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Augustana is a great school that prepares its students for their future and continues to help them even after they graduate.
Augustana adjusted well to the quick switch to online classes and continues to make improvements to keep its students safe while ensuring academic success.
The professors strive to make their students succeed on any platform. Could not ask for any more from them.
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Great college with tons of diversity just not the safest of places surrounding the college. Would not go of campus after dark.
Augustana was salvation for me. I found most of the professors well prepared and willing to accept outsiders. You did not have to be a white Anglo-Saxon, Lutheran American to be accepted. As a Jew who was saved during the Night of the Broken Glass I found so much understanding. I was required to attend Chapel two times a week but I found the talks related to universal problems of humanity. In my novel, Home Front Diary 1944: A Family's Awakening To Truth and Courage I highlight my experience at the college. I particularity include a character based on Dr. Celms who taught philosophy. We became friends because he like me had survived Nazi terror and were open to the ideas of Einstein and others. I graduated in 1957 so I may not be up with the other topics that you list below.
Augustana College offered a great education in Music and Psychology and prepared me academically for my current graduate studies. The staff care deeply about your well-being and want you to succeed. The smaller class sizes allow for greater interaction between students and professors for deeper understanding of course content. Additionally, a smaller school allows you to get more involved in campus activities and programs, along with meet more people.

The campus ministries was welcoming, and my faith life was also enhanced greatly through personal relationships with the pastors and getting to know other students on retreats.

Finding employment on campus was easy, and working in Admissions was a terrific experience! Areas for improvement at the school include making significant improvements to residential life and updating older dorms and academic buildings.
I personally did not take any online classes, but I had generally good experiences with all professors who decided to use the online learning platform to post quizzes/lectures/class notes/etc. I greatly appreciated teachers who posted grades on these sites throughout the semester.
the professors were really understanding and lenient . they let you to submit assignments overdue if you have a good reason. the test also lasted for days so that anyone can take it when they have time and access.
Augustana college is a very good school. the classes are small size and the professors put a lot of effort into helping the students. since the classes are small you will be able to get individual attention from the professors. you can also talk to them in office hours and they also encourage you to do so. There are different offices to assist you in different subjects and everything, such as: reading and writing center, career center, .. etc. The staffs are really helpful and polite. But the college is not the one for someone who loves a crowd. the school is in a small town and there isn't really much to do. it might be boring to someone who lived in a big city. But if you focus solely on education, it's a place you need to be.
Augustana is a beautiful place for you to learn more about yourself as well as others. This is also where I got to be with the people who I truly vibe with. Also, the campus is really beautiful here. The professors and employers are helpful and supportive. Most of the students here are respectful. So yeah, it's an amazing place for you to study.
I did take online classes during the pandemic. The professors had made changes to the syllabus and were also flexible with our deadlines. I had taken an FYI-102 class and it was interactive and engaging to me. Although there were some setbacks due to connection errors, my professor was understanding. Also, the exam dates were flexible too.
Most of the professors are really helpful and want to see their students succeed. The campus could be made to be a little bit more accessible.
All the professors handled it very differently, and many of them changed their schedules completely. It was difficult to keep up with everything.
The online learning experience with Augustana was great because our professors were understanding and the overall session was achievable.
Augustana College is the most diverse school with a great campus culture of finding what you learn and what you love to do. It felt like home since day one of freshman year.
I love the small class sizes and the professors and faculty because they really care about you. Students have the ability to participate in so many things, like band or choir even when they are not music majors. I was a little disappointed in the ability of the school to put students first in terms of tuition raises and taking care of the grounds after snow and ice storms and residential life leaves much to be desired.
Augustana did not offer online classes until COVID and the lack of organization of these classes is simply because of the quick switch to online classes with a lack of platform. The school did what it could given the resources and quick turn around.
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Overall it is a very good school with an optimal balance with the student to proffesor ratio with it being 1:18. this ratio also leads to managable class sizes being around 20 students.
They did a good job getting the faculty ready to teach online. They also were trying to get up to date information about the virus and determine the risk for classes in the fall.
One professor was great. He was very compassionate and worked with us. They rest were awful. Not flexible at all. And would have us meet at very random times during they day for example 8pm on a Sunday. If Augustana had an online curriculum before hand like most colleges they would have been more prepared. But they blatantly refuse to start an online curriculum becuse they would "make less money" (a staff member told me this when I suggested that Augustana offer and online curriculum) very irresponsible. They do not really care about their students. They try to act like it but too many things have happened to me and many other I know at this school that proves that they do not. All they care about is your money.
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