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I enjoyed learning with other mature adults. Better teaching is required. There should be a program for older students returning to school. More help with financial aid.
Atlanta Technical College was a good school to attend. My experience was great because I met amazing instructors. My instructors made it fun to learn.
I like my school because it has some really great teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. The school is very flexible and accommodating with all the students schedules making it easier to attend classes, take care of family, and work.
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Is school has a great learning environment with many different programs to assist you in your learning needs. After being out of school for 20 years I decided to attend college and Atlanta Tech helped me and supported my adventure.
I had the pleasure to attend Atlanta Technical College for two years. Throughout my studies I've came across awesome instructors and staff. No matter what college that you attend you have to have the drive and will power to be great. I always try to encourage new-comers to not give up and shoot for the stars.
The classes you need to take are not offered all the terms of school, meaning a wait is required before attending the necessary classes.
The students pull together when they need it, and are welcoming and friendly. The teachers may be difficult to understand, but their methods are helpful to understand more about hiw to understand information in a different way. In terms of class sizes they are usually small or slightly large.
As a workstudy student in the IT department, work is a challenge in solving some technical issues, yet gets easier with time, dedication, and practice.
The workload od being a Database Specialist is quite alot, yet not overwhelming.
My favorite thing about being at Atlanta tech was being a participant of SKILLS USA.
My college has been a different experience than I thought, it was kinda hard at first but my getting the hang of everything.
I haven't submited for transfers at this time
I'm going to move forward to pursue a higher degree for better opportunities
Classes are offered on campus and online. Teachers are great communicating in a timely fashion for the most if it there are a lot of instructors that really care about students
I love my program I've learn new things about the criminal justices field
Their financial aid department together seems have the most issues.Every semester during my time there is always extra long lines due to things incorrect about the money on student accounts. It's the only complaint that most students complain about
Very helpful professors which require students to participate in the classroom or lab environment.
Review Atlanta Technical College
Once you get squared away with financial aid the worry of getting purged from your classes leave and you are able to focus more on what you came to learn and study.
The classes are very flexible which makes transferring credits hassle free.
I guess it's awesome, I have not enrolled for online learning at Atlanta Tech.
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