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Going to ASA was one of the greatest experiences of my life. From the classes to the students and staff down to my externship. Im literally one class shy of completing my degree. I would reccomend anyone to ASA, my advisor helped me every step of the way. There is diversity amongst students and professors and general staff. Aside from the school being so expensive, its been an amazing experience.
My time at ASA college was good. My grades and understanding of the topics were so much more helpful with the professors. One thing that really didn’t have me happy was the admissions team.
ASA College is a good school the teachers are good with helping the students with what they help with. The campus is great. Everything looks good the setup all of it.
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for me is a good college they have tutor available for the student to help us pass the class and understand the cores.
I like the environment, there is a lot of diversity in the students and everyone makes you feel welcomed and loved.
The College isn't bad at all, it has its flaws like most colleges so I give it a 3 star. It excels in speed, the curriculum gets you through the programs at a quick pace and if you can handle it I recommend it. It even helps you out with financial aid. The faults are more when you go into your specialized programs, at times the staff lacks communication so things are a bit difficult to find out and clarify.
When I applied to ASA College I was a little bit sleptical about the quality education the school would provide. Now, I know I should not have been. My professors are very knowledgeable and supportive. The employees are extremely helpful. I learn something new each day, but more importantly, I apply my knowledge to my everyday life. I am very grateful to be part of this amazing community, and I am looking forward to taking my career to the highest level with the foundation that ASA gave me. I cannot thank enough.
ASA college is getting better. This college is unfortunately run like a business rather than an educational institution. They have poor excuses as to why the library does not have current and enough text books and resources for its students. when you have a complaint, it goes on deaf ears, they just created a department for complaints, so lets see how well that works. School book checks bounce constantly and the CFO doesn't even address it by making a public apology. The moral of administration is at an all time low, most of them act like their doing students a favor rather than doing their job.
The professors are knowledgeable, professional, caring, and dedicated. The price to attend college here is more expensive than most CUNYS, however its a great place to come to, to get your grades up and transfer to another college once you accomplish your associates degree.
Working here has been one of the worst experiences of my life. The "president" is not really a president, who tries to flaunt her expertise in the field of academia. The rest of the staff are all Russian based people who speak down to their employees. I am glad that this experience is over and done with, I can only see this school filing for bankruptcy in the near future.
Currently attending ASA I think like many other colleges you’re independent and need self discipline my advisors both Rob and Steven are awesome and whatever they advice me to do I try my best to follow it so that In the long run I can succeed the ball is in your hand ! Wish school wasn’t so expensive but hey as long as it gets me to my career
IM currently trying to get into this school hopefully I do. Really is pushing hard but receiving no feedback at all. Heard they had a coaches change but im still for the school heard they had a great sports management program
I graduated from asa over 10 years ago. It's been a long time , but I never regretted starting my carrier there.
This is my first time going to college ever , since almost right after the high school I had my first baby , and it was really scary for me to start college at 27.But thanks to ASA it's no stress for me . I am finishing my second semester here and I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Great location , small groups and caring professors.
For Nursing its a very good college. The transit is very good and next to school. They have test taking skills that helps students to do better in exams.
As an international student who wanted to study in United States and play tennis in Division I, ASA Community College was ideal option. When i looked back to my overall experience with ASA College can be described as "Average".
Academics- ASA College has occupations in Business, Nursing, Healt Care, Computer Technology and Legal Studies. As you can see not to much options for future students.
Diversity- In ASA College diversity play important role. College has been accepted students from all around the world. If diversity plays important role for your future college, ASA can be right place for you.
Athletics- College in Member of NJCAA Division I and has a lot of sports activities. Tennis, Baseball, and Basketball are most popular sports in the College.
Overall, college gives you basic knowledge to transfer to 4 year institution, but not specific knowledge that you can implement in the real work situations.
I am earning my Associate's degree at ASA College, and I am enjoying every second of it! I love the flexibility of the schedules, the kind and understanding staff. Also, I have to point out that the professors are very straight forward, honest, and fair in the process of explaining material and assessing our work. Thanks ASA for such an incredible experience!
It was an okay school for the time, but looking back I would've chosen a different school to obtain my criminal justice degree! Some professors were there just for the pay, and put no thought into lesson plans or just had you reading from your textbook 😑.
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I really like the school but I hate the dorms, we live in a hotel...that sucks. The teachers really seem to care and devote their time to us and help when we are having a rough time. This is my second year here, the first year was rough because of my living arrangements and not having a car. So I am thankful that lots of stores are walking distance but I wish we lived on a real campus that was closer to school and of course North Miami is where all of my records are at which sucks because I don't own a car. But other than that, I'm adjusting and looking forward to another successful year.
I've been studying here for about a year now and I really like it. The academics are great, professional professors, very helpful advisor, and flexible schedule. The Manhattan campus location is really nice, closed to lots of public transportation, surrounded by lots of different kinds of shops such as restaurant, stores, and clothes where I can always chill out after class. The only thing I wish they could improve is the diversity of majors.
ASA College gave me an opportunity that no other school was able to. The teachers have taught me to never give up on my dreams. I am blessed to have found this school. The classes are small but I love it because the teachers focus is on you. They have given me purpose on why I chose to go back to school. I am more then thankful.
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