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I'm currently only taking one class at this college, but my experience so far has been satisfactory. The campus is clean and has nice scenery that makes it pleasant to walk through. My professor is very knowledgeable and makes learning interesting without needing to be extra. Every time I went to ask questions, either about financial aid or for schedule counseling, the staff has been helpful and friendly. Overall, I am happy with my experience at this college.
I had a roller-coaster of an experience at Atlantic Cape Community College and I am thankful for my experience there. I think it's a great start to your college education that allows you to start your building blocks for your future career.
the staff are very is better to have a guideline to go through your semesters in atlantic cape.
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I like all of the degrees that they offered me and how helpful they were with setting me up. When I went in to change my major, they made it super easy and helpful for me. They answer all my questions to the best of their ability and in a timely matter
What I like about ACCC is that they are very supportive and helpful. What ACCC needs to change is add more sports.
My experience at Atlantic Cape Community College is awesome. It has a good learning and parking environment. The faculty members and professors are always willing and eager to help students succeed. The college gives opportunity for students to have one on one with the professors. Their nursing program is very wonderful and students have the opportunity to transfer to Rutgers university for their bachelors without leaving the school environment. I am in my 2nd year of the nursing program at Atlantic Cape community college. I have learnt a lot from being at Atlantic Cape College. The only thing I would like to be changed is the Library. It is small and a little bit outdated but it has a computer lab and printers for students to use.
Great school to start your college education. I have taken both online as well as classroom classes and my experience has been great. The teachers are eager to teach and answer all your questions.
Atlantic Cape Community College was fun despite the poor facilities due to the healthy mix of traditional and non-traditional students . Many of the professors have a sincere passion about their work and were dedicated towards the success of each student individually. The schools extra-curricular activities though limited are well organized. Admissions staff are helpful but not always accurate. Access to the school is fairly easy through public transport but most students drive there. The campus has thriving night classes
Its your average community college. Very good faculty members who love their jobs. Office hours are great and so are the class sizes. Its easy to meet with professors one on one and interact. The parking facility is good too. The library is a little outdated but its fulfills basic needs such as printers and a computer lab.
They have a nursing program designed to be a registered nurse in 3 years. It is my understanding that most colleges require 4 years to complete the same program.
I had a great experience with this college. The professors were very helpful and they all wanted you to succeed. The campus is big and includes its own building for sports, gym, library, computer lab, and cafeteria. It also has a restaurant where the culinary students are the chefs and they prepare the food. One thing I would change about this college is including a bachelors program for those students who want to continue their education after receiving an associates degree. There is no dorms.
I'm currently a sophomore here at Atlantic Cape. I chose here because I wanted to save money before going to a four year school. I'm glad I did. At first I was a general studies major before I switched to my major now which is Hospitality Management. I have meet some great professors that have kepted my on track with my major. Im glad I chose Atlantic Cape to get me started in my college education
Atlantic Cape Community College has potential to be a great program. The vocational courses and their Aviation programs are much better than their general education, science, literature and communications courses. Their online courses are not incredibly well organized and making contact with instructors proves to be difficult. Mr. Bolicki is this school's greatest asset as one of the school's Psychology Instructors. He is intelligent, well-spoken and dedicated. Professor Bailey taught my online English course and was less than sufficient in her teaching. You were only able to contact her once a week during a 15 minute window of time. She was anything but willing to help students and failed to provide sufficient information, feedback or resources.
My experience was great at ACCC. I have learned a lot and it gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and gain more confidence in myself.
Professor are very helpful and informative
One of the best ways to learn.
Everything was straightforward and simple.
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Gets you in a better career.
Everything is great in this school just do your work and stay focus.
New career in technology is something i always wanted and this college provides me with that learning.
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