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YOU CANNOT USE THESE DEGREES FOR A JOB OR 4 YEAR DO NOT FALL FOR IT. And definitely never listen to any of the lies that the shameless Olga in the admissions office will spew. Her lies SICKENED me. This school is no better than a University of Phoenix or ITT tech. These schools spend at least 2x more on commercials, marketing and lies than they do on actual teachers. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION????? Olga, and the rest of the staff who prey on young immigrant families & students of color should be ASHAMED of themselves.
SCAM SCHOOL!! Olga in admissions LIED over & over & was VERY RUDE. Each time I tried asking a questioN she ran right over me, answered something totally different (not knowing I have extensive work in edu. & admissions), or FLAT OUT LIED. Said she rejects ~60% of apps (lie its open admissions), they have ~75% grad rate (its about 24%). Lied about financial aid - even saying that I didn't know what I was talking about. Finally having enough, I shared she is not letting me get a word out edge wise & that she is inflating every single # I am asking for. She just agreed with the corrected #s I gave back & told me I was being defensive. I asked how many students can use an AOS degree for anything after & she only said that they "help students find externships" & that students can come back & take courses again for free. Yes it has Middle States accreditation but AOS degrees mean little to nothing to many, if not most, employers and schools is as bad as a school with NO accreditation.
So far I have had an great experience .I have received more than enough support and Iam glad I made the choice and I chose ASA college
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So far I had an great experience ,I have received more than enough support and Iam glad I made the choice and chose ASA college
Best thing about online experience I didn’t have to physically see professors as zoom was just a ceiling view of their homes.
Terrible nursing department ever known to history! The very same qualities the professors teach you to have as a nurse such as: empathy, communication skills, compassion, professional demeanor all their staff lacks! Starting from the dean all the way to the professors teaching! The only nice humans in that building are the cleaning people.
ASA College is worst of worst ever. I would study another college if I knew at the ASA college system. They usually do not answer and respond like DSO who takes care of visa, not respond back. Moreover, medical assisting head professor is really the worst ever. He just gave all of the students who take like Emergency and Pharmacology, simulation lab assignments for two weeks when last day of semester.
Due to coronavirus pandemic, every class was a replacement online.
I felt like I did not learn anything in ASA COLLEGE. One star is not enough to give them I would like to give zero points for ASA college.
I liked that the staff and professors are very supportive. They take you step by step in understanding every step of the way
During this pandemic my online experience was excellent. The professors ensured we throughly understood how to use Zoom, and Blackboard. Counselors called students to ensure our health was fine and asked if we needed help with anything. The counselors provoided students with tutorial resources and professors provided online resources along with full real lessons.
It is a good college as an trampoline to enter any another top university. Professors are well trained, they can help at any time you are asking them questions. Also they have many different programs to study. I learned many aspects related to education in United States. It was helpful, So that I could sort out unnecessary universities and colleges.
***very low standards, greedy, expensive, yet so cheap, and filthy. RUN AWAY!***

This place is run like a third world dictatorship —but with bathrooms at least (gross ones)—The employee are underpaid and treated like slaves or prisoners. I didn’t speak to one who wasn’t discouraged, unenthusiastic, or dreaded this excuse of an educational institution. The students are seen as walking $$$. This place panders to the poor and people from disadvantaged neighborhoods with false claims and fake smiles ...

As someone who studied and worked there for years, I can affirm this place is awful on many levels — very low standards, greedy, expensive yet cheap, and filthy. It’s a business, so the main concern is money and customer service, not necessarily education as they proclaim. Overpriced for students and the employees are so poorly compensated. NOO room for growth whatsoever.

Stay away — you won’t regret it.
The WORST school I have ever dealt with in my life!!!! First of all, besides the Operator, no one EVER answers the phone. It doesn't matter which department you choose, no one will answer. They say they offer certain programs and they don't. Do not register for Criminal Justice because they don't offer even half of the classes you need. They literally changed my son's schedule 3 weeks into the semester without his knowledge AND without even offering to let him pick the new classes. What kind of College does this???
They are extremely over priced for a 2 year college.
I also find it insane that the kids have to sit in classes for 3 hours yet have to do ALL of their coursework online. Why even have face to face classes?
These people DO NOT have it together at all. Every single thing we have experienced has been a headache.
Well I can say that they help you a lot comparing with another school, I love ASA because they are wonderful and almost all the professor who works in there are really nice and professional, but the one that l love is roger drawer is so funny and know how to make the class fun and easy, also denis dubron she always makes me feel happy and motivated to believe in myself 🥰🙏god bless m.r drawer in criminal justice department and Denise dubron which is a English teacher ❤️🥰
I hate this school, within each passing of the semester I feel that it’s getting worst, some of the professors will act like they are above you and fail you. Go to a better school and ask for recommendations about professors.
Such a amazing 2 year college. Great environment! Just love everything about down too the small class sizes to the dorms.
Mrs Olga Feliciano, is a delightful caring person. Her dedication to her students is breathtaking. I admire her and appreciate all she has done for me and my family. My family is very much a part of my career planning. I am so glad she has been able to help me and make a big impact in my life. She is simply the best! One of a kind. No one else like her. ASA is lucky to have her.
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Mrs. Olga Feliciano, is a wonderful contribution to ASA College. She puts her students first. She was the first person I met at ASA, as my admission advisor she is very motivating and cares about everyone. I have been excelling at ASA because there is so much support and services for the students. I highly recommend.
Most of the professors don't speak English well, lazy professors and very expensive if you don't play sports.
Going to ASA was one of the greatest experiences of my life. From the classes to the students and staff down to my externship. Im literally one class shy of completing my degree. I would reccomend anyone to ASA, my advisor helped me every step of the way. There is diversity amongst students and professors and general staff. Aside from the school being so expensive, its been an amazing experience.
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