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I loved Assumption! Just the right size for me. Great community and atmosphere. Can always find something to do. The food could be better but it isn't as bad as other schools. Excellent professors who actually help you. Good DII sports, especially the football and women's basketball program.
I really had a hard time at the school when it came to friend making, the academics and everything else. I stayed almost three years was put on academic probation twice and left the school. It is a drinking school and that what kids did three nights a week. Students were constantly being sent to the hospital for being drunk. It was a bad environment.
My experience so far at Assumption College has been amazing. Everyone here is so welcoming, it's so easy to fit in. I feel comfortable in every class. Classes are capped off at thirty students, so you're never in a class with a ton of people. This creates an environment where you're more than just a number to your professor. Assumption College has been one of my best decisions so far.
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I love the campus and the overall feel of the college! I have enjoyed the majority of my classes so far as well. There are many very nice and helpful professors who genuinely care about your studies and plans for the future. Biggest downsides are the overall price is quite expensive and there are not a ton of options for food or activities on campus, but it is very close to Worcester! Overall it has been a great experience!
I came to Assumption because I liked how it was a smaller campus that still had a welcoming and fun community. The friends that I've made here are the best I've ever had and I'm closer with more professors than I ever thought. My only complaint is that time is going way to fast.
I love the community aspect here, I have met so many amazing people through campus ministry and chorale. I have always wanted to go to Catholic school, and I definitely call Assumption College my home.
I love how much of a community this campus is. It has a small enough student population to be familiar with a good number of people while it is large enough to be able to meet new people everyday. Everyone is so giving and are willing to help anyone at any moment. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and are willing to work with a student until they feel confident in their abilities in that course. There are also an abundance of resources available for every aspect of life that students do not always know about. One thing that is certain is that no one will ever have to struggle on their own, because a helping hand is somewhere near.
Love the classes and courses. Professors are always engaging.
I haven't used the alumni network but plan to do so.
The campus police are visible and steps are taken to keep us safe with the changing times.
Dorms are kept up with as far as cosmetics etc. There are some very spacious rooms for upper classmen.
Much is done to promote school spirit especially with themed games.
Committed quality professors and staff. Assumption offers students plenty of extracurricular activities and opportunities to do on a beautiful campus setting. Quality education.
Since it's a lower tier school they don't have top notch internship programs but they are still great.
I love the school. It's a great experience. I've built amazing friendships and networks with the professors.
While the admins, Deans, campus advocate, and ResLife team do a good job making students aware of sexual assault, the college and its admins have been accused of covering up various sexual assault incidents. RA's from ResLife are knowledgeable and aware of these incidents but admins still deny it.
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Housing lottery is a pain. It is very unforgiving.
We don't have greek life but it wouldn't work on the campus.
The dance team/club could be more varied.
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