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I have been there before but under different live events i was unable to complete. I returned to finish my degree and they welcomed me with opened arms, they were very helpful with my return processes.
I went here in 1998. the best thing I could have ever done. This was the begin of a great career in nursing.
Excellent Instructor. She has a way of making the information easy to retain.
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I haven't received any yet, but I believe orientation will answer all my questions.
So far the process has been an ok experience for me. i have yet to come across any difficulty.
It was difficult yet challenging
It Is beneficial to my needs
it was great for my schedule
It was a school that would teach you real life things
I was able to receive great skills for the world
It didnt have any sports
access to computers was available
It was a great school to attend
I think the school tuition is suitable for a one year medical program. I do hope that in the near future, more scholarships become available for Practical Nursing students. This rigorous program often requires us to leave our job, but many of us can’t afford to quit because of our finances.
As for me, I’m only familiar with the media center at my school. I haven’t had any experiences with the other resources. The media center and computer labs have lots of computers. Also, the school ensures that every room has at least one computer available for students.
The unique thing about my school is that the instructors really do care. They take the time to listen to our concerns and take necessary action. As far as academics, the instructors stay ahead of us making sure no one falls behind and everyone is knowledgeable.
Computer network is excellent. We have computers, printers, and copy machines that are readily available to us. There is zero tolerance for being on the computer if it’s not school related. Everything is set up so every student has access to a computer and gains experience using a computer.
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Post graduate services at my school are phenomenal. We have a TEAM of compassionate office personnel as well as instructors that are always ready to assist us in any and all questions. This TEAM is not only academically supportive but emotionally supportive as well. We can’t make it without them
Network Has Issues – The computer network is always having problems. There's not a day that goes by where a professor doesn't excuse something being turned in late because of the network. While getting a pass like that is helpful, it's also pretty frustrating, not knowing whether your work will get there on time or not.
Happy With Choice – I like my school. I don't have that typical college `pride' in it like other people have, but CCBC is giving me an education, which is all that matters. I haven't really attended many events or school functions, but that's not why I'm here. As long as that diploma is on the horizon, I'm happy with my school experience.
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