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I have loved being a student at Athens State! I earned a bachelor's degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. I felt confident in finding a job in my career field after graduation, and I did just that! Career services does a great job of helping students find internships and opportunities to stand out from other graduates. All the faculty and staff were incredibly helpful. There are many opportunities to join activities around campus. The Student Government Association makes a huge effort to increase student life on campus. Athens State is an affordable and flexible option, which is why it's great for students who want to work while getting their degree. I will forever be grateful for my time at Athens State. Go bears!
Amazing college to attend for your educational needs. I have learned a great deal from this school. The online education they offer was very convenient with my work schedule and family.
Overall, not a bad school. I do mostly online, but I like the school when I visit. It's affordable as well, which is a plus. Other schools close to me with the same degree is twice the price.
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I really enjoyed the teachers here. Most all of them are patient, hardworking people who care about their students.
Athens State University is an amazing university. The class sizes are small allowing more one on one attention from the Professors. The staff wants to see you succeed. They encourage you to think outside of the box and motivate you to be the best you can be.
Beautiful campus located close to everything. Athens has some of the best instructors. They want to see you succeed and work with the students. Classes are small which allows for more one on one instruction. There is so on campus living but there are several apartments that rent to students that are reasonably priced and in a safe area.
Athens State helped me complete my degree within a two-years. All my credits were accepted transferred and the tuition is very affordable.
Loved studying at Athens State. I always felt taken care of and I know they really wanted me to succeed. They graduate you with all the accounting courses needed to sit for the CPA (not enough hours though). I would recommend to anyone that wants to get their Accounting degree.
I love the fact that the instructors care about you as an individual. I have only started this semester but am truly enjoying my classes and teachers.

I did have some issues with financial aid which caused some delays in my classes. I was unable to receive my books for several weeks. This issue has been resolved and I am continuing on.
Athens State University's English department fosters a safe learning environment while inspiring creativity and innovation in cultivating writing. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful in advising, financial aid opportunity, and career expectations. For the best education for the price, go to ASU.
The financial aid staff is amazing, they work hard to make sure you get the aid you need. Also admissions has been great getting me ready to start classes.
This is my first year at Athens State so far I love the school. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
I really enjoy Athens State University. It is a beautiful, quite campus with excellent teachers. Most classes are taught online which is something I'm not entirely a huge fan of. I am an "old school" learner and enjoy sitting in a classroom. I will say, however, some classes are nice online. I am a transfer student from a larger school and I do like how small and personal Athens State is. Not to mention they have an EXCELLENT Human Resources Management program.
Athens State has very helpful staff! They are very helpful in providing all the information needed for a new student. The teachers are also very interactive with students.
I just transferred to Athens State last Fall and I have had a great experience so far. In my opinion, the faculty and staff are excellent. Each professor that I have had here has truly cared about my success as a student. The campus is beautiful and well up kept. Athens State has a quaint coffee shop that serves delicious coffee. There is also a new cafeteria that has recently opened. Another nice thing that Athens State provides for its students are many online classes, so a student can attend with out living close by. I have had a wonderful experience at Athens State and would recommend the school without hesitation.
I absolutely loved my experience at ASU! Most of the instructors were anxious to assist with any questions or issues I had. The financial aid department was also very helpful.
I began at Athens State in the summer of 2016 after taking a year off. This has been a wonderful few months. I have learned so much about my major,information assurance. The wonderful professors online have taken the time to help, support, and lead me through a new learning experience. The only thing that I would like to see change is more activities online based. I live pretty far away and cannot physically be involved there. Regardless, I have had a wonderful experience and I urge anyone contemplating a Bachelor's degree to apply and begin!
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I have thoroughly enjoyed most of my classes taken. My professors often have had experience in their field of teaching and are typically quick to answer any questions I may have. My online classes have mostly been well organized, and they have not offered any surprises mid-semester.
I would choose this school again because the online program gave me the flexibility I needed to begin my dream career at a yound age while finishing up a degree. I didn't have to put my dream on hold in order to finish school.
I love my school more than anything in the world!
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