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Assumption is a great school and provides many opportunities for success. The small classroom size allows students to ask the professor questions and feel like they are valued.
I’ve only been here one semester, but so far so good. If you’re considering coming here, from my own personal experience I reccomend, but being completely honest it’s pretty much an academic school and not so much what you’d expect your average college to be like. But getting involved has been key. If I hadn’t signed up for clubs and other activities I would be stuck in my dorm with nothing to do. We do have a great community here, you just have to find the right people. I’ve met amazing people my first semester and had great professors and classes. It is a very tight and small feel for a college, but it’s the kinda school where you get out what you put in. So if you work hard, get involved, make an effort to be social, and keep an open mind, you could really find a home in Assumption.
Very mysterious place. A serene campus, laden with various shrubs and lilies, distracts the eye from the faint glimpse of a shawshank facility. The type of school that the box car children would have gone to. Partially content with maggot-ridden bagels, chobani-paint mixtures, board games before bed on Saturday night, and a challenging test on the Alphabet in English class. Need medical attention on campus? Just call life star, or simply hope to wake up in the morning.

A typical interaction between two students:
John: “Hey Katy, you and you’re friends should come to my pregame tonight”
Katy: “Sure, I’d - “
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Poor reputation, that will you will see is very justified once you come here. Do not come here looking for the college experience because you will be disappointed.
If I could do it over, I would have never applied here. Nothing like they make it out to be, so do not be fooled. Career services SUCK for such a "small school" you would expect the school to be more invested in students but that is not the case. Very strict school which defeats the independence of college, I believe that because of the strictness of the school, people here graduate at a disadvantage to the real world. Take a long second and rethink if you actually want to come to a school like this.
Assumption has been an awful school. Serveral kids transfer out, the campus is not very put together since there is only 1 nice building. RAs and campus police are very strict. Not a party school by any means, most students that want to party need to go into the dangerous city of worcester to bars which is costly and unsafe. Academics are easy, but I guess that may fit somes academic levels. Professors dont care, classes are also usually 40 or more... not sure why Assumption falsely claims to have smaller than that. Boring school as well
It's a small campus where you can get to know people. The professors are interested in getting to know the students and helping them. The administration has been shown to put the budget before the students on a few occasions. While we are a liberal arts school the “arts” programs have had large cut backs. So if you are looking into this school be aware that it seems to be shifting away from liberal arts and toward STEM. There is also a large core which is annoying to complete and you need to plan classes carefully.The food on campus is run by Sodexo. Most of the food is low quality and makes you feel sick after a long time eating it. The dorms on campus are okay. Most of them are in need of renovations. The apartments are nicer but they need to be updated, most of the appliances are very old don't work. Each dorm building needs your ID to scan in, but people will just let you in. Health services isn’t great and only has hours 8-4 on weekdays which is when classes are.
Truly a failing instituion. Assumption College has really become the laughing stock of the Worcester College Consortium. I seriously don’t know how they stay open with the amount of kids who transfer out. Academics are below average for the money being spent and professors could care less about their job. Food is very sickening. Police prohibit anyone from having fun, Assumption feels more like a detention facility.
Terrible. Classes are easy, professors are not helpful. You might as well be in a massive lecture hall. Campus is decrepit, everyone is super cliquey since it is so small, worse than high school. Campus police and RAs are overly strict, the party scene is awful since there is no off campus housing. Any "party" is in the apartments which is pretty much and insane amount of kids squished into a dorm sized room. "Parties" also get shut down by campus police before 12. Food sucks here too. Do not come, most kids transfer. Retention rate is very low which is why they do not publicze that on tours or open houses.
Everything about the "college" aspect of AC is flat-out terrible. The classes are boring. The professors try to act like they like their job (but you can tell they hate it) or act cruel and superior to their students. Based on their life stories, I am convinced that some of them are actually crazy. Don't get fooled by the tours, when everyone is screaming crap like, "We're so concerned with community! Community means friendship, and you're a part of it!" Most People here are clicky and judgmental as hell. There is no "community." Others are stuck-up, full of themselves, or try to act cool, when they're just being stupid. Lots of parties go on here, so if you're into that we'd love to have you. I guess if you STRONGLY feel this college is right for you then it probably is (honestly, if you feel that way about any college you should go there). If you don't know where to go and Assumption didn't feel like anything special to you, I'd look past it. There's a reason it's a small campus.
The small classes allow for students to engage on a personal level with professors and connect better with other students. The campus is a tight knit community, and the location is slightly away from the city part of Worcester, so students feel more safe and "at home".
Assumption has a beautiful campus. Different activities are planned for Friday and Saturday nights, so there is always something to do on the weekends. Some of the buildings are nice, but some are outdated. The academics can be challenging, but the professor are always willing to help. There are a lot of cliques amongst students.
The faculty and staff with whom I've interacted have shown a sincere regard for my well being well beyond the classroom. The sense of community at Assumption College is unparalleled.
I loved that Assumption was a small school and I was able to have the a good relationship with my professors. I wanted to be known by them and not just a number.
I love the community and classes. I believe Assumption provides great opportunities for work experience. One thing the school could improve on is freedom. I believe the school can be a bit strict and I think since we are adults we deserve freedom.
I really enjoy Assumption College! The professors are amazing, and they really want to help you succeed. Classes are small so you can ask questions and go to office hours and the professors know your name. The campus is beautiful! in the fall the trees look so pretty. Sometimes it can feel pretty small and sometimes cliquey, but also a lot of people are friendly to everyone and you can definitely find your place, there are all types of people here.
My experience at Assumption College has all around been very positive. I do not have anything to complain about. The student to teacher ratio is great and the opportunities here are beneficial to everyone. They have a really strong academic support center with peers that are very smart and excel in the subjects that they are tutoring, and the library has a lot of other great resources as well. The campus is very clean. The dining hall offers a variety of different meals every day, and it compatible for every person, despite if you have an allergy or eating preference.
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Assumption college has great professors, decent resources for life after college, a friendly helping community, and great sport programs. Food can definitely be improved. Residence halls could be improved as well.
I loved Assumption! Just the right size for me. Great community and atmosphere. Can always find something to do. The food could be better but it isn't as bad as other schools. Excellent professors who actually help you. Good DII sports, especially the football and women's basketball program.
I really had a hard time at the school when it came to friend making, the academics and everything else. I stayed almost three years was put on academic probation twice and left the school. It is a drinking school and that what kids did three nights a week. Students were constantly being sent to the hospital for being drunk. It was a bad environment.
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