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Asnuntuck is a great gateway to four year degree granting institutions. I’m able to get my gen ed credits out of the way without spending a fortune. The class sizes are small and the professors I’ve had are incredibly responsive.
Some of the professors are amazing and will change your life the other half are racist if your a minority
The advisors and professors really want to see you succeed. If you show them you’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals (whether academic or professional), they’ll be with you every step of the way
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I have had a really wonderful experience at Asnuntuck. My favorite part of the school is the faculty. I have found that all of the professors are really great, and caring people, and the other school staff members are very friendly and helpful. The school is rather tight knit and feels very welcoming. If I could change something I would change the auditorium. It’s very dated and not well lit at all.
Asnuntuck Community College defines affordable and quality education. I came to ACC in 2015, with the intention of taking a few credits and transferring to my dream school in the spring. Little did I know- I was already at my dream school! ACC has amazing professors-where they have extensive knowledge and infinite time to meet with you 101. The student life consists of a very active Student Government Association, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, a Gaming club, among many others. For such a small school- there are an abundance of activities happening multiple times a week. There are also many resources such as free bus transportation, free Microsoft excel, a food pantry, free in person and online tutoring, free textbook resources, and many others. I would highly recommend Asnuntuck Community College as a great opportunity for education.
Asnuntuck is such a great place to start. Coming out of high school can be stressful with all the pressure being put on you. However, I found ACC to be very welcoming and much like high school. The classes were small and comforting, and the school in general was very diverse which was a nice change. Everyone there is so friendly and it’s a great community overall.
Asnuntuck is a really great school with a wonderful staff and diverse student population. Most people are so friendly and are willing to help. The professors are really great and they create a wondering learning environment.
The atmosphere makes you feel at ease and comfortable at the college. The staff do a great job helping directly in what is necessary.
It was the first college I ever went to after moving to U.S. And, I was really scared how the student and professors will treat me, as you don't see the best of the world on news.
However, when I came here everyone was so warm and kind, it didn't feel like I was any different. The college campus environment and the professors are the two things that I loved the most about ACC. Encouraging professors and study environment at all times.
I loved the small college feel to this college, but as it is a small college, the online offerings can be somewhat limited, and my biggest problem was with the advising dept. I felt that I was left to trying to figure it all out on my own, a lovely woman from a different dept finally helped me out. This is an excellent college to start with, affordable. BUT, you must be savvy about your path, especially if you plan on transferring.
This school is welcoming, it is easy to maneuver the 'campus' considering there is only one building. The school overall is limited in the classes and what they have to offer in terms of regular college courses, sports, cafeteria, and clubs. I think they need to focus more on the main school. They also have no sports and the clubs are not very welcoming or proactive.
Asnuntuck is great for someone right out of high school or for someone going back to school. It is a place to get classes out of the way or learn a trade but lacks the overall college experience and amenities other schools have to offer.
It was a really great school for someone who was undecided on what direction to take.
very flexible and helpful, it is also very convenient
i dont take online course but I've heard that there excellent.
The career center is excellent, they also give internship too second semester student.
This school makes the student work ready and make sure you know what your doing before you go out in the work field
The course are decent and informative and the professors are heplful and friendly.
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its very relaxed the workload and the instructors are very helpful.
I've Learned a lot of things at Asnuntuck and I'm happy with my friendly instructors and great learning enviorment.
there have been no hassles or frustrations.
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