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Most classes are face to face which I preferred. Up until covid19 they offered no fully online courses.
I went to graduate school here. It left a lot to be desired. I'd say a lot of the courses are outdated or have professors who are not specialized in the subject area. Their graphic design and digital art graduate program has zero classes that concentrate on making digital art. Everything is focused on branding and typography with little variety in their offerings. I only went here because I had a private scholarship. To say something positive: because there is little structure or organization, you have a lot of flexibility on what to write about in your thesis project.
AUC has helped me greatly to grow and become the artist I am today. Many professors are excellent and helped me discover on my way hidden passions on me, insights relating to my future and which path would suit me better to keep in mind during my decision making. I am really glad to had studied in here and to help me be a versatile artist, by inspiring me to expand myself artistically in different methods, styles and crafts.
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I'm studying Digital Graphic design here and I can say that this college it's very good. Its specialize in digital art, photography, video games design and related thing's. It's good and comfy but lack of cafeteria but have local restaurants and cuisine places to go eat.
It is definitely a unique opportunity to study at an Institution so technologically advanced and innovative in Digital Arts and computers, with a focus as personalized and familiar as only Atlantic University College has been offering it for Puerto Rico.
It's a pretty decent college.

Lot of good teachers, nice faculty and they keep up the facility neat and tiddy.

Great local food places nearby, 1-2 minute walks away and they're constantly expanding into more buildings.

The problem lays in the general atmosphere with the students that go there, bunch of weirdos and creeps study there and the library is super nice, buts it's very small and can be cumbersome when there's loads of people there.
Its always motivating the students to be better and encouraging to believe in there craft and work. Polishing and inspiring the student to be seen in the industry via different festivals to display your work.
It's a good college, the most that I like is that is oriented to video games and another interactive entrainment. I will like for them to add mobile applications in the future.
The labs are up to date with the greatest technology, giving students a much better quality experience. The curriculum is great and complete with everything you need to know. Campus is pretty small, but that makes finding classes much easier. There are a lot of talentless weebs, but among them are hardworking, dedicated, kind and, most importantly, talented people you have a great chance of networking with in the future. The course schedules are also quite flexible. I've definitely improved my art skills thanks to this, though my recommendation is that you have a good artistic foundation in the principles and elements of art before entering any art school, and it's definitely worth it. To sum it up, if you want quality education at an affordable price with a great community and art professionals working in their fields offering a realistic perspective in their industries in order to reach for success, this is the school for you. It's definitely been worth it for me.
Atlantic University is a superb school where one fills the freedom to design his own curriculum to suit his needs.
Depends on the professor and class being taught
The staff is polite and are ready to help.
Good places near campus to eat
Atlantic University College's campus life can be quite decent. The classrooms are very comforting and have good space, so the students are able to spend the two hours soothingly. The computers in the laboratories are Mac or Alien computers that are prepared with programs based in your degree's necessities. Unfortunately, there are no on-dorms in Atlantic, but you can find a lot of these outdoors with fair prices for students and very close to the facility. One of the things I love the most about Atlantic is the library. The library is very prepared and comfortable. It has thousands of books, Bamboo tablets, Mac computers, printers, a more quiet lab where you can study more comfortable, and even a very helpful online library. The college is situated at front of the town's plaza, where you can spend time with your friends under the tree's shadows and beside the fountain, but Atlantic has its own indoors plaza, where you can have lunch that you can buy at the facility's cafeteria or the vending machines. The cafeteria is prepared with the student's necessities and schedule. You can even order food from your phone that will be ready for certain hour. Also, the food is good quality and with fair prices. On the other side, the campus organizes events for the students that will help them increase their knowledge in their degrees. But that's not all, the students also have the privilege to receive notifications of activities and artistic auditions held in the island or Internet, right through their campus' email. I truly recommend Atlantic University College, leader of digital arts and with unique degrees in the Caribbean.
The only reason it's not an A+ is the lack of online courses for Gen Ed when it's such a technological university. Apart from this, the professors are top-notch, are accomplished, and if you get to connect with them on a deeper level, will do amazing things for your career later on.
It rains a lot and while the public transportation isn't too far, when you have to go to the classes, be prepared for a big hill to climb. Wear sensible shoes.
A very specialized college not meant for those who aren't perusing something related to art.
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It's a school that has great resources they are still learning. They have good equipment and good teachers that work or have work in the industry. It would be great if it had more space but is a institution that is still growing...
Ultima Tecnologia En El Caribe – Atlantic apesar de que es un colegio pequeno ofrece buenos laboratorios con las ultimas computadoras y programas.
Cuando estudiaba era de noche y habian estudiantes bastantes adultos, responsables, sociales, me Sentia bien juntocon ellos.
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