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Athens State has very helpful staff! They are very helpful in providing all the information needed for a new student. The teachers are also very interactive with students.
I just transferred to Athens State last Fall and I have had a great experience so far. In my opinion, the faculty and staff are excellent. Each professor that I have had here has truly cared about my success as a student. The campus is beautiful and well up kept. Athens State has a quaint coffee shop that serves delicious coffee. There is also a new cafeteria that has recently opened. Another nice thing that Athens State provides for its students are many online classes, so a student can attend with out living close by. I have had a wonderful experience at Athens State and would recommend the school without hesitation.
I absolutely loved my experience at ASU! Most of the instructors were anxious to assist with any questions or issues I had. The financial aid department was also very helpful.
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I began at Athens State in the summer of 2016 after taking a year off. This has been a wonderful few months. I have learned so much about my major,information assurance. The wonderful professors online have taken the time to help, support, and lead me through a new learning experience. The only thing that I would like to see change is more activities online based. I live pretty far away and cannot physically be involved there. Regardless, I have had a wonderful experience and I urge anyone contemplating a Bachelor's degree to apply and begin!
I have thoroughly enjoyed most of my classes taken. My professors often have had experience in their field of teaching and are typically quick to answer any questions I may have. My online classes have mostly been well organized, and they have not offered any surprises mid-semester.
I would choose this school again because the online program gave me the flexibility I needed to begin my dream career at a yound age while finishing up a degree. I didn't have to put my dream on hold in order to finish school.
All your teachers really want you to succeed!
I love my school more than anything in the world!
My school is very safe and you always feel protected. I've never heard of anything happening.
We don't have campus housing.
We don't have Greek Life.
We don't have an athletic department.
The campus is seems safe and secure. I have only had classes during the day, so I am not sure of what campus is like at night. I do see safety equipment and security available.
The Education department at ASU is viewed as on of the best in the state of Alabama.
I do not know much about the housing on campus, because I do not live on campus.
I am not aware of any fraternities or sororities at my school. I do not think there are any.
There isn't an athletics department at ASU.
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The teachers and faculty at Athens State University have been kind and helpful from the very start. I have no doubt that their hard work, dedication, and commitment helped play a integral role in my success as a student at ASU.
I have not heard of any crime, violent or otherwise, on our campus.
I am glad that I chose Athens State University. If I had it to do over again, I would still attend Athens State University
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