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I initially hadn't planned on going to film school, but once I attended Art Center I understood just how beneficial it is. Art Center provides a crucial hands-on experience that prepares you for just how rough the film industry is.
Despite converting to online education, many of the classes work surprisingly well online, specifically, preproduction classes like film editing and screenwriting.
The environmental Design program is super great and with a good reputation in California!

The courses taught in classes are really practical and easy to apply to the commercial one!

I would like to say it is the best art school.
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I would definitely say this is the best art school in California and the state!

Highly reputation for its students strongly skills and technology, really practical and use full!
It is really a best art school in the state!

There are abundant resources and chance to interact with the international and local community,firms!
High reputation and the education!
Worth it ! Best art school in the west!

The students are extremely competitive and genius for sure, either the teacher gave us really worth education and critics!
High reputation and the education!
Worth it ! Best art school in the west!

The students are extremely competitive and genius for sure, either the teacher gave us really worth education and critics!
I think the education is great in its core fundamentals, but over time you question yourself and if you can make it in the industry in the commercial sense. Unfortunately for me, there was no one like me to turn to within my department in terms of success in my field (I'm a black student and there is no black faculty in my department). So there's lacking diversity. They also teach to us in a way that dismisses what POC experience or have to do within the industry in terms of having a harder time becoming successful. The institution prides itself on elitist values that in practice, have always guided it's original white student body towards success but does not apply to its' demographically changing student body. They drill into you to work and work and work and it just creates an unhealthy environment that fails a active and thriving creative mind. Burnout is common here and the hoops you go through for the education is not worth it.
It's corona. Everyone is going through this. Art Center isn't a school I would take online courses at because the techniques and teaching doesn't translate as well for courses that were created for a real-world environment for teaching, practice, and learning. A lot of my instructors seem out of it during these online courses and I can tell because there's a disconnect present. Also, the school makes you pay tuition in full despite going online.
This school is full of predators and admin that will harass you for reporting. Title IX does not protect you here. For over 23k a semester (with tuition that increases by a few thousand $$$$ a year) you can get a better education at other art schools. Lorne Buchman (along with many others) should resign.
I am a part-time student for the summer term. I like that my professor has been actively checking his lines of communications such as, email and zoom to help us complete our weekly projects/assignments.
I like that at Art Center there are many students and professors who are passionate about the arts and design field. I like seeing that the time and financial investments that the students pay off for them after they graduate. However because the classes are so rigorous, there is absolutely no student work/life balance.
The faculties at ArtCenter are great! Each professor has great success in their field and they are willing to help students to succeed! Professors teach the technical stuff and also how is design work in the real field. Our school provides us many opportunities for some great internships and jobs. Our school always focuses on teaching us the concept behind each design. Good esigns is not only satisfied to look at but also contained a well thought out concept. The most important thing we learn about design is communication! Communicates our concept through our design. The design process we follow in class is very similar to the design process in the field based on our professors' experience. Our professors teach and work at the same time, this helps us, students receive the newest update for the design field. The learning atmosphere is very positive in our school. Students encourage each other and help each other enthusiastically. The only fly in the ointment could be the tuitions.
the photography program is commercially driven. make sure that is what you want to do walking in. the price is the same as an engineering degree for something you do not need a degree to do.
I see why ACCD used to be good. They have a genius system of pitting talented students against each other, forcing them to bring out their best through natural competition. Surviving until graduation is a feat in Art Center. But at least while I was there, I wasn't getting my tuition's worth.
The school is OBSESSED with expansion. They are buying expensive properties in downtown Pasadena with money from students who will graduate long before expansion is finished. They admit almost anyone now. Stark contrast from the days when acceptance to Art Center itself proved your potential. Because of recent increase in student size, freshman classes are CROWDED, and parking structures are not well prepared for the amount of students.
Where is the elite artist institution that used pump out best commercial artists in the industry?
P. S They have some seriously unstable people teaching students(who are mostly addled with anxiety, stress and fatigue already) if that wasn't enough.
I was an A student. I Thought that doing well at this school would be helpful in finding employment. Without being taught any useful skills I became homeless.
I have had a great experience with Art Center and they have helped me accomplish everything I have set out to do. I am looking forward to completing my degree and using all that they have taught me.
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I love the People and environment they keep. The staff are very nice and make you feel important. There is always help and good resources to utilize when in need of help or nutrition. They really do strive to be there or all there students every term. As a first term sudent I can already tell I will have a great time being a student at Art Center College.
Art Center College has a very professional environment, and the curriculum is built around making students ready for a work environment. Classes instruct students on topics from many fields of the art, and they allow the student to show their creativity.
Heavy workload, lack of student support, poor mental health support, lack of financial aid, heavy tuition, lack of student resources, lack of workshops, biased professors, lack of community, lack of social life, lack of happy and healthy students, everyone is sleep-deprived all the time for several weeks straight, students fall asleep on the floors of the hallways, poor counseling services, lack of student resources for homework help or tutoring, no housing, and poor unsupportive staff.
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