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I like that the program that I am in enrolled in is only a two year degree instead of four years .The people at Augusta tech are pretty nice. At Augusta Tech I am able to learn a lot about the subject being taught. What I wish that Augusta Tech had would be a sport activity to participate in.
My online experience was good. I was able to get the work completed. The teachers did a good job informing us of what we needed to complete and gave me plenty of time to finish the work. The teachers provided great learning materials. In order to gain knowledge about the subject being taught. Though I felt isolated at times but through discussion Boards in class I felt less alone. Overall is was a great experience and I am looking forward to taking more online classes.
The online experience is pretty neat. You take this thing called Badge training which shows you tips on taking your classes on line and to manage time wisely. What this school used to take the actual classes was Blackboard. It was easy to navigate and you could turn in assignments on the same site.
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It's a great school for technical training. The teachers are great at keeping you on track with the knowledge needed for you to succeed.
Great teachers and staff that are willing to help you every step of the way. The campus classes have just the right amount of peers to learn effectively.
I took some courses online. And, with covid all classes started to be online. My professors do a great job at handling accordingly and are always helpful.
Arriving at Augusta University you will notice an array of classes to choose from, professional proffers, technical classes, and the road map that will lead you to have a great career path. of students agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their teachings and classes.
I have personally never been or done Augusta technical colleges online course but if it is just like Richmond county technical career magnet school it would be very streamed lines and the teachers are always willing to help you during distance learning and in there are bizarre times.
I only participated in one online learning class during prerequisites for the RN program. The information was easy to follow and keeps the student involved.
RN nursing program: The program starts out well with knowledgeable instructors and wonderful clinical experience. Unfortunately, once entering classes with Ms. Sanders, it becomes chaotic and lacks much instruction. You will go from the instructors helping you understand and succeed as a nurse, to sitting in class with her and having to listen to stories of her home life, watching random YouTube videos, and taking tests from chapters not even covered. In clinical settings, if you even get adequate time, she sits in the lounge on her phone while nurses are unhappy having to teach because your instructor is MIA. She lacks organization and planning but blames the surrounding hospitals on clinical opportunities. The other instructors were wonderful.
I enjoyed my professors and classes when I attended Augusta Tech. I took classes in the evening after work and the fact that my professors were caring and energetic made it easy as well as enjoyable to come to class. I am planning on returning to Augusta Tech to complete my sonography degree as soon as I get all of my financial aid information squared away.
I love how the staff goes above and beyond to inform students about everything whether it's new or old. The atmosphere is very bubbly.
it is a great place to learn and get a diploma and/or degree. I am taking the Mechanical Engineering course there as dual enrollment and they have lot opprtunities to learn. the proffesser in there will help on everything you need and they are nice.
I’m in Augusta Tech’s competitive Associate Degree of Nursing (RN) program. The classes are tough but, the instructors are very helpful and want to see you succeed. I love the program/school!
Usually great teachers. Financial Aid office needs to figure somethings out. No one ever knows what documents you need. Not a fan of blackboard some do not use or update grades like they are supposed to so you are not sure how you are doing in the class.
Augusta Tech has various programs to select from but the school itself is very outdated. The teachers are very knowledgeable and overall I would recommend Augusta Tech to someone looking for an affordable college to attend.
I have had a great experience here, the professors that I have had go above and beyond to help their students. Highly recommend this college.
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The professors and other staff are very helpful and the classes are convenient with a working adult schedule.
Never been to Augusta Technical College just a College Freshman trying to major in cybersecurity so i can start my career and make good money and more
I don't really see where there are any improvements necessary. The website is amazing. There are plenty of opportunities to work while you get through school. It's much cheaper than online schools. The faculty are friendly and helpful. The campus is pretty and they are a great starter school. If I only get a two year degree, I can still support myself.
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