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My experience with Ashford has been amazing. The classes are easily assessable and the professors are helping in every way. I feel well supported academically.
It’s all online, so if you have a busy schedule with work or just life this is a great college for you. The staff are so nice and are willing to help you with everything.
The classes are quick, easy and to the point. The Professors are amazing, always keeping in contact with you, very explanatory and they give you plenty of advice on how to keep up with your assignments. There are so many tools to make sure that your papers are ready for you to turn in, spell check, grammar check, punctuation check and so much more.The advisors check up on you frequently to make sure you are understanding your assignments and if you are missing an assignment, they become concerned and ask if there is anything that they may be able to help with or figure out what is going on and why it is missing. Everything is so efficient with Ashford University, I love it.
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I love that Ashford gives you so many resources for help with your classwork and most of the instructors are really great help. I've received help from the writing center, instructors and other students in the class. However, I don't like that we have to write papers all the time and that some classes you are not able to print out the required textbook and I wished that my advisor will call and check on me just to see how everything is going. Overall, it is a great school and would definitely recommend my friends and family to attend.
Ashford University allowed for 2 across country moves while completing my degree. Flexibility is the best feature at Ashford University.
This is an incredible university that offers so many different educational aspects and help. They have 24/7 help available that range from financial aid to tutoring. Great university if you want to up your educational game.
I very much enjoy that I can do my schoolwork anywhere with internet. I enjoy the 5 week classes and the professors are all really kind and helpful!
I have enjoyed my journey at the university of Ashford, when you think of a online school you think of self study and a lot of reading. At Ashford you have a lot of opportunities to communicate and receive help from the professors. The professor are not just there to grade work and receive a pay check, they actually care and want you to do well.
Fantastic. They actually take the time to make sure your following along. I just finished the preliminary assessment of 7 weeks. It's awesome
The teachers are amazing here at Ashford University. The student's advisor are a big help with helping you succeed in your class.
There is a low graduation rate - think like 16%. If you are willing to write papers and do discussions then this school is perfect! If you hate having to do the online discussions, look somewhere else. They do accept Sophia transfers (super cheap/free college credit). The teachers are hit and miss, as with all schools. I have enjoyed most of my major teachers and classes.
Ashford University has been extremely helpful making sure I pursue my education based off my goals and ambitions. This experience has been amazing and they are very helpful and in tune with my individual needs.
Ashford University was a great fit for me! I transferred in with an Associate of Arts, and then swiftly finished a Bachelor's degree in English in only a year and a half. I loved the experience so much that I decided to enroll in a graduate program with Ashford. In only one short year, after taking concurring courses, I graduated with a Master's in Education with an ELL focus. I am now enrolled in another online university that had a Doctorate program that is focused on ELL. None of this would be possible without the support of my amazing instructors at Ashford. I am still in contact with many of them today because of the multitude of platforms Ashford prepares you to utilize in building success.
I love my ashford experience so far! I started in May. Course schedule is wonderful fits into my busy life. Courses are 5weeks in length.
Ashford University is a great college . I like how you can still communicate with your classmates and professors even though its online . I even love that its 1 class every 5 weeks . One thing I wish would change is that you could have a video chat with your professor everyday of class .
Before attending Ashford, I went to a college on campus and came out barely passing with C's. I took a semester break and joined the Ashford team a year ago. I have not received a grade lower than a B since I joined. I find myself using what I learned in the real world and it has changed my life. My father attended and graduated from Ashford and I saw the impact it made on his life and I wanted the same for me. I would recommend Ashford to anyone if asked.
I just love the way they check on you and making sure your comfortable with your classwork. All your advisor and enrollment advisor they are there for you from the beginning I the fact that classes always starts on Tuesdays. You can take 1 class every 5 weeks so you won't feel like you have to much on your plate. My Enrollment Advisor Sherry Roybal I could have don it without her. Elizabeth she keep a check on me at least twice a week and I just love that. Thank you to everyone who help me get enrolled and on my way to a better me.
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My experience has been a positive one. The instructors are helpful and the online classroom in easy to use. The school also offers an online library with amazing librarians that help in every way they can.
I have been an online student with Ashford University since March 2018 and I have enjoyed every minute of my learning experience. The staff at this school is awesome. I've had nothing but positive experiences from all areas. This school is a good place to enroll if you are working and looking for flexibility. The ability to attend school online and still remain stress free has proven to be successful while attending Ashford University Online.
I love it they are so helpful it took no time to get in and anything i need help with they are more then willing to help I can't wait to star my classes on Aug.20th 2019 Tammy Masoner Is very helpful I could not ask for a better person to help me thought this process I Am so ready to get started
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