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What I love about Ashford university is that they make sure you have everything you need to become successful in your courses.
Ashford has a very friendly team of advisors and instructors who have made my return to college very simple and helped me to become a better student. I am now on my way to my goal of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. If not for the enrollment advisor's initial interview, I might have missed this golden opportunity, getting back in school after a 13 year hiatus, with 44 transfer credits already completed. Now I have 59 credits and am steadily making progress towards my degree! The school is an online campus, and the instructors always responds promptly to my questions, the material is understandable and relevant, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. Each class finishes with a final research paper, and grades are posted usually within a week.
I am enrolled at Ashford as an online student. I imagine if the quality of the on campus experience is as good as the online experience, that people would love it right from the start. This school believes in going above and beyond to ensure that students succeed. The instructors are amazing and the quality of education is excellent. I highly recommend.
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Ashford is very expensive. It is all online schooling. It has a wide variety in education. It has a lot of writing and essays. There is also lots of participation and group discussions. If you hate writing I don't suggest this place. I like that each course is 5 weeks each.
Ashford University gives me the ability to go to school, work a full time joc and still have time for family life. I do not think I would be as successful any other way.
I am attending classes to persue a Bachlors degree in Business Information Systems, I really enjoy the new additions they have made to the classes to help you learn online but not feel disconnected from the classroom. Anyone looking to an online college I highly recommend Ashford University .
Ashford is a pretty decent college. It's a bits more expensive than similar Universities however their 5 week courses help you earn your degree pretty quickly.
I have enjoyed to courses I've been taking so far and I love the fact that's it online so they are work on my time and around my schedule.
I have completed 6 credits with Ashford so far and I really like it. The classes are challenging but manageable. The first course EXP105 gives students a clear look at their personal learning style. It's a great way to begin a college career.
I love Ashford University and my online degree program. My admission was fantastic and my academic advisor is the best there could possibly be. I do have problems with financial aid and a ciuple of unforseen issues that caused 2 course drops resulting in 2 bad grades. I still was put on deans list and continue to be a member of a few honor societies but can't go back because of a shortfall that must be paid through a payment plan I cannot meet at this time. I want to return now but I must figure out a way that the financial aid rep apparently dislikes and allows waiting 6 months for new academic year will not fix. Seems hopeless for this academic scholar
I started attending Ashford University last year. I love the way the courses are set up. I am a single mother with 3 beautiful girls, work full time, help a friend with his business as well so the 5 week one course at a time online is perfect for me!
The staff is helpful and kind. It is not hard to get in contact with anyone and classes seem easy. They are a little high in my opinion but this is my first year out of community college.
So far I have been attending this school for a week. The online educational experience is something different, but I like it.
I was a little bit nervous when I was applying for schools. I have never had a problem with this school, and they are always willing to help and make sure that I understand everything that I am doing! I would highly recommend Ashford University to everyone!
I am an older woman, and going to Ashford has allowed me to go to college and earn a degree, which is something I never thought I would accomplish. The only thing I would change is to have more breaks in between classes. Continually doing classes, 5 weeks at a time, gets exhausting. Even if there was a one week break in between would help clear a student's mind and be refreshed to tackle the next class.
Overall pretty lackluster when it comes to obtaining higher education. Was hooked initially on the quick class schedule (5 week for undergrad) but still paid the same amount as I would for a full term class and for much less instruction. Additional education resources are available at what seems like free, but it is charged to you. Would suggest for someone who just needs to knock out a few classes quick but not for someone who wants an actual degree and a reasonable amount of substance for their dollar. You pay for a shortened, not better, education here.
Ashford Univerity is a great school. This is my fourth college attending before fully committing to a college due to what they have to offer. I love the flexible courses and how quickly they can be accomplished. The online teachers offer a lot of knowledge and actively participate in discussion. I wish the course would go more in depth, they offer the basic needed knowledge.
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I am a new student to Ashford. I have received a lot of positive support from everyone I have encountered thus far. This school truly makes me feel like they want to see me succeed compared to other schools I have been too. I feel like they have given me access to everything I will need to succeed.
I attend classes online and I love the convenience. I am unemployed right now, but I have been able to work on temporary assignments. The online classes allow me to work during the day and connect to the class in the evening. I can also work at my convenience because I am actively pursuing employment. I have also been out of school for over 30 years. When I first started my class, I was overwhelmed a couple of times. Being able to access my classes at my own time, I have been able to step away and then go back to my assignment and concentrate to get it right. But has also been nice to meet other classmates in the discussions. It's nice to get encouragement from other classmates and from the professor's. I am not a shy person, but I am sure for some, it's easier to get to know people because we don't have to deal with them face to face. There are also the times when life just happens and interrupts you.
My favorite thing about AU is my advisors. They are always on top of things and are always there when I need them with an answer to all of my questions. I have heard horror stories about transferring credits from one school to another from some of my fellow college friends, but with AU the process was fast and simple, I barely had to lift a finger! The AU teaching staff are always friendly and extremely helpful, they are there to make sure their students succeed instead of trying to "weed out the weak."
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