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My experience at Auburn University Montgomery have so far been good. I'm a strictly academic student that have a job on the side I love the campus its for the most part quiet, peaceful and safe. There are always people there to help when it is needed. The campus is near a great shopping center with a variety of stores to choose from in the spare time. My professors that I have encountered my two years hear have for the most part tried there best to make sure the students got the education needed in there course. Extra help is given if needed, tutoring is available. They have a great gym that have absolutely every work out instrument you could possibly think of needing there as well as work out classes such as yoga, Zumba, Cardio Classes and more, these classes are offered everyday and you don't have to register for them. It have great diversity with friendly faculty and staff as well ass students. Therefore my experience at my university have been awesome!
Diversity is amazing
Could have better professors
The pre classes should count for the gpa instead of not counting becouse we paid 1,000 for that clssss
I loved the campus and how nice the campus was . I automatically felt right at home . The professors were nice and ready to help students succeed at a moments notice. The dining was really nice . Thee dorms were nice and modern
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My experience with AUM was moderately pleasing to me because I made some new friends while I was there. I loved the scenery of the campus and it was easy to get around. I made it to my classes on time due to the fact that the campus was pretty small, and all of the buildings were close by. I enjoyed staying on campus in a dorm room(yet sometimes the fire alarm would go off and we would have to evacuate). However, I still enjoyed it no matter what.
AUM has many caring professors that are willing to take the extra mile to ensure your success. Cafe food choice is limited, but there are many restaurants nearby. Students are also very friendly. Overall I have enjoyed my time at this campus.
I love everything about AUM!! The professors are great. They don't mind helping students. They have tutors that are glad to help students. The food is good and they offer a great vatiety. I don't have a car so I catch the transit to do my shopping and I haven't had any problems. I enjoy going to thw wellness center. There's so much to do there.
I love AUM! It's a medium-sized college so classes are never over crowded. The professors are great and so are all the on campus events.
The professors are really nice and helpful. I love how close the classes are! the hard studies are going to help me succeed in my career. I wish they would change all of the nit-picky class room stuff. I really do enjoy going to this university, and I would strongly recommend to any upcoming high school seniors that they should attend.
Auburn University is an academically sound university and is known to produce some of the greatest known professionals in the world. The campus isn’t so big that I’d feel insignificant as I would at other universities. There is a friendly atmosphere and a sense of family but very prestigious campus, one I truly want to be a part of. Diversity on the campus is a mixture of the world we live in be it global or within the borders of the United State. I like the dorm options seems to be a great fit because of the options. My only concern would be the entry level based on the ACT.
Such a great environment with caring and considerate faculty. Since it's a smaller school your professors will know you which is comforting. Everyone is super nice and accepting. It's great sense of community. The dorms are nice and the RAs are pretty chill.
Being a junior I've gotten the chance to see what AUM is all about. The home of the War Hawks is a nice institution to experience college life. if you like to be in a big city but small school its perfect. its in the capital of Alabama and it is filled with just the right mix of education and fun. There are so many resources for students. I has became my home away from home. Hopefully you can come and it'll be the same for you!
Great school. Curriculum is slightly difficult compared to other colleges in the area. Diverse, but needs more student activities and things to do.
I like AUM because it has a great staff and campus. The new gym is great. The only thing I wish was different about AUM is that it would have more campus events.
So far I have had nothing but good experiences while attending this university and hope that they stay that way throughout the remainder of my college career
I like the small class sizes and the friendly natures of the professors. Although the campus is small, there is a great amount of diversity. There are plenty of ways to be involved on campus and to join organizations that can help you make friends easily.
Auburn University at Montgomery is one of the greatest university's. It's professor to student ratio is beyond to compare. We just opened a Panda Express in the cafe.
I have enjoyed my time as a student at Auburn University Montgomery. The professors and staff are friendly and the classes are easy to obtain. I love the online website because it is easy to navigate and provides any information sought.
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I like the great diverse culture that I'm around and I also just love the great overall positive vibe that this college brings.
So far since I been here, it’s been nothing but great people environments etc. I've met so many interesting people and I must say, when they say they care they mean it. All my professors were/are understanding and caring when it comes to their job. We as AUM students are their number one priority. the staff is wonderful and they treat you so nice it's like they've known you forever. We have so many resources/ supports here and I can honestly say, I feel at home.
I am currently a senior about to graduate from AUM. I have had a pretty nice experience here at AUM, but of course there are some things I wish I would have done differently. If you are looking for that stereotypical college experience where there is lots to do, AUM probably isn't for you.
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