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Art Center College of Design Reviews

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Art Center is a great school. The office of admissions in this college is very helpful with any concerns before starting school. It has wide array of options for careers, both for undergraduate and graduate. The campus is very nice and it is located in Pasadena which is a very nice area to live in or to just be around. The staff is quite helpful and the community of people associated with this school is amazing. Their history and experience with the education and design community should be enough for you to consider one of the best art schools in the US.
I have yet to start, and am not sure I will even be able to, it is really expensive for me, which is why I give it a 4 out of 5 instead of a 5. This is purely situational, the night classes I was able to take were amazing, and the teachers were wonderful. It seems so out of reach, one step forward, two steps back.
I took summer classes at Art Center College of Design for Animation. I learned a lot and was able to have fun working on my craft at the same time. Our instructor was great and I'd love to go back and take more classes. I am going to be enrolled at the school full time soon as a freshmen. It was a difficult choice for me because they don't have on campus housing. This seems to be a big deal in middle class present day American culture to have that "college experience" where you live in away from home for the first time. Luckily, my parents live in the LA area and I wouldn't mind the commute. I'd imagine it's more difficult on a tight budget for those whose homes are so far away they'd have to pay rent in the area in freshmen year.
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Art Center is essentially a long internship rather than a standard school. You're taught by people who are still in the industry and know what they're doing. It's an amazing institute.
I believe with transparency, punctuality, problem solving skills, project mange, Capability to work with team and social work. I am a positive thinker, open-minded and free to accept others responsibility to take a reasonable decision. I have also willingness to learn new ideas and technical knowledge.
With great professors and academics, ArtCenter provides an excellent platform to learn a lot about how the real designer-client world works. The workload is rigorous and does make life monotonous after a while. I wish they had better student activities and sports. They do have an amazing return on graduation though so overall it's an amazing college.
Art center staff members are very helpful and engaging in student’s academic goals. Art center has amazing professors that help you on a professional level.
I attended this college for it's high school program. I've applied for scholarships and am lucky enough to take about 7 courses through the Saturday High program. My experience was incredible and I've told a few classmates about this college and they went!! I love this college (It's also very beautiful)!
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One of the top industrial design schools in the United States. Their curriculum prepares students for the real industrial world in every aspect of design. Product design, transportation design, advertising, entertainment, etc. Their focus of study is intense and intensive.
The school used to be a great place when it was run by product people who actually cared. Today, a large part of the students are from Korea (nothing against them), because wealthy foreign students are the only ones able to afford the tremendous cost of studying there). Tuition is now above $20,000 per term, for a total cost of over $160,000. The majority of students will find that their school is not really as exceptional as they were told to, that career opportunities are really not that plentiful, and that salaries are generally below what career services promised. From a former grad's perspective, STAY AWAY from this scam. I took classes crammed with 52 students, for which I paid $1000 per week to have the privilege to attend. It is clearly no longer worth the expense. If you plan to attend on student loans, be prepared for a lifetime of financial struggle, poverty and depression. STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
Good education quality but very expensive. Overall worth it if you want a good future career. The faculty consists of people that have had experience in the field, so they can be really helpful.
My experience at Art Center was one of the best times of my life. I made life long friends and prepared myself for a most amazing career.
Art Center can be a great school if you make connections with your peers and teachers. It is also a good option if you need a push to get yourself to make the best work you can. That said, if you are already very self motivated, Art Center may not be worth all the money it costs. It should also be noted that although there can be a lot of diversity amongst the student body, the majority of professors are white men.
You don't party, you don't sleep, you don't save money, you don't do anything but work. This school will work you like a dog, and as terrible as it can be sometimes one thing you can''t say is I didn't learn anything. This school gives you all the tools necessary to be the very best at least for product design. I recommend it for anyone with a strong will.
great school, lots of opportunities, great people. hard classes, many teachers don't communicate grades with you, but free condoms at the CSE.
No gym at the school itself, so students have to go to Oxy College for that gym.
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great culture, great classes, awesome job preparation
In my first year of school I was nervous to be around new people, but as the year slowly progressed I realized that I was actually good in the subject that I was studying. The teachers were great and taught us all at the level that they felt was needed.
Competitive - constantly wanting to win and get one over the rival house.
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