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Teachers are usually nice and willing to help if you ask them. New science building with state of the art equipment. Dorm life is below average, bathrooms in the dorms aren't very clean and the dayrooms are usually trashed.
I really love Augustana, the staff is wonderful to work with and the students really network among themselves!
Moving from California I thought I would be lonely. Early on I met great people and the incoming freshman classes are amazing. I would recommend the school and the town to anyone looking for a great education.
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Augustana has a rich cultural and academic environment that allows students to flourish and gain necessary knowledge in a field of their choosing. The faculty beats any other faculty.
My experience at Augustana University has been everything I imagined and more. From the beginning of my relationship with AU, I have felt special and valued. The Admissions Department is superb - campus visits run smoothly, student ambassadors are friendly and helpful, Admissions Counselors are great and ready to answer any and every question. Campus life is great - first year residences are not too different from any other university BUT the free laundry is a major bonus! Also, free mini fridge/microwave units are available in every room. Printing services are more than adequate - 500 free pages per year (I only used about 200 this year!). Dining services are adequate and they're always looking to improve. Professors are superb - open door policy makes visiting offices much more inviting and professors are so accessible. Classes are informative, relevant, and challenging. Professors will work with you in any way to help you understand information and better yourself as a student.
I love the community feel at AU. Everyone is connected and it is awesome to be able to see a friendly face everywhere you go. The professors are incredible and truly care about their students' success.
Augustana University is a small college campus that really focuses on creating a close community. Professors are always willing to sit down and help you with any problems you are having in class and even in other future choices. Students put on so many events to promote that community atmosphere and makes it easy to make friends.
I love Augustana's small size and beautiful campus. It's location in Sioux Falls gives it a nice balance of city amenities and rural charm. Class sizes are small, but that being said, it is very difficult to get into the classes you want. The professors are very caring and knowledgeable. The food in the cafeteria is average, and nothing special. It is a very affordable price for a private university (many comparable schools cost upwards of 50K a year) and the students are friendly, not snooty or pretentious. It is a good dating scene if you are interested in women, because they make up about 75% of the student body.
I was only enrolled at Augie for a semester, but I met some of the best people I know at Augustana University. Great friends, some great professors, and great staff. Sioux Falls is a really beautiful place, but as time goes by, it gets really boring. If you are an international student who wants to go to Augie because of their dual degree engineering program, don't do it unless you can afford to pay the partner schools with no financial aid. Trust me. That was the reason I transferred out and I don't regret it. They only provide financial aid to American students in the program. I do miss some of my friends there, but I still talk to them now and then. Some of them transferred out too, claiming it was too boring. This university shouldn't be your first option.
Augustana University is a place where you can go to grow and learn more, not just about the world, but about yourself as well. It has a beautiful campus and wonderful professors who are always there to help. It a smaller University so it allows you to get to know your professors and learn from them at a personal level. This also shows you how passionate these professors are about their subjects and all they really want to do is to give you as much knowledge as they can so you can be just as passionate about it a they are. It is an academically challenging school and should not be attended lightly. Although it is on the more expensive side, the experience is more than worth it. Augustana gives its students tons of opportunities to travel abroad and to expand their knowledge.
LOVE the professors, somewhat difficult course load as a Biology major. Friendly people, small campus.
Don't get sucked in by the amazing admissions team! Once you actually get on campus, you will regret choosing this school. I came to Augustana as a first year freshman, super excited to make friends (which I can usually do quite easily) and enjoy my college experience. However, after my first two months, I realized I had made a terrible mistake by choosing this school. The students that I tried to make friends with were too busy stressing out over homework to hang out, and were rather stuck-up as well. They definitely judged me; don't expect to make friends if you aren't a rich privileged white kid. The professors are great, and I enjoyed most of my classes, but the FYS class they make you take is complete bullsh*t. It did not help me adjust to college life. There was no organization and the syllabus was constantly changed, making it hard to keep up with assignments. I did not appreciate being treated as a guinea pig, as I came to college to learn, not to be a test subject.
I did not expect to go to Augustana at all because I was looking at really big or really expensive schools, but when I saw the scholarship package that Augie offered me, I knew I had to come here. My experience at Augie has been great, as I have been able to take the money that I saved from not attending a larger state school (yes, Augie was thousands cheaper for me than any state school I applied to) and travel to 3 countries and 2 different continents. The students here are brilliant people--one girl who is in my grade was on College Jeopardy, and that's just one student that goes here! The professors here are great, as they definitely push you academically (like I didn't study before I came here) but also are some of the nicest people I know and are more than willing to help you out if you are struggling or just need another explanation for the material they are teaching. Augie is such a wonderful place, and you truly have to experience the #augieadvantage for yourself!
Overall it is a good school. The major downside I saw from it was the campus food. The rest is Average or some Above Average.
There isn't much for partying on campus. Any parties take place secretly in dorms or on off campus housing.
Because it is a dry campus there isn't much for parties. Most parties happen off campus and are far and few between.
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The professors on campus are extremely devoted and very unique. They are very passionate about the curriculum and especially the students. Some of the special study options on campus are the wide variety of tutors and the writing center. The writing center is a very useful tool for any class (not just English). Popular study ares include the library and the Huddle. The Huddle is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and bust out a paper.
Augie is such an ethnically diverse place. The only thing that isn't very diverse is religion. Since it is a private Christian college faith is what draws a lot of people to Augie. However, even though there are a lot of Christians, specifically Lutheran, it still amazes me how diverse people's beliefs are and how open and considerate they are when sharing them.
There isn't much for drug usage. Marijuana is probably the hardest drug on campus but it's not very prevalent. The biggest thing is drinking. Not even partying just the occasional beer or a few drinks.
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