the last time certain classes are being offered and only one class offered in the semester so if you work, you have to go around their hours. Other than that I really enjoy the school and the people. I've met many new people and we are all there to help each other out.
I am proud to attend Aultman College. I am a recent transfer student and did not know what to expect upon admission. The learning environment is professional and the class work is rigorous; however, I feel like I have learned so much in the past semester than I have in the past couple of years as a student while attending another college. The learning environment is encouraging. If I am ever in need of help there is always someone willing to help whether they be a student or professor. I enjoy being a student there and I look forward to receiving my nursing degree from Aultman. I am confident that I will be well prepared to have a successful career as a registered nurse because of the values emphasized; health care and collaboration.
I am very pleased with Autlman. It is connected to the Hospital, so all clinicals are right there. The only thing I would change is the amount of classes they offer. It is a smaller school, there are not many times the classes are offered. So you have to rearrange you life to accommodate the time they offer.
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Received credit for all classes transfered
Portal/LMS unorganized...should all be on one page
There are support services for job prospects
Quality of education is good. Limited spots in classes
Associated with a hospital, hires 30% of graduates
Small school, focused on student success
Supportive staff and students. VERY expensive
I was very disapointed that they did not except all the english and math that I had taken, so I had to retake some classes.
I do not really like on line classes, when I pay as much as I do I expect to be taught not to teach myself.
I am not that versed on the career center
I feel that they will hire their grads before they will look elswhere.
most of the professors care about the student and are willing to help if you ask for help. I do not like the amount of hybred classes that they are making us take.
They offer the ability to go at a part time rate so you can still work, but when you get to the nursing classes do not plan to work full time.
I chose Aultman because of the small class size, but this makes it hard to sometimes get into the class time you want or works best for you.
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I havent started yet. I dont start until January the 11th 2016.
Teachers want you to excel and the curriculum will get you a nursing degree without taking a lot of unnecessary classes
Worth the money but most expensive in the area
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