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my experience at Augusta was great. they knew who I was when I came to check in. they welcomed me with opened arms and open hearts. I actually enjoyed everything they had to offer as a whole. the campus was pretty big but full of good opportunities that are just waiting to be explored by myself and the new class coming in.
I haven’t visited the campus yet but I’m set to tour next month and I’m already SO excited! I’ve been a prospective student since my sophomore year in highschool and I’m proud to say that it is now my senior year in school and it is literally the only school that has been on my radar! Ever since I found out that they were known for their medical school I couldn’t help but look further into the school. And look at me now. Applying for the
fall semester of 2020! Wish me luck!!
My experience so far has been great. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to assist me with everything that I need assistance with. The atmosphere is inviting and their academic focus is exactly what I require for my major. Their are a variety of activities that take place around the campus each week that welcome all students to come and participate regardless of academic year. Augusta University is a wonderful place to attend my classes and I am happy to call myself a student of this institution.
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They have an amazing staff, very helpful and provide plenty of resources. They always have somebody around to help and are always hosting events on campus to create connections and get yourself out there.
The campus here is beautiful! Faculty and staff here are very nice and respectful. I love it here because there is a lot of on-campus activities and resources.
The classes are pretty difficult but they are really good at preparing students for the MCAT and medical school in the future.
The campus is very beautiful, but it lacks parking. With the tremendous amount of growth the university has seen, the facilities need to accommodate.
I love the school here. I am currently in greek life and AU is really improving with student life. While I do wish they had a football program, basketball kinda makes up for it. The relationships i have gained from this school will last me a lifetime throughout my career.
Augusta University is what you make it. If you are looking to have the time of your life in college, consider attending another school. The science department has the hardest curriculum. Some of the professors are excellent at and some are poor at teaching. To ensure you get the most out of your classes, read reviews on the professors you choose. Campus life is not very exciting because most events are planned in the middle of the day when students are in class. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm being taxed to attend this university. The tuition and fees are very pricey. Overall, do not go here unless you are strictly committed to your studies.
What I like about Augusta University is that its a diverse school. There many different nationalities at Augusta University. They have a great community, there are very welcoming for new students.
I graduated from AU with a bachelor in Kinesiology with concentration in Healthscience. Overall the school is fair. I got a decent education. Class sizes ranges from medium to large. My advice is use rate my professor as a tool to look up teachers. Because all teachers are not the same.
I have been working as a cardiac nurse at Kennestone Hospital for two years now and am attending Augusta University for their acute care BSN to DNP nurse practitioner program. I have enjoyed the experience so far and feel like I am learning the necessary skills to become an effective nurse practitioner in the hospital setting.
I love the campus and campus life of Augusta University. There are always free activities on campus for students, as well as free services. However, the professors are 50/50. Some of them are very active in teaching, and some tend to teach primarily off of powerpoints.
Augusta University is a amazing school to attend especially for any aspiring nursing or dental students. Augusta also offer many different undergraduate programs also. I love the size and teacher to student ratio, the campus is beautiful and the diversity is not disappointing. There are many clubs, sports and organizations to join for those that enjoy getting involved on campus.
Augusta University is a big university in a little city! They bring an excellent student atmosphere to the city of Augusta. Augusta University staff have been extremely helpful thus far.
I love the people that stay on campus, but most importantly I loved the teachers that work for the university.
The school is good. Most professors care greatly about the success of their students. Academically, the school is focused heavily on medical practices so if you're not interested in the medical field in any way you may feel left out. However, the university is striving to change that, however, it is currently early in that process. If you are planning to live on-campus I would highly urge you to try off-campus housing, you will find yourself more satisfied with your living condition.
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Augusta University has some very good professors. Campus safety is widely enforced. Student life is good and there are alot of activities going on.
My first year experience at Augusta University was amazing and very challenging. I earned a 4.0 GPA in my first semester despite having 6 rigorous courses. My second semester was more tough, but I was very challenged and learned a lot of things that benefitted me towards my major. The professors are challenging but are great teachers, and are definitely great fits for Augusta University.
I had a very speady decision prosess. And they are very in touch with getting students invovled. With everything that a normal student goes through worrying for months or even days about getting into college can be ruff. With AU you get what you need there are multiple ways that AU is a great school. Being able to not worry about a college getting back to you a on a decision on whether you have been accepted or not is something you do not habe to worry about with AU.
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