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Athens Technical College is the only college that I have been to. I like the fact that there are different campus.
The college is a very inviting and great environment especially for freshman students who are new to the college life.
Great school! Good teachers, smaller classes, perfect for one on one learners. Some people learn best in smaller groups, this is just the right college. This is no party school. This school is strictly getting in and out. Focuses on the studies vs the party side of college.
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I attended Athens Technical College in the Fall of 2018 and I absolutely loved it. I love the small school feel of this college. My professors were very kind and helpful. Not only that but Athens Technical College is a very affordable college. You can attend this school without going into tremendous debt. So for those looking for affordable and high quality education, Athens Technical College is the way to go.
I feel like the employees of athens tech really strive to help the students learn and help them prepare for college. I am a returning student and look forward to being able to take on campus classes instead of online.
Athens Tech is very friendly and has a southern charm. It is a great school to attend because you can choose a schedule that fits your work schedule.
The BIOL 2113 professors at ATC are incredible. They are all devoted to producing top tier students no matter what their major is. They truly are interested in the future of their students and it shows. ATC has public safety personal constantly patrolling the campus in the shadows. There are plenty of common areas for students to hang out and take a break at all times during the school day.
I really loved the campus' accessibility. The teachers are great and want you to succeed. The campus live is pleasant and relaxing which is really helpful. I wish they had sports though.
It was a great college. Now it seems they are moving more towards a university like system. They need more internet classes. They also have bad issues with their Grant's system. I lost my grants because of one class I took 10 years ago for another program and they claimed I was taking too long to finish my program. They would never contact me back to resolve the issue. Need more flexibility for working adults.
I really have enjoyed my experience at Athens Technical College. It’s a great environment where you can meet many different people from all walks of life. I am excited to be pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse at Athens technical college.
My first impression was wonderful! They were very helpful and walked me through all of the proper steps and programs that I needed to get started. I didn't have a scheduled appointment and they still took the time to see me and were extremely hospitable.
This is a pretty decent tech school. It does not have sports teams or housing and the only food on campus is vending machines.
I'd like to see a better named system, so students can be helped easier. I had trouble with the application process because of getting different answers. Its like nobody was on the same page with information.
They worked with me to quickly get me
Admitted and enrolled in classes in less than 40 min. The Financial aid office had my information ready to go. I didn’t have to worry about anything
Athens Technical college is a very good school for its price. Theres nothing special about the school but the staff is very respectful and never has a problem with helping someone out.
I am currently a senior in high school dual enrolling all of my classes at Athens Tech. I love it! The professors are great, and truly care about the education of their students. The professors are also willing to help students any time they may need it. I am very happy with my decision on going to Athens Tech!
its a great college. Its right in between my home and work , so its really good. The staff are great and very supportive. They've taught me things I should have been told a long time ago in school, but I'm glad it was brought to my attention.
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I love the school! Easy parking, Anatomy professors were great! I took anatomy & physiology 1 and 2 and they were challenging enough that it will definitely prepare me for nursing school. Although, there was not much clubs/organizations that students are involved in, but it is okay since I go there for academic purposes.
I like all the different opportunities that you have at this school. There are so many careers to choose from and the staff and teachers make it really easy.
I like the local environment of the campus. Very safe, modern and clean. Every staff member I was able to meet were very helpful and friendly. I loved the layout of the library, it was very welcoming and can tell that I will visit it very often.
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