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Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Reviews

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If you don't mind paying for an education where you might be teaching yourself, AB Tech might be okay for you. You might hit the jackpot and get a great instructor or you might spend your time and money teaching yourself. Quite a few instructors treat the student as if they are junior employees who are already supposed to know the information and they are there just to test you. There seems to be a complete lack of professional development. Some of the instructors are very poor educators! The upside is that the tuition is very affordable. Maybe it is an example of the old adage "You get what you pay for." I would actually rate it at 2 1/2 stars overall.
I would highly recommend staying away from their online classes! The absolute majority of online classes are grossly inadequate. There appears to be zero oversight of the process altogether. Instructors seem to get to chose whether they actually teach or not. Many treat online classes like their sole purpose is to just check Moodle for your assignments.
Very good school with dedicated teachers who want the best for the students. Very inclusive and diverse as well.
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Some professors have been better than others. Some have been a little too disorganized, but most teachers have made everything easy to navigate.
The online and hybrid classes take place on Moodle, which is relatively easy to navigate and well-organized. The professors reach out a LOT, and are just as engaging and helpful as an in-person class.
I have really enjoyed my time at AB Tech. The professors are professional, and the student demographic is a lot more diverse than your average four-year university. I've met so many interesting people and taken so many interesting classes. The courses here are academically challenging, engaging, and well-organized.
I have taken a few online classes with AB-Tech through their Moodle site. The site is easy to navigate and it allows direct connection to professors and other students in your class. They are mostly self guided with set due dates but most professors are readily available to help students work through assignments.
I have had some great professors at AB-Tech and in those classes I have learned and retained the coarse material well. I have had a few professors that did not work for me, but AB-Tech does allow you to withdraw from classes with minimal impact easily.
My classes became online classes during the pandemic. I think that for having to transition quickly to a new style, my instructors did very well. It was definitely an adjustment but it worked out well.
I love my program, Hospitality Management. We get so much experience with real-life scenarios and hands-on training.
When starting to register for classes, try to use rate my professor because each professor has their strengths and weaknesses. The Writing Center is an incredible resource that I recommend everyone go to on a regular basis. A-B Tech is a great place to start your college experience because you get the realities of being a college student while also having access to resources that teach you coping skills to the new work load. The cafe on campus would be my biggest complaint but there are plenty of places to eat in Biltmore next to campus.
Great school to get your college degree or transfer to a four year school. Great teachers that will help you succeed with your classes.
I have had some very great as well as some difficult professors with AB Tech. Overall the school does very well to support the students. 9/10 professors want you to succeed and will actually help you in the class. The class sizes are generally small. Going to class is so important. The small class sizes make it easy to ask questions. It really helps you create a relationship with the teacher and allows you to have better success. The counselors for financial aid, as well as general advising, are super helpful. If they can't answer your question they will find someone for you who can. I have had very few occasions where my question went unanswered. This affordable and well-structured school is definitely the place to start regardless of if you are not quite sure what path in life you want to pursue or if you are starting your college career.
The instructors are easy to communicate with and reources are available to every student. Buildings and resources are all nearby so accessing materials and classes were easy.
I am currently a high school student that goes to abtech for all of my classes. I have/am taking Anatomy 168 and 169, statistics 151, art 111, english 241, and sociology 210 in the past semester and this semester. These classes have prepared me for a 4 year college I will be going to, the professors are great, and very willing to help. I am thankful for this experience and I am willing to take the next steps toward a 4 year university to better my education.
This community college has a myriad of programs for students just leaving high school to those returning adults after years in various industries. It is affordable and the programming is robust.
Going to a community college was the smart choice. I was immediately thankful that AB Tech was there in order to save money on the first two years of college. I’m now about to graduate and transfer with no debt.
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Great teachers, comprehensive curriculum, friendly people, beautiful mountains. I've learned so much, and made many friends.
AB-Tech is an okay school with a subpar online program full of issues that are harder than normal in-person classes that not all of us can take.
Seems like AB Tech doesn't have the easiest process for signing up for classes or getting approved for financial aid.
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