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I love Auburn University at Montgomery! It is such an amazing school and has the absolute most for the money you spend.
This is my first year at AUM, it is very nice school. The advisors and professors are great with helping you succeed at AUM. There are plenty of resources for free if you needed help with school work.
Aum is a good school, it’s not your typical college it’s a quiet campus nothing really goes on unless housing or someone has an event. The teachers are great though and the learning center is great. Its really a good school to come too
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So far my experience at AUM has been great. I really love the campus. Class buildings are not far from the dorms. One thing that is very helpful is the teachers and tutoring for when I need it. Professors are always an e-mail away for when you have questions. And when I needed help with math, tutoring was and still is my best friend. Older students are always around for your benefits. The living situation is also good in my opinion. I love that
I get the opportunity to make new friends every year with my roommates. A thing I would encourage all upcoming student is to invest in rainwear such as boots and coats. It rains a lot and there are dangerously big rain puddles.
I haven't quite yet got accepted until the college. But the recruiter came to my school last week . I enjoyed his presentation , their great people to work with . They have great benefits . You wouldn't really need a car for transportation . They have a bus that you can use for transportation . Plenty of invents and clubs you can attend. Overall the school is a very high ranked college.
Auburn University at Montgomery is a very small, yet lively college. I like the fact that it is small because I can get to know a lot more people, be informed with campus events easily, and communicate with my professors easily as well. The campus always makes sure that the students have things to do such as Silent Disco party, outside painting, sorority parties, movies on the lawn, etc. We have a Student Success department that does everything in their power to make sure the students are successful and help them strive for the future. I take full advantage of these opportunities and resources to improve my college experience.
The professors and advisors, everyone at AUM, is committed to helping you succeed. I have never seen a more supportive college with free tutoring help that really works. Everyone is super nice here as well. The food in the café tastes really good and is affordable.
Auburn University Montgomery hasn’t proved to be as good as it tries to show on the internet, there is no campus life, the number of students are less as compared to campus size, the housing apartments aren’t renovated and you don’t have any activities to do. Montgomery is a very dry city with slow life and no point of interest of students.
AUM is a large community campus with a diversity of students and a library full of resources but the classes seem too large and the Professors seem disconnected to their students. Also, there are constant last minute class cancellations and unexpected costs.
The campus is open yet not too big. The staff is always nice. I wish they had more hours on the cafe and library and math lab past 9 for students who work.
Overall, AUM is a good school. Certain classes can be tough but that’s at any school. There are lots of things to get involved in and lots of organizations you can join.
AUM has a very diverse student body. The campus is large enough to give you a real ‘campus’ feel but small enough that it still feels ‘familiar’. Auburn is a name synonymous with excellence so it’s great being part of such an established institution.
I like that Auburn University- Montgomery has so many opportunities. They also have very helpful resources. You are guaranteed to pass all of you classes. Their housing is affordable and comfortable. I look around and all I see is smiling faces. No matter which part of campus you are on, you will always feel welcomed. Everything is nice and up to date. It is good to know that you are not alone in this college journey because it can be stressful. There’s always someone to talk to on campus. The only thing I wish could be changed is the food.
My first year at Auburn University at Montgomery was an amazing experience. The school is very diverse and they offer a lot of programs during school hours and on the weekends; and a lot of volunteer opportunities. The faculty there is very nice and supporting as well. There have been many instances where I needed help in the hallway and a employee was able to help. Since the demographic of the school is so diverse, they offer many different talks and seminars from special hosts to AUM's very own teaching staff. Overall, I've had a very good introduction to AUM my first year!
I love the staff and how much there is to do on campus! The teachers have all been so helpful and have kept me on track. So far I have enjoyed my time at AUM!
I thoroughly enjoy Auburn University in Montgomery. I am an upcoming freshman with a major in Nursing and the positive environment of the school has really made me feel at home.
The professors make the school! The teachers I had are amazing. They are supportive. It is just a commuter school. Kind stop and get your degree and keep trucking. Becoming involved in organizations is difficult. Getting scholarships are difficult within the school as well. They don't have many school sponsored scholarships.
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It has been great thus far. Not your average campus or college. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.
In April I finished my first semester. I will be 30 in 11 days, so not your typical college student. I decided on this college for its many choices and grand reputation. It has not disappointed, I’ve already learned so much! I look forward to the next 3 1/2 years.
I have always enjoyed Auburn Montgomery as a place to pursue a college education. The campus is smaller and caters to a more diverse age range, but you still get that quintessential college feel and experience. There is a very active Greek life and regular activities that include all students. The class sizes are similar to that of high school, so the students and professors get to know each other and they're willing to work with students most of the time. I really couldn't imagine having gone to a different school, it's been a perfect fit for me and I hope it is for other people too.
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