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My first experience with AU was one to remember. Nice campus and beautiful scenery. The food was not half bad and all the students looked like they were having a nice time.
There is always a group organization at Auburn University to fit into because we are all one big happy family. The Alumni base is also very large which creates a great return in receiving the job you always dreamed about. War Eagle! Become part of our community here at Auburn University.
I just got here and I already feel like a part of a huge family. The campus is beautiful and I love seeing all the trees. I used to live in Colorado where the land is as far as the eye can see.
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Auburn University has been a great experience for me. From growing up cheering for the Auburn tigers to making it my college home, Auburn has always been a part of my life. I fell in love with the beautiful campus and homey feel that Auburn possesses. Auburn is a great town full of cute shops and yummy restaurants. Toomer's corner is one of my all time favorites. Its lemonade can not be beat.
An all-around great college. There is a place for every person to fit in. Classes are tough, but they prepare you for future jobs and graduate programs/professional schools.
Auburn University has been a great experience. I went in planning on transferring because I did not know what to expect but I fell in love with the school. Now I decided to finish the rest of college there.
I adore Auburn University! Although there are some challenges, the atmosphere is very conducive to learning as well as friendship building. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest people I know at Auburn, and for that I am truly grateful.
I have learn so much since enrolling at Auburn University. I didn't think I was going to make it at first because, I had been out of school for 35 years. Everything was new to me and I was almost computer literate. The professor were very understanding and the library along with the I T computer lab and the miller writing center was a great help. Could have not made it without all three.
Beautiful campus! Toured it the summer before my junior year of high school. Smaller than most SEC schools, but just big enough so that you aren't bored. Lots to do here and the football environment is great!
Overall, I had a good experience at Auburn. The people there are friendly and open to receiving you the way you are. The campus is beautiful and clean and safe to walk around daily. There is an abundance of options to get involved with the university, from clubs to athletics. I would definitely recommend Auburn to everyone who wants to live in a college town with a small town vibe.
I liked Auburn University a lot. It was a great experience, it just wasn't for me. The athletics, food, campus, dorms and academics are amazing. There is so much to do there, a lot of opportunities.I'm from Maryland and realized that the southern style of living wasn't for me. If you are not from the south then its a completely different culture and environment. Everyone is so nice down there though, just not for me.
My experience in auburn has been wonderful. The people are great, the school is big and unfortunately expensive if you are an international student because there are little, if not no scholarships and grants available to us and the tuition keeps rising. Apart from that, I am pretty much contempt with the environment. I like the after-game traditions the most. This is because they are unconventional and surprisingly fun. I do hope in the near future they begin to create oppurtunities for international students because we might be the ones to put them on the global map in the nearest future.
Auburn's atmosphere is amazing & the academics are top notch. The on-campus food is the best I've ever seen.
I have loved my experience at Auburn my first four years, so much so that I decided to attend professional school here as well.
I really liked the Liberal Arts program at Auburn; I feel like I got the experience of an intimate Liberal Arts college, but with the funding and resources of a large state school. However, Auburn is overly focused upon tradition, and is not an especially forward-thinking school. The administration is willing to listen to the concerns of students, but often unwilling to take a strong stance in reaction to problematic Alabama policy. There is almost no diversity on campus, either ethnic or economic. The Greek life is cult-like and people are obsessed with sports. The whole town basically shuts down on football gamedays. I definitely received a good quality of education and made a lot of close friends, but I don't want to spend any more time in Auburn than I had to.
I believe that Auburn is the best university in the state of Alabama and possibly in all of the South Eastern Conference. Auburn is truly a family school. Every person is unique and is loving towards one another. There are hundreds of ways for students to be involved and to make a difference at this university.
Auburn University is a wonderful school. The academics are very challenging and tough, but rewarding. Auburn University had a beautiful and peaceful campus.
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I love Auburn! It's a big university, but it has a small town feel to it. The campus is beautiful, the professors I have had are great, and there is so much to do around town. The only issue I have with Auburn is the parking around campus. There is very little parking located centrally on the campus.
My daughter has had really good experiences at Auburn. She has been involved with outstanding leadership programs, groups and club sports. The college town has a small town feel and everyone embraces the students.
The students are supportive of each other and causes that matter. The professors are engaging and work with the students to ensure they succeed!
I loved my time spent at auburn. I met many amazing people there. This is a great place to go for students who are socially active or love sports. I was in the apparel merchandising program here. I learned a lot, but felt at times the program leaders clashed with the students. Overall a great place to learn, with the normal college frustrations.
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