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AB Tech is a great community college. They offer a wide range of programs to help benefit every type of student. The staff there are overall great people who always have the best intentions for their students. This college offers many resources to help all of their students including tutoring and counselors.
Affordable way to jumpstart you college career. Plenty of options for degrees, certifications, and continuing education classes. Fantastic allied health degree programs available.
The campus is nice and well-protected. The academics are about average for a community college. Location is central to the area it serves.
Review Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
the student body is primarily composed of gossipy teenagers, drug addicts, and people that aren't interested in making friends. The facility itself - Dodgy, always under construction, slow internet , and an administration that couldn't care less about your concerns. The classes themselves, ok. My biggest complaint is that the majority of course work is online. The teachers that I've had are fairly decent. The real issue is that even when the teachers are good, they have to uphold policies that lower the quality of the course. This isn't much of a place to learn, people in the communal rooms don't stop talking for a single moment, it's very hard to concentrate even in buildings that are for specific majors. The one exception that I've found is the library. If you're looking to get anything done on this campus, the library is your best friend. If that's the case, you should probably consider another college.
It took me forever to sign up for classes because I had to jump through so many hoops to get all my credits that were transferable to this school. There is not really a clear cut direction to take when trying to enroll with transfer credits. Also, there did not seem to be great communication among the staff.
The classes are engaging. Out of the five professors I have so far I would say three are amazing, one is decent, and only one gets under my skin and does not do a very good job. There is a wide and diverse range of classes available to students, even those who are not enrolled in specific programs; take Ti Chi for example. Class sizes are relatively small as well.
There are many programs at this school that are very specific to certain career paths that I hear aid very much in helping a student require the skills to get a job. There is a career center that aids with that as well. However, I am not in one of the specified programs nor have I been to the career center yet.
The program I am seeking is not offered at a 2-year college. However, AB Tech seems to have a wonderful transfer program that can be molded around the students needs to advance to the 4-year school of their choice.
Just as any college, the professors can truly make or break the overall experience. Take my history teacher for example, she was an archaeologist, has multiple degrees, and when I'm in her class my foot taps repeatedly out of excitement and I retain everything she says. I never liked history before this. Now, take my statistics teacher, he wastes the entire class rambling on about nonsense that has to applicable use in or out of class. I always liked math before his class. Besides that I haven't spent enough time at this school to delve into any other aspects. So far I would go ahead and say I would probably choose this school again. It's a good stepping stone and the teachers I have that do care truly make a difference. They are what makes this place, AB Tech, unique.
It's really easy to get conveniently timed classes.
I like them for a lot of reasons. With online classrooms you can sit in pajamas, sip tea, enjoy silence, and do your work without any worries.
My professors are the best. They are really passionate about their jobs.
Degrees are highly valued here and everyone has such great dreams and goals for their future!
I'm still not sure what I want to do, but I'm interested in the sciences! I was in the associates in science but it was changed to a pre nursing thing. I'm probably going to go into a pharmacy tech career, though!
I like how open the campus is. The place isn't crammed together and it's beautiful. The people are great, too. Teachers are respectful, patient, and trustworthy when it comes to your education!
Its pretty flexible. Transferring credits was also explained thoroughly
Instructors very unprofessional poorly organized
Review Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
You come here to transfer to a 4 year institution
Some of the classes could have more times as it seems the ones I need are always at one time.
I personally prefer traditional classroom settings for my personality.
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