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It was great! The professors communicate well and genuinely care about their students and course content.
This was a wonderful experience. I was able to learn in depth in my field of study, make incredible-lifelong friends, and become prepared for the workplace.
One of the best things about Asbury is the small class sizes and committed professors. The professors are interested in investing in your life, and helping you achieve your best - beyond just the academics. Small classes mean one-on-on assistance and great discussions!
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Generally, classes were "old-fashioned" and the only tech involved was PPT. Professors always seemed competent with basics, but I only had one class that I remember using an online platform for assignments. The students in the class weren't extremely invested in it, so the experience wasn't great. I do think that the other disciplines were more tech-savvy than mine.
I only took one class online and it was relatively simple, other than the fact that it was only 9 weeks long and I was required to do an extreme amount of reading for it.
Asbury University is a joke. The tuition is $40,000 a year and there is nothing to show for it. If you ask me, a year of attending Asbury is worth a maximum price of $20,000. Asbury provides it's students with some of the lowest speed internet possible and they block a variety of websites, including UrbanDictionary, which makes no sense. They also have very few options for food, even in The Bistro, the supposed restaurant on campus. If I wanted a soggy piece of chicken, I'd go to church and stay afterwards to eat lunch there. Room and Board is $8,000 but again, there's nothing to show for it. There are only 6 washers for like 500 students. The furniture is old, worn, and outdated. The heating and cooling systems are horrible and often times are set to blow hot air when it's hot and cold air when it's cold. Lastly, the professors are alright, but some lack in their abilities to teach, but you can expect that from any University, so that's not an Asbury-specific problem.
Asbury Is a great university, with an experience that you cannot find everywhere. What I liked most is the relationships I have build. One thing I would like to see change is open dorms throughout the week.
Due to COVID-19, the second half of my second semester was online. It was on a simple format and for the most part the work was very accomodable.
This university is a small university which can help students get to know professors well and meet people easily. The academics can be difficult. The tuition is high.
Asbury University has been exceptional in all areas! Academics, relationships, schoolwork, and communication are all centered around growing in our knowledge and faith. The professors and even other school staff are never hesitant to reach out and check on the students. I highly recommend this University for everyone who is eager to grow and learn in a compassionate community.
I applied and received almost immediate response with information about the university and what they were about.
The University looks nice on the out side and the majority of the professors put on a show, but they turn out to be two faced. I had maybe three professors that I really liked and enjoyed their classes. The food is terrible in the cafeteria, and the bistro food is average. I worked in the cafeteria and I was supposed to be trained, but the supervisor never trained me and I got in trouble a lot.
The couunity life is wonderful. You really feel like you are part of a family. I have made friends that I know I will keep for life.
Great Christian school, professors are helpful and relational. Easy to use online tools for classes and are punctual.
I have spent several years taking part in Asbury's ImpactU summer camp, which was very beneficial to my growth as an actor and an editor. I enjoyed the professors that I had, and still keep in contact with my friends that go there now!
Asbury is a great school! The academics are great and professors really care about you. There's not always a lot to do in the area if you don't have a car but overall, it's a great school.
It's starting to feel like home. Everyone is kind and tries to keep you involved. The professors all seem engaged and the campus is small enough to be wherever you need to be.
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Inclusive community, opportunities for quality time with professors, beautiful campus, small classroom size and lots of things to do to keep busy around campus by getting involved!
The people is what makes Asbury great. I met so many great friends there, learned a lot, and had a blast. It's such a great, supportive community. The professors there really care about their students. It's located in a beautiful, small, church town. Many fun rural things to do nearby. And if you like big cities, Lexington KY is only about a 20-30 minute drive. I couldn't recommend it more highly if you're looking for a good, Christian, private education.
Asbury offers a unique experience through a heavily involved community, including clubs as well as several faith-asked opportunities. Being connected here allows students to then impact the world the same way they were impacted here.
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