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At ATA, all of the classes are hands on. The professors and staff care about you; they help you with anything you need.
Medical billing and coding will be a rewarding career for me. The help I've gotten from fellow students, instructors And others has been great.
The process .of starting a second career at ATA College has been awesome. Jordan and Chad both helped me through the admission and finance part of going back to school a smooth process. I appreciate the energetic teachers I've met my first week of classes.
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It has been hard to schedule work around my class schedule
My school offers job and internship opportunities
The courses and professors are helpful and set up to help pass the nclex
I will me completely prepared to be an LPN when I complete this program
The program is set up to help me advance my future, find a job in my field
The program is challenging but I enjoy it.
I have classes a few hours every night for 4 days a week. It's easier having 1 class a day then 3-4 a day every day.
The school focuses in on courses that will directly affect your career and in doing this it saves time from unnecessary classes or expenses.
The teachers do their best to provide accurate information with the topic and classes.
I really enjoy attending this school, the teachers are excellent. It's a unique hands on experience with your lab classes.
I absolutely love this school. The teachers are wonderful and very hands on. I like most about the school is that, it is accelerated. This means I have the ability to learn and complete my program in a shorter amount of time and have the ability to be placed faster as well.
This school is the best school. We are family here and we all stick together and get through classes. It was the best decision I have ever made.
I get along with people in my class and work well with them. We are eager to learn and help each other.
They have certain classes that may or may not be offered when I need them.
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Easily accessible and a great area to study in. Up to date computer lab and resources.
They have a 97% placement rate for graduate students.
I am a medical coding student. I am in my 3rd quarter. I enjoy ATA College because it is fast paced but I am learning everything I need to know about my upcoming job. It gets a little hectic at times but I am staying afloat.
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