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The only downside of Asbury is the drawbacks that come with small schools like not a lot of food options and not as modern features.
When I started out at Asbury, I was a little nervous going in because I only knew a couple people coming in with me. Once I arrived, I met not only some of my closest friends, but I had faculty around me that supported me in both my academics and my faith. I know that I can count on my professors and other faculty that I have relationships with if I need them for anything. Some of them have welcomed me into their homes, and some of them will answer my questions at 10 o' clock at night. I truly believe that I would not have the same experience if I had gone somewhere else.
I love the community and the people at Asbury. It has helped me grow in multiple aspects of my life.
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As soon as I came to campus I felt at home. Faculty and staff are welcoming and friendly. There is an atmosphere of true, genuine care for students and for the surrounding community. Professors know students by name and many times I have been asked what is going on in my life. I definitely feel cared for and well prepared academically.
Asbury is a great university, everybody is friendly, and the professors and staff are very accommodating. The campus is gorgeous; I feel like at home on Asbury's campus. Chapel is such a great experience and the worship bands are wonderful.
Asbury is a small college and the community is amazing! Some rules should change and the location is not so great though.
Asbury is very intentional in that it seeks out the incoming students to ensure they are included in the community. I highly recommend this college because it has provided an extremely welcoming, growing, bonding, and friendly experience.
I really enjoy Asbury for the most part. It's a safe campus, the professors are invested in your success (they will help you achieve any goal you have) and the study body is just as encouraging. There are some rules Asbury enforces that aren't always agreeable, and some of their views can be contradictory. But overall, Asbury is a fantastic school and I'm really glad I've attended for as long as I have
I love Asbury. The community here is just awesome. The people are very friendly, and the education is amazing, just great professors.
Asbury University does not have the most educational resources, but it does provide students with many opportunities to receive direct assistance from professors academically and spiritually.
Asbury University offers an outstanding atmosphere and sense of security due to the community it withholds. Asbury's faculty pushes the students to think of their values in faith and others when applying their education in everyday life. Asbury teaches and presents lessons that are beyond just academic but are also of wisdom. The close community of Asbury can at times be intimidating to people who are not sound in their faith or themselves. However, Asbury provides the experiences and guidance to help students find themselves, and it challenges the students to explore and strengthen their faith. Asbury offers a great education and experience. The professors are very intelligent and have lots of experience in their fields.
The people are friendly and there is always something going on on campus. Great place to get a quality education!
Asbury is a great School that offers great opportunities for spiritual, academic, and personal growth. Its atmosphere makes you feel at home.
The chapel services are almost always engaging, the people tend to be very accepting and helping. The dorms could use a bit of a renovation but they are decently nice.
Asbury is a very excellent school, I have learned a lot in the short time I have been there and it is very easy to begin school there even if you have been out of high school for a while.
Asbury University is a very diverse school! We have so many different cultures on campus we are always learning. The community is great and the people are so nice!
I has a great atmosphere, it has Southern charm and a very homey feel. There Equine program, although not the best academically truly is one of the best! they get to know you, you arnt just another student passing through they want to help you succeed and do everything possible to make that happen. The equine program has many different opportunities for you to take part in and really help you once it comes close to graduating to make sure you find and job when you leave
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I've never felt so at home, accepted, and free to be myself. Asbury not only challenges students with class work intellectually, Asbury also teaches students to think critically about the meaning of life and one's own beliefs. It guided me through the best and hardest of times. I will miss it. I will never regret attending all four years. My only regret will be taking it for granted in year.
I've made lifelong friends with peers and professors. Almost all of my professors (30 out of 33) were people I could ask to be a mentor about deep issues I was dealing with. great networking that helps to find jobs after school! Already working full-time the summer after graduation thanks to Asbury networking. I can't say enough about how great Asbury is. God is a part of Asbury and will be close to anyone trying to find him while you go to school here. I've grown spiritually while attending and intellectually. There are school parties almost every weekend and fun things/ events to go to.
I loved my Freshman year at Asbury - small class ratio, size of the campus, and ease of getting around. The Christian atmosphere presented students with options for friendship, music involvement, peer counseling and missions work.
The equine program was professionally instructed. Equine Management is my minor. My major is Media Communication. Great opportunities assisting with student made films.
Socially, activities planned throughout the year - from Orientation Week mixers, cultural fair, themed party nights, to Freshman Formal, Jr. Sr. dance, plays, musicals, concerts, and the Highbridge Film Festival.
There were a few negatives with regard to my Freshman year: roommate/dorm, AP/Dual Enrollment credit, both of which were easily and quickly resolved, due to the personal size of the campus. Not much is opened on Sundays in Wilmore, KY. Nicholasville and Lexington are so close, I was always able to get to where I needed for what I needed.
There are specifically 2 things I love most about Asbury University. First and foremost I love how everything is centered around my faith - from my college sport to my school lessons. The second thing I love is the community aspect. Everyone is so kind and loving and everyone is always outside playing games or talking or picnicking. The only thing that could change is the food options in the cafeteria. Other than that, Asbury is a wonderful college.
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