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Auburn University is a wonderful school. The academics are very challenging and tough, but rewarding. Auburn University had a beautiful and peaceful campus.
I love Auburn! It's a big university, but it has a small town feel to it. The campus is beautiful, the professors I have had are great, and there is so much to do around town. The only issue I have with Auburn is the parking around campus. There is very little parking located centrally on the campus.
My daughter has had really good experiences at Auburn. She has been involved with outstanding leadership programs, groups and club sports. The college town has a small town feel and everyone embraces the students.
The students are supportive of each other and causes that matter. The professors are engaging and work with the students to ensure they succeed!
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I loved my time spent at auburn. I met many amazing people there. This is a great place to go for students who are socially active or love sports. I was in the apparel merchandising program here. I learned a lot, but felt at times the program leaders clashed with the students. Overall a great place to learn, with the normal college frustrations.
Auburn is a university that has a great college atmosphere, awesome professors, and a gorgeous campus!
Since day one this University has really gone above and beyond to help me with my many needs. I'm a incoming freshmen and all this was new to me, however the staff made me feel at home. I have really enjoyed being a student so far at Auburn University.

My cousin graduated as I was starting and he is doing well for himself and I plan to follow in his foot steps with the help of Auburn University.
Auburn University has changed my life. I love Auburn University. I have been able to meet the greatest people in the world and truly be treated like family. The schooling is interesting and enjoyable and the environment is welcoming and feels like home.
One of the first things that invited me to Auburn University was the welcoming at Camp War Eagle. The counselors were amazing discussing and helping me register for classes. There are so many good things about Auburn that I love and I am an Alabama fan. It is an amazing school and place.
Auburn University is a place you can call home. Auburn is built on a foundation of hard work and determination. I feel that Auburn is a family like no other, I feel supported and am given the resources that I need to succeed. I am given many opportunities to be involved.
Auburn has given me a warm welcoming environment where I could relax while focusing on my academic career.
I love Auburn University. There is truly no other university that has a feel quite like Auburn. Auburn is a family, and since I have been here I have grown academically and socially. The administration and professors are great and truly care about you as an individual. I would highly recommend anyone applying for college to look into Auburn. It will not disappoint.
Auburn is a wonderful school with focused professors and students, along with incredible athletics. The town surrounding the university lives off of the campus, so its a very close-knit, supportive community.
Auburn is a great overall college experience. The campus is always clean and comforting. You will always feel at home and welcomed. War Eagle
I am a freshman and so far I love Auburn!!! My favorite thing is the people because Everyone is SO nice!!!
Auburn is a beautiful campus with many academic and extracurricular opportunities. I am in a difficult major, but it is not hard for no reason, I am learning a lot. Many of the professors are very good, but ask people who have taken the courses to make sure you can get a good teacher. I have always felt very safe of campus, and the surrounding area is nice. Some of the dorms are nice, and the food is good, if a little expensive. Football is very big here, as is Greek life somewhat.
I am currently a sophomore attending Auburn University. My time here has been awesome at the least. The overall college atmosphere is something to fall in love with. I am currently studying in the engineering program and everyone seems to be in love with their overall decision of coming here. The diversity however could be slightly better, seeing everything unfold in the world. With one step at a time, I'm sure the Auburn family will overcome anything!
There is nothing like a football game at Auburn University. I am a freshman at Auburn and at my first game I got chills before the game even started. Auburn traditions are better than any other school and rolling Toomer's corner is another amazing experience after we win a home game. It is a family atmosphere all around. Not only are the football games fun but Auburn has so many clubs that it is nearly impossible to be left out. Our recreation center is top 10 in the nation and is a must see!
Review Auburn University
So far I really like Auburn University. Their is an abundant amount of extracurricular activities along with amazing rec center where you can participate in a wide variety of sports and activities. The campus is really nice and beautiful. There is a wide of variety of classes to choose from so it is real awesome for you to be able to choose from that many choices. Also, a lot of the teachers are really caring and understanding.
I came here just because I have a full ride scholarship. Greek life is dominant on campus. I did not rush and do not regret it, but it does mean my social life is boring. Although Auburn is supposed to be hard GPAwise, most students do not care about actually understanding the material but rather use test banks from their Greek cliques or sheerly memorize the info. Some teachers do not care about their students at all, and too many do not speak English well and cannot teach the material. A lot of the organizations are simply meetings or concourse hours handing out flyers. Some dorms are seriously nasty and overpriced, but the newer ones for athletes and sororities are super nice. There is very little to do in Auburn itself if you don't want to go to frat parties or bars. I really hope to transfer next year; I'm not absolutely miserable here but this place is really not conducive to the kind of education I wanted.
War Eagle! This southern school is full of great academics, sports teams, and most importantly, people.
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