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This is an amazing school with such amazing staff . Everyone is Amazing. Im in school for ECE and the instructors are very informative.
I would like to see that the school actually follows their rules. There are a lot of things I see that I may report to my teachers or the staff and they say they will do something about it but they never follow up with it. They let too many of their students get a free pass and it isn’t fair for the other students. I would really just like for the school as a whole to be mindful of their students because at the end of the day it’s a business.
The staff is very nice and answers all my questions. The communication lines are always open and the staff is very helpful. I have experienced nothing but good interactions since I began the process of enrolling into the LPN program.
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I like the fact that FINALLY there is an LPN to RN program close to where I live. The class schedule is flexible, so if I need to pick up shifts at my job I can.
I enjoyed the opportunity to be apart of athena career academy. The small classes allow me to focus and participate. Lastly, fast track learning helped with balancing life. no improvements needed.
Athena is a private college that offers a variety of career training options through a fast track bridge program.
Variety of programs and people
Everything is easy to find and get to
the staff is friendly and the courses are straight forward and the classes are small
The school assist you with obtaining employment and offer letter of recommendation
The Academy is still fairly new and does not offer much resources beyond the computer lab. However, they just moved into a larger building and its bit more comfortable attending class.
It is a great facility and we have awesome labs.
They helped me get in touch with old schools to get my transcripts
I had some trouble, because I was running out of financial aid, but they were great about helping me and working with me!
Nice group chats. Theres a lot less frustration testing on line.
There's lots of things in the library and lots of groups to work with!
The teachers are hands on and involved!
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The nursing classes are small and have great labs, you don't feel like you are one out of a million there is just a few of you.
So far so good. Everyone has been friendly, informative, and speedy!
Class enrollment was very simple.
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