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As soon as you arrive at Augustana, you are welcomed into a great community of student leaders, professors that want to see you succeed, and so many others that are there to support you. There are so many opportunities made available to you and your professors will invest in you to see you flourish. My education is preparing me to go far and wide in my career and I could not have made a better decision.
Augustana University is a place where you will build connections that last a lifetime. Not only does the community of Augustana create opportunities to establish close relationships with peers, but you will also establish relationships with your professors. That is what I love about this school. You will never simply be just a number. The University is invested in you and wants you to achieve your hopes and goals.
Many aspects of my college career have created my positive experience at Augustana including real-world experience through clubs and the classroom, weekend life, and the community aspect.

I am studying business communications and marketing at Augie. Many of the business classes are focused on real world experience through creating marketing plans for local clients or hearing about a business professional’s experience in their position.

Augustana’s weekend life options have also led to my positive college experience. With the weekend offering of other clubs on campus and new-found college friends, many students—including myself—find themselves WANTING to say at Augustana on the weekends.

Augustana truly is a community. With the small campus size, there is always someone you know and always someone new to meet. The professors care not only about your class performance, but also about your well-being—they become friends outside the classroom!
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Augustana is the epitome of an institution that cares about its students! The community of Vikings is strong and vibrant. Professors care about you and prepare you not only to receive a job after graduation but to succeed in that job after graduation. I am so grateful for the time I have spent at 2001 S Summit Ave!
Attending Augustana University has been fundamental in my career development. The classes that I’ve taken continually challenge my perspective and are paired with meaningful hands-on learning experiences. More than anything, it’s the relationships within the campus community that stand out to me. The faculty and staff take the time to develop meaningful relationships with students. They remember the small details, making you feel like a person rather than just a number on campus. Ultimately, these relationships have helped propel me into my career and to discover where my passions meet the needs of this world. For that, I am deeply grateful.
Augustana University is an excellent place to receive a quality education. The best part about Augie is that the campus truly feels like a community. The professors are friendly, approachable, and intelligent. They look out for you and will engage you in your learning. I would highly recommend this University to any student who wishes to be challenged academically, live in a welcoming and friendly community, and wishes to become involved on campus.
I love Augie! It is a thriving community filled with people from all different backgrounds. It truly is the place for possibilities. We have so many resources in place that allow for students to be true to themselves and discern their vocational calling.
Augustana University is a college that is committed to seeing each of their students succeed not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of life. From the the Student Success Center which helps students discover their career path to mental health resources to supportive and invested professors, Augustana is an excellent university that will set graduates up for rewarding and impactful careers.
Augie is all about what you make of it! Students get resources to plan their own vocational path. I love Augie because I can be involved in clubs, support Viking athletics and visual arts, study abroad, graduate early, double major, do research with professors, travel to academic conventions, and most importantly, engage in communal relationships with faculty, staff, and students. Augie truly is the "place for possibilities," and the community wants YOU to leave as the best version of yourself.
I have only been at Augustana for two years thus far, but I’ve loved it. Because of the size of the university, there is so much potential for relationship growth between students but also between students and professors. I have formed so many lasting relationships with my classmates and my professors.
I live in Sioux Falls so I have visited Augie many times! When I was younger, I did acting camps on campus so I am familiar with it. It is close to home for me. The staff and students are so welcoming and very good at answering any questions I have. They are really good about reaching out and sending emails or texts about certain events. I have had two professors email me and invite me to join a group video call to learn more about nursing. Though I have not attended there yet, I am very excited to go there in the Fall of 2020! The admissions counselor is very helpful and answers you quickly. If the staff isn't available, I can always ask attending students' questions! Skol Vikings!!
So far Augustana University has been a great fit for me. The professors are very knowledgeable and approachable. They have always been responsive to feedback and willing to help every student that comes to them. The community on campus is great and there are endless ways to get involved.
This school's small, community-oriented atmosphere makes you feel right at home. Professors are relatable, easy to talk to, and care about their students. There are so many opportunities to meet people and make friends. The only thing that can be tough to get past is some of the clique-like mentalities.
I had amazing counselors working with me every step. I was disappointed that while I got a great academic scholarship I felt that some of my other talents are not being rewarded. I am looking forward to the challenges of university and the opportunities I will have.
I have completed two years at Augustana University. I have enjoyed the two years so far here. The faculty and staff are welcoming and caring of our education and ensuring we are receiving a quality experience. Faculty from all areas of academic study are committed to our learning and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that students are understanding material and exceeding academically.
I'm very happy to get accepted to Augustana university. As an international student, the admission counsellors are very careful and helpful. They answer all my questions. I love the campus. The food is unlimited. This is perfect environment for students to grow.
My favorite part of Augustana is the professors connection with the students. They are very involved in our lives here, and they truly care about or success. The students that attend Augustana are like-minded and share core values.
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Augustana University is the perfect school if you are looking for small class sizes, committed professors, and a return on your investment.

In the vast majority of my classes there are around 20 students allowing the professors to get to know each and every one of us. Compared to my friends at state schools with hundreds in their classes, that relationship formed with the professors is so valuable to me. Augie also has top notch professors in every discipline. From government professors that graduated from top Ivy League schools to Science professors actively doing research and publishing their findings, to art professors that do freelance work all over the world, AU has professors that will not only teach you but inspire you. Last but not least Augie has an astounding grad school acceptance rate and a job placement rate of 99 percent.
When I came to Augustana University from India, I did not know what to expect in a new country, place and culture. The compassion, support and encouragement that I received from not only my peers but also my professors enabled me to get adjusted as well as engage in the community. Through practical application of what we learn in the class in labs, projects and outdoor learning, we not just earn credits but also strive to excel in our respective fields. As an institution, Augie understands the need to grow and change with time and I love that administration works along with students to hear student perspective. The constant strive for growth, and change while keeping the core values of AU, I think is the #AugieAdvantage
I love Augustana, and being a student here. The community they've created here is amazing. It's a smaller school, which facilitates close relationships with professors and peers. However, it's located in a larger city, generating tons of opportunities for students of all majors. Professors here are some of the coolest people I've ever gotten to know. They are all passionate about their subjects and sharing them with their students. Professors strive to make connections and close relationships with you, encouraging conversations about school and otherwise, facilitating passionate future professionals. The administration is easy to work with and concentrated on making life great for students. I really couldn't ask for a better place to get my education, and to prepare for my future career. Augustana is made great by the people here, almost all of whom have been exceptional. It's an awesome school with immense opportunity.