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They worked with me to quickly get me
Admitted and enrolled in classes in less than 40 min. The Financial aid office had my information ready to go. I didn’t have to worry about anything
Athens Technical college is a very good school for its price. Theres nothing special about the school but the staff is very respectful and never has a problem with helping someone out.
I am currently a senior in high school dual enrolling all of my classes at Athens Tech. I love it! The professors are great, and truly care about the education of their students. The professors are also willing to help students any time they may need it. I am very happy with my decision on going to Athens Tech!
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its a great college. Its right in between my home and work , so its really good. The staff are great and very supportive. They've taught me things I should have been told a long time ago in school, but I'm glad it was brought to my attention.
I love the school! Easy parking, Anatomy professors were great! I took anatomy & physiology 1 and 2 and they were challenging enough that it will definitely prepare me for nursing school. Although, there was not much clubs/organizations that students are involved in, but it is okay since I go there for academic purposes.
I like all the different opportunities that you have at this school. There are so many careers to choose from and the staff and teachers make it really easy.
I like the local environment of the campus. Very safe, modern and clean. Every staff member I was able to meet were very helpful and friendly. I loved the layout of the library, it was very welcoming and can tell that I will visit it very often.
Athens Tech is a very inviting college. The professors and staff are amazing and they are great people to be around. The material is always taught in a way so everyone will be able to understand. Overall Athens Technical College is a great place to be.
Everyone is so willing to help here. While it is only a technical college, it is truly a home away from home. The building is quite old. However it is impossible to get lost, due to the amazing layout.
The admissions department is impossible to get in touch with. They do not answer phone calls or respond to emails sent to them, and do not let you know if they have received everything needed to enroll. Currently still waiting for them to respond back to me about receiving a copy of my instate of id. They also do not have time to see you when you go up to the school to speak to someone in person.
I am transferring out of this school to attend UNG this coming fall. This has been an excellent place to get back into the education scene for me, as I had been away from school for some time. I went to this school for three semesters (plus one summer) and I feel it is worth the investment for those early-college classes. I had a couple of less than ideal teachers, but I had just as many unexpectedly excellent ones. For an example, I had a math teacher named Mr. Hall for college level algebra, and he was fantastic. He would meet with classmates before class or even on days off when we needed help, and did everything he could to give us the tools to succeed. Thanks to his tutoring, I received an A in a math class for the first time since middle school. Not every instructor is so ideal, but having had more than one that was better than average makes it easy for me to give this school four out of five stars.
I love the campus you have easy help and a great work program it not that hard to catch on and learn I love it not a bad school
I like Athens Tech in the over all of thing their down falls are they can be a little confusing how they operate and how their administration and staff changes a lot so information flow can be corrupted or slow.
I am currently in Dual Enrollment with Athens Technical College at my local high school, and would recommend that all students who are eligible to participate in this opportunity. The professors that are available are very helpful if students have any questions. The positive end of it is that the Dual Enrollment program with Athens Technical College is that it is paid for, so that students do not have to worry about major funding.
I have really enjoyed my experience as a dual enrollment student at this college. The professors are extremely smart and care deeply about each student. They were always willing to help inside and outside the classroom. The other staff members were friendly and helpful as well.
I want to go there in the Spring for my freshman year of college. Great prices! I would love to go to start my 4 year degree in Early Childhood Education.
none of these people can be reached by phone and if u need help and can reach them by phone they are not willing to help future students
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What I love about Athens Technical College is that everyone of the staff is willing and able to point you in the right direction. I started as a freshman this summer and the only thing I wish they would have had is an orientation for those of us who are starting as freshman and do not know the way around campus. I know it is not extremely common for students to start out over the summer but it would create a lot less anxiety. Even if they had a student volunteer to take those select few students around campus.
I came to Athens Technical College to become a Nurse after spending four years in Athens for my Biology B.S. at UGA. The environment is completely different from UGA in that it is much more personal, my teachers and advisers know my name and face among peers. Tuition is much more achievable even if like myself, you need financial assistant. The school is a quick trip from UGA and affordable housing if you want to live away from home or moved closer due to the easy commute. My course rigor in the Nursing Program is practical and applicable for my future career and professors will spend the time needed to answer questions and explain concepts.
I came to Athens Technical College after spending a semester at a different institution that all but ruined my college experience. I was absolutely blown away at the support and assistance I received from Athens Tech while transferring and after I became enrolled. I love the atmosphere of the college and how the instructors genuinely care about the students. The instructors are professionals in the fields of study they teach in, and go above and beyond to ensure that students are job-ready at graduation. They have some of the latest technology that allows students to truly be ready for the real world, and really take pride in scholastic achievement. The school is constantly having student based activities and events, and encourages all students to participate in school groups and clubs. All in all, Athens Technical College is a great place to study.
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