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I did not take any online courses but did take hybrid classes. The online portion of classes was fine but most learnings was done in the classroom.
The science department was well informed and professors were dedicated to their students. There were lots of resources available for students to succeed. Student life was not all-inclusive and the school was not very open-minded to conflicting opinions from students.
I graduated in 1977 and went on to graduate school, U of M and U of Florida. It prepared me well. Can't complain. I do notice that the school has gone very liberal and I have grown conservative. I do not donate much to it for that reason.
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NO, they did not have anything online back in 1970's. We had some IBM punch cards, that was it. I need 100 characters.
I have enjoyed my time at Augsburg Univesity because the college is not that large of a University. This is helpful when it comes to communicating with your professor it allows the professor and student one-on-one time. I also enjoy how the professors are willing to assist the students.
I personally found it a little bit difficult going from a in-person class environment to an online environment. Being able to communicate this to your professors helps a lot, this allows the professor to understand what is happening and how to help in order to further improve your college education.
It’s very good college for those considering a small school. The professors will have more time to focus on you as a student and the betterment of your education. Some professors are very overwhelming but most of the faculty there are very helpful. The campus is in the middle of a big city so there are a lot of options to explore when there is downtime.
Essentially, I liked it because it’s very small (28-30 a class) and it provided me with a lot of financial aid. They are welcoming of diversity (most diverse in MN) and the campus is beautiful.
Augsburg is school that promotes inclusiveness and community building. Also teachers are very supportive and empathetic to each students unique circumstances. I am proud to say that I am an Auggie.
Augsburg University provided the tools and support for us students to succeed during the trying time of COVID-19. Teachers were helpful and extremely supportive. While the work load was overwhelming at times, teachers were extremely understanding and sympathetic of students unique circumstances. Some draw backs to online learning however were that at time there were some technical issues that interferes with being able to contact teachers and also to catch up we were assigned a lot of work at once which was very overwhelming. But again teachers were supportive of this and always were there to help. Overall while the online learning experience was not ideal, Augsburg made me feel less stressed about school.
I have not experienced any online learning through Augsburg. I have learned about different opportunities and policies put in place to make it a great experience.
I have only registered and been on campus a couple of times. Offices and departments do a wonderful job of explaining opportunities and experiences.
Something I like about Augsburg is how diversity it is. Something else’s I really liked about Augsburg is how it is in a city and everything is just right there for you which means you don’t have to do long distances when you need something l.
No I did not take online classes all my class are in class. I think online classes are so rotting you can also get it from anywhere else in the inter are and it can be wast of money so I just like being in class and learning because I do good at being in classes
I feel that Augsburg as a college institution is engaged in student’s learning in order to foster a strong academic foundation. As a school, I believe it lacks acceptance from students with learning obstacles who do not get the opportunity of higher learning. The staff faculty lack acceptance of students with disabilities because of the students academic background. Yet they said we are diverse and acceptable of all students.
Augsburg’s online experience which is about fostering other forms of essential academics into the student’s learning because the school sets a platform of diverse curriculum. I believe they build a a strong academic foundation in order to thrive and succeed in higher learning which is why this particular school is great for all students.
I like Augsburg because everyone can be themselves there and they are also very open and caring if you are in need of help and support. They also have a very convinient campus located in Minneapolis close to everything. They got really good sports team and the over all school spirit is great. Professors are really good too and very caring. The classes are smaller so all your professors knows you by name which makes it way easier to have a conversation with them
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What got me interested in the first place, was the feeling I got when I was on campus during my first visit. The environment was relaxing and I felt comfortable.
Nice diverse school. Tuition could be to expensive. If you like a small school that isn’t to big. Augsburg is a perfect fit for you.
The one thing i liked from Augsburg is that the student to professor ratio is really small which makes it easier to ask any questions you have to your instructor at anytime with out making a schedule or anything. I am currently satisfied with my school so i have nothing in my mind that i believe should be changed.
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