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I love the campus and location of it. It has very nice dorms and housing, and the atmosphere is amazing.
Great School, I love it. It is not your typical huge SEC school. Auburn is a fun, homey feel to the city. The school is huge but the way campus is set up, it feels way smaller than it is. You will run into friends on the concourse pretty much everyday. There is always something to do in town after classes, or even when school is out.
"I said it's Auburn Tiger" (Auburn fans)!!! I love the traditions that encompass Auburn's campus. Tiger Walk to Game Day Weekend to Rolling Toomer's Corner to shouting WAR EAGLE wherever you want are some of the traditions that make Auburn unique. There is nothing like it anywhere else. We are all one big family no matter our backgrounds or differences. "And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it" (George Petrie).
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They are definitely a great school, but some things are not a priority as it should be! Some of the professors are not helpful and are not great professors.
I would recommend this campus to anyone who is adventurous wants to get the most out of the community. The campus counselors are always willing to help the students, whether it be choosing classes, majors or if you may be thinking about changing your major. I moved from a small town in Northeast Wisconsin without knowing anyone on campus, and yet I felt right at home. The dorms are very roomy and clean. There are many activities and sports!
The registration process is super easy. The campus looks amazing and has awesome restaurants located around the campus. Staff is very nice and helpful with any question you may have.
Auburn has the frenidlest staff and student body I Have ever been a part of. Unlike other schools is you have a question and the person whom you are asking does not know they will point you in the right direction if you need it.
I have grown up going to Auburn for football
games with my family on Saturdays. I love the town and the family feel of Auburn every time I am on their campus. The people are super friendly and make me feel welcome. I am looking forward to my new home on the plains. There is nothing I would change based on my experience.
I love Auburn. The campus is beautiful. The people are friendly. The dorms are nice. The professor are understanding and actually seem to care about their students. Also I’ve met friends for life at Auburn. People who’s weddings I will be in. I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had at Auburn for anything.
Auburn University is a very competitive college. If you like fast pace small community family environment, then you will like Auburn. Well known for its great performance in football, Auburn University is home to the Tigers fans. War Eagle!
Auburn is absolutely amazing. From the moment you step on campus, people make you feel like you are where you belong; like this was always meant to be your home. The football games are a phenomenal experience and I truly believe everyone should go to at least one. There is an immense amount of school spirit and pride. The campus has a very diverse population, a variety of food options, and amazing opportunities for students to get involved. The academics are very challenging but there are a lot of options to get academic help. Off campus, there's a huge variety of food and shopping options. The apartments around Auburn are all super nice and affordable. Overall, living in Auburn and attending college here has been an extraordinary experience and I'm extremely grateful to have this opportunity.
I have been at Auburn University for two years now and it is absolutely wonderful. It is challenging, yet rewarding and there are so many ways to be involved around campus.
Auburn University is a fun, easy-going college culture to submerge yourself in. The school offers great courses particularly in Engineering and Industrial Design.
Auburn is my home away from home. As most will say, the first time you visit you'll be hooked and that is exactly what happened. I have met some of my best friends, made professional connections, and enjoyed my time here.
I love auburn so much, but i would really love to see more diversity and i want to work to educate people on micro aggressions and how painful and harmful they can be.
I loved my first year at Auburn University. There are so many ways to get involved, especially for a shy person like me! Auburn is a family that reaches far past its location in Alabama. "War Eagle!" can be heard from the streets of D.C. to Chicago!
I enjoy everything about Auburn University. It is a place that I feel I can learn and pursue my future safely and successfully with the most confidence in my future after graduation.
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Absolutely fantastic! It is my home away from home! The curriculum is challenging yet resources are always available to help you.
I have had an overall good experience with Auburn except for the university housing. I had a very bad experience with housing, but this is easily fixed with living off campus. Besides housing I absolutely love this school with all of my heart.
The facilities are outstanding, everyone is friendly, the teachers do a great job of teaching and communicating with students.
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