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I was an A student. I Thought that doing well at this school would be helpful in finding employment. Without being taught any useful skills I became homeless.
I have had a great experience with Art Center and they have helped me accomplish everything I have set out to do. I am looking forward to completing my degree and using all that they have taught me.
I love the People and environment they keep. The staff are very nice and make you feel important. There is always help and good resources to utilize when in need of help or nutrition. They really do strive to be there or all there students every term. As a first term sudent I can already tell I will have a great time being a student at Art Center College.
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Art Center College has a very professional environment, and the curriculum is built around making students ready for a work environment. Classes instruct students on topics from many fields of the art, and they allow the student to show their creativity.
Heavy workload, lack of student support, poor mental health support, lack of financial aid, heavy tuition, lack of student resources, lack of workshops, biased professors, lack of community, lack of social life, lack of happy and healthy students, everyone is sleep-deprived all the time for several weeks straight, students fall asleep on the floors of the hallways, poor counseling services, lack of student resources for homework help or tutoring, no housing, and poor unsupportive staff.
One of the best Graphic Design School, great teachers, always encouraging to pursuit excellence, hard work and commitment is needed.

The school has one of the best programs not only in the country but worldwide, your hotizonuwill be expanded if you get the chance to study here.
Overall, ACCD has fallen from its former reputation.

Beautiful facilities in a safe, trendy city. A lot of the equipment is state-of-the-art. The school attracts highly competent students as well as several star instructors.

The education is substandard for its cost. The school preys on students (and parents) who have heard its past reputation. ACCD no longer provides the needed skills to succeed in the very industries it promises to train students for. Many instructors are out of touch with modern, basic industry knowledge.

I am extremely saddened to say that graduating from this school has had little bearing in my career- reputable classmates and instructors I knew left early to pursue better education and work elsewhere.

In a few years, ACCD went from having a highly selective entrance rate to accepting the majority of its applicants. I would be wary of overly glowing reviews that don't mention its problems, and sadly would not recommend this school to anyone.
Super great college, full of great faculty and interactive work spaces. Many of the faculty are working in the industry they teach and provide unique insight to the everchanging art and entertainment world.
It's a great school with a lot of opportunities. Being in a very fast-pace, competitive environment pushes students to give the best of their efforts to grow and become successful in their studies. Having instructors that are also full-time designers is a great advantage because you learn what the professional world is like in that field. You also build many great connections. It is definitely not a school for slackers, and you'll learn that almost immediately. Art Center is designed to weed out the weak and keep only the best students. There are many rigorous courses offered and one way or another you will find your perfect match for what it is that you want to do when you graduate. Although very expensive and stressful, if you make the most of your time at Art Center, it will definitely pay off.
I felt I had been managing the workload fairly well up until midway through, when it seemed like instructors became more interested in encouraging the few most elite students who had won outside awards with student projects (which require money to continue to apply and submit these projects), rather than give appropriate attention to all students. Beware that if you apply and are accepted, the scholarship offered does not track with the tuition's increase every year - you will see that % shrink every year as costs rise about 10% every fall term. Money became a struggle and severely hampered my ability to take certain courses known to be expensive or to maintain my supplies for existing classes. The experiences were interesting and good and I graduated with honors, but ultimately I judge my experience by that fact that I am seeing little return on my investment in both earning potential and ability to get a livable wage job.
I only just started but I find it to be a lot of fun, and quite challenging. The homework load is very heavy, but that's the point. All the assignments are relevant.
I came here straight out of high school, expecting this school to teach me from the ground up how to make it big in the industry. Little did I know that their curriculum had no intentions of guiding these fresh faces with big dreams. While some teachers are an exception, most of the teachers and the atmosphere of the school were dreadful. They encourage you to have no life outside of art, and everyone, including the teachers, are plagued with an elitist mentality where only the best students are encouraged. One thing they know how to do, is critique. They don't teach you how to get better, they tell you you should learn how to get better. Also, even if you want to go just for the degree, the degree is useless in the industry. I would discourage anyone from going to ArtCenter anymore, they genuinely do not care about making their students great anymore. They just want money now. All the great teachers quit. There is a reason their acceptance rate is as high as 69% now.
This school is held in very high regards due to it's stunning reputation. It is, however, very nontraditional in terms of student life, academic rigor, and campus.
I am glad to be attending ArtCenter at the moment. I've learned a lot here in terms of design and illustration for entertainment. The teachers are industry veterans who share their experiences and wisdom during their times in the animation studios. The downside is how difficult and demanding the classes are here. Also it's very expensive and the tuition rises every year.
Students have no life. Professors care only good students. They don't teach the skill, They just let student learn themselves.
Art Center was my dream college once I heard about it, and I'm very glad to have found it. I am currently enrolled and will be graduating within the next year. I've had to endure various challenges while at Art Center but each one has helped me grow as a person and artist. My overall experience has been very enjoyable and I highly suggest Art Center to anyone looking to challenge themselves and broaden their skills.
There's a lot of value to be gained in any design discipline from the knowledgeable professors that teach at Art Center. You will not sleep to manage the work load with how the school arranges each term curriculum. With that said, you will become stronger from any of the demanding programs offered. You definitely should get your fundamental skills in all design software expected of your major before enrolling to be able to manage effectively.

This is a design school filled with international students and can feel foreign at times. It is extremely expensive at about $22,000 per term. Supply costs required for classes are far greater than any academic school with associated book costs. One must not overlook the cost to attend this school, as it can break a student with financial hardship. Most of everything is at a premium for price, food, supplies, tuition, etc.
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Art Center is a great school. The office of admissions in this college is very helpful with any concerns before starting school. It has wide array of options for careers, both for undergraduate and graduate. The campus is very nice and it is located in Pasadena which is a very nice area to live in or to just be around. The staff is quite helpful and the community of people associated with this school is amazing. Their history and experience with the education and design community should be enough for you to consider one of the best art schools in the US.
I have yet to start, and am not sure I will even be able to, it is really expensive for me, which is why I give it a 4 out of 5 instead of a 5. This is purely situational, the night classes I was able to take were amazing, and the teachers were wonderful. It seems so out of reach, one step forward, two steps back.
I took summer classes at Art Center College of Design for Animation. I learned a lot and was able to have fun working on my craft at the same time. Our instructor was great and I'd love to go back and take more classes. I am going to be enrolled at the school full time soon as a freshmen. It was a difficult choice for me because they don't have on campus housing. This seems to be a big deal in middle class present day American culture to have that "college experience" where you live in away from home for the first time. Luckily, my parents live in the LA area and I wouldn't mind the commute. I'd imagine it's more difficult on a tight budget for those whose homes are so far away they'd have to pay rent in the area in freshmen year.
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