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I recently transfered to Ashland and it has been a fairly smooth transition. The teachers have been able to offer insight and help me throughout the course of the transition.
Ashland University was the best choice that I could have made as a college. Coming from a small high school, Ashland has a perfect size campus and perfect classroom size as well. Professors are always willing to help whenever a student needs it and dedicates what they know so that the student can learn in a positive school environment.
Honestly just a fantastic college and feels like home, nothing could be better in personal opinion. Food is amazing, professors are very personable and the campus is beautiful.
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Great school located in a very safe community. This aspect alone puts AU above most of the schools in Ohio. Professors are good at helping and explaining things. Classes are not huge, and individual attention is given to students. The dorms need updated and more need built, doubles need to become singles. Great community of students that look out for each other.
Most of the teachers are great! Campus is clean. Really like the atmosphere. The professors really try to help you in any way that they can to make sure that you succeed
My experience so far has been good. Ashland University is a welcoming school when choosing friends and when getting help from professors. Although Ashland is an expensive school, there are always ways to earn scholarships and other types of funding to help pay for school. AU is also a school full of clubs and activities on and off campus to do.
The Professors are excellent, capable and caring. they show a genuine interest in you and, how you are progressing. My classes have been mostly online so, communication is important. Great effort is put forth to ensure that lessons are clear, due dates are understood and help is available.
Ashland University is a great place to go to college. I love the business school and all of the professors I've had so far. All of the people I've met are so nice and student life here in Ashland is great! I just wish that the campus was a little bigger and there were more things to do off campus. I feel that if I want to go off campus to do anything like shop or go out to dinner I have to drive so far. But, overall Ashland is a great place to go to school and I'm very glad I decided to come here.
Close knit community on campus. AMAZING FOOD. great music department, while a bit small. small class sizes make it easy for you to feel included and cared about by your professors. This also makes it easier for any questions about the content you may have get answered by your professor. The community surrounding campus is small and spread out, but there are several nice restaurants in town.
Ashland University is awesome. My experience at my school is the best. If I am having trouble in any class I can ask for a professor help and get questions answered or even get a tutor. Finding friends is easy as well. There are so many at the school who share your major that it is easy to make friends that will be life long friends. Also there are many students from other countries who are welcomed at the school like any other student who is born here in the States.
This Campus lacks diversity. The teachers don't care about anyone but the students on sports teams. There is NOTHING to do off campus and barely anything to do on campus but eat. Books and classes are way overpriced. Would not recommend this school. There are better ones out there.
Ashland University is an excellent school. I am a non-traditional student and have found the university to be very accommodating to my needs.
Ashland University is big enough to "get the college experience," but small enough to make you feel valued. The professors know your name and care about your success. Every staff member in every line of work is dedicated to the University and it's students.
I just love Ashland! It is the perfect school for me. The professors at this school are kind, helpful, and personal! They teach you things for not only your future profession but take the time to get to know you personally.
Ashland University is a wonderful place. Everyone on campus is very nice and inviting. The food is great and there is always something going on to keep you busy. Class sizes are small and the professors are great.
I like the campus and professors. Since it is Brethren I expected it to be more conservative than it is.
I love being at Ashland University. I have experienced some great professors and met some amazing friends. There are usually decent levels of student involvement available for all kinds of people. The athletic teams here are outstanding and exciting to watch. There are a few things that need to be changed at Ashland. There are some very lazy employees in the financial aide office that don't seem to take their job seriously. There also isn't much happening on the weekends, which in a way forces a number of the student population to go home every weekend. Another issue at the university are the dorm conditions. Some buildings still need to be renovated so that living can be at its peak for all students, not just the freshmen and seniors.
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Ashland University has many enrichment opportunities both within academics and in student life. There are a lot of student organizations, study abroad trips, and campus events. A very good experience overall!
I love the environment of Ashland University. I like to call it my “home away from home” I feel so safe and like it is the right place for me. I have never had a bad experience while attending Ashland.
I have had the opportunity to attend Ashland University classes as a High School Senior. The staff, campus, and students were helpful and welcoming. The cafeteria is top notch and I have been accepted as an incoming freshman for the Fall of 2019. After visiting nearly a dozen other college campuses, I found everything from student support, a beautiful campus, and a top rated program at Ashland University.
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