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Just enrolled, and have had excellent support from the school . As a working mom, they are helping me reach my goals of getting a degree. So thankful!
I like the accelerate classes the university provides. The classes are 5 weeks long and are totally manageable. I have had great teachers just one little hiccup with one of my teachers. I have been satisfied with my overall experience so far.
Ashford provides many tools to help students succeed. Excellent professors who respond promptly and resources such as Grammarly are only a few examples of what Ashford supplies its students.
The only problem I have had with Ashford is how unclear the language is concerning billing and payments. This lack of clarity has led to a few financial hiccups in the course of my studies.
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From the time I applied and even currently, I have a great advisor who checks in on me and cheers me on for my hard work. I have had a great experience so far
As an Ashford University senior I can say that the schools online program has been good to me. My advisor has been very helpful and is always reachable via email or phone.
I have been taking online classes at Ashford University for 3 years. So far, my classes has been very flexible and I have time to spend with my family.
The people actually care about you and want to see you be successful in life. I love my advisor he always try to look out for me and be there when I need him.
I do enjoy that it is fast paced. It works very well with my schedule. Most of the teachers give back good feed back but I do have some that don't which is a bit discouraging but overall have been great. I do hope someday they lower their tuition now that they are going non-profit.
I love that its at my own pace. The professors are very helpful and understanding. The courses are pretty pricey but that would be its only downfall.
From the moment I filled out the application, I have had a tremendous amount of assistance whenever needed. They made it so easy to go back to school after 17 years.
Ashford has given me an extensive academic knowledge on my major of Human Resource Management. The classes have been informative and challenging. The staff was also very helpful in the beginning guiding me through questions I had.
The thing I like most about Ashford (online) is the fact that they are five week courses. This makes it easy to get closer to your degree while working full time. I am military so taking courses through Ashford have made it easier for me to get closer to finishing my Bachelors before I separate from the military. Some of their advisors are very hard to get ahold of however, or don't help you out at all with enrollment and I have seen many of my friends have issues with their advisors. I also wish that they offered science courses with online labs because working full time I am unable to take those classes in person.
I love the set schedule for all classes! Discussions are to be turned in every Thursday, with Assignments and Responses due that Monday. It's easy to follow and not fall into a bad habit of not turning in work.
My time at ashford has been a great experience, my professors are helpful and my advisors are there for me when I have questions. They answer back quickly when someone needs help, they are laid back and they think about the military when it comes to schooling. Ashford is by far the best college I have attended so far.
Currently not enrolled with Ashford but have spoken to a lady named Ashley and she has been amazing. She has helped me contact my high school trying to get a copy of my transcript. She has walked me through just about every step of the way/
Ashford University is a great school! I was very nervous about returning to school 14 years after graduating from high school but it has been amazing. the classes are broke down and very easy to follow. You take one class at a time which allows you to focus on your work even more. There are plenty of resources available to utilize and that makes things even easier! Every staff member I have spoken to has been very friendly and eager to answer questions!
I love the flexible schedule. As a mom with a full time job this online schedule schedule has been amazing for me to continue my education. The staff is extremely friendly and quick to assist whenever I need something.
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I enjoyed my time at Ashford. The online website was easy to maneuver and the classes were challenging. I only gave ot four stars because it was difficult to get to know the professors and had no one for references from the school when it was time to go to graduate school.
This university does have a challenging curriculum and it is really what you do and make out of your experience that dictates how much you will get out of your experience with this school. I have learned a lot and have been able to apply what I’ve learned to my career thus far .
I love Ashford University. The classes and the flow of instruction is just what I need with already having a full time job and being a mother of three including a child with autism. The instructors are top notch. Love it!
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