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My experience so far has been great. The email about the lawsuit had me worried. The instructors are great and very helpful.
From the administration to the instructors and everyone else, they are and have been the greatest supporters when I applied. In my 5 week and enjoying the online experience and class.
I love it so far. great people to get you going and the staff is very helpful. Classes are fast and to the point.
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I take online course from Ashford. I like that they have accelerated courses that allow me to complete a course every month and I am still allowed to obtain a full-job. Ashford University is based out in California, but I am still able to talk to and school rep in a timely manner. Having prior school before shadows, I was able to earn my degree in Elementary Studies in exactly two years. I am pursuing my second bachelors in Early Childhood Administration and will earn that degree in less than two years which is great!
I love how Ashford has so many resources available to students. As an online college, it is essential to be able to receive help whenever you need it, and Ashford provides this is several ways. There is an online paper review that returns papers with guidance for improvements within 48 hours (usually less), as well as a full scholarly library with librarians able to assist with any problems you might have. There is also free live tutoring available. The courses are challenging, but with time management skills, I have been able to stay on top of my schoolwork while being a part-time working mother.
My experience with Ashford online has been mixed. I have had some great instructors who were engaging and made me feel as if I was gaining knowledge through their courses. I am an adult learner who has been a manager in a global corporation for over eight years, but my academic counselors were not helpful in transferring some of that knowledge and learning into credits as they said they would. Also, it is a very intense, fast-paced environment with only one two week break per year, so it is difficult to manage if you do not have good time management skills.
the staff are great Peace/blessings! I received my Bachelors/Masters degree from Ashford in 2014/2016 respectively. Both of my degrees were online. Personally I do not understand those making negative remarks about Ashford. My experience was remarkable and rewarding, to say the least. Whenever there was a problem it was handled in the swiftest of time. My degrees have allowed me to relocate to China in Nov. 2015 to teach in English. As I write this message I am still in China teaching. My Ashford education has enhanced my teaching profession and I'm currently 14 months from my Doctoral Degree, not from Ashford. I wish Ashford did offer Ph.D's. Nevertheless my education at Ashford has opened many doors and broaden my perspective on life and learning. Thank you Ashford! ASHFORD RULES!!!!
They are very supportive and encouraging. They want to see everyone succeed and will do just about anything to help you reach your goals. They offer a variety of support systems as well as 24/7 tutoring. They encourage everyone to be active in the classroom. They are willing to work with students with any problems or situations that may arise, as well as offering to counsel students for personal problems they may have. The major aspect that I like is the job seeking help that they offer once you are near graduation.
So far my experience has be great. Within minutes of applying, a guidance counselor was emailing me helping me through the application and enrollment process so I can start my classes next week. I have a great feeling about this school already, and I’m sure my education experience is going to be great too.
AU is a great university to attend! I learned alot did well in my academics. However, the only thing disagree with is the overall;tuition and expenses.
My experience at first was excellent The professors are really nice and the financial aid department is helpful. The only problem I have is the communication problem. I would change that to have better communication.
After reading a lot of negative stories, I would like to add my experience with Ashford. I have bachelors, which I transferred hours from previous institutions to get and aI have a masters from Ashford. I did not have any issues with the school at all, from professors, library, and financial aid. There were no secrets and I knew the cost before enrolling. I suggest you compare costs from other like Universities before enrolling and make an educated decision. Moreover, the negative press that your degree is not worth anything is simply not true. Ashford is an accredited University from one of the 4 major acedidation bodies in the nation. You will get out what you put in, period.
My college advisor is more like my friend. He makes me I am on top of my assignments. Everyone at ashford gives 110% and beyond.
Hard woek group of educatir striving to help you make the most of your college opportunity. At ashford your college caree begins with so many options that you may not be able to decide just where to want your journey to begin. Take a long look for yourself and let choosing a colkege be one of the easiest decisions youve ever made.
So far my experience with Ashford is great. Everyone is availble when I need help. My student advisor always keeps in contact with me to see how I am doing and how my classes are going. I am enjoying my online experience with Ashford so far. Other online schools were not as active as Ashford.
I like the interaction from the professors and classmates, the 5 week classes. The tuition is the thing I do not like. Education is expensive.
I am loving the online experience with Ashford University. Everyone I have talked to from enrollment to instructors are very helpful and will not make you feel overwhelmed and stressed.
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I thought this would be a great place for me to attend college, however, after the third course I received a teacher that was never active or present in the class. I, being who I am took it upon myself to motivate the class and get the discussions going and flowing. I didn't give up though and some of the staff, advisers, and deans wanted me to take it all the way and have her disbarred from teaching but I chose not to. Not wanting to be remembered as the one who ran a teacher out but as the one who walked that stage in high honors. I then suffered a severe hand injury and under doctors orders had to withdrawal from my class and would resume the next time. Well they didn't withdrawal me from the class they withdrew me from the University. I could return if I paid xxx amount of dollars each month. Why would I do something that I didn't have to do prior to the injury? So I left the University to a bigger and brighter place.
I know alot of people can have an issue with just about any school and everyone can have their own unique experience whether it be good or bad. My experience at Ashford has been pretty good;I can't complain. I especially love the fact that they actually had my major which was hard to find when considering other online degree programs. I like the 1 class every 5 weeks format and every academic advisor that I've spoken to was truly helpful in getting me where I wanted to be.
I just started but my advisor makes me feel so comfortable and ready for everything that is in my college future.
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