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I had amazing counselors working with me every step. I was disappointed that while I got a great academic scholarship I felt that some of my other talents are not being rewarded. I am looking forward to the challenges of university and the opportunities I will have.
I have completed two years at Augustana University. I have enjoyed the two years so far here. The faculty and staff are welcoming and caring of our education and ensuring we are receiving a quality experience. Faculty from all areas of academic study are committed to our learning and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that students are understanding material and exceeding academically.
I'm very happy to get accepted to Augustana university. As an international student, the admission counsellors are very careful and helpful. They answer all my questions. I love the campus. The food is unlimited. This is perfect environment for students to grow.
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My favorite part of Augustana is the professors connection with the students. They are very involved in our lives here, and they truly care about or success. The students that attend Augustana are like-minded and share core values.
Augustana University is the perfect school if you are looking for small class sizes, committed professors, and a return on your investment.

In the vast majority of my classes there are around 20 students allowing the professors to get to know each and every one of us. Compared to my friends at state schools with hundreds in their classes, that relationship formed with the professors is so valuable to me. Augie also has top notch professors in every discipline. From government professors that graduated from top Ivy League schools to Science professors actively doing research and publishing their findings, to art professors that do freelance work all over the world, AU has professors that will not only teach you but inspire you. Last but not least Augie has an astounding grad school acceptance rate and a job placement rate of 99 percent.
When I came to Augustana University from India, I did not know what to expect in a new country, place and culture. The compassion, support and encouragement that I received from not only my peers but also my professors enabled me to get adjusted as well as engage in the community. Through practical application of what we learn in the class in labs, projects and outdoor learning, we not just earn credits but also strive to excel in our respective fields. As an institution, Augie understands the need to grow and change with time and I love that administration works along with students to hear student perspective. The constant strive for growth, and change while keeping the core values of AU, I think is the #AugieAdvantage
I love Augustana, and being a student here. The community they've created here is amazing. It's a smaller school, which facilitates close relationships with professors and peers. However, it's located in a larger city, generating tons of opportunities for students of all majors. Professors here are some of the coolest people I've ever gotten to know. They are all passionate about their subjects and sharing them with their students. Professors strive to make connections and close relationships with you, encouraging conversations about school and otherwise, facilitating passionate future professionals. The administration is easy to work with and concentrated on making life great for students. I really couldn't ask for a better place to get my education, and to prepare for my future career. Augustana is made great by the people here, almost all of whom have been exceptional. It's an awesome school with immense opportunity.
I have loved going to Augustana and my overall experience so far has been excellent! As soon as I walked onto the campus for the first time, I felt an immense sense of community and felt immediately welcome. Overall, classes are challenging but rewarding because the classes are usually relatively small so you really get that personal help and relationship with the professors. The campus is beautiful, and I have met so many wonderful people here. The nice thing about going to school at a smaller university is that I always see people that I know, however there are also so many opportunities to meet new people and build that sense of community even more. I highly would recommend Augustana University for anyone who wants an amazing Liberal Arts experience, and wants a loving home away from home.
If I had to name one thing I love most about Augustana, it would be the 2,000 member family that I gained as soon as I accepted my admission to the university. At Augustana, not only are you a student, athlete, or activity leader, but you are also someone who is cared about by their peers and professors. Everyone on campus is outstandingly relational and want what is best for you in life. In my short time on campus, not only have I made lifelong friends within my freshmen class, but I have also gotten to know a majority of the upperclassman and faculty. While education may be the reason you came to Augustana, being a part of the campus family is what makes you stay.
Augustana University instantly felt like home the first time that I set food on the campus. The people are so welcoming and I felt like I belonged.
The educational opportunities offered here are good, however it is quite pricey. They have a few scholarships to lower the cost of admission, but even after those scholarships, the cost is still expensive. Although they have amazing laboratories for research purposes, they should spend more of their money towards student facilities, such as the student union and better dorms.
Augustana is a great university with a small school feel. It was exactly what I was looking for in a college. They have many different opportunities for their students to travel abroad, work with professors and community members outside of school, and being involved with clubs on campus. Between the Recreational Services Program and the Union Board of Governors (UBG) planning events for the students, there is always something for everyone to do and keep busy. The classes are challenging, but the professors are fun to work with and will help you when you need it. I can not say enough good things about this University, and I am so glad I chose this university to further my education.
Being a freshman this is not easy yet, have made a lot of friends and like the groups they offer. They also offer opportunities to travel, internships, work study etc. They are very well connected in the community.
This school is a very high ranked school and is a very good school to attend. When I attended this school I was very satisfied with how everything when when I was there.
Kind of bland, if you wanna feel like you’re in high school all over again then this is the place for you. I’m learning my trade but all the other classes are as though I’m a freshmen in high school again. And for someone that transferred with an Associates it’s very frustrating. But the professors and staff do their best. The student body is very clique though, so if you don’t know anyone there only expect to make one or two friends.
I love Augie but the balance between doing what's best for students and what students want and doing what the donors want the administration to do is definitely being breached. Greater diversity is also needed, as is discussion about sexual assault on campus, because it has happened and the University has refused to discuss.
Augustana University is an excellent college if you are willing to pay for it. They award very generous scholarships and the admissions staff is very friendly. The campus is similar to one big family. The professors are some of the best in the state and Augustana has even been awarded best college in the state of South Dakota.
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Overall, my experience so far at Augustana University has been enjoyable. I feel the institution has great resources for people in my field of study, which is American Sign Language Interpreting. The professors are friendly and qualified, and the other students are kind and intelligent. However what I would like to see changed is more of a diversity push, I feel the majority of the student population comes from the same white, middle-class America and I would like to see more of a diverse population at my institution, even if that means lowering tuition so students could have a chance to attend such an accredited institution.
Being my first year here, the welcome week committee made it very easy to transition from living in a small community to being here in Sioux Falls.
Augustana University is a great college for any type of major someone would be looking for. They excel in multiple areas, preparing kids for life after college. Personally, I love the exercise science program I'm in. The professors are amazing when it comes to giving extra help and assistance to the students when a student is struggling. They care about how each individual student does in their class and is willing to give extra help. The community is also a huge plus when it comes to the total experience at Augustana University. The community pushes you to do your best as well as supports everything you do. Overall, Augustana University has helped me grow into the person I am today and has helped me decide where I will eventually go with my life and job.