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Augusta University is very much interested in your work and school life. They wish the best for you and want to see you succeed. With caring teachers and staff, they will work with you to help find a job after graduation.
It is a rather nice school that is filled with wonderful people. I would recommend it to other people.
I think the food courts and booths could be better. However, the school itself is good for it's side, with quality dorms and campuses.
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It's a good college, they give you what you need without bothering you with a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff, which they do but it's easy to ignore. However, if you like the unnecessary fun stuff, then it's great for you!
I am in the art department and its a great community, faculty and environment. I am constantly challenged and encouraged to grow and develop.
Professors' doors are always open. Most of them are there only because they want to be, really care about the students, and explain the material well.
It's a pretty campus and it has a lot of pretty good seminars going on each week. A huge listing of clubs, though it's difficult to find details about th odd clubs in the website. It has multiple places just on the Summerville campus to get something to eat.
The school itself is really amazing. Some of the best professors are here at this university. There is such a huge family aspect here at Augusta, and there are events for every single person almost weekly. The atmosphere is super friendly and the university itself gives students so many opportunities to succeed.
The program I am in is very well rounded in the curriculum and prepares students for further education AND career based paths.
I am dual enrolled in the Honors program. I love the Honors program and the classes. I would recommend joining the Honors program, but I will be going to a different college once I graduate high school.
I love the amount of clubs and the involvement at Augustsa University. Here at Augusta University we try to make everyone feel welcomed and apart of the university and we do that by forming many clubs for people to join. I also like how the school is preparing me for dental school, the core classes at Augusta University are very challenging but I am very happy about that. I feel like the courses are doing a great job at preparing me for my program.
I like the school overall ... it challenges your education mind level . In high school I remember not having to study all the time to pass. Now in college if I don't study, that's automatically fail.
My experience at Augusta University has been life changing. Professors strive everyday to help shape us into the young professionals we will become later in life. I feel that Augusta University is one of the best schools to attend to further your education.
Augusta university is a great school if you're a student of science, medicine or business. They're could definitely be an improvement in the quality of the other degree programs.
Augusta University, Summerville campus is situated in a beautiful area of Augusta. The campus, itself, can grow in social justice and equitable practices, pursuit, and direction.
Some excellent professors, good research being conducted, and area. However, they are not alternative student friendly and are more geared to those straight out of high school.
As the semester ends, I can safely say that my experience at Augusta University has been great. As a student that cares deeply about academics, a stress on collegiality and success is important to me - this is a core value of Augusta University. From enthusiastic/well-equipped professors to dedicated study areas with qualfied tutors, Augusta more-than-adequately facilitates my academic desires.
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They have both great and just completely awful teachers, the food is so overpriced it's funny, the faculty is great though and will help you out.
I like the smaller environment on this campus. It makes you feel welcomed and invited by the community. All the staff and students are very nice and polite. I highly recommend Augusta University!
ROAR Camp was a pretty cool experience to meet people before school starts on Wednesday. There were many activities and workshops to meet people and also gain community service hours.
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