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They are very helpful, and try to set up everything for you. I decided to go back to school after 15 years. They walked me through every step, if had known how convenient it was, I would have taken classes online years ago.
I like Ashford University because it gives you a great opportunity to further your education while working and to maintain your life, also it is a great program for business in which I’m majoring to complete my bachelors degree. I have learned a lot so far and very grateful for that.
I have had a great time through out my time at Ashford. the Professors are helpful, the advisors are quick with responses, they make sure you are doing well, and they motivate you to be the best you can be throughout for time there. the online setting is great for single parents that work full time jobs, they go 1 class every 5 weeks and they keep the pace so that you do not get lost or confused and you can focus on one class at a time instead of several like my previous college campuses.
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The classes are great. I have had excellent experiences with all my instructors. They are very helpful and willing to work with you to complete assignments. The tools they provide like the online library and essay review make writing assignments flow.
My overall experience with Ashford was good. They even helped me get help when I was going through a tough time.
I have enjoyed being a student here at Ashford. I like the way classes are setup in 5 week spans. The coursework is challenging and easy to understand. Teachers are great and are willing to work with you if there is an issue you run into. I have done other online school but this one has been the best so far.
I like being in class instead of online but I can't do that so online is the way to go. Sometimes the assignments can be really hard, sometimes super easy; depends on the class. I hate having a minimum word limit, because it be a 500 word discussion and I scrambled to find the right wording for me to complete the requirement. I do enjoy that the teachers give a reasonable time instead of expecting a person to complete it within hours of just receiving it.
They listened to my uncertainties,my desires,and my needs. They answered my questions, calmed my concerns, and brought me the best information possible to answer all questions and concerns.
I thought that having a great job and making great money, I didn’t need to finish school and then I spoke with an awesome guy at Ashford University by the name of Joshua Stutzman and he placed me on a course or several that changed my life and the way I see it and others. He spoke with me for a very long time, he seemed like he cared enough to help me make the best decision. Now because of him, I have both a Bachelors and Masters from Ashford University!
Going back to school after so many years was quite intimidating but the enrollment advisor and teachers help put me at ease. I am 1 year out from graduating with my BA in Business Administration.
Ashford is an excellent university that has given me the skills I need at being successful in my future career.
Instructors are knowledgeable and make sure all students feel welcomed. Being an online student, I still feel like I belong even though I am not physical at the school. I love that the school sends out student health emails each month with new topics. I also like that the Dean reaches out multiple times a year to students. Another up side to this collage is the esy access to all of my paperwork and scedule.
I have been attending Ashford almost a year and I love it! Everyone is extremely kind, willing to do what it takes to get you enrolled and help you with financial aid. The classes and professors are challenging, making you think and work hard to earn your grades.
Ashford University offers great online courses. The college works with distant members like myself serving in the military. The working relationship is awesome to let us to have the opportunity to further our education.
The classe at Ashford get you full engaged. Even so, courses are five weeks long and enrolling in one class consideres the student as full time. I would recommend this school to anyone escpecially with those working multiple jobs. Since the school is online you can do your studies from just about anywhere.
Ashford university was absolutely amazing. Being a single working mom it was hard to find the time to further my education, but the staff at Ashford made going back to school easy. The courses were flexible to my work schedule and everything was easily accessible. I was able to work with my enrollment specialist to transfer credits from my local college. They were thorough in explaining my program and costs associated. They made school fun again. The one environment was so much easier than trying to find hours in the day to attend a classroom course. I was able to complete my Bachelors degree in less than 2 years.
The instructors are very understanding and makes the learning experience engaging. At this university they are in five week courses and I never felt overwhelmed.
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Ashford is fast-paced online learning that tackles one subject at a time in five-week courses. This format works for me, and I can work my schedule around other activities.
Very good school to take classes at. Very understanding professors. A huge plus for them being military friendly. I've been able to take classes while being deployed.
Ashford is a wonderful school where people can attend online while still having a job and be able to do their work when they can. It has been very beneficial to me
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