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A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Reviews

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I am a second year doctoral student studying at A. T. Still University in Arizona. My favorite aspect of campus is the focus on interdisciplinary learning. It provides rich learning experiences and prepares us as health care professionals to work in a team of health care providers and communicate what our specific discipline has to offer. It also gives me peace of mind to attend such a safe campus. Our security staff are so dedicated and I often see them patrolling campus to ensure the safety of all students and faculty.
A.T. Still University has a beautiful campus outdoors and indoors. Outside there are grassy areas with beautiful structures. Indoors there are comfortable study areas with lots of natural lighting. A.T. Still faculty have been very helpful with answering all questions prior to the start of classes.
Very good variety will allow for whatever a particular student seeks.
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It is very similar to other schools of this caliber.
There is no Greek like at this school
The mild weather allows lunches to be eaten outside, sports to be played year round and many different activities to be discovered on the weekend.
The professors really work to even out the schedule among the different courses.
There is a no drug policy and each program has random testing.
There are many different places and many have a reverse happy hour for late night with friends.
There are very many different countries and cultures that are represented among the students and faculty.
There is plenty of spots available for the students and faculty.
The safety officials sit at the front desk, and a second walks around the small campus
wireless throughout campus, great IT dept and printing is included with your tuition
Whole person healthcare and a school that embraces the health of body, mind and spirit
You can live close and ride a bike, but most students have their own vehicles.
Many different options all within close proximity.
Mostly everyone has a car or some students walk to school.
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It's a good school for med and dental.
We have some student apartments but I don't know anyone who lives in them. Everyone pretty much lives off campus
There is only one bar. Dukum Inn. Kirksville is not a party town. House parties are better than being at the bar.
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