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Ashland University has many enrichment opportunities both within academics and in student life. There are a lot of student organizations, study abroad trips, and campus events. A very good experience overall!
I love the environment of Ashland University. I like to call it my “home away from home” I feel so safe and like it is the right place for me. I have never had a bad experience while attending Ashland.
I have had the opportunity to attend Ashland University classes as a High School Senior. The staff, campus, and students were helpful and welcoming. The cafeteria is top notch and I have been accepted as an incoming freshman for the Fall of 2019. After visiting nearly a dozen other college campuses, I found everything from student support, a beautiful campus, and a top rated program at Ashland University.
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Will be incoming freshman in the Fall 2019. I selected this school because of their strong academic and athletic programs. The campus is amazing offering all the benefits some of the larger universities, but with a small town feel.
Ashland has become a second home. When deciding a change in majors, I knew my new current major would lead me in the right direction even though we are the smallest in campus.
much closer to everything important in my life. and grants my the possibility to stay in my lifetime home. the professors are very helpful.
They are not very trust worthy when it comes to grants. I was told I only had to be a full time student to get my grants and then they needed up taken one away 3 weeks into the semester because I live off campus. The education department is good but the dean is mean and doesn’t take time to understand your concerns.
Ashland is an amazing University! I loved the close knit campus and amazing free tools and resources. I loved having ministry in my education experience.
You get out whatever you bring into this University. If you bring hate, drama, and introvertedness, then you will not get what you want out of this University. However, if you work hard, join clubs, and have a positive attitude, then you will enjoy your experience and learn a lot about life and it's experiences.
Ashland University has been great to me so far, the faculty is so nice and the campus life is vibrant. I believe I made the right decision to come to Ashland especially for their nursing .
In my first semester, on line, and it’s been great so far! Courses have been fR and there are lots of courses to choose from.
I love being at Ashland University. I am an athlete and I could not have picked a better school to continue my education and athletic career. I am able to work hard at school and on the track. This school is small, but it is very easy to get to from place to place fairly quickly. The class sizes are small too, which means you get one-on-one attention from professors. If you have to miss a lecture for athletics, professors work well with that and make sure you do not miss anything important for that day.
If you are looking for a small enough school for offices to know your name, but large enough that they also don't care about you, Ashland is the school for you. The Residence Life program and office at Ashland is nothing short of terrible. Expect to be treated like a child by both the office and your RA. They are very strict on deadlines and will assess fees for just about any minor infraction. Don't expect them to stick to their end of the bargain, however. Requests you make to this office are routinely not fulfilled; expect them to be fulfilled late at best. This pervasive attitude includes Safety Services and Student Life. Don't expect them to be of much help to you during your time at AU. Each of these administrators view themselves as quasi-police, so you'll find that with nearly every interaction with these departments, you'll be racking up charges on your Student Account.
Steer clear and save yourself a lot of frustration and dollars.
The campus is beautiful. My first year was good. Although it was a struggle adapting to academics...I think all freshman go through this. The teacher interaction made it so much easier. Always responded immediately to my emails and available anytime to meet and explain anything I was needing additional help with. Very personable campus.
Ashland University has a wonderful education program and opportunities for growth as a pre-service teacher. They place you in a classroom your first year to help the students make sure they know what area of education they want to go into. Outside of academics, there are many opportunities for growth and to explore interests.
The college is well organized, clean and has a good professional look. The staff is very kind and is willing to help in any way. The campus is very safe and relaxing.
I loved Ashland University. The atmosphere seems amazing and the people were very nice. I'm excited to live on campus and the college life for the next 4 years!
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Ashland University has a large campus and an even larger variety of people. both students and staff are very friendly and understanding people. AU offers numerous resources for students weather its tutoring, finacial help, or just need some tips on writing an essay. It is definitily a college that ask for its students's finest work efforts because you won't earn a degree or graduate by just sitting around.
Good with small class rooms. Small environment and very well with athletics and all sports. Great Greek life program
I love a lot of things about Ashland University. The campus is beautiful and I enjoy being here. The class sizes are small and the professors make it very personable. They also put in a lot of effort to try to get every student a job when they graduate. I also love the food here.
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