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The thing I like most about Ashland University is from the moment you apply they are there walking you through the process and making sure you are completely settled in before you even take your first class. Registering and getting started with them could not be easier and I would highly recommend.
I took all of my classes online and everyone has been an amazing experience. The people at Ashland University are there to assist in all matters and this is evident in their excellent communication skills. They regularly touch base with me and ensure I don't have any questions or concerns. This is especially important as I am 40 years old, head of a household, supporting 5 people, and serving in the US Navy and my time is extremely valuable. Overall I could not be happier with the support Ashland University has giving me though out my time working with them and I would highly recommend them to any non-traditional student out there trying to make a better life for themselves and their family.
My overall experience at Ashland University has been unforgettable. The faculty and staff care greatly about all of the students and campus community. The classes and academics are challenging and enlightening. The friends I have made here will last a life time.
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When classes were switched to online because of COVID-19 there was an adjustment period for the professors and the students. Some professors were more equipped and prepared to teach online than others.
I would not recommend taking any classes at this school! Save yourself the trouble and hard earned money!
I did not take online classes and I am only filling this out because it’s required in order to submit the form.
About an hour outside of Cleveland and I felt like it was another world. I’m from a rural area but this place was very different. The students seemed very sheltered and I didn’t see one POC the entire time I was there. The area is not a wealthy area and the surrounding town showed this in the lack of charm. The dorms are very bare-bones. The education is similar to one available at any other quality institution without much to make it stand out. The cafeteria food was not the best—few fresh vegetables and heavy on carbs. The desserts were good, but I’m not really sure where the award-winning food was; for a cafeteria it was mediocre and since I was expecting better, it was surprising to encounter what it was
I do not take any classes online at the moment but working with the staff through Ashland has been stress-free!
As of right now the experience has felt restricted due to COVID-19, I truly believe that my experience with Ashland will be one that I will cherish and never forget after we solve this pandemic!
I loved the community that I was apart of. I made a lot of great friends and got a great education. The food is excellent!
I took a few classes online. It was more difficult to learn this way as face to face instruction is more beneficial for me.
Most online classes are super easy to understand the topics being taught. I have taken multiple online classes and would prefer them over in class since I can complete them on my own time.
Ashland University is a great campus if you can find a close group of friends and if you can gain a great professor. Most professors at Ashland do not teach students but expects them to already know the topics. There is really nothing to do on campus, I ended up driving home every weekend and sometimes during the weekdays because I was so bored and so stressed over nothing. When you walk onto campus it feels like it drains the life out of you. I only stay because I have a couple of professors that I do not want to let down. The dorms are not air-conditioned so when you arrive there for the first couple of weeks you will be sweating buckets at night during that time. While if you are a special student in the Ashbrook building you get to have to air-condition. Ashland University does not allow parties near campus, and you could get written up if anyone smells alcohol in your room. All parties happen off-campus in houses. And The food is disgusting, I ended up buying my own.
Personally, I liked that Ashland University is a small school, but not too small in the sense of everybody knowing everybody. I also like that Ashland University is a community on its own, which has a warming culture. There are plenty of on school activities to do on campus and everyone is so welcoming, it makes you adapt quickly and becomes your home away from home.
Before the pandemic happened, I was already taken online courses at Ashland University. The professors at Ashland University adapt very well to the student's needs. They give you leverages you wouldn't expect and make it so the learning is convenient and easy for you. They want to see you succeed and demonstrate this through their online learning. They extend deadlines if the internet connection is poor or if you're overall struggling. They make it so learning online is not a hassle for you.
Ashland is a good school with some strong programs, but lacks in certain resources and course availability. Too many general education requirements distracted from my major and staff doesn't help with career suggestions.
The staff are amazing. The food is amazing. The campus is fresh, clean and well developed. The education is the best.
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Ashland University is a great college. All of their professors are great and will help all students to be successful in their time there. Its got small enough classes that you can talk and everyone can ask questions to their teacher throughout class and talk to them after If you need to. All students are able to have one on one sessions with your professors if a student struggles on the subject they discussed. All the professors are open to change their ways of teaching to help the students benefit more. I would change nothing about this university.
I loved how tight knit the faculty was. They are all there to help each individual students achieve their goals. The campus feels extremely safe, which is a major key to me as I have a lot of anxiety with big open public spaces.
Very Nice Campus and Teachers take the time to get to know their students! The campus is always kept in great shape and always kept up with. The dining options are also very nice. I have made so many new friends at Ashland University! Choosing this campus was one of the best things I have ever decided to do!
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