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So far, I’ve only visited Auburn University at Montgomery but it was my most enjoyed college visit. I’ve been to a total of 6 different colleges and only 1 out of those 6 satisfied my expectations. They are known for being one of the best business schools in the nation and with me wanting to major in finance, that would be excellent.
Overall AUM is a graduate school. They put education over parties so if you like to party AUM is definitely not the school for you. I this year I stayed in p-40 if you love to cook like me and my roommates I recommend P-40 or Warhawk for incoming freshman to be in Warhawk your first year you WILL have to pay a 100 dollar deposit. Also I love the fact that we have no class on Fridays and on holidays we are our for two days because some professors work on Mondays & some work on Tuesdays so its a win win. With AUM you will not have to pay to wash your laundry like some schools do. Somethings I would change about the school would be the lack of parties, the fraternities and sororities and the food even though we just started having Chicken Alfredo and we received a ice cream machine. Other than those things I am having a great year so far and happy that I picked AUM to further my nursing career.
The school is way too expensive for all that they have to offer, the food is awful and the staff members suck. Don’t expect to make friends here easily because most people are rude for no reason and have bad attitudes. Campus life is dead and there’s not much to do here. Don’t come here if you want to actually enjoy your college experience.
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They really focus on your academician future. The professors will take their time to work with you one on one if you show that you are trying.
This is one tight-knit college. The relationships between students are more than strong, and it's always help everywhere you look. The school also hosts many great events and activities that will draw you out of your dorm and cause you to, truly, enjoy your college experience. Another positive thing about this school is the strong relationship you're able to build with your professor; this allows more help and devotion from the teachers.
This is a college that does the bare basics and feels completely detached. There are barely any clubs or orgs and the few that exist are hard to join. The school is also old and outdated. And generally everybody scoots in and out of the campus making it extremely difficult to make friends. Overall, I would rate this an average if not below average college. I can’t say that I would recommend it. Hoping to transfer out sometime in the future to UAB which is SO MUCH better.
Auburn University at Montgomery is a good college for students who need small class sizes and/or a less expensive option. Most of the professors care more about their students instead of just grades. They push to see students excel in their academics and are willing to help those helping themselves.
Auburn University of Montgomery is a really good school. You will enjoy the campus it as a lot of activities that happens around the campus so you will never be bored mainly if your really bored and would like to experience theses activities. The professors are really helpful about you getting help and making sure you not fail. AUM is really helpful with the tutoring its never a time where you cant help your work they provide a lot of things to help you graduate from college and be success. They also have a good accounting program as well I'm going into the accounting program and I am willing to stay at the school because its really good campus. You will get your moneys worth with the living process as well because their dorms are really nice and its a really small school so you will know everyone you walk pass everyday you will see them around. This is a really good school for people who are scared of big schools and small schools.
I like the ratio of students per class. it is more personal. It allows you to listen clearer and ask any questions.
I enjoy AUM because of the small atmosphere while being on campus and the resources that are provided help tremendously.
At Auburn University Montgomery, I like the small school factor it has. The faculty and administration are so nice to me every time I have a question or need help on something. I like how the tutoring centers here at the school are included in our tuition so whenever I need help on a math problem or paper I can always go ask one of the tutors on campus.
I liked how when I visited it wasn’t a big of a campus and how everything was a good walking distance.
My first experience at Auburn University at Montgomery, I was nervous but at the same time I was ready to get the semester going! I love the campus, people are friendly, and a nice environment. This semester, I plan to expand more and get out my comfort zone and get a chance to meet new people, working with new people, and attend events and get more involve. I want to see a change in the environment to where everyone feels comfortable and actually participate in the evens, clubs, and organizations.
The campus is perfect and beautiful, not to big. Staff and current students are super friendly and welcoming. The school strives to make sure students are very involved with school activities. The staff are super helpful from bookstore, advising, and counseling staff members. However, there are a few problems I've encountered already just being here for a few days. Almost everything is ran by students, which mean they could only do so much and know certain things, when calling for problems the housing office could be of more help instead of having to wait a few days to get your problem fixed, and they only give freshmen 48 hours to make any complaints about their rooms which could seem like a lot but technically day 1 you're moving in trying to get settled and clean and day 2 still settling in and may not notice things as early on. Other than that it's pretty good so far. #AUM23
This University has great faculty and professors. The fitness center is the best in the city. I enjoy the flexible course hours that are offered as I work full time and the hours that are offered fit my schedule. The campus is clean and there are a lot of student events that go on during the semester. The men's soccer team is one of the best in their conference and attending sporting events are always fun. The cafeteria has a lot of good food choices for every diet.
It is a really great school. The staff and students make you feel at home! There is always something going on at the campus and is available to anyone wanting to attend.
I love the math bootcamp, it’s very helpful and easy to understand. They help out as much as the can with academics and it’s an all around great place to be.
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What I like about AUM is that most people come out to campus events and when you see that you see the diversity and people that are interacting with each other. People there makes campus feel like home.
Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama is a great school. I've learned many things while attending here, the professors here are very intelligent and they know what they're talking about, not to mention they're very lenient and kind to all their students. They manage to keep the campus looking clean and brand new inside and outside.
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