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Augustana University is a great college for any type of major someone would be looking for. They excel in multiple areas, preparing kids for life after college. Personally, I love the exercise science program I'm in. The professors are amazing when it comes to giving extra help and assistance to the students when a student is struggling. They care about how each individual student does in their class and is willing to give extra help. The community is also a huge plus when it comes to the total experience at Augustana University. The community pushes you to do your best as well as supports everything you do. Overall, Augustana University has helped me grow into the person I am today and has helped me decide where I will eventually go with my life and job.
Augustana not only satisfied my educational needs and major requirements but allowed me to indulge in my passion for travel. It was a 4 year enlightening experience that I frequently revisit in my mind and wish I could go back and relive. Being an Augie Alumni has prepared me better than I could have imagined as a professional and well rounded, traveled person.
In my four years at Augustana University, I have learned so much inside and outside of the classroom. Wonderful academics, so many amazing opportunities, and insane college athletics make for a truly incredible college experience.
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I love the community at Augustana. There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus and feel like you are making an impact. I always felt that I had a voice and that my opinion mattered.
A college that delivers! Augustana is a very good university with great professors and a beautiful campus. I had a good time here and I'd hands down recommend it to anyone.
An honest review... Depending on your major, there are extra fees- and depending on how you change your classes, you could be charged thousands extra. After handing all of my hard-earned money over for an experience I didn't feel was worth the price tag, I was very disappointed, not to mention completely broke. They make it out to be so great, but the attitude of the staff completely changes once they find out that you're not full of money. Now a big chunk of my life has been wasted, and I don't want anyone else to waste theirs. I'm not the only one who holds this opinion- many young adults in Sioux Falls feel the same way (but are embarrassed to speak up because of financial reasons). Don't be intimidated. Make sure to find out where your money's going!
Augustana University is a great school to attend for any Science or Business majors. The professors are very well educated and willing to help. Augustana has a very diverse campus. The only downfall is the dorms. They are very old and small.
Faculty and staff are truly outstanding. Not only will they do everything they can to make sure you know the content of the subject they teach, but they will go above and beyond to prepare you for life after graduation.
I am a high school senior that will be attending Augie next year and let me just tell you WOW!!!! It's an amazing campus that really focuses on the communication between a teacher and a student. Teachers are always available and there's not very many students in each class so you really get the most of your education. Great food and just an overall amazing campus that I am ready to spend the next four years of my life at. Some people can't handle the cold, but growing up there and having all of my family in the area really seals the deal. Also knowing that I get to play where I grew up and where my family is, is truly a blessing.
I like the small school feel Augustana has. Surprisingly everywhere you go it seems somebody knows a person who went to Augie despite only being a school of 1800 students. I love the fact that your professors know you by name given the small class sizes in general. Campus is safe, the academics are rigorous, and our athletic teams are some of the best in division II. There isn't much I would change other than I wish the food was better and that campus architecture was a little more diverse and not just a bunch of brick buildings.
Augastana is a great university. Professor's expect excellence from their students, but are willing to meet with/help at any hour of the day.
I like the enviromental, is a really confortable place, the food is good most of the time. Is a really good opportunity for international students like me.
Augustana is a great school with incredible professors and amazing opportunities. The classes are rigorous but rewarding and you really know you’re getting a valuable education.
Teachers are usually nice and willing to help if you ask them. New science building with state of the art equipment. Dorm life is below average, bathrooms in the dorms aren't very clean and the dayrooms are usually trashed.
I really love Augustana, the staff is wonderful to work with and the students really network among themselves!
Moving from California I thought I would be lonely. Early on I met great people and the incoming freshman classes are amazing. I would recommend the school and the town to anyone looking for a great education.
Augustana has a rich cultural and academic environment that allows students to flourish and gain necessary knowledge in a field of their choosing. The faculty beats any other faculty.
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My experience at Augustana University has been everything I imagined and more. From the beginning of my relationship with AU, I have felt special and valued. The Admissions Department is superb - campus visits run smoothly, student ambassadors are friendly and helpful, Admissions Counselors are great and ready to answer any and every question. Campus life is great - first year residences are not too different from any other university BUT the free laundry is a major bonus! Also, free mini fridge/microwave units are available in every room. Printing services are more than adequate - 500 free pages per year (I only used about 200 this year!). Dining services are adequate and they're always looking to improve. Professors are superb - open door policy makes visiting offices much more inviting and professors are so accessible. Classes are informative, relevant, and challenging. Professors will work with you in any way to help you understand information and better yourself as a student.
I love the community feel at AU. Everyone is connected and it is awesome to be able to see a friendly face everywhere you go. The professors are incredible and truly care about their students' success.
Augustana University is a small college campus that really focuses on creating a close community. Professors are always willing to sit down and help you with any problems you are having in class and even in other future choices. Students put on so many events to promote that community atmosphere and makes it easy to make friends.