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I enjoy the online courses, and the website is easy to deal with and rarely do I have problems accessing the website. The instructors are friendly and helpful, and the assignments are perfect for the courses. There is just enough assignments not to much and not to little. I feel accomplished working on my classes online with Ashford University
This has been a great experience for me. Going to Ashford university has shown me a lot of information that I need in my career to advance my small business. I think the courses are very easy and give enough information to assignments to help a student. The Professors are very helpful to answer your questions in a timely manner. The material is so useful because everything is there for you right now until you get to a course where you have to purchase a book. So far I have not encountered this yet but I know buy the time I get to my degree course I will have to purchase some to make through to graduate. The library is very helpful on finding the correct peer-reviewed journals, scholarly articles that have to be published in order for person to use. It has been great my freshman year and still steadily progress everyday until the end.
My experience with Ashford has been very rewarding. I am a returning student and every class I have ever taken had been beneficial to my learning and understanding of my career goal. Ashford is a very known and highly recommended from my present employee who is also a Ashford graduate and I can't wait til I have the chance to experience my graduation also.
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I have enjoyed it so far. Online program is very convenient and the instructors do a great job answering and explaining each assignment. I love the fact I can spend time with my son and learn all in the same day.
This university has helpful staff and it has been easy to navigate the online courses. The courses are a short 5 weeks, which is good and bad. Good because you feel like you are constantly challenged. Bad because I don't feel like we focus enough on what topic or subject.
Ashford University is an awsome school to attend. The student counselors were very knowledgable in directing me in the right path to a higher education. Looking back the courses were challenging just like any other college and the classes are straight foward. Ashford University strive for success for that of their student juse like me.
I love how I can go to school ful time and still be a wife and mother juggling everything life has to offer. This school is amazing!!!
Being a part of Ashford University has been one the best decisions I ever made. This school has great faculty and staff I have learned so much wonderful lessons taught. I enjoy the modules and classrooms set up and meeting new people.
Other than the tuition fees being a bit pricey, I am very please with the structure, classroom set up, and flexibility provided through the online program. Four stars because the tuition could be adjusted down a bit.
Ashford University allows for what a lot of the Millennial Generation prefers which is to go to school in an online environment. It is rewarding to be trusted enough to earn a 4 year degree doing it solely online. For someone like myself who is a returning student, who works full-time, and is head of household, it is vital that I can maintain a normal day to day life and still fit online schooling into my schedule. Ashford has been flexible with me from day one and helped me get back into my program so I can finish.
I attend Ashford online and I love it! Classes are only 5 weeks long, but are a full 3 credits. Therefore, the work is intense because an entire semester's worth of work is in 5 weeks, but I love the fact that I only take one class at a time. The online classroom portal is easy to access and navigate, and every single online classroom looks the exact same, so once you have it figured out, you're set!
Great advisors! Instructors are supportive and attentive with their students. Best experience by far
My experience has been great. Excellent resources, challenging classes and goid communications. The only thing I would change is adding a fast track program.
I love Ashford University. They try to work with you if bad weather keeps you from being able to access your classrooms. I would recommend this school to anyone.
After speaking to a wonderful and inspiring enrollment adviser for four hours the day I enrolled, I knew I found a home for my educational needs. I began my courses in August of 2016 and have only had wonderful experiences since then. The way the program is set up makes learning and obtaining my education easier than ever. As my eighth course is coming to an end, I realize how lucky I am to have found this university. With helpful advisers and professional instructors along the way, I have been successful and recommend this university to anyone who will listen.
Ashford University is a good and inexpensive online University. I have completed my Bachelors Degree there and I am currently working on my Masters degree. It is convenient to be able to take classes online and flexible because I work full time and do not always have the time to go into a classroom.
Ashford has been so amazing for me as a military member. They have been very helpful. They have 5 week classes, free books for active duty and the classes are very interactive and full of the information I need.
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I am an on-line student. My experience has been great. Ive gotten so much help from the faculty at the enrollment center to the professors. I had taken a leave of absence from school and the faculty at the enrollment center continuously sent emails awaiting for my reenrollment. I enjoy the fact that the classes are five weeks online. With the classes being five weeks you have to be highly disciplined to complete your courses. My overall experience at Ashford University has been great. I would not want to go to another university.
I really enjoy this school. This website is easy to navigate to do school work. Upon entering college my enrollment advisor was so nice. She made it so easy to be accepted into the school and set up a date for me to start when I was ready. When school started she really helped me when I felt like, I might have to take a break, and she pushed me to be a better person for myself and wouldn't let me give up on myself.
Overall, my experience has been great. Classes are challenging and I feel like I am getting the most of what I am paying for. Something I would like to see change is the fact that advisors are constantly changing. I have had 4 since I have been at Ashford for almost 3 years.
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