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Auburn is known for good football, good people, and toilet paper. For me, Auburn is all of these things, and more. Auburn has a way to make every person that steps on campus, whether they bleed orange and blue, or they scream roll tide, Auburn will make you feel comfortable. Auburn is a community within a university, that wants to welcome and make everyone feel at home within every aspect of their college experience. I could not ask for more within a university and I am confident that I made the right decision to pursue my degree here. This is why I chose Auburn, and why I love it.
Auburn is a wonderful school with a lot of opportunities. The professors are very accommodating, and easily accessible. The size of Auburn's campus is not too overwhelming, and is easy to get around. Auburn University is a beautiful campus, with lots of charm and history. If you've never experienced the lemonade from Toomer's Corner, it needs to be on the top of your list!
Auburn University is an excellent college and I could not be happier with my choice to study here. The environment makes you feel like you are at home, even though you've just moved away from everything you know. Everyone is so kind and considerate too! Also, the professors here all really want you to do well, and if you put in effort they will too. Overall the experience at Auburn University is amazing and well worth it.
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Incredible professors, class offerings, pre-professional school advising. The best campus and student body!
I feel so lucky to be at Auburn! It really is the quintessential college campus. The classes are challenging, the football games are a blast and the students are very friendly. It is a perfect blend of students that work hard but can have fun too. It is a safe campus and the town of Auburn is so cute! My professors have been very helpful and I already am doing a practicum doing research as a freshman! If you haven't checked out Auburn, I would highly recommend it!
Auburn provides and education and a campus experience like none other. The large university offers something for everyone while still feeling small enough to have a strong sense of community. I never crossed the campus without seeing a friend, but it was easy to keep a sense of amenity and to always meet new people. Upon graduating, the rigorous academics afforded me opportunities in a diverse set of fields that I otherwise would not have been able to experience
Auburn University has been a great learning opportunity for academics and life. It is certainly not a small school, but the condensed campus and the fact that it is a small town has made it a place that feels like home. Something I would change about the campus is the food options. We have added a cafeteria-like area and many people I have spoken to do not agree with the changes.
I enjoyed Auburn for a few reasons. First, the town of Auburn is wonderful. There are great places to eat, lots of nice parks, and close to larger cities like Atlanta. Second, the school itself was a great place to study. Student life was vibrant when I was there, and the buildings and options for student engagement made it easy to be engaged as a student. Third, most of the classes I had were fun. All in all, I had a great experience at Auburn, and I'd recommend the school to those considering college.
I absolutely love Auburn. I know that is what most people say, but hear me out I transferred here about two years ago and I am so happy. There is always something to do and the campus is perfection. It has its downsides but overall, there is not much to complain about. The biggest problem is traffic downtown and game day is a nightmare usually, but it just comes with the territory. Winning and rolling Toomer's has to be the more fun I have had in a long time. I have also made some lifelong connections here and Auburn really does set you up for success.
Auburn University is home. I toured numerous schools, but no other school felt the way Auburn did. It just means more. Auburn is a great school for prospective teachers. Auburn has everything that a student could possibly want; there are hundreds of options to get students involved in student life and the athletics department continues to gain national accolades. This school values cutting edge technology, and constantly strives to improve the entire university!
Auburn University truly deserves the title "happiest college campus," because no matter where you go you are always greeted with a friendly "war eagle." The campus is so family friendly and there is always something fun to do with friends whether it be attending sporting events or just strolling around town.
I love everything about the school and wouldn't imagine going anywhere else I just wish there was more diversity.
Auburn University is an amazing school! You can immediately feel the vibe as soon as you step onto campus. It may take some getting used to getting around, but it won't be a problem as everyone is very helpful. The academics are unprecedented and the large campus lifestyle suits me. Everytime I step onto the campus it is like being transported into another world. I cannot wait until the next football game. I especially love attending football games. Let's go tigers!!!
My first time visiting Auburn University in Auburn, Al was when i went to a summer camp there immediately when I got onto the campus the feel it gave me was overwhelming I liked the way the campus was set up. The people there were very nice and welcoming.
Everytime I am in Auburn, I am beyond amazed with the people. Everyone is welcoming and the joy is almost contagious. Everyone walks around with the biggest smiles and happiest hearts.
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Auburn University has wonderful culture and tries their hardest to provide a great environment to work in. Some professors can be quite strict on students especially grading wise but overall has been a wonderful experience.
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Auburn is a very unique and friendly school. The level of learning is tailored to the students with a student to faculty ratio of 19:1. There are countless opportunities for students to apply for scholarships, financial aid, co-op programs, and studying abroad. The overall experience is amazing and I would highly recommend others to attend this university.
Auburn has a beautiful campus. The classes are hard but rewarding. It is easy to walk to classes. Meeting friends has been easy and fun. Greek life has given me the opportunity to be involved in my campus. Auburn offers a wide variety of organizations to get involved in which helps students to have a since of belonging.
I really love Auburn University. I've meet amazing people here that I'm sure I will know for the rest of my life. It is clean, pretty, and very welcoming. They have a very cool football tradition, that I find annoying most of the time because they spend too much money on it. Its really cool how the whole town comes together, and if we win a game everyone goes down town and rolls the trees with toilet paper, which also bothers me at times because its super wasteful. Either way I wouldn't want to attend college anywhere else.
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