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I liked that I was able to finish the program even after all of my failures; however, the program was really fast-paced. I liked that the computer room was always available to us and the printer was avilable to us for free. Also, the staff working there were also very nice, understanding, and even got up from their seats, to help me. I liked that we had different places to sit and eat lunch or to even study after school. Some of the teachers we very compassionate and ready to help me even during their lunch break, or after school. I liked that some tutoring was available to those in need after school and that it was optional. Something I would like to change was the attitude we get from some teachers when you are trying your best, but can't seem to keep up with the rest of the class. I would like that they don't look down on people, nor gossip when they see people that could not succeed on their very first try. I will keep getting up every time I fall down, in order to pass.
No, I did not take the classes online; however, when we used the Web for most of the assignment in the school, it worked well enough. Nobody nor school is perfect, so sometimes we get issues, but our study plan for the day still gets done. The teachers are very good at teaching when they get up and teach the class; however, when the students have to learn the topic and teach it to the class upon arrival, then it's very challenging. Since, most of the time we don't even understand what we are saying about the lesson, but rather just paraphrasing it to our classmates. It would be better if the teachers give us an overview of the lesson, and teach it, then we get up and present it. I also hope we would have the time to really learn the material, instead of running through the program to get to the end of the book. In conclusion, it was a very good school and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do nursing; however, I will tell them the truth, which is you will struggle.
My experience was good and I like the fact that this college is much cheaper then the typical private school the professors are nice and helpful to your needs all you have to do is ask. One thing I would like to see change is that I feel that books should be included in tuition.
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I'm actually about to take online classes due to corona virus which is cool with me because school is out but most of all no one is really safe. I would say so far the response time is descent even with everything that's going on.
My experience at ATC was a very good one. The teachers are helpful and want you to strive for the best!
The programs offered at Atlantic Technical College are really beneficial and are able to provide you with any help that you need.
The staff is nice and very helpful when it comes to education. Yes it’s a process to get into a class but they do care to help with your education.
I love this school. IM

a single mom. I came to this school about 10 years ago. I had dreams of becoming a chef . Although I never completed my culinary degree. I'm back here to finish
the counselors there or so kind and they try their all to help you in any way shape or form. the orientations or very well organized as well.
I would love to see more student activity after and between classes.Would also love to see more interaction with staff and students on a regular basis. The office staff is welcoming and wonderful. They always have smiles on their faces.
I love the school it connects you directly with what you want to do in life. The professors really care about and go out of there way to help you succeed.
I like how my Business instructor takes the time to deal with every student. She doesn't rush you or pressure you.
It was a great experience being in a small class with supplies available for each student, great teacher always ready for help you to understand or being a master in what you need help. Atlantic team works so hard to provide a quality service to our community.
Overall, Atlantic Technical College is a good school to go to if you are interested in gaining a technical certificate in only one year - hence the slogan, "Career in a Year".
I have been there before but under different live events i was unable to complete. I returned to finish my degree and they welcomed me with opened arms, they were very helpful with my return processes.
I went here in 1998. the best thing I could have ever done. This was the begin of a great career in nursing.
Excellent Instructor. She has a way of making the information easy to retain.
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I haven't received any yet, but I believe orientation will answer all my questions.
So far the process has been an ok experience for me. i have yet to come across any difficulty.
It was difficult yet challenging
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