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It is nice how you can take 2 foreign language classes in one semester. The dining is not as nice and overpriced but there is Starbucks. Like every other school, there are good professors, average professors, and terrible professors. The student life is almost nonexistent.
Augusta University provides an excellent opportunity for a low cost school with a high value education and provides rigorous programs of study in medicine, business, education, and other forms of liberal arts.
My class at this school have been very challenging; however, I have learned a lot through the work I have been given and pushing myself. The financial aid office is TERRIBLE
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at AU. In particular, their Social Work program has changed my life. I have been able to be mentored by incredible professors and have gotten to the opportunity to be a social work intern through their BSW program, which has given me my first real social work related experience. I will be graduating from AU in May of 2019 and I will surely miss it once I am gone!
10 years later, still a thorn in my side. The administration is still a total nightmare. Every step in every process is made as difficult as possible. Attended (2005-2007) no classes related to my degree. Did 8 years army and going back to school. But in 2014, AU made up a $1600 charge and held my transcripts ransom. 0 notification until this fall when applying for another school. Tried to dispute: If they say you owe it, you owe it. Business office... ONLY TAKES CASH. to pay credit, had to go to website, doesn't tell how much you owe. Called to find out, on hold 45 mins. then website doesn't take AMEX. After fighting with the transcript request, I finally got them, sent them to Augusta Tech, WGU, and Uof Phoenix. After all of that, ZERO credits were transferable to any of those schools.
Better professors for difficult subjects. Better informing students about clubs. More secure/closed campus so random people can’t just walk in and walk around and do what they want it’s kind of unsettling.
I took both the vitural tour and campus tour of Augusta University and it was amazing. They have so many majors and minors. They have a lot of medical majors too which is amazing. Also the school is affordable which is so amazing. The campus, majors, and tuition is what makes this school my number 1 school I want to go to!
Every single one of the professors want you to succeed. I would like to see parking conditions improved.
I am excited to get to know the campus, and the professors all seem extremely knowledgeable and caring. The small class sizes will ensure that professors will get to know students as people, and there are many ways to get involved on campus.
I like the faculty and their prompt response and ability to help. They offer a fantastic cyber program and I've heard good things about the other majors as well.
It has a good selection of courses. The security on the campus is great. I wish you didnt have to pay for a parking pass every semester. It should last the whole year. It is a great place to go.
The campus and academics are very high rated. The small clsssroom size lets professors connect with students and you’re not just a face. The area isn’t so safe and high security needs to be changed.
I attend East Georgia College on this campus, as a result AU or GRU is an amazing campus with lots of things to do. The food is also Fairly good also as well as the classroom settings.
Starting as a freshman at Augusta University will be always remembered. There was a camp in the first week called ROAR camp it was a horrid week of them making us wake up before dawn and not letting us back into our dorms till 12. I was hoping that college would be like this when college starts with them trying to hold your hand. They don't after that first week. They try to acclimate new students into to college life by at least helping you through the first week. Later when in classes start it helps you get used to wanting to go to professors office hours to get help for the next assignment or any other questions you may have. Overall Augusta University has be came my second home.
Augusta University is a very good college for any student that wants to be a science major. There are plenty of parties and other extracurricular activities.
I love this campus and the school itself. Professors are wonderful and really know what they are talking about. Most of them have real world experience in their fields. Also, the campus is beyond beautiful. Class sizes are small, allowing more room for questions and getting to know your professors.
I love that it has a small campus (Summerville) feel and a large campus (Medical Campus) feel! The classes are small but also involve a lot of outside research that helps with everyday things. I am so glad that I decided to go to Augusta University for my undergraduate degree! Go Jags!
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Well, if you like to smoke pot, this place is for you. It smells like weed in Freshman housing, just smelled it again today walking through 4th floor Oak Hall (May 4, 2018)’s everywhere. If you’re serious about keeping good grades and are a good student, as well as keeping law for that matter (pot is illegal in GA) this is not a school for you. Honors students get squelched. Also, I wouldn’t feed Atrium food to my dog. It causes illness every time so it’s avoided to the hilt. Commuter school for sure; majority of the student body clearly doesn’t want to be there. Housing administrators give a whole lot of lip service with little action to actually solve issues. Do yourself a favor, pay a little extra for a better experience elsewhere.
It is a really good school, the small classrooms have a better way of one on one connecting. The professors are friendly.
It's pretty small, but I haven't had any problems with it. The psychology program is very good, and the professors are genuinely interested that we learn. There is no dining hall, however, and only a cafe with expensive and mediocre food. The area is alright. There is not much to do here, but there are a lot of places to eat and a good mall.
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