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I'm a freshman at Augie, and I'm in the process of transferring. I'll always believe that Augie has great academics. Professors are knowledgable, and you can develop relationships with them because of their small classes. My reasons for transferring are the location and campus. If you're a city person, don't be fooled by the title of "Quad Cities", because you won't find that the area is city-like. The QC doesn't have a lot to offer, especially not nearby. The campus is pretty, but it's small. Most of the buildings you'll visit daily are located near each other. Many things you do are in the Gerber Center (food, the library, club meetings, events, etc). To me, it's monotonous going back and forth to this building and the ones around it every day.
If you are considering Augie and the things I've mentioned wouldn't bother you, I recommend it. My gripes with the college are very personal. Augie provides a very good education, usually at a fair price as many receive aid.
Loved my experience here. The campus is beautiful, and the professors really care. Excellent theatre program.
I absolutely love this campus, but I will say that this isn’t disability friendly. I have a hard time getting around campus because there are almost no elevators or simple ways to get down to the main campus. Other than that, students are welcoming and there’s a ton of fun events going on. Westy is absolutely beautiful, the CAs are chill, and the professors are very personable.
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Amazing atmosphere, personable teachers, great student life. 10/10 would reccommend...unless you are pursuing a medical career. If so, go to another school, as this is just a liberal arts school that doesn't prepare you to be competitive at all when applying to med school or other graduate programs.
Augustana provides a welcoming atmosphere to incoming students. There are a bit of issues with the process of registering classes, but get better as you integrate to the college. The campus really focuses of "beautifying" campus as it makes it attractive to incoming students and makes its a wonderful place to live in. Professors are really interested in each student's future and make an effort to adjust their teaching styles to meet their students needs.
It’s a small private liberal arts school were everyone seems to know each other. The classes are small but the professors do seem to care, but that does not make them any easier. You have to actually show up and try because the professors do know you by name. Greek life is a hit here, and it is a big party/ bars school. We also have a ton of international students, and they are the best ever.
Expensive, and to my surprise, they increase their tuition each year. Terrible location. Great professors. Poor diversity ( majority of population is white with a few minorities and international students sprinkled in). TOO small for such small percentage in diversity with extreme cliquey-ness (only ~2500 students). I would recommend that people go somewhere else far greater for far less of a financial hassle—ESPECIALLY prospective individuals who are of a minority.
It really depends on what department your course of study is a part of. Overall though, faculty really cares about the students.
After my first year at Augustana, I am thoroughly in love. This diverse campus allows you to meet so many people from different backgrounds and truly broadens your horizons. You will leave this college with an open mind and be able to evaluate situations better than ever before. The administration could do a little bit better for students concerns but the professors and amazing and you can connect with each and every one on a personal level if you wish to do so.
I love being at Augustana. The students here are driven and motivated and the small classes make it easy for professors to get to know you and personally help you achieve your goals. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus in both sports and the arts, and both receive funding and attention. The one thing I don't like about Augie is how the school uses its money on "campus beauty" projects and delaying the necessary task of adding AC to its dorms or improving some of its technology systems, such as WiFi. Overall though, I think Augie is a fun place to be with great faculty that truly do care about you when you put in the effort.
I like the campus, athletics, and professors, but I definitely think it is an overpriced school! The tuition is extremely high, and it keeps increasing!
I love the environment of the classrooms and decisions. It's a beautiful campus and has a lot that you can get involved with.
Augustana is a great place to go to college. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years that I have been at the institution. They help students think for themselves and encourage the growth of personal pursuit.
Overall, I love Augie! I am beyond content with my choice. A few factors that lead me to feel this way are the small class sizes which almost always leads to a strong connection with the Professors. With those connections, one can strive to get their best education. Augie is a small school with a big school feel. You get the best of both worlds. There is an abundance of clubs, sports, or extracurriculars one can join to feel apart of the community. To add, there is always a friendly face around every corner. After one year Augustana is my home away from home. But, with that being said, it does not make me feel as safe as my true home does. There is plenty of money going into the facilities at the school that could also be put towards the student's safety. In my opinion, there are not enough blue light poles around campus. A simple installation of more of these can make a huge difference in making the students feel safe. This would be my one critique of the school.
Great School! Love the small school environment and small class sizes. You really get to know your professors and everyone on campus.
I haven't visited yet, but from talking to representatives on the phone so far everything seems very well.
The campus is beautiful. Everyone is really friendly. I especially liked the wrestling coaching staff
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I enjoy the first year. Many events and everyone there are so nice to one another. Professors are so impactful with our learning experience that I say you learn more than all the other years in high school.
Augustana College, or Augie as the students, staff, and faculty call it, is a liberal arts college, so it's a place where you will be able to explore whatever interests you, but also expand your horizons with new viewpoints. The campus is great and so are the people, who come from all over the U.S. and the world. It is a little difficult being a commuter and I have heard that living on campus is not easy for some, but overall you will likely find the perfect group of friends, club, and major for you. Augie is a place that you can consider your second home and it will welcome you with open arms.
What I love about Augustana is that it is easy to get around, the people are nice, and the professors are even better. At Augustana there are a lot of opportunities to get out and be apart of clubs or groups without feeling odd. The campus is very inclusive with people. The education here is also very eye opening and helps to establish a well rounded individual.
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