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Augusta university is a great school if you're a student of science, medicine or business. They're could definitely be an improvement in the quality of the other degree programs.
Augusta University, Summerville campus is situated in a beautiful area of Augusta. The campus, itself, can grow in social justice and equitable practices, pursuit, and direction.
Some excellent professors, good research being conducted, and area. However, they are not alternative student friendly and are more geared to those straight out of high school.
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As the semester ends, I can safely say that my experience at Augusta University has been great. As a student that cares deeply about academics, a stress on collegiality and success is important to me - this is a core value of Augusta University. From enthusiastic/well-equipped professors to dedicated study areas with qualfied tutors, Augusta more-than-adequately facilitates my academic desires.
They have both great and just completely awful teachers, the food is so overpriced it's funny, the faculty is great though and will help you out.
I like the smaller environment on this campus. It makes you feel welcomed and invited by the community. All the staff and students are very nice and polite. I highly recommend Augusta University!
ROAR Camp was a pretty cool experience to meet people before school starts on Wednesday. There were many activities and workshops to meet people and also gain community service hours.
The college an atmosphere that almost feels like home. The classes need to be closer to the dorm area.
Augusta university has two separate campus, Summerville campus and the Health Science campus. They are both separate but not far from each other. The professor are very accessible once you have made an appointment. Some will see you without. The basketball team is pretty good and the Greek life and student life is well know around campus.
Augusta University is a rising College as it has made tremendous strides to become a top tier school. Since its merge with the Medical College of Georgia, the University is better known for its Science and Medical opportunities. Overall it is becoming more of an enjoyable University with a great pride and involvement.
The classes are interesting and the professors are very engaged. Their are many opportunities for involvement such as honors programs, clubs, Greek life, athletics. There is a fitness center for students. There are healthy food options around campus. The academic advisors are very knowledgeable and helpful. There are also research opportunities. Augusta University has many different majors to choose from for your selected career paths.
Augusta University, being the local college in town, seemed to be the most convenient, affordable college experience. Although, I was able to experience a change I never expected staying at home, seeing many of my former classmates, and the lack of college spirit was going to be quite the unpleasant experience. In this freshmen experience, I almost lost my interest in college after finding that the most difficult part was the school, facility, and people rather than the school work. From this experience, I learned to never stay home that first year of college unless you cannot healthily function without your family being close. To fulfill your college experience, I truly believe that the fresh start should include a new environment, a dorm, and of course all the courses you need to seek your future goals. It's definitely a huge college regret of mine.
At Augusta University, I received much information on how to be successful in my major as well as my minor. My academic advisor was very quick to assist me with any questions I had, and the professors are always eager to teach. The campus is quiet and beautiful.
The science classes are pretty challenging. Professors really want to work with you. Easy to get around. The campus is really spaced out though. There are 3 academic campuses. The school is in the middle of the city. There is a good amount of diversity, especially in sports.
Augusta University is a great fit for anyone who does not like to get lost in numbers. Class sizes are relatively small, lots of campus life activities, and it is a great atmosphere. There is a lot of school spirit and school pride in Augusta.
The entire faculty is absolutely amazing, some of the classes are interesting and very engaging. I would probably only change the speed in which they process anything in the business, registar, and admission office. Anything that has to go through those offices tends to take a very long time and/or they do it wrong. However, overall the institution is amazing, and every person that works there.
Augusta University has a wide range of majors specifically science and allied health science. My experience with professors at this university has been positive. Although I did not live on campus housing, I do know that it is nice. The gym is fully equipped. Many students who attend the university are local, so this is not really considered to be a "college town". I do the tuition is overpriced for the experience but this college was right for me because of the major I chose.
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Augusta University is a fine school if you want to study medicine or science but terrible for art. Also, there's hardly any parking or student living because of the surrounding neighborhood.
Augusta is a great place to live and an even better place to retire in and live a relaxed and peaceful life.
Augusta University boasts small class sizes and personal professors. Undergraduates do not often receive opportunities to perform undergraduate research one on one with a professor but at Augusta University, you can make contacts with professors and boost your resume with the unique opportunities available.
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