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The community is really close, the are open to a diverse student population. The teachers are very helpful and have many office hours or offer other options for extra help with the class.
It's a great college in an urban setting in Minneapolis, MN. This college offers great programs for students and has created an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone.
I have completed a semester at Augsburg College. The students are very friendly and easy to talk to. The professors are always ready to answer questions and help students during their office hours. There are tutors and SI sessions available to students who need help in their studies. Augsburg has also variety of non academic activities like, athletics and clubs. I am looking forward to my remaining time in Augsburg College.
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I really like this college. It's really organized and formalized. I really like the way that they have a place for mailbox and letters and stuff for the students.
A little scary since school has just begun but with some effort i can make this a great year, although it does seem like a lot of work i am certain i can find the resources on campus to make it an easy process
The college is an heavy investment.
The professors and staffs are amazing, but some are bias.
There is a Department of Public Safety.
There is no air conditional in Mortenson or Urness.
Could use a bigger gym and work out center.
There are maybe a handful of parties hosted by the athletic teams once in a while, with designated "party houses" (aka, essentially shacks that try to hold hundreds of people at once). It was always hot and cramped inside these parties, with drunk people shouting and falling everywhere. Not a fun scene for an introvert, and even boring for an extrovert because you can't talk over the loud music and other noise. I never really liked them.
The academic rigor of Augsburg varies from program to program. I feel as if I only knew people interested in music therapy, physical therapy/something with athletics, or biology/chemistry. The workload for my first year was manageable, being as it was mostly review. The registration process is clear-cut once someone explains it to you. Within Augsburg itself, there are not a lot of study abroad options. However, they do partner with tons of other programs that visit Augsburg College every once in a while.
Augsburg College is probably one of the most diverse institutions I will ever attend in my life. I learned so much about the culture of my friends and the culture of Minneapolis itself. At Augsburg, there is a good concentration of both white Minnesotans/Wisconsinites and Somalian Americans. It was interesting to see the dynamic between these different groups (being an outsider of sorts). I learned a lot about Islam and Somali culture–it was an experience I did not take for granted. Augsburg is also very LGBTQIA+ friendly and expressed support for their Black students in a time of racial tension and police brutality. Even though Augsburg wasn't the choice for me in all other respects, this was one huge plus.
Since other schools are close by, I tend to go there.
I don't go to party's here.
Few options but I like it because I have already taken many classes towed my major unlike many other freshman at other schools.
No drugs, alcohol is pretty normal as it is at all schools.
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Lots of personal connections here. Outside connections are needed more.
It's great being in the middle of the city because campus is so small. I just wish campus was prettier and we could take care of the park's grass.
Since campus is in the middle of the city. I do not feel safe walking outside after dark. Thankfully Department of Public Safety is close and willing to walk or drive students.
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