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I thought this would be a great place for me to attend college, however, after the third course I received a teacher that was never active or present in the class. I, being who I am took it upon myself to motivate the class and get the discussions going and flowing. I didn't give up though and some of the staff, advisers, and deans wanted me to take it all the way and have her disbarred from teaching but I chose not to. Not wanting to be remembered as the one who ran a teacher out but as the one who walked that stage in high honors. I then suffered a severe hand injury and under doctors orders had to withdrawal from my class and would resume the next time. Well they didn't withdrawal me from the class they withdrew me from the University. I could return if I paid xxx amount of dollars each month. Why would I do something that I didn't have to do prior to the injury? So I left the University to a bigger and brighter place.
I know alot of people can have an issue with just about any school and everyone can have their own unique experience whether it be good or bad. My experience at Ashford has been pretty good;I can't complain. I especially love the fact that they actually had my major which was hard to find when considering other online degree programs. I like the 1 class every 5 weeks format and every academic advisor that I've spoken to was truly helpful in getting me where I wanted to be.
I just started but my advisor makes me feel so comfortable and ready for everything that is in my college future.
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I love Ashford University online program. I have gain so much confidence in myself and have a greater determination to continue fighting for my degree.
I had a very great experience here at Ashford University. I achieved my goal of getting my Bachelor's Degree and now I'm on a mission to accomplish my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice.
Ashford University has been a great experience. Students have the support of classmates, teachers, and faculty Staffing. Access for assistance in courses such as free 24 tutoring, library, quick response time from instructors and technical support. The college is consistently changing for improvement.
I love the flexibility of the online courses. The professors are really cooperative and ensuring that we are understanding the curriculum. Being at this school motivates me to do more.
I love the due date schedule opposed to a set daily schedule. Thanks Ashford University for making it possible for me to work full-time through my college journey.
Ashford has very friendly advisors that are ready to help you when you need them. The professors are also friendly and they help you with answering any questions that you have.
I like the flexibility of the courses I can work a full time job and maintain my household without being burdened down with a lot of class hours . I would like to see a decrease in cost of tuition they take more of your money on unnecessary labs, materials and fees.
Online is easy and less stressful for me. The online classroom fits my needs as an on-the-go student. Research, study, and participate in class from anywhere you can take your smartphone, tablet, or laptop thanks to Ashford University technology.Online learning is not impersonal. As an Ashford University student, you’ll have access to faculty, classmates, librarians, writing assistants, and career services specialists who can help you get closer to your goal of earning a degree
Ashford has been a great school. The school is very military friendly. The accelerated courses allow members to serve in the Armed Forces and get and education without waiting two months and sitting in traditional classroom settings.
I am entering my last year at Ashford and have really enjoyed the online learning atmosphere they create for students. I have always had friendly, knowledgeable advisers who work hard to make sure I am on the right track every year. And I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a great education that is designed for working adults or anyone who leads a busy active life.
Wonderful school. Helpful all the way around. Anything you need you can contact your student advisor and they will point you in the right direction. The staff and instructors are very supportive and caring, reaching out to their students to check on them.
I am able to attend school anywhere from home, work, library etc, I live alone so this helps me out a great deal to work full time without any hesitations. I am an African American student that would be the first person in my family to attend college and hopefully receive a degree. So going back to school was a important journey in my life for the future.
I love Ashford University. I do classes one at a time and I do the work at my own pace as long as I turn in my assignments on time.
There is so much that I've learned there, the course work is grueling but rewarding. I've learned so much more than I've ever expected to which will stay with me for the rest of my life. There are so many resources at my disposal which helps in my many different assignments that I have done which reinforces the knowledge that I have gained since attending Ashford University, and they have a great library that utilizes an array of information from there data base. the Professors are very helpful and want there students to succeed.
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I absolutely love the frequency of the classes taken at Ashford. Each course is five weeks and while some may think that you are swamped with work they give students an amazing balance of time to complete assignments. Most professors are amazing and even though they challenge us to succeed it's not to the point of creating a stressful mindset. Communication is key, so as long as you stay in contact with your professors they are very understanding. The only issue I have with Ashford is their financial policies. I believe cash paying students should be allowed to be put on payment plans to pay for schooling. Unfortunately, their financial department is not really prepared to offer other alternatives either.
I love how the courses are set up and how friendly the staff is . The school is on the expensive side.
Ashford University is a good school to attend. There is someone always reaching out, making sure you are okay. The professors will most of the time give you an extension on your lesson.
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