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Looking for the most affordable pathway to a 4-year degree? Start here at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. With formal transfer agreements to all the big schools in Georgia, you will be accepted with decent grades to any school you apply. The professors at Atlanta Metropolitan help students transfer to other schools by working with you to make sure your grades are where they need to be. You will get a solid education here, and an easy path to completing your Bachelors (or higher) at an affordable price.
Teachers are great they really help you and motivate you. Only downfall financial aid office lacks proper communication. You find out things way after the fact and you have a lot of running around at last minute that has to be done in order to continue education. Not good!!! It’s very hard to get anyone on the phone so your constantly running back and fourth to the school.
AMSC is a great school for every student. The professors here are awesome, always willing to help students.
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I personally love Atlanta Metropolitan State College. The campus is beautiful and you can really see the transformation happening. It is somewhat a small school so the staff to student ratio is low which helps a lot when I need assistance in the classroom and assistance with other problems I may have on campus. It’s also a blessing to have a low staff to student ratio because sitting in financial aid isn’t as bad as they are at other schools. My overall experience is a ten out of ten!
Atlanta Metropolitan is a school that provides hopes and dreams of becoming who you want to be in life. The resources are phenomenal from the library to the classrooms. Atlanta Metropolitan State College makes sure that students have weekly seminars that they can attend at their own will. The professors on the other hand can be difficult, but its college! We all need a challenge in our lives. Many professors are there to help you in succeeding to reach your dreams. I use when choosing any of my instructors. The cafeteria is awesome! They have foods of your liking at any time. This school is a community college for anyone who stays in the Atlanta area. There is no housing so tuition is really cheap and affordable. If you are looking for a school that allows you to work around your schedule, then Atlanta Metropolitan State College is the right school for you.
As a freshman at Atlanta Metropolitan State College my experience there's is great due to the very good professors. I like the class room sizes of AMSC which is 20-30 students per class, because I can build a better relationship with the professor. The school is so far good , but joining the clubs is difficult, because they aren't available.
The school has a welcoming staff and environment. The teachers are always on time and work with the students even after class yours. There are other students that like to help when you have difficulty in class.
I haven't started school there yet, but so far the overall process of getting admitted and signing up for classes has been great. Everyone is a big help and they make sure that i am getting the information that i need to be sucessful at their school.
I like how AMSC treat their student as family. The Professors are very friendly and are willing to help you, to push you so you can achieve your dreams.
Very nice school for dual-enrollment students, and provides a great introduction from high school to college
AMSC is a pretty good school, overall. There are a few ways that it could be improved upon, and it does not compare to a 4 year university, but it gets the job done. The professors, mine at least, are young and relatable, and make the lesson both interesting and applicable to everyday life. Really nice place to attend if you're trying to rack up credits to transfer to a university.
Very friendly and helpful staff, teachers always work the extra mile to help you achieve your long term goal.
I love the teacher and their passion for teaching. However, the administration is still running it like an in adequate 2-year college. It makes it very difficult to desire to continue my education at this institution. However, the teachers make me want to stay.
I like that I can take classes at my own pace. The professors are really hands on and the class room setting is really small and I can get a lot of things done that way .
My experience is going great. The campus is large but not large enough where you can't get around in a decent amount of time. The class sizes are not overly packed so the professor can help and answer questions.
AMSC is very flexible with classes. You can choose to have classes on the weekends or at night. The classes are designed to help the students get what they need.
Online courses are basically like social media, except you get graded for the work you've done. How much time you put into it will reflect in your grades
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I haven't personally used the career center, but I know some people who have, and they have walked away with jobs before they graduated
Professors at this school are really caring and want you to succeed. They will help you in any way possible as long as they see you putting forth the effort as well to make the class work for you
AMSC has a plethora of work-study opportunities and has even hosted a couple of job fairs, with companies ranging from Microsoft, Allied Barton, and Google.
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