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I came to Athens Technical College to become a Nurse after spending four years in Athens for my Biology B.S. at UGA. The environment is completely different from UGA in that it is much more personal, my teachers and advisers know my name and face among peers. Tuition is much more achievable even if like myself, you need financial assistant. The school is a quick trip from UGA and affordable housing if you want to live away from home or moved closer due to the easy commute. My course rigor in the Nursing Program is practical and applicable for my future career and professors will spend the time needed to answer questions and explain concepts.
I came to Athens Technical College after spending a semester at a different institution that all but ruined my college experience. I was absolutely blown away at the support and assistance I received from Athens Tech while transferring and after I became enrolled. I love the atmosphere of the college and how the instructors genuinely care about the students. The instructors are professionals in the fields of study they teach in, and go above and beyond to ensure that students are job-ready at graduation. They have some of the latest technology that allows students to truly be ready for the real world, and really take pride in scholastic achievement. The school is constantly having student based activities and events, and encourages all students to participate in school groups and clubs. All in all, Athens Technical College is a great place to study.
My major social work is something everyone in society needs. A helping hand, soneone who cares.
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very good school to attend, this school offer small class sizes and more personal interaction with your teachers. easy follow learning environment . staff also help in every way to make sure that you reach your goals. Staff very knowledgeable and helpful with all resources available to students
I am able to balance work life with school life easily.
I am not the best at using computers but the school website is very user friendly.
The program I am in will only take a couple years to complete and then I can work in the field I have just graduated from.
I like that there are older people I can relate to and not just fresh out of high school kids.
As a first time student I had lots of questions and they were all answered by the staff
The teachers are very helpful when needing further help on a certain subject.
This is my second year at Athens Technical College and i couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Its a good school and the tuition is afordable
Scheduling classes around my work load and my family was completely easy! Mom and dad were happy so that's all that mattered! I haven't had to transfer credits so I can't answer for that!
The angel accounts we use were great when I did use them in classes! It was very easy to navigate and very easy to understand. Now the email for students always have me

I haven't made it into an actual program so I am unsure if they help post graduates with things of these and such. I only hope that they do.
The sizes of the class are one of the best things about this place. I have to have one on one with insteuctors. All most all of my instructors were great, there were a few I felt had no clue what they were doing. I dropped the classes due to confusion on the class as a whole due to instructors lack of knowledge on the subject.
I don't even know if they have an alumi program or student programs for majors. It's a community college, I feel like they want you in and out as fast as possible.
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The nursing program stressed me out while I attended Athens Tech. I'm hoping if I'm given the second chance to go back to school that the criminal justice program will give me the satisfying feeling knowing that I'm enjoying school. I was completely lost with Nursing.
Its a small campus to navigate around. Class are small enough for one on one with instructors.
The class availability is wide range and easy to pick a time and teacher that works for you. All of my credits transferred however when I started school again after a year off I had to take a mandatory intro class on college, which was redundant.
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