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It's just too small. I love the medical campus and dental college downtown. However the main undergraduate campus is small and far. The dorms are not anywhere CLOSE to the school and the shuttle system is lacking.
As a Dual Enrolled student, the experience was pretty good. The classes weren't extremely difficult and the teachers were amazing.
I loved the campus, it was very beautiful and urban. My family is from the Augusta area and it has the perfect combination of city and country. The Augusta U medical center is outstanding.
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The professors are generally nice, but push students hard. There's also never parking and the city isn't great.
The atmosphere at Augusta University is so welcoming. The campus is rich in history, and class size is smaller, creating a family-like environment.
I visited Augusta last week. The environment on campus is very nice, friendly people, great academics and I felt safe on the campus. The town outside of the campus is the dangerous area.
I honestly loved the fill of everything there. The spacious campus is very beautiful. I also think this is the best place to get my Nursing degree. They have such a wonderful background in the medical field.
I visited Augusta last week. The environment on campus is very nice, friendly people, great academics and I felt safe of campus. The town outside of the campus is the dangerous area.
I used to live in augusta a few years ago and i loved it. After doing reaserch i found out that the instate fees for this university is affordable especially if you live in the city of augusta
The College of Nursing really cares about their students. I feel like all the teachers and faculty really want the students to do well and be confident in their nursing practice.
It is nice how you can take 2 foreign language classes in one semester. The dining is not as nice and overpriced but there is Starbucks. Like every other school, there are good professors, average professors, and terrible professors. The student life is almost nonexistent.
Augusta University provides an excellent opportunity for a low cost school with a high value education and provides rigorous programs of study in medicine, business, education, and other forms of liberal arts.
My class at this school have been very challenging; however, I have learned a lot through the work I have been given and pushing myself. The financial aid office is TERRIBLE
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at AU. In particular, their Social Work program has changed my life. I have been able to be mentored by incredible professors and have gotten to the opportunity to be a social work intern through their BSW program, which has given me my first real social work related experience. I will be graduating from AU in May of 2019 and I will surely miss it once I am gone!
10 years later, still a thorn in my side. The administration is still a total nightmare. Every step in every process is made as difficult as possible. Attended (2005-2007) no classes related to my degree. Did 8 years army and going back to school. But in 2014, AU made up a $1600 charge and held my transcripts ransom. 0 notification until this fall when applying for another school. Tried to dispute: If they say you owe it, you owe it. Business office... ONLY TAKES CASH. to pay credit, had to go to website, doesn't tell how much you owe. Called to find out, on hold 45 mins. then website doesn't take AMEX. After fighting with the transcript request, I finally got them, sent them to Augusta Tech, WGU, and Uof Phoenix. After all of that, ZERO credits were transferable to any of those schools.
Better professors for difficult subjects. Better informing students about clubs. More secure/closed campus so random people can’t just walk in and walk around and do what they want it’s kind of unsettling.
I took both the vitural tour and campus tour of Augusta University and it was amazing. They have so many majors and minors. They have a lot of medical majors too which is amazing. Also the school is affordable which is so amazing. The campus, majors, and tuition is what makes this school my number 1 school I want to go to!
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Every single one of the professors want you to succeed. I would like to see parking conditions improved.
I am excited to get to know the campus, and the professors all seem extremely knowledgeable and caring. The small class sizes will ensure that professors will get to know students as people, and there are many ways to get involved on campus.
I like the faculty and their prompt response and ability to help. They offer a fantastic cyber program and I've heard good things about the other majors as well.
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