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This school is year round so they don't do semesters like most universities so you are able to get your degrees a little faster than other universities.
I was so pleased with the choice I made at go to Aspen. Not only did i get a discount from my job, but the teachers were understanding and yet had the ability to give correction with kitten glove. This was by far one of the best educational experience of my life.
I can not imagine any other online school being this great and have no desire to even find out. Aspen University is absolutely the best choice for me !!
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I am not computer savvy yet have had no problems with my assignments.
Advisors and Professors are very helpful.
I have learned so much and am allowed to go as fast or slow as I would like towards my degree.
EVERYONE that I have had contact with has gone above board to help me.
The Professors are at the top of their profession and are very helpful and approachable.
I have had some of the best of the best Professors at Aspen University !!
Classes are extremely flexible. I am a full time employee while I work my way through school. Because of Aspens classroom program I can complete my tasks on my time as long as my deadlines are met. That is invaluable.
the student portal is easy to use. It allows for easy communication between other students and your teachers. uploading assignments is a breeze
Most of the professors are great and supportive. They answer any questions quickly and with knowledge. They understand that I am not just a student but also a working adult and have allowed flexibility when I needed it as well as support when required for the most part.
Many of the assignments require you to reach out to parents and teachers in the community to help establish connections that can be used when school has completed
Every professor I have had at Aspen in the early childhood education progam has been knowledgeable and supportive. They choose outstanding text books and the curriculum focuses on real world techniques and usable practices.
i have greatly appreciated my studies at Aspen University. While learning online can be challenging, Aspen does all they can to make sure their students have the tools they need to be a success.
As stated previously I'm able to get behind my computer once I'm at home and relax and have finished my work for today and do my homework at my own pace.
I believe it differs from traditional brick-and-mortar classes because you're able to work around your schedule, work around the things that you have to do at home and still get behind your computer relax and get your work done
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There is an alumni network but as I stated in my last question my job has already approached me about a position so I haven't had to reach out to my school for references or possible job opportunies.
There were a variety of courses that we took such as public health communication statistics and so forth. I have classes that range from two people to about 20 of the classes are held online it just basically dependent on how many people enrolled in the class.
The career prospects for finishing the MSN will be to move from line worker or bedside nurse to a area of administration. I don't have any worries about recruitment as my job has already approached me about moving into a upper management position when I graduate from the program.
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