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I loved my Freshman year at Asbury - small class ratio, size of the campus, and ease of getting around. The Christian atmosphere presented students with options for friendship, music involvement, peer counseling and missions work.
The equine program was professionally instructed. Equine Management is my minor. My major is Media Communication. Great opportunities assisting with student made films.
Socially, activities planned throughout the year - from Orientation Week mixers, cultural fair, themed party nights, to Freshman Formal, Jr. Sr. dance, plays, musicals, concerts, and the Highbridge Film Festival.
There were a few negatives with regard to my Freshman year: roommate/dorm, AP/Dual Enrollment credit, both of which were easily and quickly resolved, due to the personal size of the campus. Not much is opened on Sundays in Wilmore, KY. Nicholasville and Lexington are so close, I was always able to get to where I needed for what I needed.
There are specifically 2 things I love most about Asbury University. First and foremost I love how everything is centered around my faith - from my college sport to my school lessons. The second thing I love is the community aspect. Everyone is so kind and loving and everyone is always outside playing games or talking or picnicking. The only thing that could change is the food options in the cafeteria. Other than that, Asbury is a wonderful college.
This is my first year at Asbury, but I am already liking it because of the community and just how much the students here are very friendly. Therefore, even though I am an introvert and i dont have many friends, I am still never eating by myself or hanging out in my room all the time. The professors are also willing to sacrifice their time to students who need help with school work, so you never have to stress about it. I also like like my dorm because there are so many unique people that are so different from you and you get to share so many stories and meet other people from different grades.
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Asbury is a Christ-centered school with the most caring and loving community I have ever been involved in. As a student, I am blessed to have professors and faculty who invest in me as a whole person, not just my academics.
Great school for students interested in bettering themselves and continuing their walk with God. I loved the community of friends and professors I built while I was there. I am proud to have a unique, amazing experience at Asbury.
It is very nice to live on campus and be close to where you would need to go. The dorms are clean and although slightly small is it cozy and nice to decorate. The cost is slightly high but it is expected being such nice dorms. The housing process was easy and the atmosphere is nice. Everything is very homey in the dorms and I honestly do miss it when I go back to my real home.
To my knowledge we do not have many Greeks here on campus but we did have Greek Week and Welcome Week for them. I am not exactly sure what all they did, but I see it as admirable that they have chosen Asbury to attend. It gives the atmosphere a cultural change, and Greek students are viewed well by non Greek students.
Athletics seem to be a big part of Asbury, but not everything revolves around them. I believe people, seemingly professors are impressed by them. I would love to be a student athlete, but that is almost impossible while working a full time job and having 17 credit hours. As far as I am told our teams perform well, and I have seen that our students largely support them. Our school spirit is high, with students who dress up and everything, and the facilities are very nice. They are advanced and are welcome to all students. Student athletes are required to sit at the front of the class and keep up a good grade point average. I will eventually be a student athlete, and I am excited for the day that I do.
Asbury is a wonderful school full of fellowship and smiling faces. This school makes me feel so welcome and safe, and I am very happy with my decision. I would most definitely choose Asbury again, due to the fact that the professors are caring, the staff is genuine, and the students are so reassuring and helpful! My favorite aspect of Asbury would be my liberal arts class, because it opens up a whole bunch of new topics and the professor is by far my favorite. She is so personable and approachable and happy. Our school is unique in the sense that it sincerely is a dry campus, and there are no parties unless they are school sponsored. No one goes against the rules and everything is clean fun. The special events that Asbury offers are awesome as well, whether it be a cook out and worshiping at midnight. I love this school and am so glad I get to be a part of the community.
The whole academic view and foundations of this school is amazing and never seems to fail.
The plan for after graduation is very important and always talked about and reviewed for all students and staff.
This campus feels very safe and secure for all genders.
Its a great environment within the housing. It feels very homey and comfortable.
Sporting events are always a fun and supporting time from and for all the students that play. Sports are apart of this small community as well which makes them so important.
It has been a blessing to be able to learn and be a part of this school and community. If I could choice a different direction to go in my higher education I would still pick Asbury. The community life makes Asbury the best in the area in my opinion. Its small and close nit.
The courses offered can at times be limited, but the quality of the courses offered and the professors at the school make up for it.
I have not been involved in the career center at Asbury, but what I have heard it is very accommodating.
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I have always felt one hundred percent secure on campus at Asbury.
There are not as many options as would be like, but the options there are are quality.
Athletics can be an important par of campus life, but our day to day does not revolve around them.
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