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I am a new student and have just recently got accepted. Everyone is super nice and I am excited to start on my Psychology degree. Jerry, the financial adviser, is very nice and very helpful. Couldn't ask for a better school to get my degree.
The staff at Ashford University are seriously overworked. They do not care about you as a student. I was emailed from an advisor that some classes would be approved to transfer in. Once I took the classes and had the transcripts sent they were no longer approved, even though I had the emails. The customer service I received after this was appalling. Save yourself the headache and choose a better university!
Through my educational journey here at Ashford, I have experienced the most exceptional ant talented professors and professional employees. From the beginning of my journey to the end; everyone has been very helpful in my successful experience.
Ashford has enabled me to fulfill my educational goal; in spite of my daily chores, understanding was a the top priority.
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I attended Ashford's online program. The teachers were knowledgeable and helpful. I just didn't feel like I learned much except for how to write an essay using appropriate formatting. All of the exams were open book so I never studied or retained much. I found out really quick that I learn better in an actual classroom setting.
My overall experience has been great! I enjoyed my professors as well as my advisors. They have built up my confidence and continue to answer any questions I may have, or direct me in the right direction.
Customer service is incredible. My experience working with their admissions advisors was very good. Their courses are set up well and I found their system of incorporating new students to be stellar. There was some confusion about which courses I would need to take and which gen-ed courses had been fulfilled by my transferred courses, but other than that it has been a great experience.
I love Ashford I am so glad the best decision and coming to Ashford the professors have been nothing but a big help and understanding.
Ashford has been wonderful to work with and a key to my success. They seem to really care about their students and want them to succeed. I feel that I matter at Ashford and that I am getting a good education.
While I haven’t been at Ashford University for long, overall my experience with them thus far has been excellent. They have been very accommodating and communicative throughout the entire enrollment process. Everything has been straightforward, easy to understand, and thoroughly explained. I’m hoping that the academics are just as great.
I love everything g about Ashford. However, I don't care much for the increase of tuition so often. It makes it difficult to know how much I need to attend school. I'm struggling currently to remain in classes until I graduate.
Ashford has a great online layout. It is very user friendly and easy to follow. The enrollment is quick and painless and enrollment counselor are super helpful. I wish the school offered more scholarship opportunities and maybe a lower tuition. But you get what you pay for and you get an awesome education.
I really love the online classes because you can take your time in the classes and the instructors understand if you have a disability like myself that you can have more time in the classroom to get you assignments done on time if need be.
I like that the courses are well organized. What could be better is explaining what payment would look like overall for the year. Overall it is great at organizing and showing all websites and places to receive 24/7 assistance.
I haven't yet started at Ashford but I have done research on many online colleges. Being a single mom with a full time job it's hard to take classes on campus. Ashford gives me the opportunity to get the degree that I want with having to go onto a college campus.
This University works great for my busy schedule. Being able to do class work on my own schedule and from anywhere is great!
This was an terrible experience from the beginning to the end. I am stuck with a huge balance and 1 class to complete my degree. They have no resources to help their students. The customer service from anyone that answers their phones is horrible and they are supposed to be professionals.
Ashford University has instructors, advisors, and financial advisors that are always willing to assist you and ensure your well-being. I would recommend this college to everyone. I have one more course and I graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Sociology. Everyone at the college has assisted me in completing my goals. They have excellent programs that help individuals with a disability such as a reading comprehension problem or something deeper in issue.
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My experience has been great so far about Ashford University. The reason is because the school has so many resources to help you. There is a 24/7 tutor available to help you. The 5 week courses are really nice because you get the satisfaction of completing the course sooner than later. The only thing I would change is for the teachers to do at least an initial video chat with each student. Thank you for this opportunity!
I really like attending the school. I wish advisors were more hands on, and make it a mission to thoroughly explain options for them.
Classes are too short, I don't feel as if I'm truly taking anything of importance away from my courses.
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