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Good with small class rooms. Small environment and very well with athletics and all sports. Great Greek life program
I love a lot of things about Ashland University. The campus is beautiful and I enjoy being here. The class sizes are small and the professors make it very personable. They also put in a lot of effort to try to get every student a job when they graduate. I also love the food here.
Ashland University is a great school! Their nursing and education programs are really prominent and very informative. A little expensive and I'd like for tuition to be cheaper but for it being a private university it is still pretty affordable.
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I was only there on a college visit but I did like everything they had to offer. The programs that I am interested in have a really good staff and facilities to enhance students learning and experience at college.
I am a current college freshman enrolled in my second semester here at Ashland. It is a big jump from high school, but it is a good experience. College has taught me how to be more responsible and independent.
I've only gone on visits to Ashland University and I can say with complete confidence that I love this school. Everything was so nicely put together, they were very organized, and answered every single question I had.
Very little to do, administration doesn't care about students' happiness or wellbeing - just the money they're making from overpriced room & board and bookstore. The atmosphere is very sheltered, conservative and Christian to the point where it smothers diversity and discourages free-thinking. The local area is extremely impoverished, and makes no attempt to connect with the school. There is no "street" for students and nothing to do off campus, especially if the student doesn't have a car. The only positives I've experienced at Ashland are the sports programs, the food, a few professors, and a few friends I've made (but you can make friends anywhere)!
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They are responsive and efficient. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with them.
There are many things that I did like about Ashland University as well as a few downfalls. First, there are a lot of positive aspects about academics. I liked that there were small class sizes, lots of hand-on-experience in classes, no TAs, and you could easily build relationships with professors. Another positive is that the dining hall has an excellent selection of food and is top rated in the country. I liked that there was many ways to get involved on campus such as Greek life, Volunteer work, and other clubs and organizations, as well as athletics. The Rec Center was also extremely nice. Downfalls of Ashland include a lack of parking (and lots of parking tickets), the fact that it is a dry campus, and poor quality in housing/dorms. The dorms are mostly small, old, and many do not have air conditioning.
There is a real family feel to the college. Everyone is so nice and welcoming when you come for orientation weekend and especially after. People there are so willing to help you feel welcome and to succeed. The professors are always willing to help you and talk to you about the material. The campus is great and the classes are challenging.
Ashland University has a very hometown feel. It's located in a small community, with the college being the center of the town. Class sizes are small, which makes it very easy to be engaged with your professors. They are all welcoming and it is very easy to ask questions. I love that the university focuses on each individual student, and that you don't become lost in a sea of people. I would like to see improvements to some of the academic buildings though, as some are slightly out-dated.
As a first year student things have been great. I have been able to balance my class work and stay active in a club sport as well as join a fraternity.As a freshman in college I was concerned about how I would fit in but my experience has been fantastic and the faculty and student life has exceeded all of my expectations.
I love the close relationships I have been able to foster among my peers and professors. The small class sizes help to familiarize myself with my fellow students and also make it easier to go to a professor's office hours.
I love ashland and the atmosphere here. It’s such a loving and tight knit community, I definitely made the right choice to come here
Ashland has a 2nd chance program which I am apart of. My tuition and books are paid in full for three month. Ashland has bless my educational life.
I truly love everything about Ashland University. The size of campus is perfect for me because it is in the middle range where classes don't have as many people in them but it's also still big enough to have plenty of activities and things to do. I also just love that everyone is so friendly and welcoming.
I liked that whenever I needed something they got back to me rather quickly. The orientation team is a very nice group of individuals. There isn't anything that I'd really like to see changed since I haven't been involved with it long enough to know if anything needs to be changed.
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This school is a place that has the nicest students and also the best faculty. These professors and the school in general want to see their students succeed in everything they do which is good because being in a situation like sets up everyone for a good future.
I have yet to meet someone from Ashland who doesn't constantly remind me they went to a private college. Yeah it's noble and all that everyone is so straight edge and Catholic, but of you even remotely want to have any sense of fun (it is college afterall) just keep looking.
I had visited, Ashland University numerous time and it was by far the best experience ive ever had I absolutely loved the campus and the people there.
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