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The staff is very friendly, i was able to get all the necessary information i needed to apply for the upcoming school term.
I don't like the fact that I thought I was going to attend Tuesday through Friday when I signed up for the program and then later learned that we will have class on the weekend therefore, I have to miss bible study and church for 6 weeks, I have never missed going to church that long in all of my life. I really have a problem with that.
I feel they should offer scholarships. If they do offer them, it was not mentioned to me.
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Very Diverse – We have stay at home moms, young and older students. Everyone has a different story and reason for being in school.
I would like the financial aid rep. to be more knowledgeable about scholarships available besides just taking out loans.
Seems Great – I haven't used the services, yet, I do still have 6 weeks remaining. But from what I can tell from graduating students the career center and the networks are great. Also, the school is one of the top massage schools in the US so the job prospects are great!
Best School – This is a odd question for this school because there is and isn't flexibility. The programs are laid out GREAT! Classes are 5 weeks for each unit, with a total of 6 units. It's great the way its arranged and it makes it easy too keep up with. There is basically only two test, a midterm and a final, no grades really. They do allow you to miss class, but if you miss over 10% you have to make it up. If you fail the unit you have a chance to make a test up to bring it up to passing, if not you repeat the unit. NICE and Easy. Lots of room to learn and keep up!
Found My Place – I love this school. Everyone is so friendly and intelligent! Just about all of the staff was once a student here, so they know and understand how it feels to be a student. The school has been around for 30(+) years, and most of the teachers have been there for a while! The programs a arranged great so it's easy to keep up. It's not all thrown together. The school teaches you so MUCH! The students are all great. This school is so well balanced, they teach and keep you on track, YET have fun with it and truly show you love. I was torn between this and another school only because the other had a extra certification, I soon learned it wasn't any different, only you pay money to look special. You will love your teachers and staff they truly care and do everything they can to help you. Always use the after school help if you need it, and have fun here! You won't regret it. I have only 6 weeks left and I haven't seen one student that does't enjoy the staff and the program. I'm so glad I've attended this school and I would do it all over if I had the choice to change!
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