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I enjoy going to school online the professor are wonderful they give great feedback and willing to help you if you need help they understanding there students. The financial advisors and my advisor are generous and supportive and they walk you through steps even doe you do understanding they always keep you update with the school n online classes even the disability advisor I just love it I love Ashford University
During my time at Ashford University, I was able to learn a lot about course topics from faculty and classmates. When I was majoring in business administration, I began enhancing my knowledge in accounting, finance, leadership, behavior, statistics, and economics, as well as other courses. I enjoyed the faculty's response time to questions, classroom participation from students, and being challenged by the rigor of the courses. I do not think there is anything that needs to be changed. Ashford University's educational system, distribution of financial aid, professors, diverse culture, and rigorous curriculum have been helpful in giving me a greater return on my investment, as well as networking opportunities.
Outstanding Enrollment advisors. Mine in particular, William Burns is extremely attentive and thorough. He follows through and anticipates issues. He has been my lifeline. My academic advisor, Kimberly Sprinkle has been excellent as well. She’s been outstanding with managing my program and classes. My first instructor Lisa Peña, was very, very supportive and encouraging. I love this school and their process, scheduling and flexibility.
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They care about yheir studenta they want them to succeedif you have a problems witg writing the have tutors to help you they revi2 your papers excellent professors
So far I am very pleased with my experience here at Ashford University. The courses are accelerated and very challenging. The instructors are always there if you need help. Ashford provides the students with everything they need to be successful. There is information available, and live tutors you can chat with at any time. I can't think of anything I would change.
I like the program because I am able to focus on one class for five weeks, then I move onto another class.
I really like how the courses are easily navigated and how they give you lots of resources to ensure your success. I also enjoy the courses and professors, so far the professors are very helpful and informative. They've given great feedback on assignments so far, which is great motivation to finish the course. They also respond fairly quickly to any questions I may have had. The discussions in my curriculum have also been exciting, which makes it easier to do them and respond to peers. I would definitely recommend Ashford University to others.
I love Ashford University because it is an online university. I don't have much reliable transportation and it really helps that I can learn from the comfort of my home. I wouldn't change anything about Ashford.
The staff are completely unhelpful. When asked to submit paperwork and being told repeatedly they had not recieved it, I found out they had over a dozen copies. I did not have N/A in all the required spots. After being told for many months they did not have it someone finally told me the truth and how to fill it out properly. At that point I was too frustrated to deal with the school. Now they have sent me to collections. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
I enjoy Ashford University because it is flexible, offers diverse courses, and the professors are quite knowledgeable and understanding. However, the only reason why I didn't give Ashford 5 stars is because online courses entail an immense amount of writing and reading. I do not mind reading and writing, but it would be nice to have more interactive personal video content.
I am thoroughly enjoying my experience at Ashford University! The classes move very quickly, and they are very engaging courses. I appreciate all my instructors as well as administration. I had a medical situation arise that knocked me out of commission, and the staff at Ashford worked very hard to help me resolve my situation. I am so grateful for this university! Thank you, Ashford!
Every step of the way, Ashford has been beyond helpful. I have had zero problems with any part of this university.
I'm in my fifth week but so far I like it. My instructor is very helpful and gives good feedback. The classmates are just as active. I would recommend this school to my family and friends
Ashford University is a great school that has a lot of options. In my opinion, it is very organized and they also challenge you and provide a curriculum that will assist in advancing your career. I rarely had any problems and I do recommend this school.
I really enjoy the online platform and getting to engage with students from all over the world. After the most recent tuition hikes the prices have exceeded the maximum allotment for federal student aid. Probably a better investment to attend a not for profit online school like WGU.
I really enjoy Ashford. Not affordable......very expensive school. Enjoy online class. Assignments are only due twice a week. Each class only last a month. A lot of online tools to help guide you. Always some assistants with anything you need.
Being able to work towards a college degree working on my own pace is fantastic. Not having to attend physical classes works with my family life so well. I would recommend Ashford University to everybody.
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The hands on approach they take with each potential student, the way they explained every aspect of how the first weeks would go how the next weeks would go and the interest that took in me succeeding. I had not been in school for 30 years and when I felt like giving up the counselor got in there with me and broke down what was being asked of me from the instructor. I loved it.
This is a great school because it is all online. I have time to work, be with family, and study all at once on my own schedule. Assignments are due two days a week and are very informative.
This is my first year attending and I have found the staff to be fantastic. Alex Jacobson my adviser had been a tremendous help. the courses are fast pace but just good enough to take more than 1 at a time!
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