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At the present I am still in school. I plan on graduating in January 2017. As stated earlier the career center and alumni network are very good. As far as job prospects, now is not the time because I have not completed the course work.
As I said earlier, the courses are challenging and fun. The Instructors are all Licensed Massage Therapists and they teach from experience in the field. The courses are all geared toward becoming Licensed Therapists. The class size is small so getting one on one is very good. All of the classes are hands on and shown how to actually do the job.
In the course that I am taking, it was shown to have a 100% graduation rate and a 98% job placement rate. Past graduates have come back to the school thanking the instructors for the lessons taught and learned. The Department Head is always getting calls from businesses wanting therapist to come to them for exhibitions and for hire. The career center is well equipped with references for any job you seek. The computer lab is very well stocked also.
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I am studying Medical Massage Therapy. All of the instructors are Licensed Massage Therapists with multiple years of experience. The workload is not insurmountable and it is challenging and fun to learn. The curriculum is geared toward learning techniques of being a Massage Therapist. The facilities are geared toward actually becoming a Massage Therapist. There is a clinic where one can practice the art of becoming a therapist. You are being closely supervised on how to become a therapist as in the actually workplace. You are taught what to expect on the licensing test. The staff involved in job placement teach you how to write a resume and how to dress for success. The staff will seek job opportunities for you before you graduate and see to it that you have the job want. As I said from the beginning this school is with you from start to finish.
My experience at Beckfield College has been one of excitement, challenges, and hands on experiences. I came in not knowing what to expect and found my education to rewarding and exciting. This school is unique because this school helps the student from start to finish. The instructors are dedicated enough to see that you learn what you paid for. If I were forty years younger and know what I know now, this school would be on the top of my list of schools.
the school offered me the option to transfer my credits on this is my first time in school so I have no credits transfer
the school assist you with finding a job along your education line.if you find a job and you're unhappy with it cool will assist you with finding another job that you will be happy with
The admission team sits down with you to see what program best fits what your lifestyle
Medical assisting programs have a actual registered nurse teaching you class. Upon graduating they will assist with job placement
We have high speed internet, new computers, and free printers to students
We have a wonderful library's, computer labs and people there car help you
My school is a very comfortable place to be. Inviting space l
Wonderful program. There are people on stand by to help you at any point
The financial aid went over and beyond to help me
There are a wide amount of students from different back grounds
I got the info I needed and registration was quick and informative
my financial aid rep was knowledgeable and worked in a timely manner
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need to be given more info
I will be able to go straight into my bachelors degree
due to my credits transferring in I was able to make feasible changes to my schedule that allowed me to continue working while pursuing my education
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