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One of the top industrial design schools in the United States. Their curriculum prepares students for the real industrial world in every aspect of design. Product design, transportation design, advertising, entertainment, etc. Their focus of study is intense and intensive.
The school used to be a great place when it was run by product people who actually cared. Today, a large part of the students are from Korea (nothing against them), because wealthy foreign students are the only ones able to afford the tremendous cost of studying there). Tuition is now above $20,000 per term, for a total cost of over $160,000. The majority of students will find that their school is not really as exceptional as they were told to, that career opportunities are really not that plentiful, and that salaries are generally below what career services promised. From a former grad's perspective, STAY AWAY from this scam. I took classes crammed with 52 students, for which I paid $1000 per week to have the privilege to attend. It is clearly no longer worth the expense. If you plan to attend on student loans, be prepared for a lifetime of financial struggle, poverty and depression. STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
Good education quality but very expensive. Overall worth it if you want a good future career. The faculty consists of people that have had experience in the field, so they can be really helpful.
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My experience at Art Center was one of the best times of my life. I made life long friends and prepared myself for a most amazing career.
Art Center can be a great school if you make connections with your peers and teachers. It is also a good option if you need a push to get yourself to make the best work you can. That said, if you are already very self motivated, Art Center may not be worth all the money it costs. It should also be noted that although there can be a lot of diversity amongst the student body, the majority of professors are white men.
You don't party, you don't sleep, you don't save money, you don't do anything but work. This school will work you like a dog, and as terrible as it can be sometimes one thing you can''t say is I didn't learn anything. This school gives you all the tools necessary to be the very best at least for product design. I recommend it for anyone with a strong will.
great school, lots of opportunities, great people. hard classes, many teachers don't communicate grades with you, but free condoms at the CSE.
No gym at the school itself, so students have to go to Oxy College for that gym.
great culture, great classes, awesome job preparation
In my first year of school I was nervous to be around new people, but as the year slowly progressed I realized that I was actually good in the subject that I was studying. The teachers were great and taught us all at the level that they felt was needed.
Competitive - constantly wanting to win and get one over the rival house.
Given the average class size is 5 students to 1 teachers makes it far easier to communicate and get your point across during lesson time. It also provides one-on-one teaching which is effective if the student is a quite one like myself. The resources available to students, especially in the art studios, is unbelievable as this allows the students the opportunity to explore and create which broadens the creative horizons of the art students.
They seem as if they're helping most of the time
I feel safe most of the time, but we get things stolen a lot at our school.
This school really helps the students to thrive and be prepared for the real world.
Courses and professors are top notch at my school.
A degree at this school is basically a guaranteed career in your field.
Review Art Center College of Design
I have never felt unsafe on or around campus. Feels safe.
There is no campus housing so this isn't topical..
There is no Greek life at my school so this isn't topical.
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