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I attended this school for two years. I was very happy with the quality of education, how beautiful the campus is, and especially the caliber of the faculty.

Although I had a very positive experience before I transferred to a school better equipped for my major, I feel compelled to leave a negative review because of how poorly the administration handles sexual assault cases.

This is not an appropriate place for details, but please believe that this is a sincere accusation based on the experiences of sexual assault survivors who underwent the process.

I mean seriously... administration tells girls NOT to go to the cops, and instead are subjected to a hearing in front of a panel of random faculty, a RANDOM STUDENT from student government, and the individual that assaulted them?

Other than the administration's insistence on internally (mis)handling felony level offences, great school.

Ethan W - I left in 2016. Deans you know me.
I love how Augustana gives their students $2,000 for internships, study abroad, and more. They give out good financial aid packages to their students too which is very helpful and makes attending college easier.
I have experienced many great things in terms of social experiences and professors. Some of the curriculum can be modified, and some of my experiences with faculty have not been the best, but overall, I enjoy attending Augie.
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Augustana College is a great institution which promotes well-rounded and higher level learning and thinking. The community is friendly and caring, and it is everyone's goal to make you feel right at home.
I really enjoyed the small atmosphere of the school. The teachers were able to give you more attention and individual help. The school always had something going on so there was plenty to do. Like all schools it, isn't perfect, but the atmosphere was pretty inviting and kind for the most part. I enjoyed the fact that it was really easy to study multiple subjects.
Augustana College is a fantastic higher learning experience. It offers strong NCAA DIII sports (I am a pole vaulter). Student life is fantastic as well. It boasts a fantastic liberal arts program. But Augustana also offers exceptional specialty paths for various professions. My neuroscinces program will prepare me for the MCAT and for med school with fantastic academics, research opportunities and internships around the world.
I liked how the campus was small, and one of the overall concerns was safety of the students. The campus seems to have a lot of safety precautions, which was nice. Also, everyone was super welcoming and wanted to get everyone involved in activities.
Augustana portrays itself as the perfect small school to high school seniors, but in reality is the most deceiving institution I've ever encountered. Do not come to this school. It is a money trap, and they will leave you with little to no opportunity to transfer.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given at Augustana and I regret none of the decisions that brought me here. I love our community and the fact that people generally care about one another and the world around them. Yes, Augustana isn't perfect, but I feel that steps are being taken to correct any imperfections.
Augustana College was where I took a completely big step in my life. I didn't think I would go to college because of my financial issue, but Augustana has offered me a path to success. Its community is friendly and makes me feel like I'm home. Professors and facilities here are very dedicated to students. The resources that Augustana offer is various. However one thing I don't really like about Augustanta is that the road system because it's not perfectly contracted. There are still holes on the road and small cracks. But in general, Augustana College is a good place to start my college life.
Great academic school with great professors who are always there to help out the students. All the sports teams are very fun to watch. Night life is lit
I am a freshman at Augustana and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. The community is wonderful, the athletic, musical, and social opportunities are endless. I would however critique my school in its budgeting abilities. The cost of living combined with a meal plan and tuition is incomprehensible. Especially considering the salary and houses of Principal Bahls. However, where Augustana struggles, there are also mainy areas where it succeeds. I have never been a part of such a welcoming, diverse, and accepting group of students. The academics, with the exception of my brief experience in mathematics, has been effective though very challenging compared to high school. I love my school and there are many areas that need change however, there is so much to appreciate in my day to day life here.
I love the atmosphere and overall campus feel. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The food is great and there are so many options. The housing and residence halls are clean and very livable. I fall in love more everyday.
Augustana College is amazing, it has so many things to keep you busy and active despite the size of the campus.
There are so many different opportunities at Augustana. I went in just three months ago as a freshmen who had everything planned out, and now I have done all and more! I was never athletic throughout my 18 years of life, but when I came to Augie, I joined rowing and met so many amazing people while staying active. I really enjoyed it and even still hang out with the people and exercise for next season! I never understood what was so different about going to a liberal arts school, but it has changed my life. My perspectives have changed. You are exposed to so many ways of thinking-very critically thinking. I have been able to extend this new found knowledge to other areas of my life as well where it is critical that I make a responsible decision.
The campus is beautiful, and the area fairly safe compared to many other colleges. The professors (the ones I've had, at least) do their best to help you succeed, and there are many resources to help you improve your academic skills such as the Reading and Writing Centre. There's always something going on everyday, so there are a lot of opportunities to make friends and take a break from studying. My only complaints are about the food and the internet - the food can get old after a while; there isn't much variety in the menu. The internet connection can also get pretty bad depending on where you are on campus. Overall, everyone in the college is friendly and helpful, and there is a good sense of community as well.
I love Augustana because of the people I meet everyday. From the administrators, to the teachers, and of course, students, I feel welcome at all times. This keeps me motivated and ready to learn.
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I love how the staff is really caring! The campus is beautiful!
I am, however, disappointed with the amount of homework I have each day. People always say college is fun, but its a lot less fun when you spend 8 hours in class and then 8+ hours on homework every single day.
As a liberal arts college, Augustana allowed me to experience a wide variety of classes while still being able to complete my chosen degree.
I was concerned about my college choice at first (mostly because I didn't know what I wanted), but Augustana has been a wonderful choice. Given, I might have been just as happy anywhere, I am certainly happy I picked a small school where everyone knows everyone - not just students, but faculty, staff, and administration. It helps the school feel less like a 'too-big' institution and more like a network of people who actually care about student success.
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