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Not well organized, as it is a new program. They need more enthusiastic teachers who love to teach. The Ob instructor is awesome as this is her passion, she does not hive any free rides, she is tuff. Only wanting you to know everything. So if Ob is something a person would like to do, they would learn a lot from this instructor. Clinical still have a lot of ironing out to do. I assume with every new program it has to find its way.
They're idea of tutoring is to sit you down on the computer to read. No one on one lesson what so ever. Not to mention, you are completely belittled for asking for tutoring. Nothing is organized here. Our "educated" teachers are lazy. All that happens in the classroom is power point readings. A lot of the teachers and staff are rude as can be, especially the nursing director, Sandra Phallen. She talks down upon you and makes you feel like the lowest person in the world. This school shouldn't even exist. They should be sued and shut down for how they operate financial aid and the school in general! Three girls in my glass decided to rent their books instead of receive them from school, Ata charged all of the girls for their books anyways. Also, another couple girls have certification for their CNA already, so they weren't meant to take the cna class, which would mean they shouldn't be charged for the cna class, but they were. And they won't refund their money. This is crook central.
they told me more would transfer then did but thats par of the course
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the ex tern people dont know what they are doing, most people in our program did not get an ex tern place that did what we were in school to do
have to take classes that have nothing to do with my degree as filler courses
area is very close knit, if you get in somewhere you better not tick anyone off
Teachers are hit or miss here, good ones teach well the bad ones are so bad that its disgusting
They tell you what you want to hear to get you in the door and then they really do not care what happens to you
The school is amazing the teaches and staff are so kind and very helpful. They all want the best for every student.
They help you find a job.
I just began my classes but so far they are very helpful.
The campus staff is very friendly and extremely helpful.
They do have incentives like pancake day and holiday activities for family members.
Some instructors are better than others. I appreciate the hands on teachers with examples. But there are a few teachers that in my opinion should have never become teachers.
Help me deal with any issues I have until they are resolved.
All of pur instructors have experience in the trade that they're teaching.
With any small college are higher expenses, but this school does work with the students and I respect that.
Review ATA Career Education
There have been alot of successful graduates who have found great jobs and are always smiling and happy i guess that is what im looking for. we have a great student center with every computer program you could think of and assisstance with hospitality.
my school is a great school. the teachers are more than willing to help out where ever and when ever they can. My school offers class take overs for free! Even if you have your diploma or certificate you can always go back to take a course you took in your previous education for they have free toutering and a library that is stocked with every kind of material you could possibly need. I had an option to go to a community college that would take me forever to get my diploma with huge class rooms or go to a college that actually wants you to succeed and does everything in their power to help you succeed your goal that will change your life im majoring in nursing and get to work full hands on and get a great oppertunity to be the best i can be
The Dental Instructors, Materical – In the begining I had great instructors, but after about 31/2 months in the program, a new instructor was hire and I complaint about her and nothing was done, during that time I lost my interest in the program because the instructor was not being taken serious and she allow the students to hang out and not take thier learning serious. I felt like I was in a counciling session and not in a college dental Assistant Class. She not longer with the school but the damage is already done. Lost my interest and it very hard to get it back. but Iam trying
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