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Highly unorganized. Teachers are constantly absent and the school truly does not care for it's students unfortunately.
Due to the pandemic ATS students are currently online. However, teachers are very unresponsive when it comes to issues students stumble upon.
ATS Institute of Technology is an institute that gives students what they need to successfully pass the NCLEX as well as an opportunity to use self motivation to grow in your studies.
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The school staff is very considerate and concern about the students reaching their goal. How the school make arrangements for the students helps us to become successful in the class. I have know problems with class mates we all get alone and form groups so that we all can get an understanding about the topic the teacher is lecturing. Attending that school, I have become knowledgeable about the Nursing field and I want to further my education in Healthcare.
Great school love it! Truly fulfilling nursing program for all aspiring future nurses of america. I recommend for all wanting to attend. You won't find a better deal
ATS is definitely what you make of it, the school offers and intense 12-16 month LPN program. The school is not selective initially however, the difficulty in achieving good grades, maintaining good grades, and passing the constant exams not only in class but to pass the semester will prove difficult. This school offers morning and evening classes to students. Be strong, and progress on!
Overall the school seems great but the staff is kind of rude. I went to apply for the school and the price of the school was a little bit much. I Dont like the fact that they only accept certain credits if you have a B or better in some classes.
Great staff, caring and understanding
Class hours are very convenient to students. Students have the option to choose from day or evening classes.
Have not started tthe program yet
Completing A licensed practical nursing program is a very difficult program. The workload is Heavy ,classes are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with clinicals once a week. Even though the program is difficult I know it will pay off at the end. Licensed practical nurses is a very high demand in the Medical industry today and the salary is also great.
My overall experience with ATS Institute of technology was great. The staff was very helpful and accommodating to me. What makes ATS so unique is that they go beyond measures to help students. One experience I will never forget is being in the financial aid office with Jocelyn Cotton, after helping me complete my fafsa I expl to her that I was homeless and I needed a place to live and I was having a hard time finding something in my price range. Ms. cotton extended my appointment and helped me find a apartment. To this day I thank her because if it wasn't for her help I prob wouldn't be able to start school and still would be homeless. ATS is a great college and I would recommend them to any person seeking a higher education.
the best convenient experiance i have ever had.
very hands on and is just like the real world
career services help you the whole time you are in school to help u find a job they are great.
best professor ever i feel like im really learn she is a great teacher. class sizes are small so everyone knows everyone and theres more time for the professor to teach us one by one.
the reruiters are really nice and seem to really want to help you succeed. this degree is in high demand and am happy to be apart of it.
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This work feild was alot harder than i thought but i love it. we have to use all sorts of mixers and hand held mixers and specific ingredients i didnt even know about.
best school i have ever been to everyone pays attention to you and wants you to succeed
Its good it further my skills and push me to another level in my nursing career
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