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Associated Technical College - San Diego Reviews

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Allows me to study and still be available for my other responsibilities.
We can always return for assistance with job placements.
My professor is the best because he knows how to make the class interesting to where all of his students come in ready to learn the next thing.
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Once we graduate from this school, many new doors are open to us. The counselors take the time to assist us in locating employment even before we graduate.
I find my major to be interesting. Although I have studied this in the past, by attending classes here, I am being brought up to speed with the new techniques and rules.
My experiences at this school have been extremely favorable. The instructors take the time I need to understand the materials. I feel that they are here to do everything they possibly can to allow me to be successful.
They are great at teaching. They will help you find a great job inside that program that you are in.
IT awesome. They treat you like family, everyone knows each other.
I do not have any online courses at this school.
Im not sure about this question.
There is a staff member dedicated to only helping you fine a job in a career that fits your choice of learning. That staff member will even help you create resumes, cover letters etc.. also the school will refer you to companies that they know, if you show yourself a good reliable student.
The instructors are very knowledgeable, but can be at times some what inappropriate. depending on your views on what is or is not appropriate. I am a christian student, and was often disturber-ed by sexually friendly conversation, cursing, or theories that denounce God as a creator.
I have learned many new things about technology. The instructors are vary knowledgeable and if questions are asked they will be thoroughly answered. The things I have learned will help me to gain employment and also help me in my personal life as well.
My experience at ATC has been pleasant. I have experienced many trials unrelated to school, but ATC worked with me and were always very helpful. I love the small class size, I was always able to get one on one instruction if I needed it.
Its okay, nothing special. 1 student lounge which holds app. 20 students, few vending machines, absolutley no water fountains which is a bummer.
Nothing unique, in the center of downtown so there are a number of things to walk to, but the school itself is the third floor of a large building, so not much to do. There is a student lounge with a few vending machines.
Computer lab is small, only about 3 available computers to work on outside of class, howerver, there are 2 computer classes on campus with about 20 PC's in each class.
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