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The best think about Ashford University is the flexability. It allows you to take one class every 5 weeks to ensure that the focus remains just on one thing at a time and that it does not interfere with everyday life. The challenge with this is the length of time. It is difficult to completely digest all of the material in just 5 weeks.
I went to Ashford because of it broad range of academics it offered online. I was pleasantly surprised why I stopped struggling at school and was able to do it when I wanted instead of when everyone else wanted me to do it. Ashford helped me to succeed.
I really like Ashford and wouldn't change a thing. They are in constant contact with you and will help in any way they can. I feel like I learning instead of being talked at. Very understanding and want you to sucseed as much as you do.
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I love the classroom, the older version better. I do not like the new model but have adjusted to it. I wish there was more student interaction and opportunity to have debates. I enjoy the flexibility and detail of the discussions/papers/journal assignments. I also wish they had a two week summer break as it is almost all year round with only two weeks off the entire year.
Customer service and Admission Reps are good. Listen to details and can answer all your questions. Offers military discounts nice add on.
Attending Ashford University has made it possible to keep my full-time job, help my family financially while learning at night. It has been a fantastic experience so far; I am only four classes away from obtaining my bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I am pleased with the learning environment. All the faculty at Ashford care about the students, they are very attentive and want all students to feel welcome and to graduate. It was on thrilling ride taking online classes, but all the instructors have made it easy, there is always live tutoring, and the professor replies to all of your questions promptly. However, one thing I would like to see change is the way the way enrollment service advisors pressure the students. The enrollment service advisors make false promises, about transfer credits and they regularly call you to enroll in school even after you mentioned to them you would think about your decision to enroll they will call you daily.
I was skeptical about online education at first; however, the counselors assured me that I will be alright. I really enjoy online education. It allows me to work, do homework, and tend to other important details!
My Experience with Ashford was limited as I was an online student. I feel that the classes I took were extremely informative and fast paced, although most of the classes have little or nothing to do with my career goals or my degree of Creative Writing! Unless of course someone can explain how "understanding my part in the environment" pertains to creative writing ...
I love this program it has given me the opportunity to move forward with my career of choice and it has given me the pride to stand up and say I can do this with no problem
Ashford is a great college/University to attend. Most of the facility’s teachers and advisors are amazing to work with. They off took to help students succeed. They have many honor societies to chose from and degree options. I love the University!!
Great online experience. I’m a mother of four so going to school at a campus is not a option. Ashford online schooling helps me get the degree I need and still be able to be there for my kids.
I love being a student as Ashford, however, I wish that all of the departments could be on the same page with everything dealing with the student. This is an online school, so I can't rate everything correctly when it comes to the campus, party scene, food, dorms, athletics, etc.
Ashford University changed my life. Working full time and family, Ashford provided me with the resources/tools to be able to finish my Associates and Bachelors degree and not miss out on other all other priorities in life. My experiences have been so positive that I have signed up for the Masters program this coming year thus fulfilling a life long dream of obtaining my degrees and furthering my education and career goals.
The ability to manage my time around school and makes it easy to get my education. The online courses are user friendly. Love the idea that the books are included with every course and makes it easier to just start the course.
Great classes at a fast pace. Fits into anyone's life. Great interaction with staff. Each class is only 5 weeks long assignments due 2 times a week.
Ashford has been a wonderful learning experience . some of the instructors do not respond quickly but they are willing to help you as much as they can.
I go to Ashford University. They are well informed in the subjects they have. They are always there to guide you and to help you whenever needed. When you write an essay, feedback is always given to help you improve your writing. Whenever there is a question that you need to have answered, they always get back to you within 24 hrs. I like their writing center because they give feedback to you within 24 hrs. This university is awesome.
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Ashford is the only way I was able to go back to school with my busy schedule. The teachers are very helpful and the classes are easy to follow along.
Overall experience was good. The work was hard and knowledgeable I would recommend the school to others
I love Ashford University! I am an online student so I am not sure about the campus life. What I do know is the school, overall, cares about their students. I get a phone call from my advisor 1-2 times a week. My professors are very nice and understanding. If I ever have a question it gets answered. I would recommend this school to everyone I know!
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