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I am thoroughly enjoying my experience at Ashford University! The classes move very quickly, and they are very engaging courses. I appreciate all my instructors as well as administration. I had a medical situation arise that knocked me out of commission, and the staff at Ashford worked very hard to help me resolve my situation. I am so grateful for this university! Thank you, Ashford!
Every step of the way, Ashford has been beyond helpful. I have had zero problems with any part of this university.
I'm in my fifth week but so far I like it. My instructor is very helpful and gives good feedback. The classmates are just as active. I would recommend this school to my family and friends
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Ashford University is a great school that has a lot of options. In my opinion, it is very organized and they also challenge you and provide a curriculum that will assist in advancing your career. I rarely had any problems and I do recommend this school.
I really enjoy the online platform and getting to engage with students from all over the world. After the most recent tuition hikes the prices have exceeded the maximum allotment for federal student aid. Probably a better investment to attend a not for profit online school like WGU.
I really enjoy Ashford. Not affordable......very expensive school. Enjoy online class. Assignments are only due twice a week. Each class only last a month. A lot of online tools to help guide you. Always some assistants with anything you need.
Being able to work towards a college degree working on my own pace is fantastic. Not having to attend physical classes works with my family life so well. I would recommend Ashford University to everybody.
The hands on approach they take with each potential student, the way they explained every aspect of how the first weeks would go how the next weeks would go and the interest that took in me succeeding. I had not been in school for 30 years and when I felt like giving up the counselor got in there with me and broke down what was being asked of me from the instructor. I loved it.
This is a great school because it is all online. I have time to work, be with family, and study all at once on my own schedule. Assignments are due two days a week and are very informative.
This is my first year attending and I have found the staff to be fantastic. Alex Jacobson my adviser had been a tremendous help. the courses are fast pace but just good enough to take more than 1 at a time!
I love going to Ashford University. They are very helpful and accommodating. I had to go into the hospital for emergency surgery in the middle of one of my classes, they made it so that I could still pass the class as long as I finished everything before the last day. My overall experience has been great!
Ashford University has been very military friendly. The professors are divers, and understanding of my active duty lifestyle. When I have been deployed or gone on missions, they have adjusted my schedule to where it does not hinder my grades.
Ashford University provides an amazingly user friendly online platform. Nearly all courses are offered online and their customer service reps are quick to reply, courteous, and understand what you need. This University also offers special consideration for all persons with disabilities, allowing a better experience for those of us who need it. There is also a specialized team that assists military and military veterans who wish to accomplish their academic dreams.

I am a disabled veteran who attends Ashford University and there are very few schools to which I believe can match this University's dedication to helping their students succeed by any means necessary. Private online tutoring, extended deadlines for special circumstances, a specialized team that assists with my personal educational needs. These are the kind of services offered at this amazing school. I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing additional education.
I love the support i have when i need help. All you have to do is communicate and talk to someone for help.
I am an online student at Ashford University and have been for one year now. I like the school because as an Adult returning to college they do a great job of working with you to help you acclimate to your classes as best they can. They give you the time you need to get your assignments turned in and the professors offer you as much help as possible to make sure you pass you class with a C- or higher.
Even though the instructors are knowledgeable and I have learned a lot from my time with Ashford, I have issues with the way student finances are handled. Ashford overcharges students who are out of state and does not help them to locate funding so that they do not max out their student's loans while with them. Due to the classes being in an online format, students do not qualify for grants in either their home state or the schools. Once a student is admitted into the University and the school begins to receive money from the federal government, students are left to their own devices. Students are pushed right into classes without being taught how to navigate portals, funding, and the University libraries. If a student does end up with an outstanding balance on their account, the financial department is so inept they don't notify the student until the student is almost graduated. They also misrepresent to students that they will be able to find a job after graduation.
The Staff and admissions department has been extremely helpful. I am on my second course at Ashford and have no complaints. My professors respond quickly. Classes are not overwhelming.
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Ashford University has guided me in the correct direction with pursuing my degree in Early childhood education.
I have been helped and supported the whole way through my first weeks of class if you go here and fail its because you did not try they offer free tutors free office 360 free writing coaches and many more assistance to students and they have a very friendly staff although it is a for profit school they seem to really want to help you reach you educational goals
Ashford university is a great school for people who are actively working or has kids and can do online classes. What I would like to change is the way they force you on making payments then rather understand circumstances.
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