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AUM is a large community campus with a diversity of students and a library full of resources but the classes seem too large and the Professors seem disconnected to their students. Also, there are constant last minute class cancellations and unexpected costs.
The campus is open yet not too big. The staff is always nice. I wish they had more hours on the cafe and library and math lab past 9 for students who work.
Overall, AUM is a good school. Certain classes can be tough but that’s at any school. There are lots of things to get involved in and lots of organizations you can join.
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AUM has a very diverse student body. The campus is large enough to give you a real ‘campus’ feel but small enough that it still feels ‘familiar’. Auburn is a name synonymous with excellence so it’s great being part of such an established institution.
I like that Auburn University- Montgomery has so many opportunities. They also have very helpful resources. You are guaranteed to pass all of you classes. Their housing is affordable and comfortable. I look around and all I see is smiling faces. No matter which part of campus you are on, you will always feel welcomed. Everything is nice and up to date. It is good to know that you are not alone in this college journey because it can be stressful. There’s always someone to talk to on campus. The only thing I wish could be changed is the food.
My first year at Auburn University at Montgomery was an amazing experience. The school is very diverse and they offer a lot of programs during school hours and on the weekends; and a lot of volunteer opportunities. The faculty there is very nice and supporting as well. There have been many instances where I needed help in the hallway and a employee was able to help. Since the demographic of the school is so diverse, they offer many different talks and seminars from special hosts to AUM's very own teaching staff. Overall, I've had a very good introduction to AUM my first year!
I love the staff and how much there is to do on campus! The teachers have all been so helpful and have kept me on track. So far I have enjoyed my time at AUM!
I thoroughly enjoy Auburn University in Montgomery. I am an upcoming freshman with a major in Nursing and the positive environment of the school has really made me feel at home.
The professors make the school! The teachers I had are amazing. They are supportive. It is just a commuter school. Kind stop and get your degree and keep trucking. Becoming involved in organizations is difficult. Getting scholarships are difficult within the school as well. They don't have many school sponsored scholarships.
It has been great thus far. Not your average campus or college. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.
In April I finished my first semester. I will be 30 in 11 days, so not your typical college student. I decided on this college for its many choices and grand reputation. It has not disappointed, I’ve already learned so much! I look forward to the next 3 1/2 years.
I have always enjoyed Auburn Montgomery as a place to pursue a college education. The campus is smaller and caters to a more diverse age range, but you still get that quintessential college feel and experience. There is a very active Greek life and regular activities that include all students. The class sizes are similar to that of high school, so the students and professors get to know each other and they're willing to work with students most of the time. I really couldn't imagine having gone to a different school, it's been a perfect fit for me and I hope it is for other people too.
Being that I am a Sophomore at the Auburn University at Montgomery, so far my experience has been good. AUM provide many opportunities to get involved on campus so that your voice can be heard. One of my favorite features that AUM is the learning resources. They have many useful resources that can be used to get help outside of classes. If I had to change anything about Auburn University at Montgomery, I would change the food options and tuition fees. The food here is good, but also could be better. As far as tuition, I think they should provide more scholarships for students who pay out of pocket. When choosing a college, it is important to feel like you have made the best decision. At AUM, my decision, I believe hascollegbeen fulfilled. Overall, my experience at AUM has been non-complaint and decent. I am very excited to see where AUM take me in the near future!
I love the apartment style dorms and the classes are so small so it is easier to learn. The staff is very welcoming. I love being a Warhawk. AUM is a great place to be!
Small but good. Small class sizes and nice professors. Short walks to class, parking is not a huge problem. Montgomery is not the most exciting place so there is not much of a night life especially if you're under 21.
The cafeteria is extremely overpriced. There is not a good food variety. There are always running out of food. The professors are amazing. They make the college life enjoyable. They will work with you if you tell them what is going on, which is what I love about them.
The instructors are very knowledgeable and did not mind you asking questions when needed. The instructors were available when they said that they were. The college provided a variety of programs and degrees under the different programs.
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Auburn University at Montgomery is a smaller school which makes it easier to make meaningful connections with faculty and fellow students. The university does a great job of making college life manageable for a student population that is mostly made of long distance commuters and working students. Auburn University at Montgomery is located in the capital city of Alabama which means there are always and abundance of activities going on and ways to get involved in the community if you just look for them.
I am elated that AUM gave me the opportunity to finish up and complete my degree studies after first attending way back in 2004. I am determined to finish up my last year up and get my degree.
My experience at Auburn University Montgomery have so far been good. I'm a strictly academic student that have a job on the side I love the campus its for the most part quiet, peaceful and safe. There are always people there to help when it is needed. The campus is near a great shopping center with a variety of stores to choose from in the spare time. My professors that I have encountered my two years hear have for the most part tried there best to make sure the students got the education needed in there course. Extra help is given if needed, tutoring is available. They have a great gym that have absolutely every work out instrument you could possibly think of needing there as well as work out classes such as yoga, Zumba, Cardio Classes and more, these classes are offered everyday and you don't have to register for them. It have great diversity with friendly faculty and staff as well ass students. Therefore my experience at my university have been awesome!
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