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I really like Augsburg mostly because of the location and the academics. Minneapolis is a wonderful place full of diversity and new things to do. Along with this, Augsburg is a great school.
Overall, this college is amazing when it comes to academic advising. You are always arms away from getting the right kind of guidance whether that is towards internships, degree progression, or even towards your major! I give it four stars because the tuition is still a little too high and loans aren’t exactly something I would like to pay off in thirty years. I love the diversity on the campus because they welcome everyone with kindness and equality.
My experience at Augsburg University as if changed from a college to a university was like one big rollercoaster ride. What I liked about the campus was that I met some professors that actually care about how you are in & outside of class. Making the efforts to connect with the students if they see them not doing the best of their potential. Strongly encouraging to use the free resources that we have on campus provided to us via faculty or even students trying to tutor or mentor other oncoming students. One thing I would say that could change is the communication of their Residence Life. The conflicts that I had with their Residence Department was rather long due to the lack of communication and correct data entry within their own department.
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Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!Augsburg is amazing!
Augsburg is a very welcoming and diverse University. Students and faculty are friendly and helpful. Classes are challenging but not hard and Augsburg offers a large variety of ways for student involvement.
Augsburg College is very accommodating to students who have various disabilities. Specialists work hard to ensure student success despite their difficulties.
It’s down in the city, so there is always something to do. They are modernizing everything there so it is very nice.
The professors and students in my majors. They're definitely the reason I've stayed with the school and my major for so long. The professors are all knowledgeable in their fields and really care for you. They are the school's most valuable asset. In my major there is a professor who is practically there all day helping students with any questions they have. I couldn't ask for better professors!
The school as a whole wasn't that bad but there were definitely some things around campus that I wasn't enjoying. At first I didn't really like the environment because it was very small and the people weren't as open but I then started to transition into the setting. But the three biggest flaws were the living on campus because the school had a mice infestation within the dorms which was disgusting. The second being the food they fed us on campus, it was not worth the $10,000 the school forces us to pay for 15 meals a week. And lastly the teaching styles by some teachers were bland and it became hard for me to understand the material with their teaching methods.
The campus location is in a perfect location of Minneapolis, since it is very close to the light rail, and many other forms of transportation. The professors care about you as an individual, since class sizes are very small, and they care about their work. The students are very friendly and there are many opportunities to get involved in the school.
I like Augsburg because it's a four year university that is medium sized. It provides majors in Social Work and Psychology which I am interested into. It's location is good because it's far away from home but not too far away. Augsburg is very diverse and I feel that I will really like Augsburg!
Augsburg is a small school but makes up for it in how enjoyable its is to attend here everyone is nice and the professors are there to help you pass. Each class has 20-35 students so its easy to pay attention and ask questions in class. they have great facilities for sports and other recreational things they have a student lounge with comfortable chairs. the school is really diverse so what ever you are you probably not the only one in the class at all times.
i love augsburg, it has been a great experience and i find that the enviorment and culture is great. i love the experience and the food, and the people are just so nice because of minnesota nice. i cant wait for sophmore year at augsburg university.
Overall as a first year student I've enjoyed the classes, the diversity in this school is amazing, everyone is really kind, and the professors are great. The only thing that I would change about this university would be to have bigger events. If you ever need help in your classes your professors are always available either through email or in person which is great!
campus is very small and easy to navigate. Professors actually care if you learn and pass the class, they arent just trying to get paid.
I am currently enrolled here, and it is a great experience. I appreciate the diversity of the student body and the various involvement opportunities around campus. The recently constructed building is beautiful. I am somewhat disappointed in the food service of the college.
Very friendly school. Right in downtown Minneapolis, 15 minutes away from St. Paul. Recently became a Univerity. The school is very expensive but will help you get scholarships to help py.
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I like the small class sizes and how professors are easy to talk with before or after. I like how the professors are genuinely interested in their students and want to see them succeed. I also like that they have a Disability Services because they provide myself, among other students, with software and services to assist with my academic experience.

However, I do wish professors had multiple office hour sessions or were willing to meet outside of class. I wish the services, such as the writing or math lab, were open more frequently. Their hours typically conflict with my class schedule.
Augsburg University (formally known as Augsburg College as of 2017) is a wonderful school. I couldn't have asked to attend a better school. The professors that I've had so far and the friends that I've made are truly amazing people. Both students and professors are dedicated to seeing you succeed. I've made connections with some of the professors I've had and I still come to them for help or advice within my major. The campus is a bit on the small side compared to other schools like the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, but that is just fine with me. Being in a smaller school helps one connect with the people in their environment better. The campus is like a melting pot of different cultures and it really celebrates the individuality of each student. Augsburg is the type of school that strives to include everyone, and that's a lesson I learned within the first few weeks of my Freshman year. The people are so nice and welcoming. Augsburg feels like my home away from home.
I love everything about Augsburg. Their in the city, great food, and very nice professors. Augsburg is overall a great school and I'm happy that I go here.
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