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There are such weird times now! The whole world got flipped upside down and everyone's routine and safety was changed and put in risk by the coronavirus. With all of this, classes on campus at Auburn University have been very different, especially in the education field. We cannot do our service learning or tutoring in schools. I am not at the practicum level yet, so I am unsure of what those students are doing, as well as what the internship students are doing as well. We are all living in one big dream! It is insane! One good aspect that comes with all of the craziness with the coronavirus is that the professors are more understanding, lenient, and relaxed, since the world is already so out of place. They do not feel the need to stress us out anymore. Half of my classes are online and half are on campus. I look forward to everything getting back to normal so, so soon, but until then, I think everyone is handling it with grace and poise to make everyone feel safe and secure.
I am in the College of Education at Auburn University. My experiences here at Auburn have been awesome! The teachers are very caring and knowledgeable. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Many big colleges like Auburn University place so much importance on football, but everyone needs to remember that all of these colleges are schools first and foremost. Football is amazing, but at its core, Auburn is a terrific school. I have had wonderful experiences here and enjoy my learning so much.
All my classes are online. I have to say that everything is not in order. They are unprepared to teach online courses.
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Online school isn't bad. Math is kind of undoable though.
Choose professors wisely. Look at their ratings in
Online learning is a new way of covid learning. Being a science major, it is very difficult to get use to online classes, but professors made an effort.
Auburn University feels like home right away when you step on campus. Every academic college has an inclusive environment.
I attended two other colleges before coming to Auburn for my final three years of undergrad, and the difference between them was incredible. A year after graduating, I still consider Auburn home.
The few online classes I took from Auburn were excellent, well-taught, and user-friendly. Nothing beats the campus, but I would recommend online learning if needed.
The majority of my classes are online. It makes it more difficult for me to learn that way, but I just make do and apply myself. I spend countless hours on my computer, but as long as I complete each task with diligence, I have accomplished my goal.
Auburn is the university that makes you feel so welcome and at home. I love it so much because I feel that everyone wants you to succeed and graduate with a degree. War Eagle!
Auburn is a GREAT place to start your college experience. It may not be the last place you obtain a university degree - a baccalaureate degree just might not be effort these days, but Auburn is it surely is one of the best places to start. A lot of fun while you're at it!
No experience with Auburn online learning, but I would expect it to be quite adequate. All depends on the instructor and the student. Like anything else in life you get out of it what you put into it.
Auburn University has been a wonderful experience and I have been here for 5 years. The teachers are dedicated and are there to help as much as they can. The programs are incredible giving you access to connections all around the world. The thing I would like to see changed would be to shift the focus away from athletics and back onto education.
I have taken 2 classes online at Auburn University and both classes were a breeze thanks to the teachers. They made everything easily accessible and they both responded to emails with questions almost immediately.
It has in fact been rough. Unfortunately that is more due to my inability to focus on a screen than with anything else.
Personally a big fan of the Auburn family, although we can definitely do better in several areas, truly increasing diversity chief among them.
The online classes are a main source of teaching this fall. I do not find this conducive to good learning and am not happy about so many teachers making the decision to teach from home due to being scared of a virus. They definitely didn’t do this during the flu crisis that had a much higher death rate than this virus.
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A wonderful school with wonderful opportunities. I feel like apart of the family here, and everyone is always looking out for you. The amount of work is definitely dependent on your major, but don't slack off in majors like engineering, business or science.
Although I haven't taken online courses at Auburn myself, I have heard great things about taking them, so if it is something that you want to consider, I say go for it.
I did not take classes online because I do not attend Auburn University at this time. I have toured the campus
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