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I think Atlanta Technical College is a very nice and good school and i just moved to Atlanta and i am very happy that i chose Atlanta technical as my school the only thing that i would like to see is more safety although that is everywhere.
Atlanta technical college is a typical college where you move about and plan your route to your career with the assistants of teachers and other facility workers. It would be more effective if teachers were more interactive and even more communicative with students during crucial situations. Overall, things are easy to find and teachers can be supportive and cooperative with students.
Ilove the way that atlanta technical college care about there students and wants tpo provide the best education there is.I think that nothing should change of right now about atlanta technical college.
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So far I am not have a good experience with Atlanta Tech, I have never had as many problems with my financial aid with any school that I have attended like I'm having here with Atlanta Tech these problems are cause finish school later then I plan but as far as the teacher and class they are great.
I love the faculty at Atlanta technical college. The professors work with you and truly help you achieve any goal. Even though there is alot of information each professor assist you and works at your own pace as well
I just wish I was more apart of the school events. I want to be more involved with the early childcare program and also appreciate my teachers through the journey
I like most of the professors, but the staff in each department that is there to assist the students are horrible on having the right answers, getting you registered, and just being friendly and patient.
My experience at Atlanta technical college I learn how to do APA format style and the help you receive if you need with your work I like the connucation the staff is awesome and they are there to help you and like the fact that if you email your professor they respond back to in a timely manner I like the computer lab so you can do your work if you didnt have a computer I have refer some people to Atlanta technical college and they got accept I like the you have a student email I love ATC that I'm going to take a second trade but criminal justice department
Is awesome I learned so much in this field
My experience at Atlanta Technical College has been stressful. Atlanta Technical College has no structure, the staff in the financial aid office has a bad attitude. Any time I have emailed my financial aid counselor about my financial aid she would either ignore the email or send a nasty response. They are not helpful at all. If you call the school, either registrar office, business office, admissions or financial aid you will not get an answer. I have emailed them over and over in reference to to my account. I have maintained at least a 3.4 GPA, I come to class on time and submit homework on time. The instructors are very helpful, they care about us and motivate us to keep pushing forward. Every semester the financial aid line is wrapped around the corner filled with students with questions about their funding even after they have submitted all documents on time. I believe this school is set up for failure, we were told everyone cannot pass.
If you are an international student trying to study at Atlantatech, please, don't study at this college. They don't provide useful information for foreigners - you are on your own to find housing, transportation - and even how to deal with the basics, like to get your drivers license. Worst than that, forget if you want to get an OPT - they want to only make excuses (in fact they don't comply with UCSIS terms) to not give you what you really need. They are only looking for the money from foreigners since they pay four times the tuition for in-state students. Even if you are black, you will have trouble - despite the fact that 98% of the students are black, a foreigner is not welcome there. Worst than that, the staff is poor, they don't know how a student can make a better use of the equipment, so you can't learn anything. They don't also have a cafeteria - you need to go to the University of Georgia if you want a decent meal.
I like Atlanta technical college it is very close and convenient. They offer a wide range of programs, something for everybody and all interests.Their online program could be structured better though.
During my visit to Atlanta Tech is was quite interesting and spirited. The campus of the school is very nice and clean.
It's a pretty good school especially for the cost. You get in, take your classes and get out. You DEFINITELY have to stay on top of Financial Aid. DO NOT SEND EMAILS. Go to them directly and make sure you get everything sorted in person. No phone calls. Ask for names as well. That seems to be the only major issue. The classes are pretty simple as long as you do your best and pay attention, and the professors will help you out. My suggestion is to partner up with someone from any class you have (young or old) and make sure you both stay on top of things together.
I have been at Atlanta Technical College for 5 months and so far so good the professors are really good and we have very good security but I wish we had a food court where student can buy food to eat on their break hours
This college is still growing in terms of campus life. Dispite the lack of dorms and athletics within this college, there is still clubs to enjoy an experience from.
Atlanta Technical College isn't out for your best interest there are long lines re: Finical Aid and there shouldn't be if the school did their job and assisted students with what they need assists with. Staff is mostly black and related in some form or fashion.
I like the cosmetology program here its just customer service can be frustrating at times . I enjoy me experience here with learning from most of my instructors. They really try to work with the students and show that they are concerned . It just seem like when it comes to calling up the school no one really picks up or give you a call back from there. The students here can be really helpful as well so i do in fact enjoy my fellow classmates.
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I enjoyed learning with other mature adults. Better teaching is required. There should be a program for older students returning to school. More help with financial aid.
Atlanta Technical College was a good school to attend. My experience was great because I met amazing instructors. My instructors made it fun to learn.
I like my school because it has some really great teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. The school is very flexible and accommodating with all the students schedules making it easier to attend classes, take care of family, and work.
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