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Im a music business/music performance major and I ADORE the entire department. They really care about the students and that we perfect our craft.
The teachers are amazing! The school is small compared to the university of Minnesota but if you're looking for a personal experience with professors then its the perfect place. So many amazing clubs, and many on campus jobs. If you live on campus is not all that great especially if you live in Urness Hall.
I love the diversity here at Augsburg! It has a friendly atmosphere and professors are very understanding and they want to help you as much as possible. Only thing I would change is parking. The campus is small so parking is very hard to find.
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What I love about Augsburg University is how much the professors care for your well being. Every single professor have right now generally cares about how I'm doing and how my journey towards a four year degree is progressing. The diversity is amazing here. There are so many people of all different races, religions, cultures, sexual orientations, shapes, sizes, ect. Even though we are all different, every single one of us fits in and accepts each other for who we are. We don't judge based on appearance or identity, but rather your actions and who you are as a person. Augsburg feels like a second home to me. It's a place where I can finally say I fit in and belong.
The education here is absolutely out of this world. I am challenged, but the professors make those challenges achievable and make me feel like I do almost anything as long as I put my mind to it.
Currently Augsburg is if you want it you have to go get it there not good at advertising there resources but they are very helpful at making accommodations for everyone who needs them I would say that they can provide a lot more money for students and also have more consideration for special circumstances . They do try with their food but you honestly are better off cooking for yourself and also they are not supportive when it come to kids of color on campus
I chose to attend Augsburg because I felt it was a great school that cared about its students. I also chose Augsburg because it is a diverse school. My biggest issue with Augsburg is the cost. Since the cost is too much to bare, I couldn't live in the dorms. I currently commute from an area 30 minutes away but is longer with traffic. I wish there were scholarships available for housing.
I'm currently a first year at Augsburg and haven't necessary explored every corner of the campus. I am aware of many of their positive opportunities which is something you can learn in a simple tour of the school. Its a really comfortable atmosphere. There's a large range of diversity so I doesn't feel like another year in your typical high school. The professors are really open-minded and flexible. The only reason I'm giving this university four stars is because I haven't had a first hand experience with their many opportunities and clubs however, I am proud to say that I'm an Agguie!
Augsburg University has always been my first college choice out of high school. When I was in AVID, we toured Augsburg University and I fell in love with it. The atomosphere was amazing and i knew since then augsburg was the match.
Augsburg is a school that is diverse in thought and in background. The faculty is amazing and very helpful and genuinely care about you and your future. The advisors here are amazing and exhaust every avenue to help you get what you want whether it be an internship or just a job in general. Augsburg is a school that is invested in their students.
Augsburg is a very diverse school in the center of Minneapolis. It's near downtown and easy to get to places since it's by the train station. It's a really good college. It's small and easy to get to classes. After getting shown around, it's a really nice community with a lot of welcoming smiles as well.
I love the campus size, Its in a large city so its very close to a lot of things yet the size of the campus is medium with a typical class size around 30 this school is perfect for my needs of being able to connect with professors for questions and communicate easily on campus with everyone.
Starting in the fall of 2019 I will be in my second year at Augsburg. Augsburg has a very small campus and certainly isn't known for there parties however it is a very close community with a lot to offer. It is well known for being an art school excelling in music and as I have come to find out they are very good for those looking into an education major. The staff their is mostly very friendly and work hard to give each student a fulfilling college experience no matter your economic status. Augsburg is not known for athletics and being a swimmer, it can be difficult since they don't have a pool. Even so there are a lot of different teams there and they will be glad to take on new members.
Augsburg works hard and is committed to helping each and every one of their students. They enjoy hiring professors that will make a lifelong difference in their students' lives and future careers.
I love it! I have really enjoyed my experience at Augsburg so far. The professors are amazing and you can tell they really care about their students. The professors I've had so far are so willing to work with me and give me advice, they really push you to be the best version of yourself.
So far this experience as a first year has been very unique. Of course there were different obstacles that I needed to learn in order to find my way around campus for classes, clubs, and any other activity that is going around.
I'm only going onto my third year at Augsburg but my experience so far has been good. If you are looking for small classroom sizes, easy connectivity with professors and students around you, it is a good option for those interested in these criteria's. Along with it being a private school, they offer a lot of scholarships for students of color and first-generation students. A bonus is that it is near downtown Minneapolis!
It is a great school if you love small campuses. The number of students in your classroom is small which makes great personal connections. I love it at Augsburg. Networking is easy to do there and people help you a long the way the whole time. I also play lacrosse there and the facility's and trainers are amazing! I have only lived in the freshmen dorms and they could have been better but cant complain to much it was a place to live.
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I transfered to Augsburg in the spring at first I wasn't expecting anything great just the usual old core classes will not be beneficial to me. I learned very interesting things along the way professors there were great.
I enjoy going to Augsburg, I like the small class sizes, and the campus is all on one block so everything is very close. It's in the middle of the city which also really cool. Most professors here really know what they're talking about and are willing to help out when you don't understand something.
When I busted Augsburg University during a college visit the community was very connected, seemed like they were a big family. That is something that was unique compared to the other college I visited.
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