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I love the atmosphere and overall campus feel. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The food is great and there are so many options. The housing and residence halls are clean and very livable. I fall in love more everyday.
Augustana College is amazing, it has so many things to keep you busy and active despite the size of the campus.
There are so many different opportunities at Augustana. I went in just three months ago as a freshmen who had everything planned out, and now I have done all and more! I was never athletic throughout my 18 years of life, but when I came to Augie, I joined rowing and met so many amazing people while staying active. I really enjoyed it and even still hang out with the people and exercise for next season! I never understood what was so different about going to a liberal arts school, but it has changed my life. My perspectives have changed. You are exposed to so many ways of thinking-very critically thinking. I have been able to extend this new found knowledge to other areas of my life as well where it is critical that I make a responsible decision.
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The campus is beautiful, and the area fairly safe compared to many other colleges. The professors (the ones I've had, at least) do their best to help you succeed, and there are many resources to help you improve your academic skills such as the Reading and Writing Centre. There's always something going on everyday, so there are a lot of opportunities to make friends and take a break from studying. My only complaints are about the food and the internet - the food can get old after a while; there isn't much variety in the menu. The internet connection can also get pretty bad depending on where you are on campus. Overall, everyone in the college is friendly and helpful, and there is a good sense of community as well.
I love Augustana because of the people I meet everyday. From the administrators, to the teachers, and of course, students, I feel welcome at all times. This keeps me motivated and ready to learn.
I love how the staff is really caring! The campus is beautiful!
I am, however, disappointed with the amount of homework I have each day. People always say college is fun, but its a lot less fun when you spend 8 hours in class and then 8+ hours on homework every single day.
As a liberal arts college, Augustana allowed me to experience a wide variety of classes while still being able to complete my chosen degree.
I was concerned about my college choice at first (mostly because I didn't know what I wanted), but Augustana has been a wonderful choice. Given, I might have been just as happy anywhere, I am certainly happy I picked a small school where everyone knows everyone - not just students, but faculty, staff, and administration. It helps the school feel less like a 'too-big' institution and more like a network of people who actually care about student success.
I loved my Augustana experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the trimesters, small class sizes as well as the focus from the professors. I enjoyed the close connection I made from being on an athletic team as well as my sorority. I would love to see the cost stay consistent and greater diversity in the student population.
Overall, the staff, especially in the music department is wonderful, and I'm glad I made the decision to come here; faced with the same choice, I would still be at Augustana. Additionally, the small school allows me to get to know more people, and I can recognize recurring faces while walking around campus, even if I don't know them personally. Also, there are plenty of resources on campus, and they are all available to everyone.
Augustana College has a great biology department. The professors are helpful, and they want their students to succeed. The campus is diverse, and the multicultural group provides information to the campus. There are many clubs and organizations on campus that students can participate in.
The thing that drew me to Augustana College off the bat, was the campus. It has an absolutely beautiful campus with amazing scenery: all season!
The only thing I can proudly say I loved about Augie, was the scenery, the amazing friends I made, and sadly, the parties. If it had not been for my friends, I would have left since my sophomore year. The academics were great, if you weren't a science major. Almost more than half of the friends that I made, who were of a diverse culture and were science majors, had left by sophomore year. The science major had it hard! Especially since many of the professors weren't much help. At one point, instead of helping my grades and advising me on how to improve, I was being told to find a different school. It's sad to say but I strongly believe that Augustana College was in fact racist.
Augustana College offers a very unique college experience. With a student population less than 3,000 on a beautiful, quiet, hilly campus, one can come to appreciate what it means to be a part of this school. One thing I really appreciated about Augustana College was the student-faculty ratio. In nearly all of my classes, I created a connection with my professors and continued class discussions with them in their offices. There are days where I stop into their office just to talk about a new concept related to their field of study, which they are always happy to listen to. Augustana utilizes a trimester system (Fall, Winter, and Spring terms) which makes a double major more manageable and offers students more opportunities to explore the courses that they have interest in. This is a perfect institution for those seeking the Liberal Arts education.
Augustana is a home where each professor knows every student by name, and professors and students alike want to help. This is a place where people watch out for each other, hold doors for each other, and do what they can to be helpful. Professors take time to get to know each student, and create opportunities for learning and change on campus and off.
I love Augustana so much. I feel incredibly safe and at home at school, and I love the faculty and staff. Augustana has a great party scene but is also very focused on academics.
I found Augustana to be a shock as far as rigorousness is concerned for my first two years then relatively easy and fulfilling once major and minors were established. The professors range from involved and caring about each student to being unyielding and judgmental based upon their perceptions based on demographics and first impressions. Social life was acceptable but not overwhelming and the surrounding area is economically depressed leaving limited opportunities. My degree has little vocational value and the tuition was outrageous and has to this day continued to go up. The internet went from painfully slow to mediocre and housing has similarly progressed. I think the CORE and EDGE centers and academic facility investments have personally been too little too late though will benefit future students.
It is a good school with some great professors. There are some issues among students and many are ignorant to the idea of diversity. Maybe the school can work on this in the upcoming years.
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Augustana is an amazing school with some simply wonderful professors. The ratio of faculty to students is 11:1, which is very impressive. All of the faculty want to see their student succeed and do everything in their power to help and challenge them. Something that I would like to see changed is the schools housing options. I have friends that are Juniors who are studied abroad this past fall term, and do not have an appropriate place to live, or with the people that they would like to live with. These Juniors are living in dorms, when they should be in apartments.
I have only been here for one trimester, as a transfer student, but I love Augustana. It is exactly the kind of school I was looking for. I was never completely sure whether i would want to attend a big school or a small school, but I'm glad I went with a smaller school. Everyone is so friendly and you run into the same people all the time, which makes it easier to make friends. Augustana's student population is the same amount of students that attend my high school, about 2500 people. I do wish, however, that there was a marching band at Augustana.
Other than getting bored with the food after 9 weeks, and the obnoxious fire alarms. I love Augustana.
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