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When I busted Augsburg University during a college visit the community was very connected, seemed like they were a big family. That is something that was unique compared to the other college I visited.
I like the people at Augsburg. Very diverse and well connected to Minneapolis. Great activities to do while you are on campus.
Augsburg is located in an unsafe neighborhood where shootings happen at least 4 times a year. Augsburg security is not great, and is not responsive making me feel unsafe while on campus. Besides security, the cafeteria serves average food but if one were to compare it to the tuition we pay, it is far below average. Almost 60% of the professors at Augsburg are not tenured and work on short term 1-5 year contracts called adjunct professors. The parking at Augsburg is horrendous but most of the blame can go to the city of Minneapolis for not allowing other solutions to the problem. On the plus side, classes are small and the professors that are tenured at Augsburg care a lot about their students and the well-being if the school. Augsburg will also expose you to every race, ethnicity, culture, and religion that is out there as we are the most diverse school in all of Minnesota. Augsburg is truly a great school if you are not living on campus.
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I love the community at Augsburg. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I also love the professors I have and how I am able to personally connect with them rather than being in a room full of 100 students I don't even know the names of. Something I would like to change is the food and the required meal plan for individuals living on campus. The food is not very good and is very expensive. If I am living in a building that has a full kitchen I would enjoy making meals for myself that are enjoyable and healthy rather than paying $4,000 for food I wouldn't enjoy.
As a mixed black woman coming from a suburban very white sheltered/close-minded city, arriving to Augsburg college was like a breath of fresh air. I loved how accepting and diverse was. I finally felt free to be myself and it felt great to be around more people who shared similar experiences as me. I was able to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community as well during my stay the school. I was involved in various student clubs at Augsburg as well as the University of Minnesota since the schools were so close by. Most of the teachers were accommodating and kind and were comfortable around POC students. I loved the location, too. One drawback is I didn't necessarily feel as pushed academically as I did in the rigorous high achieving school district I went to in middle and high school. Sometimes I felt teachers were too lenient.
The negative emotions about Augsburg overwhelm me, because I’ve never felt SO alone in my entire life. It makes me wanna drop out of school and give up. If you’re all about the academics ONLY, go to this school. But if you want the all around college experience that includes social activity, you’ll be suited in a well off better university than this one.
The school is amazing and the classes are great. All of my professors have been available to answer any questions I have outside of class, which I found to be really helpful. The main thing that would make Augsburg better would be if the tuition cost were lower.
I choose Augsburg for their Step-Up program, a sober living community for students in recovery who are attending school.
I like how diverse Augsburg University is. I also like the opportunities I would get here rather than attending a technical college.
As a nontraditional student coming back after 10 years out of school, I love Augsburg. Great instructors, great small-school feel in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.
Great college. Everyone is friendly, there are plenty of extracurriculars, and the teachers are generally supportive.
I really like Augsburg mostly because of the location and the academics. Minneapolis is a wonderful place full of diversity and new things to do. Along with this, Augsburg is a great school.
Overall, this college is amazing when it comes to academic advising. You are always arms away from getting the right kind of guidance whether that is towards internships, degree progression, or even towards your major! I give it four stars because the tuition is still a little too high and loans aren’t exactly something I would like to pay off in thirty years. I love the diversity on the campus because they welcome everyone with kindness and equality.
My experience at Augsburg University as if changed from a college to a university was like one big rollercoaster ride. What I liked about the campus was that I met some professors that actually care about how you are in & outside of class. Making the efforts to connect with the students if they see them not doing the best of their potential. Strongly encouraging to use the free resources that we have on campus provided to us via faculty or even students trying to tutor or mentor other oncoming students. One thing I would say that could change is the communication of their Residence Life. The conflicts that I had with their Residence Department was rather long due to the lack of communication and correct data entry within their own department.
Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!
Augsburg is a very welcoming and diverse University. Students and faculty are friendly and helpful. Classes are challenging but not hard and Augsburg offers a large variety of ways for student involvement.
Augsburg College is very accommodating to students who have various disabilities. Specialists work hard to ensure student success despite their difficulties.
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It’s down in the city, so there is always something to do. They are modernizing everything there so it is very nice.
The professors and students in my majors. They're definitely the reason I've stayed with the school and my major for so long. The professors are all knowledgeable in their fields and really care for you. They are the school's most valuable asset. In my major there is a professor who is practically there all day helping students with any questions they have. I couldn't ask for better professors!
The school as a whole wasn't that bad but there were definitely some things around campus that I wasn't enjoying. At first I didn't really like the environment because it was very small and the people weren't as open but I then started to transition into the setting. But the three biggest flaws were the living on campus because the school had a mice infestation within the dorms which was disgusting. The second being the food they fed us on campus, it was not worth the $10,000 the school forces us to pay for 15 meals a week. And lastly the teaching styles by some teachers were bland and it became hard for me to understand the material with their teaching methods.
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