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It's starting to feel like home. Everyone is kind and tries to keep you involved. The professors all seem engaged and the campus is small enough to be wherever you need to be.
Inclusive community, opportunities for quality time with professors, beautiful campus, small classroom size and lots of things to do to keep busy around campus by getting involved!
The people is what makes Asbury great. I met so many great friends there, learned a lot, and had a blast. It's such a great, supportive community. The professors there really care about their students. It's located in a beautiful, small, church town. Many fun rural things to do nearby. And if you like big cities, Lexington KY is only about a 20-30 minute drive. I couldn't recommend it more highly if you're looking for a good, Christian, private education.
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Asbury offers a unique experience through a heavily involved community, including clubs as well as several faith-asked opportunities. Being connected here allows students to then impact the world the same way they were impacted here.
The community on campus and the academics are great, but there aren’t many places to hang out. It gets claustrophobic in the winter.
I love the campus and the atmosphere of this small college town. They make it a priority to have an amazing community and the classes are great. Dorm life is actually amazing and I'm beyond grateful for that. Facilities are great for the most part (girls' dorms need tremendous improvement) but it's a very expensive university. I wish they offered more scholarship opportunities and financial aid office communicated more with students. Most of the time the numbers don't add up on what we are paying and how much the tuition costs. It seems to change each semester. Security on campus needs to improve because I know I speak for many women on campus that sometimes when walking back from parking lots after working late we do not feel safe. Poor lighting and one security officer on duty. No call boxes either anywhere on campus. They have a suggestion email sent out every semester but they often refute any suggestions we make.
The professors truly care about their students. It is a very personalized education and environment. They give you every possible pathway to success. Whether that is the free tutoring or free counseling, there is little room for any student to fail in or outside the classroom.
Asbury was the worst experience of my life. The sheltered, 'in the bubble' lifestyle lead many students to pretense and condescension. This attitude was encouraged by the faculty.
I have grown up around Asbury, and my father is an alum. I have loved all of the experiences I have been blessed with, as a teen, by being involved with the many things that Asbury is.
Recently, I embarked on a visit to Asbury University and the experience was wonderful. The admissions office, students, professors, and others are very welcoming and friendly. The Christian atmosphere is present and very well known throughout the community. Would certainly recommend this school to anyone looking for a college.
I am an online student just starting Asbury and I feel confident that I will like this school. I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and hope to find work there after.
Great school in a nice rural area. If you're looking for a small faith-based university with great professors who will challenge you, you'll find Asbury fits the bill- and doesn't break the bank!
Asbury is all about what you make it. The academics and spirituality are amazing to experience on a college campus. The increased attention from professors due to smaller class sizes is crucial to the great academic atmosphere. Your personal experience for student and dorm life is really dependent on how much you are willing to put in.
My time here at Asbury has without a doubt been instrumental in shaping me into who I am today. Not only does Asbury challenge students intellectually but they emphasize spiritual growth as well. The teachers and students create an environment that is the embodiment of community. Teachers invest in their students and take the time to get to know us on a more personal level. Students are personable and genuinely want to get to know others. As for what I would like to see change, the hardest part about college here is not having enough time to invest in more people. Between the commitments that come with being a college student and the large number of people you want to get to know, there is not enough time in the day. This is not necessarily a problem, rather it is a struggle that I have come across during my time here. Overall, Asbury’s foundation in Christian morals and values paired with an excellent education and tremendous community have created a place in which I can call home.
Asbury is a typical Christian school, where the students are in a “bubble,” so to speak. Athletics and worship are great. However, financial aid is horrendous, worse than any other school I’ve been in contact with.
Asbury is a great place to safely find yourself. It is a great place to find who you are in your spirituality. Professors are the bread and butter of this campus because they care about you as people as well as students. They invest in you on a spiritual and emotional level as well as an academic level. Great school 10/10 would recommend.
I have loved my time at Asbury. I have been pushed academically, learned professional skills, made lifelong friends, and most importantly- gained a concept of what is most important for me to pursue in my life. Asbury is small, and does not always have as many funds to throw around as larger schools, but my professors care so much to see me grow and think critically.
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One of my favorite aspects of Asbury is the community here. Through Asbury, God has provided me with a diverse group of friends who love me deeply, encourage me to think about the world in different ways, and ask me to become more like Christ.
I also love the faculty here. Small classes make it possible to get to know each of your professors and for them to know you by ame as well.
Asbury is a great place to be. The academic aspect of Asbury is incredible and the professors are extremely helpful. Asbury's community is extremely welcoming. Throughout my 4 years at Asbury I have never had a bad experience. Throughout my fours years I've been challenged to think critically and definitely expand my way of thinking and adapt to many new great ideas.
Asbury has allowed me to grow both academically and spiritually. The small school atmosphere lets me have professional relationships with my professors. Asbury is an ever changing campus that continues to grow.
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