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Auburn has great opportunities for any major, but specifically those looking to pursue engineering. Even outside of engineering, the campus is abundant in opportunities for whatever you might want to pursue, not even limited to academic areas. The campus is beautiful and the campus culture is high class.
Auburn University is a place where people from every different kind of background can come to get a top-shelf education and life skills that a student can take and use in their everyday lives long after graduation. The only thing that I would change about Auburn is the way the community brings in new students.
The overall atmosphere at Auburn University should excite many different diverse groups of learners.
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There are so many things I love about Auburn University. First, I think the campus is the perfect size along with being beautiful. I can walk from one end of the campus to another within 25 minutes, as well as being able to sit outside almost anywhere comfortably and enjoy the views. I also love the feel of the Auburn family. As cliche as it may sound, the family is real and everyone around me feels so genuine and friendly. You always get a "War Eagle!" walking by Auburn fans, no matter where you are. My one complaint would be that I wish we had more healthy food options on campus.
Auburn University has been quite resourceful throughout my first semester of college. Not only do they offer tutoring services weekly, they also offer help with writing and even interviews. The professors at Auburn assist students in every way possible, some even go as far as making practice tests in addition to the study guides offered. As a first-generation college student, I took advantage of all the support that was being offered. The only negative aspect of Auburn University is the lack of diversity which limits some people on opportunities to make friends.
I enjoyed it overall. there were some things I didn't like. One being nothing to do on a Friday night if you don't like partying or getting wasted.
Auburn University is the place to be with the entire town themed towards the University and all it has to offer it's students.
Love everything about it would not change anything!!! I have had 3 great years at Auburn got a few more years to go wonderful place it is truly family!!!
Auburn is honestly an amazing college that has already done so much for me in terms of teaching me and widening my bubble of friends and peers. The only thing that could be improved are some of the professors. Many do not care about the students or what they are teaching. It is like they are there just because they have to be.
I'm getting an awesome education surrounded by such a great environment, people, friends, memory making moments... i love the whole atmosphere and every single thing about auburn💙
Good school, big SEC sports, active student life and organizations, pretty campus, helpful professors and TAs, lot of affordable but nice off campus housing for upper classmen
Auburn University is a beautiful campus with a small town vibe. I cannot wait to attend this fall! I feel that I will easily fit in and graduate feeling proud to be an Auburn Tiger!
Everyone is super friendly and the campus is beautiful but football game day traffic is horrible if you are trying to get around Auburn.
Auburn is a a well respected University that is highly rated. The University offers diverse courses of study to meet the need of the student population. Auburn has competitive and challenging standards which seems to attract well rounded, diverse and academically strong students. Auburn sets a strong foundation that promotes post graduation success in the work force.
Auburn University is home to many different types of people, but one thing they all have in common is kindness and a willingness to do good for others.
My experience at Auburn was great. What I am planning on majoring in which is nursing they just start their new building for nursing. It's a beautiful campus found out that professors will love for you to be involved in school activities also a well rounded student. Also, my sister graduated from their it's nothing I wouldn't want to change at Auburn. I like it just the way it is.
Auburn is an absolute wonderful university. You will be surrounded by people who actually care and want to do well. The teachers are brilliant and want you to pass. It is a great atmosphere. I love it.
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My experience with Auburn is from auburn football game day. The college campus is lively and has a great, friendly atmosphere. There are tents set up on the quad with 10-25 people at each one. There are people from multiple states and cities. The games are packed with 1000 screaming fans. Auburn also have many shops and restaurants.
From academics, the professors, the beautiful campus, and game days, you just can't beat Auburn. I found out through some trial and error what I want to do with my life. Auburn gives me every opportunity to achieve my goals and all the staff is willing to help me in any way they can. It's a family.
An underrated team that has the chance to knock off Alabama as the Iron Bowl is in Auburn this year and they have the best QB since Cam Newton. They are rolling right now on both sides of the ball offense and defense. Everyone is talking about Georgia and Alabama in the SEC Championship game slow your road a little Auburn will have something to say about that.
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