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With an easy to navigate community, an energetic and friendly community, and quality programs in engineering, veterinary program, and more, Auburn is truly an amazing university with a great balance of quality lifestyle and meaningful education.
Love the family atmosphere that Auburn provides along with its outstanding education! The employees are helpful and always looking to improve the lives of students.
The student orientation leaders were very helpful and informative. The campus is large and can become extremely confusing so it’s beneficial to take advantage of the student counselor class schedule tours each semester. Parking can also be hard to find being a student and the parking lots you are allowed to park in are quite a walk to get to your classes. If you park in an illegal parking spot or in staff parking your car will be towed, they take this offense very seriously. There are lots of activities on and off campus and their recreation center is state of the art.
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Auburn is a nice place to go to school.It has a great balance between school and a social life, but it is hard to move around the city if you don't have a car. It is really fun to be here.
My experience as an Auburn Tiger was an A+. I received my bachelor's and stuck around for my master's. The Auburn Family is more than just an advertising ploy; students, faculty, and staff treat one another with kindness and respect.
Auburn University is an excellent and balanced college located in Alabama offering an outstanding number of classes for each profession. Its strong point is the fact that Auburn has the strongest, most competitive Engineering fields out there.
I love Auburn! The school is the best and has something for everyone! There are so many clubs and organizations on campus and there is always a way to be involved. Auburn University is truly a family and the best school with professors and advisors that really care about their students.
Auburn University has taught me how to be a leader. Since I came to college at Auburn, I have been able to create lasting friendships, participate in many "War Eagle" traditions, and form an unbreakable bond with the Auburn family.
I enjoy the diverse, family-like culture at Auburn, along with the community support in the Auburn, AL area.
Auburn was a perfect fit for me. It has the small town feel, but is not a small town at all! It was had some great students and faculty. Faculty has always been helpful to me. Auburn has felt like home since day one. The academics are challenging and rewarding!
Auburn provides an amazing learning opportunity as well as an awesome atmosphere! Being here feels like being apart of another family.
I recently graduated Auburn University. Those years were literally some of the best years of my life. You meet a wide range of people and most people and professors are willing to help.
Auburn is a Fantastic school and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. Being out of state it is hard to make friends since many people already know eachother but I got along just fine meeting people in my dorm and my camp war Eagle group. The only thing I am not a fan of is obviously the cost. The financial aid seems to be primarily for in state students so I definitely don’t benefit from the financial aid system Auburn has because I haven’t gotten any as well as no scholarships which is a hard hit because auburn is so exspensive.
There are many things I like about Auburn, but what I like most is how everyone here feels like family. It is easy to get along with everyone here, and everyone is always willing to lend a helping a hand. I love how people never see themselves above you, and I am humbled by the kindness shown here. One thing I wish I could change is the diversity at Auburn. If I am being honest, it is majority white and pretty conservative. I would like to see more of every race, because I feel like that would help everyone learn and understand the world and all the different cultures within it.
Love every single thing, it truly is the loveliest village on the plains and the spirit of the University takes hold the second you step foot on campus and before you know it, War Eagle is your most commonly used phrase!
I adore the sense of family here! Despite the size of the student population, Auburn University feels like home! I would like to see more information about on campus student job opportunities more frequently announced. Other than that, there is not much to complain about. I have had some really good teachers as well as some not so good teachers, but overall my experiences has been great. The courses are time consuming and require one to put in effort, however, that is to be expected.
Most beautiful campus!There isn't much I don't love about Auburn University. This was the first school I visited, and I already knew then it was where I wanted to go. The programs are top notch, the resources they provide you with are helpful, and the opportunities to get involved are endless.
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I will transfer to Auburn University in the fall as a junior. Not only have the different success in athletics catch my attention or the beautiful campus, but the curriculum I am interested in is fantastic. This allows me to get an outstanding degree and at my full potential.
The entire environment of Auburn University is very positive and would consider every person that attends family.
Auburn University is an amazing school to attend. The campus is beautiful and the academics are great. The only problem is that the school tends to revolve around sports and as someone who was not interested in football at all, it could be quite hard to fit in.
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