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The great things about this school are the teachers give you time to complete your work if your struggling or have family personal issues. They make you understand they care and are willing to help
My experience at Ashford University so far is pretty good actually. I'm starting my first year going for early childhood education two year degree online. So far I think it's pretty well structured out for an individual to figure it out. If not then you have help support twenty four seven.
Ashford has been a great school for me so far. I haven't had any bad experiences. I would recommended anyone to go here, I wish I would've known about it sooner.
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Great online classes. But you have to be committed to assignments. It is difficult with a full tome job.
I really like the oppurnity Ashford gave me to be able to work and get my college education. Although I attend online classes the teachers and student advisors are there helping you out every step of the way. I was scared to return back to school because I thought college was not for me but Ashford made my returning back the best decision ever.
I have had a great experience, thus far, at Ashford University. The instructors are extremely helpful. The course platforms are easy to learn and to navigate. The available assistance to students is also excellent. There are tutors available for every subject, a writing center with many helpful tutorials, and a 24 hour tech. support team. I am so happy that I decided to attend Ashford University.
Ashford University truly sets you up for success and has many resources for student access. I am very impressed with how much they care about the students.
I loved continuing my education with Ashford University because I was made welcome from the start. My academic advisor was the most professional and caring of a leader that I've known in a long while. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to the academic staff in setting me up for academic success for a promising career. I would not change a thing as far as the process for new enrollments and I give two thumbs up to this school for being military friendly.
Ashford University is a good online school, and their instructors are very interactive with the students. I don't have any on campus knowledge or experience, but if it is anything like the online experience then I am sure it is a great school to attend offline.
My experience with Ashford University has been pleasant and the facalty truly cares about the students.
I just recently started Ashford this Semester, So far I really enjoy it. I think it would be a wonderful start for someone looking to go back to school or starting school. It work with your schedule whether you work or have kids.
I enjoyed Ashford University. The online courses are convenient for me, because I work full time. I was able to log in to my course and work as long as I needed.
they really care about their students and want them to succeed The have great professors and they really take charge of their school and give you opportunity to prevail
It has been a journey. A good journey. God has been good! I wish they would work on the financial status. Instead, of going down a little; the tuition is steadily rising. This will help in a lot of students graduating.
I absolutely love Ashford University online. It has helped me to work towards my goals of graduating with a bachelors in Environmental Studies, and the staff is very helpful in academics and getting what I need to continue my education.
I am an online student. I picked this college for their tutoring services. I have yet to require them, but I like they are there for when I will need them. The teachers normally are nice and very helpful. Sometimes, there is that rare teacher that doesn't really care, but they generally are a pleasure to interact with. Another bonus about this college is the personal assistance from the academic advisors. Every student gets a personal advisor that assists with schedules, payment plans, and any questions the student may have. I love the interactions available to the students and the required work allows the student to grasp a thorough understanding of the course material. My favorite part about this degree and the classes provided is the amount of self-reflection. Every course requires the person to do self-reflection, applying the learned material to one's own life.
I have appreciated the class set up with Ashford. The online classes are five weeks in length, and the assignments are reasonable difficulty and the deadlines are clearly outlined.
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I enjoyed my time at Ashford however I had bad experiences with a few teachers and a certain academic advisor that was extremely pushy and opinionated.
From the Enrollment Counselors to the advisors this campus staff really knows how to communicate with you. The instructors know how to communicate with their students and make them feel welcomed.
So far I'm having a great experience attending Ashford University. They have many resources to get support, help, even tutoring. Awesome support.
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