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Auburn is absolutely amazing. From the moment you step on campus, people make you feel like you are where you belong; like this was always meant to be your home. The football games are a phenomenal experience and I truly believe everyone should go to at least one. There is an immense amount of school spirit and pride. The campus has a very diverse population, a variety of food options, and amazing opportunities for students to get involved. The academics are very challenging but there are a lot of options to get academic help. Off campus, there's a huge variety of food and shopping options. The apartments around Auburn are all super nice and affordable. Overall, living in Auburn and attending college here has been an extraordinary experience and I'm extremely grateful to have this opportunity.
I have been at Auburn University for two years now and it is absolutely wonderful. It is challenging, yet rewarding and there are so many ways to be involved around campus.
Auburn University is a fun, easy-going college culture to submerge yourself in. The school offers great courses particularly in Engineering and Industrial Design.
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Auburn is my home away from home. As most will say, the first time you visit you'll be hooked and that is exactly what happened. I have met some of my best friends, made professional connections, and enjoyed my time here.
I love auburn so much, but i would really love to see more diversity and i want to work to educate people on micro aggressions and how painful and harmful they can be.
I loved my first year at Auburn University. There are so many ways to get involved, especially for a shy person like me! Auburn is a family that reaches far past its location in Alabama. "War Eagle!" can be heard from the streets of D.C. to Chicago!
I enjoy everything about Auburn University. It is a place that I feel I can learn and pursue my future safely and successfully with the most confidence in my future after graduation.
Absolutely fantastic! It is my home away from home! The curriculum is challenging yet resources are always available to help you.
I have had an overall good experience with Auburn except for the university housing. I had a very bad experience with housing, but this is easily fixed with living off campus. Besides housing I absolutely love this school with all of my heart.
The facilities are outstanding, everyone is friendly, the teachers do a great job of teaching and communicating with students.
I am a rising junior that has spent the past 2 years of my college career attending Auburn University and it has been exceptionally gratifying. Auburn is home to one of the most friendly and caring communities that is welcoming and supportive to every type of student that you can imagine.
Overall, it's a very welcoming and friendly environment. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and it takes no longer than 20 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the next. My only complaints are the constant construction and the ridiculous fees factored into your tuition payments to pay for this construction. Dead days before finals would also be nice.
I had a good experience at Auburn. I liked the school spirit. I would have liked to see more diversity. It would have also been nice to have more opportunities of scholarships for students who have to work full time while balancing school.
Love the community of Auburn. I enjoy my classes and living on campus. Some more food options would help.
Auburn is a nice city. It's not to big and not to small. I enjoy this university because they are not just focused on sports. They have a great engineering department. I would recommend if you can do not take physics here. Try to take it at a community college or another college because the professors do not really care about you learning the material.
Auburn University is an exciting place. It has been around for numerous amounts of year and still gets better everyday. The people here are amazing, from all ethnicities. Cool to meet people with different beliefs and come from different cultures. I'm glad I chose to come here, no place like it.
With an easy to navigate community, an energetic and friendly community, and quality programs in engineering, veterinary program, and more, Auburn is truly an amazing university with a great balance of quality lifestyle and meaningful education.
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Love the family atmosphere that Auburn provides along with its outstanding education! The employees are helpful and always looking to improve the lives of students.
The student orientation leaders were very helpful and informative. The campus is large and can become extremely confusing so it’s beneficial to take advantage of the student counselor class schedule tours each semester. Parking can also be hard to find being a student and the parking lots you are allowed to park in are quite a walk to get to your classes. If you park in an illegal parking spot or in staff parking your car will be towed, they take this offense very seriously. There are lots of activities on and off campus and their recreation center is state of the art.
Auburn is a nice place to go to school.It has a great balance between school and a social life, but it is hard to move around the city if you don't have a car. It is really fun to be here.
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