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The online learning is so easy and user friendly if you are not tech savvy like some of my peers. Most professors are also very quick with their email response time. I only have one who can be slow.
Augusta University is a great school, my only complaint is the communication between the school and it's students. I just feel uniformed and the only way I really get information is through my professors. Otherwise it's an amazing school.
Everyone is very understanding and they have great patience when dealing with the online students. I like how the professors desire to get to know you so that they can be of better service to you. The class sizes are also just right so you can guarantee to be heard and attended to when you are in need.
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The staff members are very helpful when it comes to making sure you have everything you need in place for school.
I don't feel as if i had a very great 1st semester experience especially class wise. I felt as the teachers didn't necessarily teach but read off power points and summarize the subject.
It's an okay school I feel like if I gave it another shot I would like the school more. It has a phenomenal looking campus but class wise needs to be improved upon.
I am taking most of my classes online. The online platform that I use to complete homework assignments and exams is D2L (Desire 2 Learn). It is a great platform to communicate to teachers, receive up to date notifications about upcoming exams or quizzes, completing homework, etc. It is a great resource for me and makes my studying more efficient and convenient. However, the only class that I have to take on campus is Biology Lab Class. This class, I have to be physically on campus because I have to perform mandatory lab assignments to pass the class. It is a good experience for me, because I get to put my hands on lab equipment and do fascinating experiments.
Augusta University is a public research university and medical center dedicated to training the next generation of innovators, leaders and health care providers. Augusta University has fascinating buildings and scenic views. The Elm Hall Dorm is amazing. The room is neat, cozy, comfortable and beautiful. Augusta University also gives me an insight that I am no longer a baby anymore. I have the freedom to sleep, eat, go out, whenever I want.
They have been very accommodating and have provided lots of supportive resources to make up for the loss of learning fully in person.
I'm in the Clinical Nurse Leader master's program and I like how the program is accelerated. The professors are passionate about the material and truly want what's best for you. The university administration however is not the most organized.
My online learning experience happened mostly in this last semester when classes were moved to online. We used zoom calls to have class but personally I didn't like having classes online and rather of had them in person because I would procrastinate on a lot of the work.
I really liked how diverse the campus was and the overall culture on campus. It was easy to make new friends and to take part in on-campus activities. The class sizes weren't too big and overwhelming so it was easy to get ahold of the professor to ask questions.
I would like them to change that everybody should have to get a meal ticket because not everybody can afford it and not everybody going to use it.
I haven’t took any online classes right now but I will in a couple months but I’m pretty sure they will be average like. I just hope they really teach and not do the bare minimal.
Augusta University is a pretty challenging university, along with many other universities. However, they do a great job training their students how to be great leaders and how to be the best in their desired future career. I can honestly say I'm glad I made the decision to attend. In addition, I'm looking froward for what's to come this Fall semester.
During the transition to online classes due to Covid-19, it was very challenging for me as it probably was for majority of college students. It became hard to balance life at home with making sure school work got done. I feel that it was especially hard for me because I had never took an online class until then. On the other hand, I feel a little more prepared as we approach a mix between hybrid classes and technology based learning.
I only took online courses due to COVID-19. The transition to online classes was definitely a new and challenging experience for me as I had never taken online courses prior to this. However, Augusta University ensured that the transition was a smooth one for both students and faculty. I was able to successfully receive A's in my courses.
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Augusta University is a great school that offers many opportunities for its students to be successful. It feels like a family environment and everyone cares for each other there.
My online experience with AU was pretty good. When needing help with an assignment the professors get back with you quickly when you email them with questions and the peer review on your class mates assignments are helpful as well.
I like how the professors at Augusta University really put in an effort towards the students that especially want to exceed and do well. They are always willing to help and explain things to you that you did not understand in class. I would like to see more technology being used at Augusta University but other than that its a great school.
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