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After speaking to a wonderful and inspiring enrollment adviser for four hours the day I enrolled, I knew I found a home for my educational needs. I began my courses in August of 2016 and have only had wonderful experiences since then. The way the program is set up makes learning and obtaining my education easier than ever. As my eighth course is coming to an end, I realize how lucky I am to have found this university. With helpful advisers and professional instructors along the way, I have been successful and recommend this university to anyone who will listen.
Ashford University is a good and inexpensive online University. I have completed my Bachelors Degree there and I am currently working on my Masters degree. It is convenient to be able to take classes online and flexible because I work full time and do not always have the time to go into a classroom.
Ashford has been so amazing for me as a military member. They have been very helpful. They have 5 week classes, free books for active duty and the classes are very interactive and full of the information I need.
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I am an on-line student. My experience has been great. Ive gotten so much help from the faculty at the enrollment center to the professors. I had taken a leave of absence from school and the faculty at the enrollment center continuously sent emails awaiting for my reenrollment. I enjoy the fact that the classes are five weeks online. With the classes being five weeks you have to be highly disciplined to complete your courses. My overall experience at Ashford University has been great. I would not want to go to another university.
I really enjoy this school. This website is easy to navigate to do school work. Upon entering college my enrollment advisor was so nice. She made it so easy to be accepted into the school and set up a date for me to start when I was ready. When school started she really helped me when I felt like, I might have to take a break, and she pushed me to be a better person for myself and wouldn't let me give up on myself.
Overall, my experience has been great. Classes are challenging and I feel like I am getting the most of what I am paying for. Something I would like to see change is the fact that advisors are constantly changing. I have had 4 since I have been at Ashford for almost 3 years.
I enjoy the online courses. Ashford University offers classes that I need that is related to my job working with special needs students. It is a full-time obligation to complete each assignment by their deadlines. There are no breaks between classes, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The 5 week class goes fast. I have reconmended Ashford University to other co-workers.
very easy interface, easy to follow.
So many options and one class at a time but remaning full time is the cherry on top.
The admin is eager to assist in any way they can to ensure a pleasurable experience. I have completed my second year and have maintained a 4.0 GPA thanks to the instructor's encouragement.
I like the support team, financial and academic. I like how they understand that outside of class that life happens and they try their best to help where they can. The will rearrange your classes if needed to fit not only your schedule but you financial needs. And the representatives are polite and attentitive
I absolutely love going to school online. I can do things as much on my own as I want with the ability to get all the help I need.
So far I have taken 4 courses and have learned so much from them. This is a great university to take on-line learning.
It is well established and the curriculum is easy to follow as well as challenging. The online campus is well organized and is very targeted to people who cannot enroll on a physical campus
I am currently attending Ashford University online. I have completed one semester and I am in the beginning of my second semester. The faulty, the individuals I have spoken to, are wonderful. My instructors and advisors were available when I needed to speak with them. The resources Ashford have are geared towards assisting students to succeed. I am not regretting my choice in choosing Ashford to continue my education.
The people and instructors at Ashford were very helpful and easy to reach. I learned a lot and enjoyed my classes.
This school in insanely expensive, and there are a lot of hidden fees and costs which you learn about later. There is not a lot of bang for the buck.
This school is no longer an active school for students on campus. When I was enrolled, I was an online student while serving in the Marine Corps. My experience with each class greatly depends on the professors for each class; there are some who always communicate with their students, and then there are some who, in my experience, took two weeks to answer a question for an assignment due a week and a half prior to that. There is almost no incentive to speak to other students or even learn more about them.
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This is a great college for online schooling. In my experiences with Ashford University's online courses, the course instructors are very supportive.
What I love about Ashford university is that they make sure you have everything you need to become successful in your courses.
Ashford has a very friendly team of advisors and instructors who have made my return to college very simple and helped me to become a better student. I am now on my way to my goal of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. If not for the enrollment advisor's initial interview, I might have missed this golden opportunity, getting back in school after a 13 year hiatus, with 44 transfer credits already completed. Now I have 59 credits and am steadily making progress towards my degree! The school is an online campus, and the instructors always responds promptly to my questions, the material is understandable and relevant, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. Each class finishes with a final research paper, and grades are posted usually within a week.
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