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Asian American International Beauty College Reviews

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they are all kind haearted and we are all united edespite of diffent races that we have..^_^... we treat each others like a family in our school, students are like siblings and the lecturers are our second parents..^_^
my lecturers are very helpful, freindly and very supportive
we have libraries, computer room,common room, kitchen for the culinary student, a restaurant for the hospitality student and for the tourism student usually outstation
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my college is not really that big, but its warm because of the warm hearted students studying in that school and also the staffs. we dont have any problems wth our academics programs. like i said we always exposed not only in school but also outside school. for 3 years and a half that i stayed in my college everythings going smoothly..^_^
To be honest I really don't know... All I know is I want to study cause I love studying, and I'm willing to work hard for my studies and work hard for my job. so that I can be able to reached my goal and my dreams. So I'm going to do anything to reached that goal no matter what happen and no matter how hard it will be.
My goal in life is to finished DOCTORATE, I will study and work at the same time until I can get that goal..^_^
My experience in Asian Tourism International College was great and unique, we actually been exposed in nature and in reality lifestyle. our lecturers are very supportive and trained us not only in our classrooms but also in nature / environment. We also travel a lot for experience and for the purpose of team building and meeting new friends. So if I could turn back the time and given me a chance to choose a college where am I going to study. My decision will be in the same school, because all the knowledge I've learn and all experience I gained was actually from that school...^_^
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