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At Auburn University Montgomery, I like the small school factor it has. The faculty and administration are so nice to me every time I have a question or need help on something. I like how the tutoring centers here at the school are included in our tuition so whenever I need help on a math problem or paper I can always go ask one of the tutors on campus.
I liked how when I visited it wasn’t a big of a campus and how everything was a good walking distance.
My first experience at Auburn University at Montgomery, I was nervous but at the same time I was ready to get the semester going! I love the campus, people are friendly, and a nice environment. This semester, I plan to expand more and get out my comfort zone and get a chance to meet new people, working with new people, and attend events and get more involve. I want to see a change in the environment to where everyone feels comfortable and actually participate in the evens, clubs, and organizations.
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The campus is perfect and beautiful, not to big. Staff and current students are super friendly and welcoming. The school strives to make sure students are very involved with school activities. The staff are super helpful from bookstore, advising, and counseling staff members. However, there are a few problems I've encountered already just being here for a few days. Almost everything is ran by students, which mean they could only do so much and know certain things, when calling for problems the housing office could be of more help instead of having to wait a few days to get your problem fixed, and they only give freshmen 48 hours to make any complaints about their rooms which could seem like a lot but technically day 1 you're moving in trying to get settled and clean and day 2 still settling in and may not notice things as early on. Other than that it's pretty good so far. #AUM23
This University has great faculty and professors. The fitness center is the best in the city. I enjoy the flexible course hours that are offered as I work full time and the hours that are offered fit my schedule. The campus is clean and there are a lot of student events that go on during the semester. The men's soccer team is one of the best in their conference and attending sporting events are always fun. The cafeteria has a lot of good food choices for every diet.
It is a really great school. The staff and students make you feel at home! There is always something going on at the campus and is available to anyone wanting to attend.
I love the math bootcamp, it’s very helpful and easy to understand. They help out as much as the can with academics and it’s an all around great place to be.
What I like about AUM is that most people come out to campus events and when you see that you see the diversity and people that are interacting with each other. People there makes campus feel like home.
Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama is a great school. I've learned many things while attending here, the professors here are very intelligent and they know what they're talking about, not to mention they're very lenient and kind to all their students. They manage to keep the campus looking clean and brand new inside and outside.
Had a wonderful experience when I attended the open house. Love the atmosphere and the people. Very convenient to local shopping places. Easy access to campus.
I love this University. The faculty and staff is very welcoming and they love helping and making sure we feel at home. I enjoy the diversity on campus because I love meeting new people and learning about their different cultures. The only thing I would change is the Cafe food, I wish we had more varieties to choose from.
Overall great school: I changed my major and, due to hardship, left AUM with 4 years of course work but no degree. Personally, I appreciated the smaller campus and classroom sizes. The campus itself is nothing special aesthetically. Academically, coming from a college-prep high school, I aced nearly all of my general education courses. As a single parent, I had to bring my child to class once. All of my teachers that day allowed it. The higher level teachers presented a nice challenge, but with some of the level 1000 and 2000 level course teachers, I felt like I knew more about the subject matter than they did--notably one of the Spanish courses I took--but again, my high school was so difficult, I appreciated a more lax college experience for the general requirements. Dorms have improved over the years.
The diversity , the professors. Simply everything is great about AUM. The dorms are even better and especially the roommates , people that I’ve never seen or met before became close friends. Professors became family.
I do love this university. Everyone has a good attitude and the staff are very helpful. I do believe that I am learning many things that will help me get the job I want.
The school is great. Everyone is very helpful and makes you feel welcomed. My favorite part of the school is that it is so diverse. There are so many different cultural backgrounds you cannot not help but feel like you are apart of something special. The environment is lively and there are campus events everyday to meet the special interests of every student.
I had my doubts about attending AUM. Auburn University at Montgomery is a great school. The professors are pretty nice and you’ll always have the one professor that’s hard on you. I love that there isn’t any class on Friday’s. You have classes Monday-Thursday.
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The class sizes are small which means you have the opportunity to create an strong relationship with your professors, something that is not often found at larger universities. My experiences with a little over half of my professors has been great. The majority of the educators here want to help you succeed and will often set time aside from their own schedule to help with any questions you have for them. The new Wellness Center is equipped with a pool (both indoor and outdoor), plenty of treadmills and elliptical, and a wide variety of free weights and machines.
The professors, students, and staff are very friendly! Everyone here is dedicated to success and making sure everyone succeeds. There are plenty of free academic resources available on campus. This is my first semester here and I have enjoyed my time here so far. There is always something to participate in on campus.
Auburn University at Montgomery is very diverse which is a main attraction. This allows everyone to feel as if they have a place to belong. The environment is very warming .
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