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Ashland University has such an awesome community. Professors are very helpful and know you on a first name basis. Due to smaller class sizes, you get so many opportunities to shine. Our athletic teams, food, and facilities all excel.
I like the small classes and how involved the professors are with every student. I would like to see more professors take their time to actually help the class improve instead of making it more difficult to understand.
I love Ashland University for many reasons. Because we are a small private school, the professors know you very well. The professors are also very dedicated to helping their students with their futures. I also love our Center for Academic Support. The Academic Advisors help each student in creating a four year degree plan, which helps each student plan out their major/minor courses as well as their cores. AFter the first year each student is assigned to a faculty advisor; the advisors also "green lights" the student to make sure they are on the right course. Overall, I just love the school because of the faculty and the types of courses offered. Not to mention, the food is fantastic.
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I decided to go to a smaller school like Ashland after I had such a great experience with a similar environment in high school. I love being able to see my friends every morning as I'm walking to class and I definitely love the small class sizes. When I email my professor with a question he or she always emails very soon with a reasonable answer to my question. I think the thing that I would like to see fixed here at Ashland is the inter-club relations. Ashland has a society in the student body which consists of Greek life, sports teams, clubs, IM teams and those that works jobs on campus for money. A lot of times there is animosity between these various organizations which creates bad feelings among students. I would love to see the University try and change this with us in an attempt to create a more peaceful atmosphere.
The professor at AU truly care about you as an individual, especially in the business department. Personally, I got to know my professors as individuals, and it helped tremendously when I went to look for a job or a graduate program. I could ask professors their opinions, and they were catered based on their knowledge of me as an individual.
What I like about the University is that it is really easy to find help on campus with schoolwork, finding a tutor, or even getting a part-time job. I also like the small class sizes so getting help from a professor is easier.
I did not finish but I did attend this university for 2 years. I did not enjoy my time there and I felt like I was very lost. I had a hard time fitting in. I did not live on campus and that may have contributed to the feeling of being an outsider. I struggled and I feel as though no one noticed.
It's a pretty small school with a lack in diversity but the students and academics make up for its faults. It's extremely safe and the community is outstanding!
My experience at Ashland University has been great so far! At this college I don't feel like i'm just a number to a professor. Here I feel like a Important student because the professor's at Ashland care enough to try and build a personal friendship with their student's. Not only are the professors nice people, so are the students and faculty that make up Ashland University. And in all honesty, there is nothing that I dis-like or wish to change about Ashland.
Ashland university is a school that facilitates diversity, creates an environment for mental spiritual and holistic development. It has international students who are willing to share their cultural experiences, competent professors and polite students.
The professors are professional. The school work is great. I've learned a lot I. He past year from taking my classes.
I love the campus, it's gorgeous. The class sizes are small and students get a lot of one-on-one attention. There aren't a lot of parties but that keeps me focused. The people here are so nice and quick to lend a hand. I feel as though I've thrived in this environment and I cant wait to spend the next 3 years of my life here.
Ashland is a great school to attend. The professors encourage students to succeed and are willing to help them achieve their goals.
Ashland University has professors that care about your achievements. The only problem I have is they do not offer the classes that you need to finish minors after you are half way done with the minor.
I have only attended this college but from my experience it has been great. The facility is great and the campus is beautiful. I have made the best friends here and its only been 6 weeks. The professors actually take time to make sure you understand the content and it is greatly appreciated. I am a Nursing major and i was struggling at first but i started going to office hours and got a tutor so i think i am doing very well at it now. I am so excited to see what the future holds at Ashland University
I've only been on campus for a month and a half, but I'm pleased with my experience so far. My roommate and I get along good, and I've made several other friends so far. The professors here seem like they really want the students to succeed, and are very helpful. Ashland is a very nice, small campus. I've become involved with several activities already, and I really enjoy them. And finally I'm enjoying the award winning dinning facility.
I love Ashland! The small campus makes it feel at home and it is so clear that all of the professors care deeply about you. I have loved getting involved in religious life, as well as several other organizations on campus. Ashland is truly a great place to be.
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Many teachers that I had in high school graduated from Ashland university. They are very proud of their Alma mater.
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The number of courses that are available is amazing. So many different options. The professors seem very knowledgable and care about the students.
I really like that escorts are available at any time. They even gave us the phone number right off the bat in student orientation.
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