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This college definitely shapes you into a determined, self-sufficient person. I have already learned so much in the short time I have been here. The people are so nice, and professors want to help you. There are so many resources available to you if you just use them. What you put into the work is what you will get out of it, for sure. Be attentive, punctual, and motivated and you should be just fine.
I have only had the chance to tour the campus and I was blown away from the time we started,until it was over. I have many friends that are students. Not one friend has said anything negative.
Auburn isn't just a home away from home- it is home. The Auburn family is so real and can be found in academics, athletics, and in the people you meet. The academic rigor of Auburn has prepared me for graduate school.
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I enjoyed my time at Auburn and would absolutely recommend it. The only thing I would change is the lack of diversity represented at the university.
I like that Auburn is a truly Southern University with many people from Alabama who share similar views to me. The student body is and has always been one of the most conservative in the nation. Therefore unlike most schools free speech and debate are healthy at Auburn.
I might be biased but there truly is no other school like Auburn. Auburn University feels like a family and the support and resources offered to students and even staff in academic and personal senses are unparalleled. The school is continually growing and expanding as necessary to accommodate students and programs. The professors are invested in you and your education and only want you to be a successful college student. Saturdays during the fall semesters are magical and unreal; football games. The SEC ranked team brings together hundreds/thousands of alumni, family members, students, and Auburn fans pour into Jordan Hare Stadium and the family atmosphere is wholly evident. Rolling Toomers Corner with the Auburn family after a win is an unforgettable and intoxicating experience.
I haven't been at Auburn long, but I am a transfer student and this is my first semester here. So, far everything has been very well. They have amazing resources such as free tutoring, study partners, and library. They also have a very good variety of food for students to be able to eat at. Although, the only problem I have had so far is some of my teacher aren't very good. I have one teacher that doesn't speak English very well and has terrible handwriting. But because of the great resources I am able to go to tutoring for it.
Auburn is the homiest of towns. Their is so much spirit, pride, and love in such a small radius. The community is one big family, even though we're all different. The people are friendly and welcoming and there is no way it would ever not feel like home.
I visited Auburn on a school trip and fell in love with it. the people were so nice, the campus was beautiful and that is exactly what i wanted out of a college campus.
I love Auburn University! It has such a great atmosphere, and everyone is friendly. There is so much to do on and off campus!
As an international student, Auburn makes me feel comfortable and homey. I like the climate here. It is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. The people both on campus and in the town are friendly for international students. Facilities are excellent, especially for sports. The town is peaceful, but it can be very crowded during game day. Living off campus is cheap. Professors are nice and helpful. Academically, it is not the best college though, it is still in top tier.
I really liked the friendly atmosphere of the University. I also liked how informative and helpful everyone was. It seemed like a place that would help me succeed. I did not like the dorms as much as UA, and Auburn does not give away very much scholarship money.
Not the best school for people of color. Curriculum is great and professors are good, but often times you are the only non-white in your class, no matter how big the class size is. Most of the students are white or white and members of a sorority/fraternity and everyone else is an outsider. It is depressing. Auburn University, please work on accepting more diverse students or students who are not just focused on Greek Life. I mean the majority of your students even dress the same way. Please save your money and go somewhere with more support socially.
I love the campus and location of it. It has very nice dorms and housing, and the atmosphere is amazing.
Great School, I love it. It is not your typical huge SEC school. Auburn is a fun, homey feel to the city. The school is huge but the way campus is set up, it feels way smaller than it is. You will run into friends on the concourse pretty much everyday. There is always something to do in town after classes, or even when school is out.
"I said it's Auburn Tiger" (Auburn fans)!!! I love the traditions that encompass Auburn's campus. Tiger Walk to Game Day Weekend to Rolling Toomer's Corner to shouting WAR EAGLE wherever you want are some of the traditions that make Auburn unique. There is nothing like it anywhere else. We are all one big family no matter our backgrounds or differences. "And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it" (George Petrie).
They are definitely a great school, but some things are not a priority as it should be! Some of the professors are not helpful and are not great professors.
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I would recommend this campus to anyone who is adventurous wants to get the most out of the community. The campus counselors are always willing to help the students, whether it be choosing classes, majors or if you may be thinking about changing your major. I moved from a small town in Northeast Wisconsin without knowing anyone on campus, and yet I felt right at home. The dorms are very roomy and clean. There are many activities and sports!
The registration process is super easy. The campus looks amazing and has awesome restaurants located around the campus. Staff is very nice and helpful with any question you may have.
Auburn has the frenidlest staff and student body I Have ever been a part of. Unlike other schools is you have a question and the person whom you are asking does not know they will point you in the right direction if you need it.
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